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Before you start reading this article grab a pen and paper and write down what you think his supercoach average was last year and from how many games.

General SorenessThen write down the same stats for 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 to the best of your recollection. This will be relevant later.

Having commenced his career at Geelong, Mummy was more renowned for putting away more sausages in a single sitting than Linda Lovelace than he was for his football prowess.

Rookie listed in 2008 he played 3 games in his first year with the cats as the third string behind Ottens and Blake. In 2009 he played 18 games at 53.2 but the improvement was there, enough for the Swans to offer him a very lucrative $1.2 million dollar deal and from there he hasn’t looked back, the cats got pick number 28.

These are the Mummy’s actual stats from 2010 onwards:

Image 1

Now if you are like me, you will be very surprised that his SC average is so high and for 2014 and that he has pumped out solid to elite supercoach scores since 2010. I was amazed that he was the number two ruckman based on supercoach average in the competition in 2014 in his first year as a Giant.

The move to the Giants was supercoach gold, as like all ruckman he doesn’t like to share the rucking duties and supercoach scoring suffers when he has to share the burden. Look at his 2013 and 2012 numbers when he shared with Mike Pyke. His 2013 is slightly distorted though as he started the season with an average of a smidge over 80 from his first 13 games before being awarded more time in the middle coming home with a 102.5 average.

In 2014, Mummy went bang as the lone ranger in the ruck department up in hitouts, disposals, and tackles. The big fella loves a cuddle and the contested style of play which is a massive plus in supercoach terms and whilst he doesn’t get as much of the pill as some of his counterparts more than 65% of his touches are contested.

If you got on him early in 2014 at $496K having pumped out three scores of 132, 158 and 164 you would think yourself lucky, Yes?? ……NO!!! Mummy is more fragile than the ASADA case and has never played a full season of 22, his best return is 19 in 2010 and 2013. In 2014 after his first three games he went on to miss the next six and returned with an “eased into it” 40. Before getting back to tonning it up, by then, most that had him had traded him out picking up the coin on the run through and was too risky to trade back in at $565K.

So what will 2015 bring?

2015 Price: $613,700
2015 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 17
Average last season: 114.2
100+ games last season: 12 (6 at 120+)
Sub 80 games last season: 2
Price range last season: $496K – $579K
Missed games last season: 6 all injured
Significant history: B&F at the Giants 2014
Besties with Abe Froman



Have I mentioned that this big unit enjoys time off through injury? If not I must remind you that Mummy gets injured a lot and misses blocks of games not just one here and there. That price……need I say more.


You would only select him as an upgrade target, potentially after he returns from an early injury or after that monster price returns to a more acceptable level. Or average out your ruck spend by having Kruezer as your R2. There is no doubt Mummy will be a POD and will pump out some monsters with scores of 165, 164, 158 and 152 in 2014 and a career high of 175. If you intend to start with him make sure you have coverage, perhaps via a swing set with Mitch Clark.


  • Will likely play every game he is not injured
  • Even sharing the ruck has not gone below 90.9 average since 2010
  • Will pump out monster scores
  • Will be a POD
  • Round 13 bye


  • Is likely to get injured
  • The price
  • Has not played a full season ever
  • Will drop in a stinker or two amongst the monster scores


The Mummy is a big man that can pump out big supercoach scores on a regular basis and almost as regularly gets injured. At his starting price I cannot recommend that you start as there he is comparable in price to the big sauce bottle whom has rarely missed a game in the last three years and had a better 2014. However I have a bit of a soft spot for Mummy and personally I may just try and squeeze him in if I can find a R3 DPP to provide the coverage I need. Those big scores are very tempting.

NO – is my recommendation, but I may not heed my own advice.

What’s your call on the Mummy in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Outstanding review General, loved the little game of stats and seek at the start! Genuinely surprised my some of his numbers, i knew he could go big, didn't know his average was that high. I'm starting to think along the same lines of you, in that we will need genuine cover for the rucks in 2015, and the best way for that is definitely via a DPP swing set.


Sorry mate, hit submit too quickly. Top quality work my friend – particularly enjoyed the ASADA and Lovelace references – gold!


My goodness General, was that a thoroughly frackin hilarious piece. "Will likely play every game he is not injured". "Besties with Abe Froman." And the Linda Lovelace analogy. Brilliant. Would love to slot Mummer in because he does produce. But at that price, I want more than 17 games. Platinum stuff, General.


More fragile than an ASADA case haaa gold General. Great write up again mate. That price is a bloody monster as well so unlikely to go the big Mummy this season, I suppose even if he dips it will likely be due to injury, so a no from me


That was a cracker General – Abe Froman , Linda Lovelace, Sausage eating champion!!!!

A firm “NO” from me given the body weakness comparable to the ASADA case . The hits just keep on coming LOL

Genius General!! Pure genius mate – what a great way to start off a dreary day in Melbourne.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The sausage king of Chicago gets a run in a piece. Magnificent. The mummy Was known to clean out a Bunnings Saturday sizzle.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Love ya work General. Agree with Jock the ASADA line was a good laugh. Those big scores can’t be ignored. But your right when he does go down it’s not generally a 1 weeker. Taking Kruezer with Two Meter Peter for cover would be more appealing & cost less than the mummy. Only way I could consider Mummy or Kruezer is with guaranteed playing cover. Plenty of these big men go down far too often & for too long.


As fragile as asada’s case… BOOM


LOL very funny Hirdy.

BUT, dissolving the body in acid and silencing the witnesses doesn't undo the murder.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

True Wombats. If Saad gets banned for a sports drink lord only knows what the Bombers deserve for that dodgy program!


I really admire Ahmed Saad's ethics and morals. The school canteen drink he had is legal at all times except game day yet he accepted a ban that could have been the end of his entire AFL career.

He accepted that the rules are the rules and that he had stepped outside of them and, he took his punishment like a man.
In an age when athletes who get caught cheating will, threaten to sue everybody, blame their mothers or spend millions trying to find a technicality or a misspelled word in a document, he is a breath of fresh air.
He deserves a standing ovation from every opposition supporter each time he runs out this year.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Here here Wombats. He couldn't have gone about things any better than he did. He landed back on the Saints list. Anyone that boo's him next year is a total flog.

Seaford Scouse

Couldn’t agree more with you all here guys, and as noted will be very interesting to see the punishment the bomber players get when compared to what Mr Saad was given.

As for Mummy definite none starter for me but clearly an upgrade target as the season progresses, if he’s still on the Oval by the time I get to that point.

Great analysis again as well General and certainly lyrics wasn’t aware of his consistently high averages, cheers.


Not a bombers supporter. But id hate to see the players cop ban. The punishment should be for hird and the administration and coaching team.

The players were hard done by their trusted carers and dont deserve bans. 2 years of dragged out drama was enough punishment for them.

Love mummy. But a no for this year. Promised will not be making emotional decision this year.

My my general you have outdone yourself. Easily my favourite review of the year.

Barwick's Soilders

Very funny piece of work General, no for me too much $$$ for a guy who is going to miss 5+ games


I've got a soft spot for Mummy too GS, he's a friend of a friend and just a good bloke who doesn't mind a beer. As for Supercoach got him before his price rise last year and then proceeded to have Derickx play for more weeks than I would have liked to cover the big mummy. Gee his scores were good though, I'll be looking at him because to be honest a ruckman who doesn't get injured is rare and boring…and I'm aware of Jacobs massive year last year. Might put the plums on the table and pair him up with Kreuzer because YOLO!


Excellent piece General!

I'm not looking to spend huge $ in the rucks, I think he is a mid-season upgrade target if anything.

Who knows, he might miss his standard amount of games in the early part and push on for big things in the ass end of the season…


No for mine. It will be Jacobs and ??? Maybe Kruzzzz.