Supercoach 2015 player positional changes

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyThe earth shakes my friends.

The fantasy footy mantle rumbles with arousal at the revalation of the Supercoach 2015 player positional changes. These were revealed earlier today on the Superfooty site: Click here for the full rundown.

Many will now be waking from their post season Supercoach slumber. They’ll wake bleary eyed and rise to another Superoach 2015 dawn to the earth moving under their feet as they stand.

Let’s get our heads around what these changes mean to our approach to Supercoach in 2015. Have a crack at the polls below, then lets discuss below.


Which of the new 2015 MID/FWDS will you consider?

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Which former DPP's are now DEAD to you?

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General Soreness

My SC team has a restraining order against Ziebell, Cooney and Thomas injury history and age against them with better value elsewhere. Mr Caddy meet Mr Ziebell. Danger, Hanley, Swallow and Parker not dead to me, could still hold a mid spot but highly unlikely for any of them.


Forward line of Deledio, Floggard, Swan, Bennell, Buddy, Mitch Clark… Tasty!


Lids,swan,bennell,Clark,Hogan,floggard,lock lock and locked away


That puts a big fat line through all of them for me. Unless Swan is less than 300k


Bartel, Swan & Goddard a chance in my team.

Parker, Mitchell, D.Swallow and Caddy would be dead to my team.


Lids and Swanny, the rest are as Walking Dead to the Hounddog

Jimmy (Prev.OnLost)

Haven't been on the site in the last few weeks… going to be a lot of time spent over the work hols doing some intense research on what's been going on on here.

Goddard is a lock based on ouput (should ave 100- 105)
Swan is a lock based on value
Bennel tempts me, but will have to wait and see.

As for those losing DPP, Parker is the only one I may consider.

The Intense Patch

Liking the look of Bartel in the forward line. If Swan is cheap as chips he might be one to look at, but BJ Goddard would have to be a lock, surely?


Bartel is MID only


Bartel is a Forward only.


Any word on who the defensive Mids are this year??


At this early stage, I can't see any of the new mid/fwds in my team…


Mmmmmmm. Lids as DPP. Me likey. Rest of them not as hot. Those stripped hard to justify at those prices. Better and cheaper options.


I'm actually really PO'd about Caddy. I had him locked in my FWD line, but I won't go for him as a MID only selection. Disappointing about Parker too, he's gone from IN as a FWD to OUT as a MID. Of the new MID/FWD's the only ones i'm seriously looking at are Bennell, Goddard and Deledio. Maybe Swan too, but i'm not overly found of him.

I'm glad Swallow is a MID only because I really didn't want to pick him as a DEF option with Malckeski now at the Suns, but I almost felt like i'd have to based on the talent that's usually on that line.


Can't wait for 2015 season to start! Delideo, Swan and Bennell are the only 3 I'll consider here. I had Goddard last year and his scoring frustrated me a lot. Might look to snap him up mid season. Annoyed that Caddy has lost dp, he was a lock for me however he is still on my radar (which some may think is crazy). Also interesting to know that Ryder is fwd/ruck but it will be unlikely that I pick him as he will share the ruck load with Lobbe. 2015 is going to be very hard as there seems to be a lot less DPP, oh well it only adds to the fun and challenge!


Go for the Caddy BC, I applaud your courage if you do end up picking him as a MID. I had him locked as a FWD, but i'll have to downgrade that now he's MID only. I think there may be a spot in my side for him, but I have other players ahead of him in that line at this stage.


Thanks BVC, I will watch him in the NAB cup but at this stage I'm 50/50 on him.


I'm thrilled to see that Gray is still DPP and I may select him to start or as an upgrade… still TBC!!
Will be considering Deledio, Bennell and Swan. The forward line also looks to have some good rookie options, so it's going to be hard to fit them all in!!!


Gray is the big one keeping his fwd mid 🙂


So happy!!


OH BOY so much to ponder. At this stage the only lock for me is Swan. Rest all up in the air. Until I can match prices to positions.


We will be having plenty of headaches in the defence this year without the likes of Mitchell, Mcveigh, Hanley, Swallow and Bartel who were all previously defenders.


thinking that these are just a selection of changes, not the complete list. Potentially the biggest bargain of 2015 hasn't been mentioned yet, a dpp last year, didn't play much last year due to injury and then struggled to break into a strong and settled side……………got it?……….absolute ball magnet at junior and lower levels…cmon…… father played afl at same club and the club this player was linked with a potential move in 2015…….. surely…….swans… that's it.
Correct me if im wrong hes coming into his 3rd season of seniors (4th on club list). in his first season 2013 he played around 10 games after debuted mid year, averaged nearly a ton, towards end of year I opted to play this guy ahead of luke hodge (on Bench)!!!! The form and figures justified it. Made me realise isn't supercoach a strange game.

Seaford Scouse

Smells like Tommy Mitchell my good friend and yes a definite consideration for 2015 if it is in fact him. Not sure about bargain of the year though think there are some definite cheaper options offering some serious cash cow temptation ahead of him; Freeman, Hogan, Membrey Clark to name a few.

Seaford Scouse

Swan and Lids for me as potential starters in the forward line, defence looking a challenge at the moment. Goddard (Hugh) and McDonald looking like serious contenders from the start plus a couple of premos, going to be a struggle there this year I think. Might need to look for 2nd year bargains or positional changes. Bartell up forward nice as well, as is Dusty, both good upgrade targets and Robbie Gray the biggest forward lock of the year surely?


I feel like these guys are being dismissed too easily, and I'm going to break down why..
Last year only 5 forwards averaged over 100 for the year: Gray, Danger, Parker, Boomer and SMartin. Bear in mind that Danger and Parker aren't fwd eligible anymore.
Buddy, Dusty, Zorko and Mcglynn were close with an average of 99.
Know how many midfielders averaged over 100? 45. Yep, 45.
So why are Goddard and Lidsy being dismissed when they averaged 102 last year? You'd think they'd almost be locks.
Bennell averaged 96 and could breakout even further! Just needs a full bloody preseason.
Even Swan who had an absolutely shite year would have been ranked the 22nd best fwd with an average of 86… And Ziebell wasn't far behind with an 84.
So as fantasy footballers you shoud be considering every single one of these boys. (Except daisy, he can rot).