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Can Big Ivan and the Mullet once again be BIG?

Chicko - elite fantasy analystI can hear some of you scoff and chuckle at the irony of a bald eagle like me writing an article on someone with a magnificent mane of a mullet in Maric.

But let me assure you, I once had a mane to equal this strapping 105kg beast. It started to disappear when I was 27 years old, Maric is 28 years old, read into that what you will good people but I suspect Maric may be the next model to grace the pages for Advanced Hair.

Now, big Ivan had stuff all pre-season heading into 2014 due to an injury infested off season and didn’t debut until after Richmond’s bye making his first appearance in Round 11. After that, he played every game but took a while to hit his straps, but when he did, boy he came home with a flurry. I am talking 6 tonnes to round out his year. Is it co-incidence that the Tigers came home with a winning surge once the Big Man was back in town?

I don’t think so, I think Maric’s importance to the Tigers cannot be underestimated – he is a beast, a competitive Chewbacca style man mountain. He loves the contest, he loves to win and doesn’t mind pushing forward to kick a goal. Wonderful for supercoach scoring. I didn’t think I could do it to myself before commencing this article, but I may be getting a rise in the last place I have a mane….

So can we bet on Big Ivan once again being BIG in our fantasy football teams? Can he replicate the form of 2012? I’m not sure but he could well be 2015’s version of Sauce Jacobs. Let’s have a look and see.

2015 Price: $535,900
2015 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 13
Average last season: 99.69
100+ games last season: 7 (7 out of 13, significantly averaged 111 last 6 rounds)
Sub 80 games last season: 2
Price range last season: $461K – $529K
Missed games last season: 9 (Round 1 to Round 10)
Significant history: Ranked 16th in Total hitouts for 2014
Ranked 14th in Hitouts per game
All Australian nominee in 2012
Traded from Adelaide to Richmond ahead of the 2012 season


In his first 6 years of football playing with the Crows, it would be fair to say that his 77 games were mediocre (at best) and where he averaged 58 points per game during this time. There is nothing in those numbers which produces an iota of excitement. However, at the end of 2011, he was traded to the Tigers, the big man crew his hair and just like the ethereal Solomon his strength went BANG! In his first season at the Tigers, he had his best year of football, was an All Australian nominee and finished third in the club’s B&F. He averaged a down south swelling 113. You can see why Maric is somewhat of a cult hero down at Tigerland.

In 2013, Big Ivan played injured for most of the year but still managed to play 19 games for an average of 97. With his 2014, that is an average of 103 over the past 3 years. That is enough to have me very interested.


Staying on the park would have to be the biggest one. Big Ivan has averaged just over 17 games over the past 3 years. So the biggest question has to be whether the Hairy Behemoth can give you 21-22 games in 2015? If he can get to 20 games and average ca 100-105 point per game then I think you would be on a winner.


If you start with Maric, then it would be as a view to a keeper, given his reasonable starting price, you want to set, forget and throw away the keys – Sam Jacobs style in 2014. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?


  • Consistency – a 3 year average of 103 is tasty
  • Draw – Richmond has a magnificent draw, if they win more games, then you can bet our man Maric will be at the centre of the action


  • Durability – outside of his 2012 and 2013, his durability isn’t great, but whispers has it that he is injury free and training down the house (doesn’t that sound familiar at this time of year – even Gary Rohan is training the house down!)
  • Age – whilst not over 30 yet, given his style of play, I worry the Mullet’s body is more aged than his years suggest and he becomes more susceptible to injuries.


I thought I would be an outright “no” on Maric, but I find myself tempted. I’m tempted by his consistent scoring and by the potential value he affords. I’m allured to his magnificent flowing locks. Can Solomon rise again and repeat 2012? Ruck prices might sway me one way or another, so I find myself with splinters in the junk of my trunk sitting on the fence. He may appear in the Chumps and he may not. It just depends….

A 50 / 50

What’s your view on the Big Man Mane Maric for 2015?



Twitter: @Chicko_LCS



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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General Soreness

Splendid Chicko as always mate. The thing I love about these articles is the way they make you think about players you had mentally put a line through, this write up is no exception. Whilst his price is not cheap he will be over 100k cheaper than sauce and Mummy and only has a 97 low therefore unlikely to bottom out. Has to be in contention for a starting berth for the reasons you mention including getting a pre season. Durability is a concern so I am in 100% agreement and will join you stop the fence.


Thanks General, grab a piece of sandpaper mate, it's prickly up here. It was Jock that asked me to write the article on Maric, and I thought it was an automatic no, but then, when I looked at his stats, and looked at when the Tigers won games, things started to turn…suffice to day he is on my short list for R1.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Mullett & Miles had an incedible influence on the Tigers finals charge. I don't mind the Tigers draw & will consider both.


Agree INP, they made a massive difference, what will Miles be priced at?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Think he will come in around 500K ish Chicko. Certainly worth a look, he's a ball magnet.


Just when I was starting to get confident in going with 2x mid price rucks next year Chicko goes BANG! Brilliant write up and now I'm thinking. I had a look at his DT vs SC averages over the last 3 years and…

2012 – 97.8 (DT) 113 (SC)
2013 – 74.4 (DT) 96.8 (SC)
2014 – 85.1 (DT) 99.6 (SC) – Those last 6 weeks of 2014 – 91.6 (DT) 111.3 (SC)

That's majestic. Backs up your "competitive Chewbacca style man mountain" line, Chicko. He stands up when the game is there to be won. Hoping the kind folk at SC HQ will lift the salary cap by a few million for 2015!


Thanks Kev! You are too kind mate. Maric was honestly nowhere on my radar till I started writing about him, and as an adaptation to Shakira, "the stats don't lie". If he is fit, up and running and priced below $525k to $540k, he is worth serious consideration. As General points out, he could be $100k cheaper than a Sauce Jacobs, and that allows you to turn a Sloane into an Ablett or Rockliff in your starting lineup. Has a lot of merit methinks.


Good and excitable write up. I myself am rarely in that state, and am envious of you.

Ben McEvoy and Nic Nat both about 40k cheaper and about the same potentially. Maric shares the round 11 bye with Kruez and Leuenberger, so the one premium and one mid price option doesnt work with Big Ivan.
Kruez and Leuenberger about 250k cheaper and both could average over 100.
Goldstein only 40k more and ave 113, 93, 113 and 107 over the past 4 seasons.

I, in my unexcited and envious state will be investing elsewhere


JVN my good man, you make some eloquent and articulate points. I don't rate Ben McEvoy, but Nic Nat is an entirely different proposition. It would appear that Krueze is set as R2 for many a supercoach for 2015, however should he not, then I think Maric may come into contention. I'm also a big fan of Goldy. This game just tears you up, just when you think you have settled on it! PS. Good excited JVN!


Magnificent write up on Maric, Chicko! You've shown a very strong light on the ruck with Chewbaccain powers. The 3 years of tasty scores has indeed whetting my appetite for his inclusion. Still leaning towards NicNat yet Maric will now be part of the R1 deliberations. Excellent job, my friend. And because he has the shares the same slavic background as myself, I pretty much guarantee he'll have that mane of hair for many years to come.


Thanks Throtts! I suspect I also prefer NicNat vs. Maric for R1, unless you pair them up of course but that is a significant spend. We need to find out if Maric's grandfather on his mother side was bald, if he was, he better savour every last moment he has with that mane. I should have when I had the chance….!


Tempting to pair them up, Chicko. Seems a tad reckless but could be genius going against Kreuzer tide. Hmmmmm. That sort of deep contemplation may cause a couple of my locks to jump off.


Magnificent Chicko!

This bloody ruck conundrum is getting deeper.

Too much bloody value in the rucks this year to say who I'll be starting with!


Thanks Dex, I hear you mate, I've gone through precisely 729.5 ruck permutations!


Bloody awesome Chiko 😀

Mullets numbers indeed are arousing, except the number of games played. Given my intentions of punting on Krueser as R2. I need a more durable set and forget option for R1.

He may very well be a upgrade option for kruze, if he can pull out ayear like 2012.

Start: 20/80
Upgrade: 50/50


Thanks Tman, I like our thinking on a potential upgrade if the big mane looks like he is tearing it a new one in 2015. An excellent strategy.


Maric is a LOCK, for mine. I brought him in at the right time this year and almost won me the league.


BANG, look at you Jambo, I admire a man who commits and puts his nurries on the line. Kudos to you ol mate!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Excellent write up Chicko. Nailing the rcuks is a tough gig. There will be value in this area. Really don't have any certainty which way to go. But the man with a mullett could be a nice POD. Gee if he could pull off a Sauce Jacobs 2014 that would be awesome.


Thanks Pieman! I suspect I will be deliberating long into the pre-season when it comes to R1 and R2. I am looking for 2015's version of the Sauce, that would be magic.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

You & me both Chicko. 0 ruck trades this year Sauce & Sandi worked a treat & were awesome value. Hardest line to nail for mine. There is no lack of options in this area for 2015. Making the right call will be tough.


Exactly Pie, you would love to set and forget like in 2014 – saves heartache, sleepless nights and trades!


lovely work Chicko , the Mullet is on my ever growing playing list ! if we want durability in the rucks i think we are shit out of luck as not to many of the big fellas seem to put in a full season these days with Sauce being the only one last year 🙁
so maybe 19+ games is good for rucks lol


Maso my good man, I think you are spot on there. Perhaps a combo of Nic Nat, the Berger and Kruze?


Leaning towards NicNat and Kreuze with Goldy and Sauce as post-bye upgrades. Sure that will change 1039 times.


Beauty mate, great article chicko


Great article Chicko,
He was in contention for a spot before this piece but I liked his role and ability to finish, If preseason is good and injury free he and Dog Dog are firming as starters. If not Dog Dog then Kruzer at this moment ….
Byes are important but not that important if you have a plan so lockish for me as R1 starter 90/10 for the Samonish, Chewbacca haired Mullet Man ….Unless Delilah (Insert Richmond ) shows up and cuts the locks ie they don't show up again until they need to win 10 in a row.
Great read and comments
Once again thanks for the article and great humour in the piece
I'm off "To the fridge!!" – cheers mate ( Love Friday's)
PS Keyboard and Next G device are very bullish on the Mullet …. A contented house ATM


Thanks BB my good man


Thanks Dools! Thanks for the pump up mate, you write these things in the hope that community shares the same sense of humour! I'm with you, you got to love a Friday in December! Have a great weekend mate.


Thanks Jock, my ruck list is growing a lot faster than my mane!


Great piece, you do a great job selling him and for that reason I'll slap him on the watchlist.

The problem with starting Maric and NicNat is you're pretty much shutting the door on Sauce & Goldstein and I don't wanna do that. You could always sideways but that's conceding defeat almost.


G’day Phil, that’s an excellent call mate and definitely worth sharing! Great call to keep an option open for an upgrade as opposed to sideways.


G'day Phil
I do not see this as a closing door more like maybe? A door open for a little advantage re Keepers now if you have the fortitude to put Kruzer in the mix well a whole set of parallel universes opens:
1. saving coin (to spend elsewhere);
2. The choice works (SC legendry);
3. The choice fails (SC legendry in a twisted way lol);
4. 50% of choice works (Happy days as you were always goin a trade to Goldy);
5. 50% of choice fails (Happy days as you were always goin' a trade to Sauce),and
6. This was a plan from the start ( I LOVE THIS PLAN) as this involves many journeys, like maybe 10,00 steps to and from the fridge General , or INP an esky with wheels! and Chicko "NO!!! to pretending men with preening hairstyles (Mullet gets a tick in the box )LOL
Goldy and Sauce Way to excy for a season start mate
I m going back "To the fridge!!" for more reasoning and inspiration!


Well done, my partner-in-ruck-dilemmas. Right now thinking Dog-Dog and Kreuze. Maybe Luey is he looks strong. Then upgrades to Goldy for the back stretch. That's the plan for now. Ivan is tasty but the injuries and cost worrisome.

Barwick's Soilders

Very interesting Chicko, very very interesting. This could throw a spanner into the works


Thanks Barwick, my tool chest is empty after reading all the articles posted by the community.


Rockin Chicko.
I hadn't really considered The Mullet. You make some pretty compelling arguments for an R1 berth.
I'm in the Dog Dog/ Kreuzer camp too at the moment. See how I feel in the morning…