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Can the Coon Red Dog bark once more?

Chicko - elite fantasy analystI have a few personal philosophies in life, one of them is to never trust a ranga to manage your investments, nor trust a blood nut in your Supercoach side.

Outside of Sauce Jacobs in 2014, I cannot recall another ginger to be an out and out gun in the fantasy football world – please insert abuse here. I know what you are thinking, “you are just jealous Chicko because you are a bald headed muppet”. That may be 100% accurate but I think the Red Dog has had his day in the sun and is no longer fantasy relevant….or is he?

Will the now Black and Red Dog have a new lease on life? Will the Bombers deploy him as an outside runner delivering into the forward 50 by foot? Will he be a FWD / MID DPP and actually kick goals? All this would be wonderful for supercoach scoring. Can he do it?? Could he once again howl from the highest mountain once? Can he froth at the mouth and go absolute stark raving rabid in our supercoach teams?

Let’s stick Cooney on a chain, take a walk around the park, toss the Frisbee around and ponder these questions.

2015 Price: $433,900
2015 Position: FWD/MID
Games last season: 18
Average last season: 80.72
100+ games last season: 6
Sub 80 games last season: 9 (3 sub vest affected scores)
Price range last season: $300K – $531k
Missed games last season: 4 (Rounds 14 to 17)
Significant history: Ranked 16th for Total Scoring Assists in 2014
Debut in 2004
Brownlow medal in 2008 (averaging 105)


It’s easy to fall under the impression that Cooney is as fragile as an 80 year old bone; however in his first 7 years of football (2004-2010) he was the epitome of durability, averaging 22 games including finals. That is durability personified and it surprised the pants off me let me tell you. It was in 2011 and 2012 that the arse fell out of his durability pants when he played 13 and 14 games respectively and averaged 84 and 75 supercoach points per game. Despite those injury affected two years, he bounced back quite well in the last two years playing 19 games in 2013 with a decent average of 98 and playing 18 games in 2014. His 2014 was however his worst year for supercoach – averaging a poultry 80. Coon Dog seemingly had no floor in his scoring and when he was off, he stunk it up putrid style.

It really comes down to whether you think a change in club and a potential change in role can release his scoring shackles. He is still only 27 – again which surprised me, I thought he was 30!


Where do you stop? Durability, scoring, injuries and role – all of them highly uncertain heading into 2015. Cooney is definitely a risk. It comes down to whether his price tempts coaches who are looking for value and to free up some budget to go bigger in other areas.


I suspect Cooney may be used as a stepping stone, if he starts at a low enough price, and starts the season injury free then he may make you a quick fire $100k to upgrade to a premium. I don’t think he could be used in any other way.


  • Consistency – a 9 year scoring average of 91 points
  • New role – who knows what it might do for his scoring?


  • Durability – can he actually play 20 games a season again? I think there is a large enough body of evidence that suggests everything would have to go right for the Black and Red Dog
  • 2014 – it was horrible for his scoring predictability
  • New role – who knows what it might do for his scoring!


At the risk of raising the ire of every ranga, orange, burger ringed, ginger, blood-nut that has ever participated in our great game….avoid red coon dog. There is no chance he will appear in Chicko’s Chumps in 2015, unless he is priced at less than $200k.


What’s your view on the Coon Dog for 2015?



Twitter: @Chicko_LCS



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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General Soreness

Wonderful piece Chicko, 100% with on the no way! Not just because he is a gods clown but that he is just too much risk at the price and I can see more downside than upside. I hope that is not the case for my Bombers and Cooney goes well I just don’t think he will go well enough to be a keeper hence would prefer a rook for cash or premo keeper.


Thanks General. I was sitting on the couch last night watching fox sports news to catch up on the days activities, and who should the Bombers put up for their presser? None other than Cooney, looking fit mind you, and spruiking how good and fresh he feels. The old preseason "he is flying", "he is training the house down". Cooney may provide us wrong, but feel he is more likely to prove us right.

General Soreness

I must add marvellous work on the stats a few of which really surprised me as well, love these articles.


Nice one Chicko.
However, as a well-quiffed ranga myself, I was somewhat offended by your biting commentary.
Anyway that disappointment is easily drunk away.
As my good mate Neville Bruns once told me, its not the colour upstairs that counts its the engourged colour downstairs that rocks.

Regardless, its a No from me on the Dog.
Gotta check ur heart and hair at the door here.


Hello Losty, I thought my article might incite some angst and hate in my direction, but please know my no-ranga policy only applies to certain spheres in life. I love a bit of flowing red locks in females for example. Agree with you, check your heart at the door, otherwise I would have every bald eagle that has ever played in my teams – and that would include Mil Hanna – who was a serviceable player at best!


Excellent insights Chicko and I admire your artistic integrity in reviewing a Ranga. I think his good form came when he was pretending to be blonde, perhaps if he were to adopt the Chicko quaff his form will return?
Any man who can substitute a Burger Ring for an engagement ring deserves a position in the Ranga hall of fame. But he'd need to substitute his old age and arthritis for pace and power before his putrid locks pollute the Wombats Team Photo.


Wombat, its that sort of left field thinking I admire in you ol mate. What a perfect solution, take a range, shave him down to a nude nut and hope he ends up like GAJ. Makes perfect bloody sense to me!


Ripping piece Chicko!
Call me mad, but I'm 50/50 on Cooney….

I can hear the shouts of insanity and all that – but balls on the line is what wins this marvellous game.

Has the injury history, yes, but a full, injury free pre-season COULD see him start quick and make 100k in 4-5 games.

Definitely a candidate to watch, especially with most of us looking at running ablett, pendles, rocky etc.


Dex my good man – YOU ARE MAD! I am calling it. I appreciate, no actually I admire the robustness and sheer gargantuan size of your plums on this one BUT there must be a better, more durable and consistent candidate at the price point? Surely? I hope Cooney proves me wrong as he has donned the sash, and as a Bomber's man, I hope he really fires. The future is always more uncertain than the past, so you never know….

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Love it Chicko. I can't believe he's 27 either. I was certain he'd be pushing or over 30. Maybe it's cause he's a ranga. If he was 300k I'd think about it. He certainly has recaptured some form. He looked finished not all that long ago. But his injury history is to great so I'll be passing on the Coon Dog. Love ya work Chicko.


Thanks Pieman, at $300k, I also think he could be a good buy, and someone to use as a stepping stone. At $430k though, you are comparing him to someone like Mick Walters in your FWD line and I know who I would rather have. I hope he fires, but I suspect he won't.


Wouldn't touch him with a barge pole, outside mids are quite unreliable and don't have great ceilings. Also he's 29.


Go MightyDons! Bang. Decisive, definitive, direct and done. Agree.


Hmmm This article is a real, real good read. Well done Chicko
It's asked and answered some important questions. I was always going to look at him with the view of making coin on him early but after more contemplation what would the effects be on the arrival of the "Red Dog" will it spell release for Zaherakis, Hocking or Stanton or all three, maybe even Goddard also?? Or will his introduction mean straight running from him as a Seagull , (His knees do not allow inner pack stuff) He is not a bad player , he has a head (admittedly he is a Ranga) for footy, good skills and now surrounded by more accomplished list he should thrive.
On his injury … His Knee no longer swells up after training or match's (This occurred for 2 seasons and hindered his training program as he could just walk!) So for me I'm trying to nut out, will he benefit from the new environment or will Essendon players benefit from his arrival. I'm sure its more the latter , but I'm still keen 50/50 from me and with the apparent ASADA collapse maybe a few Bomber players will be back on my Super Coach menu!!!!
Great stuff Chicko much to contemplate "to the fridge!!"


Thanks Dools you champion. I hope I have entertained and informed at the same time. Moreover, you raise a pertinent point, will the Coon man mean opposition clubs will ask "who let the dogs out?" with Zaka, Stants, BJ, Heppell running amock in the midfield? Quite possibly. Pre-season will reveal more as to how the Bombers might deploy Cooney, and whether he benefits or the rest of the midfield crew benefit, by his arrival. All great stuff for contemplation on the way to the fridge!


Thanks Jock ol tiger nuts, agree, he would be in there with Brad Hardy, Jason Akermanis, Justin Leppitsch, Darren Bewick, Keith Greig to name a few. I reckon it would be tough to name a bloodnut team of 2015.


He could warm the bench with Tony Delaney – remember that Orange shag?


Being a son of a ginger (yet being blessed with brown hair…thanks mom!), I have a bit of a compassion for the RCD. After your article a bit more, Chicko. As a player, mind you. Not as a SC option, as you've made exceedingly and brilliantly clear. Some of those stats do make you pause before closing the lid to the trash bin, though. But can not see any real reason why to don the coon this season. Think I'm going to be taking chances in back (waters) and front (garlett/walker?) this season. Not with the middies. Again, you've made a delicious soup from bare bones, my friend.

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He's 29, both now, and at time of article.


I was about to say that