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Tickling the ol’ Sandiballs, again?

ThrottlefingerDo you ever wonder how Aaron Sandilands takes a dump on an airplane? For whatever reason when I’m high in the sky and deuces come up, I wonder how his 211cm frame manages to navigate the cramped space. Must be a tag team battle royale between his elbows and knees versus walls and commode. It must be frightening to hear if your seats in the back row. Like Frankenstein getting an involuntary prostate check.

But I’m sure ol’ Sandiballs does manage it without incident. Almost like he managed to defy all expectations playing all but one of his games last season. I mean, weren’t all who chose him for R1 on pins and needles waiting…waiting…waiting…for him to go down with injury?

And in a season where the Supercoach Gods took almost a sadist’s glee for delivering punishment, one act of benevolence was sparing Freo’s giant from this fate.

Furthermore, did you really think he’d be that Supercoachtacular? An 108 average that either translated in a set ‘n’ forget it ruck or if you cashed him out a premium-level cash cow whose price ballooned to $585K for a scrumptious $274K net gain. Last year ol’ Sandiballs simply ruled the ruck realm.

Yet, 2015 is a new season. As always we need to take clear eyes when considering rucks in our structure. Will bringing in Sandi this year be too tall of an order? Let’s open some cheap, twist-top wine, drop trou and roll around on the beach and get our data balls nice ‘n’ Sandi.

2015 Price: $580,800
2015 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 21
Average last season: 108
100+ games last season: 12
Sub 80 games last season: 1(76, R16 vs Dees)
Price range last season: $311K – $586k
Standard Deviation: 22.3
Significant history: 4x All-Australian 2014, 2010-2008, 2009
2010-2013 averaged 10 games (turf toe mostly)
Ranked 1st in hitouts per game: 2014, 2012, 2009-2006.
Rumour: knits dolls of Disney characters and gives them to teammates for gifts (Fyfe usually gets Dopey. Crowley Tinkerbell)


Yeah, Sandi had a monster year. Even got some career highs during Round 2 vs. Gold Coast, when he rang up 58 hitouts and 6 tackles (who knew he could stoop that low).

In fact, you could easily say that ol’ Sandiballs had from a statistically standpoint his best year. Check out the table below that compares his disposals, marks, tackles, hit-outs and goals for the last 5 years (league best highlighted):

Image 1

Some nice spikes in disposals, tackles and marks. In 2014 he ranked 6th in total contested marks, which at his height you need to blame the person kicking it to him. So these stats clearly show that a healthy Sandi is a force to be reckon with.


No surprises here. 32 years old and injury prone. Even if he wasn’t the latter, the former is enough to scare even the most hardened SC coach away.


For argument’s sake, what if Sandi attacks this season the same way he did last? Do you gain a huge advantage by starting the season with him? Oddly, the man who was in almost everyone and their mother’s squad Round 1, would be a POD to start 2015.


  • HIT/OUT GANGSTA. Some rucks don’t even dare jump
  • If healthy, the sub 80s are rare
  • Top ruck on top 4 squad so SC points for the taking


  • Post-30 body + demanding sport = time away from game
  • Sale is over: $581K price tag. (confirmed price $580,800)
  • Starts hot, ends cold (In ‘14, first 8: 118, last 6: 99)


I remember the time my brother and I rode a roller coaster without wearing the seat belts. It was 2 minutes of holding on for dear life, a terrifying white-knuckled experience that both of us were lucky not to get tossed out 100 yards into Lake Erie. Needless to say, I didn’t have to wait for my pants to dry to know my brother and I were lucky to walk away unscathed.

See tempting fate the same by bringing in Sandi and hoping he goes without injury. You survived it once. Don’t think you’ll succeed a second time.

And while there’s a gambler part of me that really wants to spend the loot on a big time ruck like Sandi as my R1 and go for the values for my R2-3, a player at that age with his injury history makes it more of a sucker bet than taking a gamble.

Even as a corrective, he’d be a massive POD. Bringing in later you could face a less friendly SC Gods or an overly cautious Ross the Boss to take a big dump on your plans.


Liking Sandiballs this year, community? Give me your 2 cents.


Twitter: @throttlefinger



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Tickling of the 'ol Sandiballs, eh Throtts? I'm a ticklish guy by nature, so I can take a little bit of it, but I think I had my fill carrying him in my ruck department last year. Tickling the Sandiballs for a 2nd year in a row would just be too much for me to handle.

Your thoughts of Sandi in an airplan bathroom did remind me of the story of Andre the Giant, who supposedly used to take dumps in his hotel rooms bathtub because he was too big for the toilets. Imagine being the maid cleaning up that mess!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

That was awesome throttle. Some of your very best work there. The roller coaster comparison GOLD! And Sandi in a plane can, well he might get one cheek over the target! Majestic! Been chuckling away for some time now. Have to agree he’ll be a POD. Won’t be getting on the roller coaster this time. If rookies go up we will searching for value. Ol tickle balls won’t be. Keep it up throts. That was brilliant.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Sauce & Goldie will be a kings ransom. If the rook prices go up im really hoping the salary cap does as well. But I doubt it. Great job again my friend very enjoyable.


I enjoy a good tickling of the Sandiballs as much as the next fella, however, as this is a family website, we'll leave that discussion alone…

I agree with you throttle, last year his price v potential output was a calculated risk and I could justify picking him even with his injury history. I don't have the plums to select both Kruze as Luey as starters next year, it's likely I'll select one of them as my R2 and a set and forget R1. There are many safer options out there.

As always, love your work TF.


Haha!! Love the rollercoaster analogy!!! I wont be riding the Sandilands-coaster again. Like you Throtts, once was enough!! I'm hopefully going to avoid any ruck-coasters this year and am still planning on loading up with Jacobs and either Goldy or NicNat.
Keep up the great work!


Yeah it is a tough one!
But in the end I consider a trade to be worth more than $50k, plus there's hopefully the additional points they'll score during the time before the upgrade trade. So in my head I think it's money well spent as I hate trading in the ruck lines anyway. This will hopefully save me trades with 2 durable (touch wood it continues) rucks and I'll accommodate that by having an additional cash cow rookie in the midfield. The midfield is where the best cashcows come from anyway!!!
Deciding on NicNat or Goldy is my only conundrum in the ruck at this point.

General Soreness

Loved it throtts thoroughly entertaining and some supercoach wisdom thrown in for good measure. I will not be tickling or turning and coughing in 2015, too much other value on the ruck line in 2015 to be enticed by what he will produce IF he stays fit.


Its a hard call.
He'll probably roll along the same as last year but Freo might try to introduce a new beanpole.
Hopefully they give the new fella a good run over the first 10 and rest Sandi a bit, thus reducing Sandi's price by $270k just before they scrap the trainee and head for home with all guns blazing

General Soreness

He could always return to acting I though he was really good in Happy Gilmore and as Jaws in the bond movies.


Great review TF you nailed it mate,
Isn't a year gone by when quite a few of were picking him has a lock as his price V ability made him a juicy prospect! Now his Coin is inflated in regards to his 108 AVG.
Last year I needed him to make the byes before offloading, He stayed on the team until R 18 then thank you for Mr Sandilands for the $190K increase/profit. I bring this up not to brag but He will be a legitimate target to upgrade to after the bye round where I think he will depreciate approx. $150K making him more attractive.
His age 32 is irrelevant and his ability in the SC domination of the Ruc Scoring has not faded for me. Lets face it he is over Turf Toe and at 211cm and approx. 120Kgs nothing will be different but only when Freo are making their charge for an other top 4 finish (He is integral to that aim) he always goes big close to the finals.
The only fly in the ointment is he does gangbusters at the start of the year well then I think I have missed the boat on the big banana But $581K for 108AVG??? No 100% to start. (Last year his 1st 3 games returned AVG of 128 and a price increase to match !!)
Great review mate , full of quality and easy to read and laughed at the humour contained in it.
"To the fridge!!" for more "Research"

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I’ll give you some research to do Dools. Work out for me how in the other form of the game they have listed Jesse Hogan 0 AFL games at 194k & Bullseye who’s played 12 at 193k. Both are FWDS only by the way. I think it’s time to wave goodbye to Sandiballs Dools. We got away with it last season but you’d need aggots the size of his cheeks to pick him at a shade under 600k. Let me know if fridge comes up with a counter argument


Hi INP_I'm not picking him to start mate but I will be looking to him later in the Season he is not irrelevant later on mate only the coin has to be right!!
I have re read my post and I do not see where I was starting him. But he is a tantalising later acquisition if he plays a more forward role and then returns to the Ruc Dept from the Bye onward. 100% No to start just a watch and learn during the season.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Fair call I realise you weren’t all that keen. But fridge is capable of some super wisdom lol we must organise the catch up & synchronisation of fridges & eskys. Sure a few of the other boys would be keen.


Hey mate I have no idea what I'm doing over the holidays, there is an opportunity for me to go up North Vic . I just don't know but I would love to catch up!!! I'm off for 5 weeks mate we have to do this

Itchy Nuts Pieman

For sure. I was planning on knocking off Friday for 3 weeks. But I’ve got too much to do. Bloody Tinder! So I’ll probably go till Xmas Eve till jan 12. Boxing Day to early jan is my perfect time. No work no kids & debautchery in mind. Grab my email addy from Jock & we can make some arrangements.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Come with us wombats. Let’s see if the fury assassin can swim! That would be a preseason highlight


I swim as my brick like shape would suggest


Top shelf TF!
Yeah like many I dont think ill be entertaining Sandi at the drop.
As most have flagged, rucks will be the arena to save some coin and dog dog seems a calculated risk for the R1 spot.
Never know, Jamar could pull one out the bag this yr. *cough*


Mate, best review yet, and we've had some belters!

The Sandi-on-a-plane reference had me in stitches, and I'm still chuckling at the mental picture you painted…

The Roller-Coaster reference was spot-on and the stats were top-shelf.

Majestic Throtts!