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Goddard Returns to the Saints (well the name does)

MasoThe Saints will be delighted that somehow this top 10 KPP slipped down the draft order and they could snatch him up with #21. This is also good news for us Supercoachers as his price just went from being $180k+ down to around the $124k.

As a Melbourne Grammar boy and a product of the Geelong Falcons he oozes leadership and confidence. With an Athletic frame (196cm and 93kg) Hugh is a very versatile key position forward/defender who will most likely slot into the Saints backline plans with his ability to spoil and take intercept marks at a very high standard much like the player he models himself on, Harry Taylor. Last year in the TAC cup Goddard averaged almost seven marks a game.

Hugh is no stranger to the pressure that comes with being an AFL footballer. The cousin of Brendon, he has an insider’s knowledge of what it takes to make it in the game. He has also had to deal with his own pressures of been touted as a possible #1 draft pick over the last couple of years. He managed to keep his head out of the clouds and work hard on his craft even after a challenging 18mths, with indifferent form playing as a forward during the TAC cup and under 18s championships. He did manage to turn it all around and finished the year off strongly as a Defender.

2015 Price: $122,300
2015 Position: DEF/FWD
Games last season: 0
Average last season: 0
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 0
Price range last season: $0K
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: Taken pick #21- 2014 draft


Risk Factor

lways a risk with rookies. You never know how many games they will get before being rested or dropped from the side if they are selected to play round 1. However with a price tag of $124k (confirmed price $122,300) risk is minable.

Selection Purpose

Well like most 1st year players we would be looking at selecting Goddard as a cash cow who we’d send to the slaughter house around the byes and hopefully banking around $180k profit ($300k) provided he can average close to 60 Supercoach points from round 1 – 11.

The Good

  • Averaged almost 7 marks a game at TAC cup level
  • Won’t break the Bank @ $124k
  • Could be a DPP DEF/FWD
  • Booming kick for clearing defences or long shots at goal

The Downside

  • A KPP
  • May find himself in and out of the young side while they work out their best structures
  • Disposal Efficiency needs some work running around the low 60’s


The kid has talent, if he can build on his ability at ground level and improve his goal kicking technique then I can see him being a 200 game player. The saints are building for the future which he will be a big part of as a Henderson (Carlton) type that will be required to play at both ends of the ground.

Spewing the Bombers didn’t take him at pick #20

As for supercoach a cheap option down back is always a huge plus, if named round 1 he is a lock for me and should be able to get enough of the pill to make some coin for Maso’s Muppets.



Twitter: @Maso_78



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Itchy Nuts Pieman

A very important piece to add to our collection Maso. Bang up job. There is always a slider & it was “Hughe” Brendon’s not so little cousin. Didn’t have a great season. Certainly not as a fwd. Switched to defence he claimed some handy scalps. It was no surprise to me the saints went for bookends. And they got some crackers with McCartin & Goddard. Pencil them in for 200+ each. The DPP is a bonus & he’s very 2015 relevant. If he’s named round 1 it will tough to knock him back. Well done Maso.

General Soreness

Nice work Maso these rookie write ups are tough and I love the early call, ballsy. The depth of the draft this year saw many a gifted player "slide" but when you see who was taken ahead of them you can also make a case for the actual pick, never before has there been so many happy teams and so little controversy. For mine, I am very happy with Langford and Laverde at the Bombers over Goddard for a number of reasons, but mostly because Langford whilst lighter is significantly better with decisions and disposal and well Laverde is a jet. Back to Goddard, I do not rate him as high as others but must admit I havent seen heaps of him. The lure is his position Def with potential DPP which has him higher on my watchlist than he should be, but with a massive question mark against him. He would need to carve up the preseason to be in my consideration, he was not a dominant force at TAC and U18 Champs levels, and at his size and weight he should have been. Very inconsistent and poor DE means that despite being quick and having endurance wont be a running half back, and therefore is likely to come off a forward flank where he can use his big kick or be a lock down KPP defender. I cannot see either producing the output that is not available in other rookies like Lever, Durdin (yes both a little dearer), or at the same price Marchbank or better yet Keenan Ramsay. At the Saints I would be more bullish about Daniel Markworth in 2015 than Goddard. I am keen to hear Jock's views on both Goddard and Markworth. Gotta love this supercoach stuff, well done Maso.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Ah General like we discuused the other day what a draft that was. If ever there was a draft you could walk in the door & fulfill your needs this was it. Quality all the way through. Im calling that one "the all you can eat draft". I will never forget Adrian Dodoro's face when he spat Laverde's name out at 20. He was high fiving the whole place before he read out his name. And rightly so. Both Langford & Laverde were high in calculations for pick 5. Dodoro walked out the door with both of them. I'm told the sticky mess he left under his table took 3 weeks to clean up. He's currnetly being used at Bomberland as a towel rack. If ASADA has it's way both of those boys will be playing round 1. Rip one out for Langford General.

General Soreness

Was looking to do a piece on Langford and as good as he is might be a little lightly framed to debut early in 2015. Have gone with some others who I expect will play so hopefully there is some value there for us supercoachers. At least it should give some food for thought and plenty to crap on about 🙂 I believe that ASADA is trying to subpoena the sticky mess to give evidence.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

There was no shortage of evidence left General. I'm super keen on Laverde.


Good call on Markworth. I'll take him and Goddard if they're named.


Solid work, my man. Venturing into the unknown with these rooks yet reviews like this make it less of a guessing game. Like the esteemed Pieman said, if he's DPP and gets in R1 will be too hard to pass up. High consideration on the rookie list. Wait and see how it plays out. Can…not…wait!


Excellent Piece Maso!

I'm going to leave the rookies to the fellas in the know. I'm not keen on preaching a rookie I know nothing about!

Stats are what I can preach. I'll explore guys I have info on.


Thanks for the review on the "Other" Goddard!!
I did not follow the draft closely this year as I have done in the past,
His price and position are very appealing if he is selected round 1 ( Highly unlikely me thinks) He will be locked in.
Thanks Maso


Way too early for me to know anything other than that as a kid he was pretty good against other kids. How long until the preseason comp starts?

"…Jamison and Gibbs were on hand at Visy Park on Tuesday to help launch Carlton's Christmas Book Drive, with players to be involved in a literacy program with children from the Carlton Primary School next year. …"
Some of those blues are pretty dumb primary school aged tutors may be a bit advanced for them.

General Soreness

Thursday 26 February 2015 Hawks v Pies


Bloody Hell
The lazy buggas only work for 100 minutes p/week during the season and then they take 5 months off, who do they think they are Politicians or something.
4 weeks holiday is enough for any Aussie. bring on the summer competition immediately.


100% agree Wombat


Thanks for your support Sparkie.

Seaford Scouse

Nah Wombats the course was for the blues players, the kids are the tutors!


I think that's what I said Scouser.
You might wanna check to see if any spaces are available.

Seaford Scouse

You’re right Wombats, what was the name of the school again, think I might need to enroll!


Normally i'd shy away from someone like Goddard, but the Saints defence was the drizzling shits last year, so he may very well get some game time early on, but i'm not huge on his scoring potential. Still, might get picked just because there aren't any better choices out there!


Coin is minimal BVC 124 K …. I could carry that ! and if DPP just shuffle around until other tasty bites show their form.
The coin is the driving force behind this mate purely the coin! and (DPP) unfortunate surname Expectation weighs heavy, but he knows his name and what is expected. I hope he is as hard as his cousin. Wait for me preseason is paramount regardless of other team injuries.. and I agree there is not a lot out there……Bugger He will be a mill stone around me neck if picked LOL


He is as big of a lock a rookie could be who hasn't been named Round 1 yet….
1.Could have been top10 but didn't so potentially underpriced. Tick
2.Gwilt has just left, so potentially a spot has opened up in a young developing side. Tick
3. Defender with potential DPP. Tick.
4.Pieman has often said watch draft picks 18-40. He went 21. Tick.
If named Round 1 and can be selected as a Defender, a certainty for me. Excellent piece.

Seaford Scouse

Masos on the money with this one Jock, (great write up again mate cheers), and have to say loving the rookie reviews. As noted,with Gwilt gone there’s a spot for grabs and Fisher unlikely to be ready r1 so smelling the cash here!!! Could be a very early generator and doesn’t need to average much either after sliding down the order. Amazing we can get a previously touted #1 pick for $124k! If showing pre-season and picked an absolute lock in an underwhelming back line of rookie options. Not like he won’t see much of the pill either, nice.


Maso great write up, Hugh will definitely get games and will be a great cash cow. If he’s named for round 1 I’ll put the bean bags on the line and pick him up.

General Soreness

The game has changed boys, Hugh Goddard pick number 21, $236K. On the upside is a DPP. But hell that price, the number 1 pick is a whopping $303K!!!!!!!!!!!


that's just ridiculous !!! why pick rookies u may as well go with daisy thomas for the same price and output !