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Saint Nick – What defines a captain?

Big Ben - a man on a mission

That Is the question I so often think about when I see Nick Riewoldt running around the park in Saints colours.

He is of rare breed, like that old bottle of Johnny Walker Blue label that has been up on the top shelf of your bar gathering dust, waiting for the right time to be opened and call it a day. Year after year you look up there thinking to yourself just how delightful a drop it’s going to be but every time you reach for it, you pull your hand away and say “Just one more year”.

Well Saints fans would be absolutely delighted to know that the big blonde warrior they call their captain has signed on for two more years at the helm. He gives everything this bloke, he loves the game, he loves his team mates and he leaves that field every single weekend knowing he couldn’t give anything else for the team that he loves.


2015 Price: $493,500
2015 Position: FWD
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 93
100+ games last season: 7
Sub 80 games last season: 9
Price range last season: $567K – $510k
Missed games last season: Didn’t miss a game
Significant history: Averaged 110 first six games of 2014
Ranked 1st in total marks
Ranked 14th in contested marksDrafted at pick 1, 2000 draft



Significant history:

Nick Riewoldt had a solid start to season 2014 averaging 110 points over the first six games and punching out a 152 against GWS in round two. But it wasn’t long until the big rig was in steady decline and went missing in the fantasy realms for a good part of the middle of the season, the lowlight being a 31 against hawthorn. Going large again against Fremantle in round 18, Saint Nick did find some rhythm and manage to keep his average in the low nineties.

Risk Factor:

The contract extension he signed is likely to be his last, he is getting on in age and the Saints are nowhere near another premiership tilt. One does wonder if the next step in his career is to guide and train the new breed of StKilda forwards into the future rather than punch out game winning performances.

Selection Purpose:

If you were considering bringing Saint Nick into your team it would be with the thought process that whilst he isn’t a strapping young lad anymore, he can still punch out some big numbers. Ask yourself the question, can you see him averaging at least 90?

The Good:

  • Has proven in the past he is a top fantasy football scorer
  • Loves to kick a bag of goals
  • Is the heart and soul of that footy club and will give it everything he has got

The Downside:

  • Getting on in the years
  • Can the Sainters get the ball into the forward line enough for him to punch out a decent average
  • Does not have DPP, its always tough locking away a forward like that

The Verdict:

There is no doubting what Nick Riewoldt has given to his football club. I genuinely feel sorry for the fact that he and the Saints came so close to premiership glory, only to let it slip away. But if I am going to be honest here, I can’t put my hand on my heart and tell you to lock him away in the forward line. I can’t see him improving on his 90 point average and I actually think he will slip down next season.

Love the bloke, but it’s a NO from me

What are your thoughts on Saint Nick?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.



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Ripper of a write-up, Double B! Lot to consider here. KPF yet an SC badass who's under $500K. Not sure. Mind says avoid but gut tells me he will do even better with more younger stallions to help the cause. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Much to ponder. Much to ponder.


Hi TF,
What do you see in this That I'm blind to?


The throttle engine gets revved every time I see St. N's name, Dools. It's a 440 6-Pack that doesn't roar like that unless there's a reason. Opening draw. One last bang before going out. Old dog may have more bark in him then everyone thinks.


Yep once he crosses the line he's prepared to risk his life in every contest. He's a warrior of the likes we may never see again, he knows nothing else but 100%.
Sadly for Saint Nick our game is older than Christianity and if you don't miss a few life threatening contests now and again the human body can cop a beating. But, like a true warrior, after a reasonable recovery period Nick kicks everyarse put before him until the burdens of battle again slow him down.

Definite starter for me. I might even give him the VC in the first few weeks


Given his history I agree, Wombats. The opening 5 makes it even more delicious. An90/10 right now.


Mate you know you're old when when your rocks gods are doing breakfast television interviews


I take little condolence from the fact that I woke 4-hours too late to watch it.



Again, I'm in the No Malcolm, no AC/DC camp. Not pleased by this soldiering on without their General.


Agree 100%. Ang reckons there's a lot of riffs written over the years by Mal (some recorded some not) that appear on the album so I might buy it but I have no desire to see a concert without Mal, Phil and Bon.

No disrespect for Angus intended, he's a legend.


Truly I wish Angus would go do a solo project. Sure he's got heaps of other type of music in him.

Malcolm = riff god.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Point blank & spot on assessment BB. It will be a no for me to for all the above mentioned reasons. Champion of the game no doubt.


Great review. I think it's safe to say nobody doubts his ability. But from a SC perspective unless if the games played a different way this year, Roo is in the same pile as all other KPF like Cloke, Tippett, Walker, Petrie etc (buddy exception) They're just not gonna average enough over the course of the year compared to Fwd/Mids


Great review of a great player but its a Solid no thanks from me if i have a KPF it will be buddy only


Great review on a great AFL player,
I would be proud to have in my team but I would be committing SC Hari Kari. I love the fact he leaves nothing on the park. A true AFL warrior!
It a highly dispassionate "No!" from me also,
Thanks BB for the review.

Seaford Scouse

Cheers BB, nice wrote-up on one of the players I most respect in the game. Had the pleasure of meeting him years ago when the saints where in ‘the window’ when he turned up at a friend of mines fundraiser for his son, (a saints fan), who needed specialist care and surgery on his legs. An absolute gentleman who conducted himself with the utmost sincerity and professionalism which are two of the reasons that see him as being regarded as the soul of the club as you quite rightly put it.

Unfortunately, losing his relevance from a fantasy perspective and as you say will probably start to look to see the youngsters taking on more responsibility in the forward line also which will likely impact his scores as well. A big no from me although if he had finished at his bottom price of the year, (~340), then he might have been an interesting POD for the start of the season, especially given last year’s heroics but even then he would have surely only been a stepping stone to a more consistent and younger upgrade target. Love him but not even on the watch list this year.


It hurts when he scores big but I think he will have enough low-output games to justify not selecting him. Very comparable to my reasons for not picking McCartin, no DPP and probably won't get the pill enough.

General Soreness

Nice work BB! Totally agree with the No for all the reasons you outline, he is just not supercoach relevant. Supercoach is great for many reasons including maintaining interest in players and games you wouldn’t normally give to sh1ts about, but with Saint Nick I don’t need him in my side to make me watch him, I’m sure if we went back and looked at his 31 against the Hawks you would still see a bloke donating his heart for his team, it doesn’t matter what he scores he is just a gem to watch!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

If it wasn’t for SC general nobody would watch Melbourne games lol


Whom are watching INP???

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Soon as I traded Dom Tyson I didn’t watch another second Dools.


LOL , I think you have the rights in that mate


Damn Big Fella how can you not be phoning emergency services to restrain your arousal curve when discussing a sub $500k StNick for the opening 5?
I'd be making sure that nobody is tampering with the home brew if I was you.


With you there, Womby. I'm looking at the landscape and a proven big point from the gate player with a similar soft draw as 2014. Not a lot of things you can count on but St.N going large in the opening term is one of them.


Brilliant write up BB!

Form no for mine, ol' St Nick is a tad long in the tooth, in a bottoming out team and KPF…

Danger, Danger, High Deeeevie…. Scores too much like a yo-yo for me.


Cheers lads,

Now that a lot of us have drawn a line in his name he is bloody likely to punch out a 100+ average just in spite.

General Soreness

Confirmed FWD only $516K


Nick is an absolute champion and a good bloke to boot, but that was a waste of an article.