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The prophetically surnamed Jack Steele was just that at this year’s draft taken at pick 24 overall by the GWS Giants.

General SorenessAs an academy selection, GWS has first right of refusal over the Canberra players and when North Melbourne bid for him with selection 15, GWS was forced to use its next pick at 24 to secure his services.

Perhaps forced isn’t the right word as it is akin to being “forced” to spend the night with Miranda Kerr. GWS would be overjoyed to get a player most clubs rated a first round pick with North Melbourne clearly rating him a first round pick prepared to offer their first pick and number 15 overall to try and secure his services. North was not the only club interested with six other clubs apparently dropping in to visit him pre draft.

This theft is not dissimilar to that of Sydney with Isaac Heeney who followed a similar path and was also stolen at a pick well down on what was expected. Refer to the article on him by Itchy Nuts Pieman to delve the depths of that thievery.

In two games in the NEAFL in 2013 he averaged 15 touches, four marks and two goals per game before his knee injury cruelled his season.

Allowed to compete again this year in the championship as a top aged player he went Bang!!! Averaging 22 touches, six marks and 2 goals per game. In one game he went at 39 disposals, seven marks and eight tackles, another 30 disposal , nine tackle game and against a strong swans reserves side went at 25 touches and seven tackles.

It is with little wonder that he was rated so highly with those type of stats.

2015 Price: $117,300
2015 Position: MID/FWD
Estimated 2015 Average: 60-75
U/18 History: Averaged 22 touches, six marks, 2 goals a game
u/18 All Australian
Draft Combine: Tenth in 3km time trial (10:11)
Beep Test: Tenth (15.1)
Kicking test: Equal fifth (26/30)
Team: Western Sydney Giants
Other: Missed 7 months in 2013 with a knee injury resulting in him being overlooked in that year


A few interviews with those at GWS including the coach rate him as a round 1 starting prospect having a bigger body, being a top aged recruit it seems he may slot straight into a half forward role where he can use his endurance, goal sense and kicking skills to deliver the goods either directly by kicking them himself or finding guys like Cameron lace out.

Another common theme in reviewing this young man is that his ball handling is impeccable whether by foot or by hand whether disposing or receiving. He is a one grab mark, one grab receive one grab loose ball get, you get the picture.


With the risk of sounding like a broken record when reviewing these youngsters, sub vest risk and game risk are the major two factors. Factors which cant be ignored or determined until the pre season commences.


Cash cow as a bottom priced first year player being outside the top 18 (again the Greenest Pastures for the Cows as per INP research) but rated a top 20 first round selection, if the kid is picked to play with a DPP he is worthy of some serious consideration. The DPP eligibility makes him much more alluring than others with Mid only status.


  • Elite disposal
  • Loves a cuddle
  • Elite endurance
  • Bottom priced first year player
  • DPP Mid/Fwd


  • Sub vest risk
  • Plays for GWS young team with strong competition for a starting spot


Look at the top of your watchlist there is unlikely to be too many DPP’s by the natural run of things, therefore this kid deserves to be higher than most rookies for that along with the fact the kid can play. If he has a good pre season and is picked to play round 1 I will welcome Jack Steele to the 22 for the General Soreness in 2015.


What’s your call on Jack Steele in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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It's a shame he's not a ranga



Itchy Nuts Pieman

Delicious General. Super relevant. Let’s just hope he comes in at a reasonable price. If he does & he’s named in round 1 slot him into your fwd line. That’s a trouser stretcher General. Love ya work.


Cheers for the info, General! Will be on the watchlist from now on.


Excellent research General!
I'll just place his name up in the high-end of rooks on the watch-list.


Bravo General. Expertly dissected review about one of the new stallions of my GWS stable. Very, very high on my rook watchlist. Clicks a lot of favorable boxes. Like all the sub $150K rooks, all to do now is wait.


Think the whole migration is a bit overblown. More media driven than truth. Boyd wasn't going to make an impact so he wanted out. Doubt that's a prevalent feeling of their top tier stars. But agree General, they need to do 2 better than last year to keep spirits up. Have faith in Cameron as a coach and seems to get most out of players.


Great stuff General….Any other year I would say, "where do I sign up"? But I reckon these young Giants are starting to get some very strong depth about them. Still, a DPP rookie onto my watchlist thank you sir.


Noice GS.
Yeah that dpp pushes him to the top of the list.
Hope he can get a round 1 call up.
If ruck rooks look promising then might look at Steeling myself to park him in the F8 slot for loop holing and such.


Magnificent work General, once again you've shone a light into a dark corner and revealed a gem! I suspect Jack Steele will be largely unknown to the great unwashed, but he is now a fave for th community watch lists the world over thanks to your investigative work my friend! Excellent mate, excellent!