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The many shades of Robbie Gray.

PiemanAs I began to think of penning this piece on Robbie Gray a big flashing warning signal appeared on my treadmill. LUBE. Hmmmmm treadmill you’re absolutely right. You need a hell of a lot of that close by when you’re thinking of selecting Robbie Gray.

If you picked Robbie Gray for round 1 this year it was a brilliant selection. I didn’t. If you picked Gray & Parker I’m tipping you had a pretty good season. Picking the break out guys is a tough gig. If you did pick them both or even 1 of them its kudos to you. There had been shades of Gray. Shades of brilliance & shades of will the prick get on the park. It all added up for mine to shades of frustration.

If you looked at Robbie Gray’s history before the 2014 season there wasn’t too much to get excited about. Granted the obvious talent was there. Nabbed by Port with pick 55 he looked like a bargain. But was he SC worthy? He was like that chick you meet in a bar. You buy her drinks & she bleeds your wallet, the conversation is great, then she goes home with another bloke. You’ve done the hard yards & put your cash on the line & been torched.

78 is the number. In the previous 6 seasons Robbie Gray had played 78 of a possible 132 home & away games with an average of you guessed it 78. In round 2 against Adelaide he scored 78. He did actually play 22 games in 2011. But he only averaged 90. This year he finished with an awesome average of 111 & played the whole season. He is the poster boy for inconsistency.

He followed his 78 against Adelaide with a 79. At this point many owners would have been scratching their noodles as to the validity of this selection. They needn’t have. Round 4 sparked the beginning of a SC scoring rampage. 8 consecutive tonnes & 4 of those 120+. Owners experienced an arousal curve so extreme they were easy to spot in public. And if you had him for the SC finals he repaid your faith in spades. 126 148 174 & 123. Cut it out!

Opening on the market at 440k in 2014 & ending the season at 613k is not laughing all the away to the bank. It’s more like standing on the bank mangers desk, dropping your pants, delivering a sizable reverse kanga & using his face as toilet paper. Cop that! Break out year of Epic proportions.

2015 Price: $596,900
2015 Position: MID/FWD
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 111
100+ games last season: 15
Sub 80 games last season: 4
Price range last season: $442K – $613K
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: He has been recognised as a gun player for quite some time. Getting on the park has been a huge problem.


Sometimes the stars align & guys go from quality to elite. This season it was Gray, Parker & Rockliffe. I’m really not sure what to make of this guy just yet. One brilliant season Isn’t enough for me. But what I do think is Port having a great chance for the 2015 flag. And I think they will win a vast majority of games. Watching the way Port play is awesome. They truly are a team, & Robbie Gray is one of the stars of the show.

Risk Factor

It’s obvious. The man has a huge injury history. It’s also worth noting that Port has a tough early season draw. That means to me he may drop in value. I look at this guy & I just can’t help of Ben Reid. Just when you think it’s perfect it turns to crap.

Selection Purpose

You would hope if you were picking him for rnd 1 he would be a set & forget premo. But with Port’s tough early draw & the history Robbie Gray has I see his selection purpose sitting in the post bye section. In fact that’s exactly when I plan on loading up on the tremendously fit Port boys who I think will make a huge charge at the flag.

The Good

  • 34 goals from a Mid/Fwd in 2014 is outstanding
  • Finds plenty of the pill
  • Plays team footy (like all the Port boys)
  • Very good decision maker

The Bad

  • Injury History
  • Injury History
  • Has left many a coach frustrated with his durability
  • Final Verdict

Poor kicking for goal in the prelim is the only reason the 2014 Premiership cup is not in Alberton. Port ran all over the Hawks. But they ran out of time & only have themselves to blame. Whilst the Hawks kicking for goal was superb, Port’s was awful. And that proved to be the painful difference. They would have done to Sydney what the Hawks did in the GF, absolutely murdered them. What does that add up to, an ever hungrier Port in 2015. Robbie Gray is a huge part of the Port engine room. Whilst it’s very unlikely I will grab Gray for round 1 he will be firmly on my watchlist throughout the early part of the season. For mine post bye load up on the Port boys. And if the 2014 form continues make Gray a priority upgrade.

10/90 starter

95/5 upgrade target


Twitter: @paulmaltman



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Man, did he come out of nowhere last season to become a true SC force? Right now he's at a very unappetizing price, especially considering Port has a tough run out of the gate. See how he does but I agree with you Pieman that he's an upgrade target if he retains his DPP. Mids, I'm more interested in Wines and Ebert at this moment. Another dazzling review, my friend.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks throts. Quite keen on ollie as well. He’s a gun.

General Soreness

Another belting article INP, love the Something About Mary reference and in true 50 Shades fashion nailed the recommendation. Cannot see him as a starter, his history almost consigns him to the "…wait and see if it was a flash pan…" pile, however his DPP status may see him as a pretty early upgrade target if he continues to deliver to open up some swing sets. If not for his history prior to 2014 I would LOCK him in DPP, 22 games with 111 average is almost a no brainer for your FWD line in any other circumstance regardless of price. Who knows if my combinations allow he may just start if I can afford the risk.


Great point about needing another season of brilliance to lock in, General. And same reason I'm hesitant on D. Swallow. One season against 3 others that aren't nearly as superb. Both wait'n'see-ers".

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agree boys. Need to see a bit more of that to cough up the ransom. Get a feeling he will drop in price.


Agree, Pieman. Wouldn't be surprised if he hits around $490K. Again, banger of a review.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks my friend. 490 is the buy price. Totally agree. High priced FWDS never end up at the same price.


I'm still reeling on picking Breust in Rd 4 over Gray…

Never again picking Poost..

Agree Pieman, upgrade target. Brilliant piece!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks Dex. At round 4 I can understand. He wasn’t setting the world on fire but then BANG! That must have been painful


Absolutely love him as a player, very exciting to watch. As an old bombers fan he reminded me this year of Mark Mercuri….throw him in the guts and he's your best midfielder, but he's just so good inside 50 you don't wanna lose that.

Having said that there's no way I'll start him. Injury history, tough early draw, 600k+, mega value in FWD's etc. But he'll be one of the first guys I trade into. 0/100 start. 100/0 upgrade (barring injury). Great review

General Soreness

As a lifelong bombers man, I will be watching Gray much more now you have compared him to Mark Mercuri.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Mercuri did it for many seasons. Let’s see if gray can do the same gents.


Haha yeah I know it's a big call lads, I more so meant just on 2014….Mercuri would be my all time favourite player!


Pieman, some of your finest ever work! You had me cracking up with the reverse kanga – absolute gold! Agree with you on Gray, too much coin to commit up front, but a definite upgrade target. Top review mate.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks Chicko. Jock asked me rip one out on robbie gray. Happy with the result. Upgrade target written all over him

Barwick's Soilders

Not much I can say, that hasn’t been said 100% upgrade target at this stage, great article Pieman, love the little bits of comedy.


INP that was hilarious !!! Well reasoned and down and gritty
I read the article at 0600 h this morning and I wanted to "chime in" with a well bloody done mate but it's now 1730 h and I 've missed out
Not to worry you have pleanty of like minded SC fans here and I ' think you have the rights in this! Upgrade target ATMost
His pedigree is unsettling; his price is "A novena with a few Pater Nosters, coupled with an Angelus and a special mass for ST Morris and ST Kilda" in there..
When he is on he is on but not until round 5 maybe??? 5 / 95 to start very low on my must have for 2015
Thanks for the review and the laughs mate keep it coming INP

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s a labour of love Dools. And a privilege to be part of this fine growing community. The astute members seem to all agree on an upgrade target. Can’t help think of jocks “one season doth not make” sentence. Can’t exactly remember exactly how that one goes. It’s like picking gray for rnd 1, it doesn’t make sense. Thanks for your positive feedback my friend. Busy with work at the moment. It’s eating into my sc time.

Seaford Scouse

Thanks INP another great run-down by my fellow magpie believer!

Can anyone confirm his TOG average for the year, is it around 65% which I’m sure I read somewhere (or maybe it was too much research)!

If it is then even from the off he might be worth some value, although as is the consensus here, unlikely starting berth for me and upgrade target after the tough start especially if DPP.

For what it’s worth I went with the Chad over him last season and cried almost every week when seeing their scores come in. I simply couldn’t go past his injury history and thought he might have even been finished so was stunned to see him keep racking those monster scores up and the breakdown I thought he would inevitably have never materialized, much like my GF victory. Snake eyes all over him this year!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

G’day seaford. Great to have you on board. Wingard over gray made perfect logical sense. It’s just that gray took the role we wanted Wingard to take. Must have has you in the bottom of the shower trying to scrub the dirt off. Chin up & kick ass in 2015.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Knows his stuff. Reckon we’d get along famously . Next time we are out for a few please bring him along. You might not recognise me jock. 15 kgs lighter & ridicously fit. God bless lube & treadmills. They answer questions

Seaford Scouse

Cheers Jock, you get me every time with your missus leftover alco-pops, I didn’t even think they still made west coast coolers!

Would be an honour to share in the spoils of Jocks war with you INP and discuss the merits of bucks’ rebuilding. Hopefully we get to see both schnitzelberger and freeman this year, my eyes on freeman at the moment from a SC perspective.

Getting back to Mr 50 shades, according to footy wire his tog Avg for last year was 82.6 so not a lot to make up there so back to plan a with him for 2015.


Highly amusing Pieman I love the way you Collingwood supporters pay your bank fees.

I got Gray in after round 5 for 470K still an absolute bargain.
Keen to know how his previous yearly averages stack up when you take out injury and vest affected games, I think have memories of him pumping out a few big scores but like the enormously talented Malcolm Young I also have a smartarse for a memory.

I hope that I remember not to have R Gray in my round 1 squad


The inimitable and criminally underrated Malcolm Young. Really wish the boys would hang it up as bow to their leader.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Jeez wombats. Have I finally delivered a verdict you can sleep on. I can finally sleep at night. It’s hard selling something you don’t believe in. I’m making a habit of it. And I thoroughly appreciate anything thrown my way. Keep those vicious claws out!


Piebloke you have delivered numerous comments that help me sleep and Wombats aren't Vicious they're cuddly gentle creatures who have square turds.
I however am an angry old man who was lucky enough to attend 3 blues Premierships and watch another 4 on telly before I was 30. Twenty years of premiership withdrawals can draw out the cynicism in even the nicest marsupials.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks jock & double b. The treadmill statement is 100% true. And a sign in my view.


Beauty of an article mate


Pure Gold INP, p!ss funny stuff.
Yeah Robbie did the Power and SCers proud by killing many a pig in last quarters.
God knows we needed him up fwd with Wantsfrees succumbing and The Chad going yo yo.
I'll be ready to jump when he bottoms around rnd 7.