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A convenient youth?

General SorenessAt any other club you would think that the exiting of one of your up and coming midfielders along with a strong outside link runner would be a problem.

Not at Geelong, the exit of Christensen and Varcoe, whilst not something the club would have liked or wanted creates opportunity, opportunities for the greatness of Stephen Wells to go to his little black book to look for some hidden gems in the AFL Draft so that you can fill the void.

And in true Stephen Wells fashion at pick number 55 in the 2014 AFL Draft the Cats called the name of Dean Gore. With all the usual Geelong style fanfare akin to a covert CIA mission, the name had not even hit any radar with many of the most notable draft scribes.

Now for all the Gorey details:

2015 Price: $117,300
2015 Position: MID
SANFL games 2014: 12  (4 goals therefore unlikely DPP) (Named in best on four occasions) Averaging 14 possessions per game.
Powerade Rising Star nominee in round 2 game of 19 touches, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 3 clearances, 7x I50’s and 2x Rebound 50’s.
3 SANFL Reserves games (1 in best) DE% 78.4
2015 predicted average: 50-70
U/18 History: Member of 2014 SA NAB AFL U/18 Championship side
Averaged 15 touches, 7 tackles and three clearances per game in U/18 Championship
Ranked 1st in competition for total tackles 39
Draft Combine: Draft Combine: Equal first in goal kicking (30/30)
Equal third in kicking test (27/30)
Equal fifth in standing vertical jump 72cm
Beep test: 14.1
20 metre sprint test: 2.95
Other: State U12 and U16 AFL teams


Pretty impressive CV for a young big bodied midfielder 183cm 85kg having already mixed it with the men and having near elite endurance and speed makes him a readymade replacement for Christensen and Varcoe. I say both because in the SANFL with Sturt he played predominately off half back rotating through the mid field, loves the contested ball but has outside speed, a lethal combination of the attributes of both departed players rolled into one handy package. Expect him though to share these roles with first round pick Nakia Cockatoo and 2013’s pick 36 (another Stephen Wells gem) Jarrad Jansen (if there is still room add these names to your watchlist as well).

I am expecting that Dean Gore is likely to get a crack at senior footy early having already mixed it with men and his almost elite stats he will be already ahead of most going into round one in 2015 with the only likely competition coming from the aforementioned Cockatoo and Jansen. Surrounded still by the likes of Jelwood, Bartel, Johnson, Caddy will no doubt help him maximise his potential and supercoach stats.


An 18 year old in his first season at AFL level, the risks are everywhere but as usual the ever present sub vest risk and risk of not getting regular games. Given he has almost elite endurance and sprint makes him an excellent vest candidate as he can fill the void from an early injury and run out the game or provide impact if coming in late. The upside is that he has a few friends at the Cats who are similar and therefore is not likely to carry the vest regularly.


MOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Cash cow potential here. Bottom priced first year player being outside the top 18 (i.e. the Greenest Pastures for the Cows as per INP research), if the kid is picked to play seriously consider him, the fact he has a number of strings to his bow but moreover loves the contested stuff including lots of cuddles means he will always feature in the supercoach scoring without bottoming out too much.


  • Elite disposal
  • Kicks more than he handballs
  • Loves it contested
  • Loves a cuddle
  • His hero is Scott Pendlebury
  • Has played against men, big bodied, ready to go
  • Fills a void left by Christensen and Varcoe
  • Bottom priced first year player
  • Round 13 bye for maximum value upgrade


  • Potential for him to be used as a tagger
  • Sub vest risk
  • Likely to get Mid only status


Put him up high on your watchlist now and pay very close attention to the pre season games. If he appears to be the tagger or go to sub vest candidate then of course it will be a no as he will likely have mid status only and those spots are very precious. If he gets plenty of game time and appears to be part of best 22 or thereabouts, seriously consider as his game style will ensure he stays SC relevant. Based on his SANFL games I can see him going between at least a 50-70 SC average as a first year player providing he is not repeatedly sub affected.


What’s your call on Dean Gore in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Tantalizing prospect, General. These are the kids I have never heard of and, more importantly, NO IDEA how good they are. Seems the Cats got themselves a real steal. Sure we'll see him as The Cats like to bloody their youth. Yet, the tagging warning is definitely to keep in mind when watching preseason. Great job going balls to the wall with the stats. Seems like a rook that if he gets his shot, he's gonna make the most of it. Definitely high on rook watchlist. Again, rock solid review, my friend.


The Barron does have the keenest insights into the rooks. Well, most of the players actually. He could have a side business as a SC GM to help people put their teams together.

Chomping at the bit for Feb and for the prices and positions to be announced. Been putting some teams together on Fanfooty but is wildly speculative so it seems more like a planning exercise than actual planning. Yet, I've already made 15 different team. Uggh.


Haha. Figure you'll break 2000 by end of year?


I'm trying to pace myself. 4-5 a week. Then go gangbusters once the Higginator is out.


Ripping review….Excellant point made about the 2 departing cats players that were best 22. i think this point is very relevant. I just wonder is this kid more outside or inside? Cos i reckon Geelong are pretty good for the inside stuff. Personally i think the young man you mentioned Cockatoo is probably ahead but i guess we will get a better idea from the NAB. Again, quality stuff.

On a different note ive heard Swan, Delidio, Goddard & Cooney have all been given dual status of F/M. This makes 2015 extremely challenging as there is a plethora of options Forward and (im anticipating) lack thereof down back.


Cockatoo certainly is getting a 1st class seat on the hype train. Hope the guy can deliver. Seems like he has the skills to do it. Be pretty excited if he and Gore made DPP (AFLF and SC tend to mirror each other in those areas so a good sign).


Interesting article, General. With a loaded midfield these mid rookie selections have to be spot on. He is already a big boy looking at his height/weight and will compete, but I reckon Hartman, Lang, and Jansen have the inside running on available spots. Will chuck on the watchlist though

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Brilliant General. Anyone Wells picks you have to take notice. The man is a genius. He’s made a pretty good fist of his top 10 picks Bartel Mackie & Selwood. But it’s not just those. He pulls beauties from everywhere. I will be watching Gore with great interest. Hum dinga general. Such a deep draft. Anyone beyond 18 is a big chance to play next season.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Motlop 39 Christensen 40 & stokes 61 weren’t bad either.


Brilliant Piece General!

Great stattage and team structure deductions. Definitely high on the rookie watchlist!


Stellar GS!
Some great depth in ur analysis and certainly not one I had my eye on.
Thinking that an injury in the Cats midfield is the only way Gore will get a run.
Would expect Hartman to be leading the rookie race atm.
The addition of Blease muddies the water further. Will also be interesting to see where Guthrie plays next yr, given his tagging jobs he took on in 2014. Would personally like to see him lock down HBF.
The loss of Varcoe and Bundy is significant but I don't think they have played a full season side by side since 2011, so the Cats have managed quite well with one or the other out for some time now.


Good on ya General – super stuff. SANFL rookies have been a rich hunting ground in terms of plump bovines. And Also gagging to hear The Great Barron Von Crow's views on Dean Gore – The Conviant One.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Some interesting new fantasy Mid/FWDS announced. Swan, Lids, B Goddard, Ziebell, Coon Dog & Christiansen.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Danger Parker S Mitchell D Swallow & Hanley have lost DPP. All I can get so far

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Petrecca with DPP Is worth a look but he’s going to be expensive. Guttered about Hanley. He was the only defender I had some form of certainty about.


And that sounds like one of the better back lines!!!! I think my most expensive is Newnes. Hoping Nicky Dal can get through, although you would have thought that would be leaked by now.


Hmmm Thinking over the last 2 weeks of using D. Swan but with DPP hopefuly his stinky year will reflect in his coin Tick for Keyboard, Next G and me..

Itchy Nuts Pieman

To the fridge


Long trips INP self imposed exile is a bitch lol


Good stuff, GS! Gore is an interesting prospect for sure.

What I do like about him straight off the bat is his size, he's big enough that he can still be an inside midfielder straight away at AFL level, which is something James Aish changed up a bit this year, since he's a good 10kg's lighter that Gore. He's still got decent endurance and quickness too, so it's not like he'll be a plodder out there and because of his kicking, marking and pressure skills he could also get a role playing across half forward as well.

The biggest issue I have is that he's on the Cats, who've been somewhat reluctant to play their draft picks all that much. Looking back to the 2011 draft we have Jordan Murdoch on 42 career games, but the likes of Kersten (9 games), McCarthy (5 games), Bews (7 games), Sheringham (12 games) and Blicavs (45 games). 2012 draft we have Thurlow (10 games), Hartman (0 games) and then in 2013 we got Lang (1 game), Jansen (0 games) and Kolodjashnij (0 games). Even guys like George Horlin-Smith who was taken back in 2010 has only just played his first full year after getting 11 games in the previous 3 years he played and was subbed quite often this year, something Josh Caddy has dealt with too. Still, I think every rookie will have that green vest issue hanging over their head since that seems like the most common target for coaches nowadays, so I won't let that dissuade me from picking him if he looks good over the pre-season.


As always General you have delivered in spades mate,
I m unsure of this guy as I do not see him as an auto 1st string team member.
These SANFL boys are usually ready made given the duration and level of the comp. The big plus side for Gore is 1. his athletic ability 2. His size and weight 3. Multiple role choice and 4 speed .
Now subtract the other acquisition's – Mitch Clarke . Fwd and Ruc duties . Sam Blease Fwd / Mid and Rhys Stanley Def. who like to go forward and be most likely to be Tomahawks Partner up front all these guys are way ahead if anything I see an even bigger role for Caddy SC wise and ignore the elder statesman Kelly at your pearl! Cockatoo is well ahead of Gore in the flying fwd stakes but Geelong do not need him just yet ! Given the size of Gore and his ability to be versatile (and $130 K ish is VALUE) is a definite turn on. I'm Keen to see more of him but he is on the list now 50/50 ATM
Great review and comments from all
I'm off "To the Fridge!!" – Cheers General and Community TGIFF and more contemplation time lol


Would be AMAZED if he is named in round one. Lang and Hartman ahead of him, followed by Jansen. Even potentially Bews if we’re talking a tagging role. Pick Geelong rookies at your peril. (This is coming from a cats supporter)


You’ve done it again General! Your never ending search for the stats that matter, has again resulted in a triumphant piece of research for the community to devour. I hadn’t even heard of Gore, you can call me Al. On the watch list to see how, or if, the Cats use him in 2015. Top work mate!