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Supercoach 2014 podcastTime to look at some 2015 rookies community.

Click here for this month’s episode. (or click the audio player above for some snippets)

We want to again thank each and every donor – you lot make it possible for us to keep doing what we love for our community and we’re extremely grateful for that. We reckon you’ll enjoy this one.

Onto the show – Higgo, Crouching and I have identified a bunch of very likely looking young cash cows in the aftermath of the recent AFL draft – and it looks as if we might again have a bumper crop to pick from

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Great stuff guys, hilarious and informative as always.

I may be showing my Crow-eater bias once again, but when it comes to Supercoach there is a rule which I always keep in mind

Keep your eyes on players who have played senior SANFL football.

We saw it last year with James Aish, Luke Dunstan, Sean Lemmens and to a lower extent Orazio Fantasia. So this year, my eyes are on Billy Stretch and Alex Neale-Bullen from Melbourne and Dean Gore from Geelong. I'm a huge Billy Stretch fan, and I think he could be something to consider at this very early stage. Caleb Daniel from the Bulldogs is another one with my eyes on. Kid can run all day and is absolutely one of the most talented players in the draft. If he had of been 15cm taller he'd have gone in the Top 10.


Nice Barron. Didn't really consider that nor really knew which have or have not. Part of my Yank learning curve.

How much senior ball ball did Aish and Dunstan actually play?


Aish started playing league football in 2012 at Norwood as a 16 year old, youngest player in 134 years to debut in the senior side for the Redlegs. And it's not like they were crap and he was just being brought up cause they didn't have anyone better, Redlegs have won the last 3 Premierships in a row in the SANFL.

Dunstan was brought up towards the end of 2013 for Woodsville-West Torrens, but did enough so you wouldn't think he'd be completely out of his depth. There's also Trent Dumont for North Melbourne who played 12 games for Norwood in his draft year, he didn't play last year and has had his off-field issues, but he could be another one that debuts this season.


Love the inside work BVC.


Dunstan was a man child so no surprise. Remember reading that about Aish. Thanks for this background, Barron. Excellent stuff.


Majestic Podcast fellas!

Absolute Ripper



General Soreness

Absolute gold!


Dear Santa,
I want an invite to JRCommunity Christmas Party – I do not want World Peace or One God. I have all that just an invite okay??

Well Done Men awesome , funny and a little bit addictive and I finally listened to the pod thingy.
Missed you guys on the wireless but I must say worth the wait, thanks for the insights (esp in to the Dojo of The Crouching One)
So it has come to this ………..
Can I please! Please !!Please!!! Get a bloody invite to the crissy bash ( I want to see the fridge you guys have there. This purely for research Peter will understand)
So lets send an invite to dear ol' Dools (Just to enable him to get over "She who will Not be Named") and as a side bar I will tell you why not to pick Garrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Great pod thing lads …….. I have missed you more then you will eva Know.
Chrissy Cheer
Keyboard, Next G Device and Silent Slipper (I bought a dud!)
"To the fridge!!" (Christmas work out….. Begin!!! )


_Big_BenFC's avatar – Go to profile _Big_BenFC 38p · 4 minutes ago ___bloody rippa mate! ________


Hi guys there is a drama with the page BB and I where on a different page for the same pod thingy . I moved his comment Please forgive me if that was presumptuous Big Ben …


thoughts on nakia Cockatoo


G'day james,
He is an excitement machine, but on a SC team for maybe $150 K to $170 k he would be required to cement a permanent spot. I doubt he will play more then 5 , I have been wrong in the past james and I hope I'm wrong now . A watch and see how he fits in pre season before commitment mate.


Hey jock I was just wondering if we are going to get any free podcasts this preaseson. I would love to pay to listen to this as I know you need the money but my parents won't give me the money as they think it's a waste off money. They just don't understand. Thanks.


Thanks jock!

General Soreness

Ripping podcast gents, still in tears over Oscar repertoire Gold!


"It's gonna take a lot more than chicks with tatts on her arse to win a premiership" – a truer word has never been spoken! Pure gold gents, pure gold!