Office Supercoach League Wall Chart

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AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds

Some flogs will tell you that Supercoach in the office reduces business productivity.

What a load of trollop that is. Scientific studies¹ have proven that a robust work fantasy league will in fact increase productivity by upwards of 95%. And I will tell you without any shadow of doubt – a well run office league will do more good for your mob than paying for some overpaid hippy to come in try to get you to bond as a group.

So I’m on the front foot here as many of us get back to work after our Summer breaks. Do the right thing for your workplace. Download our Office Supercoach Advice guide. Pin her up on the wall – and watch your workplace reap the benefits.


Supercoach Office Wall Chart by Jock Reynolds



¹ Refer Higginbotham, Peter. “Impacts on Fantasy Sport Within Contemporary Workplace Environs – A Statistical & Cerebral Odyssey of Undeniable Scientific Fact“. 1987


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An interesting paper by Higginbotham, apparently there are still workplace Supercoach sceptics who deny this fact. I can attest to productivity around workplace fridge increasing exponentially post the inaugural Supercoach league in our office (2007). No one works there anymore but we all still play, well most of us, the ones that mattered, not the flogs!


I blame middle management. Their analytical skills aren't good enough to progress their own careers or to create a reasonable SC team. Consequently they spend their pitiful lives trying to prevent those of us with actual talent from displaying our superior skills.
Any manager who doesn't encourage an office SC competition is most probably incompetent and insecure in his job.


Agreed Jock. Oh for the good old days of Bob Hawke, Bondy the crook and the Americas Cup. This site is my refuge 🙂

The Soothsayer

Aaaagh should be impacts OF not impacts ON. All great publications require some review.

James Sykes

rule number 1…get the boss on board…….true….. brilliant…


What are peoples thoughts on Ollie Wines and Jack Newnes?


Brilliant Jock! Agree, too many high filluting flogs pay scant regard for the marvellous people who invest their lives in supercoach. I'm blowing up the advice chart to be billboard size. Your preseason has been massive mate!


Awe there is no greater joy than taking out the office Supercaoch title. We love it in our joint. Boss doesn't play but welcomes the banter come Monday morning when we give it too one another. Just printed out this on an A3 sheet and shes up on the notice board. Office getting excited

For those who don't have a comp in the old office I'd recommend you set one up this year.


Greetings wonderful community. First time poster…get around me great men!!
Jock old mate, this is why I have my own business. I REFUSE to have some peanut in my ear about my lack of productivity during footy season. I just CAN'T cop it.
I shall be presenting Higgo's remarkably well researched report to my better half, and henceforth the other remaining thorn in my SC side will have no choice but to happily allow me to indulge in all things SC, all the time – it's FACT after all that it is indeed a hugely positive influence in all our lives.


This bloke ^ …a gentleman and a scholar! Cheers old mate


Astute observation Jock!…I believe I was checking the updated weekly rankings late one frosty Sunday, July night…
I believe the skill, yes the SKILL, of being able to service the missus to her lofty standards, whilst simultaneously keeping a close watch on your SC team can be learned and honed.
When we finally get Higgo some crumpet, I'd be happy to take him under the wing to teach him the methodology old mate. It's a valuable life lesson that allows one to maintain a happy life balance!


Definitely sticking this up in the breakroom at work… Just moved to a new office, no clue who here plays SC if anyone.

General Soreness

Will be this months staff training! Brilliant!!