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JPK does it stand for Juggernaut Pill Kollector?

Chicko - elite fantasy analystJPK sits comfortably as one of the super elite premiums of our fine competition. I will declare right now that I am typing this article bearing some significant wood. Some of his numbers are truly startling. So you know where I am coming from, I will give you one such number, right here, right now. In his first 4 years with the Swans, JPK did not miss a game – that’s right not one! In total, he has missed only 2 games in 5 years which were the last two games of this season. How is that for remarkable durability? I hope the fabric in the front of my pants displays that same kind of durability.

In a well-known story, it’s unbelievable the Hawks let him wander off campus at the end of 2009 and join the Swans. After being drafted as a father-son selection at the end of 2006, JPK did not play a game in 2007 and played a handful of games in 2008 and played 10 games in 2009 for the Hawks where he averaged 80 points per game. In his debut season for the Swans he played all 22 games and averaged 81 points per game. Something happened in the off-season after his first year – JPK discovered belief – the belief he could play the game at the highest level and belonged.

With this sense of place, his 2011 season was significant, again playing all 22 games and his average climbing to 96 points per game. It was in 2012 that JPK said “bugger this” and took the competition by the scruff of the jumper, and went coco bananas – again playing all 22 games, finishing the year with an average of 120 points, as an All Australian, club Best and Fairest and a Premiership player. WOOD!

Opposition teams then spent more time in 2013 trying to lock him down and his average fell to 105 for the year – again playing all 22 games – it became apparent after the season that he was carrying a slight niggle – but it never stopped him. In 2014, he was absolutely motoring, until during the first quarter against the Saints he felt a strain in his quad / hammy. If you take out that injury affected score, JPK would have finished with an average of just under 118 points per game.

So does JPK stand for Juggernaut Pill Kollector? You bet your stretched underwear it does.

2015 Price: $612,200
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 133.90
100+ games last season: 17
Sub 80 games last season: 2 (1 of these was due to sustaining his injury)
Price range last season: $527K – $657k
Missed games last season: 2 (Round 22 and 23 – quad / hammy)
Significant history: Ranked 3rd in Disposals per game in 2014
Ranked 2nd in Total Contested Possessions in 2014
Ranked 1st in Handballs per game in 2014
Ranked 8th in Total Clearances in 2014
Ranked 17th in Total Tackles in 2014
Swabs B&F in 2012
All Australian in 2012
Premiership player in 2012



Very minimal.

JPK is a beast; a durable, competitive, son of a gun, consistent beast. Given his durability, and with his 3 year supercoach average of 113, I see there is minimal risk in selecting this fine specimen of a man.


Set and forget, throw away the keys. If you select him to start with, then you have yourself a player. If you don’t start with him, then you must finish with him in your team. JPK’s strong in statistical areas which lead to consistently high scoring.


  • Consistency – a 3 year average of 113 is tasty, bloody tasty
  • Durability – missing only 2 games out of a possible 110 games. C’mon – that is eye watering stuff
  • Contested ball beast – equates to beautiful numbers


  • Price – his price may preclude him from starting calculations
  • Nothing else – perhaps another injury?


I don’t think you can go past JPK for a number of reasons. I would ideally like to squeeze him into the starting line-up of the Chumps for 2015, however, price may preclude that from happening. If I don’t start with him, then I can guarantee you one thing, I will finish with this man waving his Supercoach sword on the field of battle for my team – I am not sure there is an elite premium who has displayed the same durability over the past 5 years.


What’s your view on JPK for 2015?



Twitter: @Chicko_LCS



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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As a side note, what do you think of Dion Prestia for next year?


Hi David ol mate, check out this link here to see an expert review of Dion Prestia by the majestic Throttlefinger! His analysis is bang on methinks!


It will definitely be hard to find this man in Jock, almost as hard as keeping the wood in it the trouser sock over his stats. Can't wait to rip into the higginator and scenario test how the mids come together for 2015.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Certainly was some movement happening going through this tasty piece Chicko. If he doesn’t start in my team he will high on the radar as an upgrade target. Durable contested beasts are the ones you want in your team. I’ll celebrate this piece with a cold tasty one & cheers to JPK. Nice one Chicko


I like the idea of an upgrade target Pieman, I think he is going to be difficult to squeeze into the starting line up due to price, unless you go all nuts in and start without GAJ?!


Even with a significant amount of blood diverted away from the ol' noodle, you've still provided us a spot on review, Chicko! Hope Uncle Jock will be shelling out for some new pants.
Can't argue with his numbers but where does he sit in the Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood stocked midfield? A no for me for now only because the salary cap doesn't stretch that far.


Thanks Kev, the blood diversion nearly caused me to faint but had some smelling salts to get me through! You've mentioned 4 names of the super elite, but I think JPK can sit comfortably alongside these guys, hence a potential POD?


Thanks Chicko.
What's his starting history like?


Thanks Wombat, I will need to check mate! Just on the fly at the moment. Will need to come back to you my hairy mammal friend.


Brilliant Chicko!
He's definitely a prospect.
I'll not be starting him, but will keep an eye on his $ and form – upgrade target for mine.


As always Dex, you make infinite sense!


I got tears in my eyes, as I write this Chicko, because 2015 will be the first time in 4 years that I don't start with JPK in my side. You've highlighted every single reason why I love him as a player, both in Supercoach and for real, but at that price tag I just can't pull the trigger on him and upset the structures I have planned out at this stage. Will keep my eye on him to upgrade, but my Supercoach team will be labelled with "Now with 100% less JPK!" on the front of it.


Barron! I've nearly driven off the road ol mate! With the majority of the community saying they will not start with JPK, I'm now thinking he could make a very tasty POD. Maybe this isn't the year to start without the great man Barron, what say you? What would need to happen for you to reconsider your new label for 2015?


I still think he'll be a rock solid starting pick, but i'm just seeing too much value in some players priced in the 500-570K range for me to be investing 610K+ in JPK. Now, if I was just going for the best of the best, then I would pick him, but i'm trying to invest my $ in some players who have some upwards momentum in them instead.


In the same boat as Barron, Chicko. JPK has been a tried and true member of TF. Last year Wombats and I debated about his merits and my ace argument is that for $567K for contested ball machine like JPK was a bargain. One of the few times when Wombats was wrong last season. This year he's a definite no to start. Leaning towards Sloane for the M3 position at the moment. Again like Barron, will look to upgrade to JPK when every the right moment presents himself. Gonna be hard starting with out him. Killer review, my friend.

General Soreness

Brilliant write up Chicko, upgrade target for me will start at the top of any price cycle but love the way he goes about it absolute jet, the stats don’t lie.


Great write up Chicko,
I see the communities response and for $612K I'm tending to agree.
However maybe it's the heat in Sunny Mildura that has me all excited about him!!!
His potential to go large was proven in 2012, and came outa the gates fast and furious and trended the entire season that way except for to sub 90 games and 2 in the 90's the rest were tons, this was from a 24 Year Old!!! AVG 120 Nioce!!!
2013 his AVG ended up 15 points below 120 , But I have always argued that a peak year invariably is followed by a quieter year before a steady climb back up to potential SC scoring. Last year his AVG jumped up to 113 and I see no reason why it should not go higher this coming season.
The Fly in the ointment is both the 120 and 113 AVG is when Sydney made it to the GFs.
JPK is a perfect foil in a SC team when you consider the price of Garrryyyyyy (Inj Shoulder Reko), Jelwood, Fyfe (Inj Shoulder ) or Dependlberry (Back drama's – I 'm sure he is fine now but I have heard nothing to say he is up and about)
By picking JPK you have a pill magnet and the potential to save a lot of coin for a simular(ish) output
Great read Chicko I'm 60/40 until I see complete positions and pricings!
I need to cool down it's hot up here – "To the fridge!!"


Mildura Dools?!

That's just up the HWY from me… It gets too bloody hot out here!

JPK, I didn't say no – i still think he's an UG target.


Hi Dex
I'm looking for Gaaarrrrrryyyyyyyyy replacements and he is very high on the list of would wants, this far out from the start.
Having said that I totally agree if not a starter then Upgrade target by round 7 at the latest but maybe before then
I'm still keen on Mitch Duncan and Caddy from Geelong as their price I'm hoping will represent value, Ryan Griffin, and D. Swan are in this mix also.
Anyhow how far down the Calder are you mate? I feel a day trip coming on!! LOL


Yep. one of the first prems in.
Value Value Value is all i'm looking for this year.
Uber prems in ablett, pendles, selwood et al – then value.

I'm bout 180 odd K's south east mate. Sea Lake.


Splendid review Chicko. JPK is a beast and I for one am seriously contemplating thinking of starting with him. Even more now after hearing all the NOs, Cant think of a better Elite premium POD.

70/30 on starting
100/0 for upgrade


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Awesome write up mate, would love to start him… he will be in my team by the end but sharing a bye with GAJ means I have to look elsewhere for the VC