POLL: Best three young guns 2015

Published by Jock on

If you live in VIC you’ll have to go to the polls this weekend.

Thought I might whack a poll up that some of the community might actually give half a stuff about.

This will also give us the opportunity to vote on some blokes who might actually deliver something of note over the coming years.

These colts have emerged and we have watched them progress on the Supercoach scene towards proving themselves worthy of consideration as mature selections. All of them will trot out onto the field of battle in 2015 with a full complement of hair down the stairs for the first time in the careers.

Which three do you reckon are most likely to go the extra step towards ultra premiumhood in 2015?

Select your top three young guns from this list (prices are 2015 approximates):

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Watch out for Tyson. He will be, as you say, a bolter.


Not a lock. But he's high in there, my friend.

General Soreness

O'meara clearly slipping due to knee concerns. Hard to go past Treloar, Wines has dropped KG's signals an attempt to keep him central for longer.


Diggin Crouch as well. Babyface Assassin is the third. Griff addition will give him more time to kill it.

General Soreness

Yeah he goes quite well, I am more interested in little brother. Both get plenty of it, but having watch few games and therefore I am not the best judge, but older brother doesnt seem to use it as well as he should, perhaps Crouching can enlighten me here.


I reckon Macrae is worth picking, certainly! No Griffen and Libba will likely attract the tag.

M-Town Ballers

I reckon Toby Green will push a 110 ave

General Soreness

Right with you on this one Ballers.


If he starts kicking it to his team mates, definitely capable of pushing out a 110ish average. Can play pill.


agree. was awesome back end of season after timeout for pub-brawl.. ball magnet

Barwick's Soilders

Brad Crouch, Macrae and Wines for me, Wines will be close to starting in 2015.


This isn't fair, how am I suppose to split these guys? Wines would have to be #1, followed by Treloar, Ellis, O'Meara (would be first if fully fit) then Crouch.


I voted on who I thought would be the 3 best players. I don't imagine any of these guys will become ultra premiums in 2015. 1 year early for Wines, O'Meara and Crouch, and the others aren't as good as those 3.


Wines, Shiel, and Tyson for mine. Very likely I will be starting with 2 of these, most likely Wines & Shiel. Hopeful of some increased game time and natural progression as both of these kids have plenty more potential.


Good Poll Jock!

Much more enticing than the voting i'll have to do tomorrow!

Voted for Crouch and Treloar.

Crouch, the kid still has plenty of upside…perhaps more than anyone on that list. Interrupted season last year but was still capable of banging out good scores when he returned. Finds leather in his sleep.

Treloar, has shown the ability to go big on a number of occasions last year. With more opposition focus on Ward and now Griffen, he may be able to pump out these big scores on a more consistent basis.

Couldn't split the rest.

Wines was maybe going to be my 3rd vote but decided against it, think he may just plateau out for a season.

Macrae will find it much tougher w/o Griffen and Cooney.

O'Meara just doesn't hit the big numbers possession wise to go 'ultra premium'. Don't think it will be 2015, maybe the year after.

Tyson, i don't think he has a chance to go ultra premium until Melbourne moves right up the ladder.

Shiel, more ahead of him in scoring power now with Ward, Griffen, Treloar.

Ellis, disappointing at times last year…can't have him at ultra premium. Cotchin more likely tige to go that way next year.

All of the above considering 'Ultra Premium' is Min 110-115+