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Sauce. Tobasco bloody sauce. On fire

Big Ben - a man on a missionWhat a great rebound season from Sam ’Sauce’ Jacobs. After what can only be described as a below par season 2013, Sauce bounced back big time. I, myself, backed him in from the very beginning and was extremely happy with his efforts during the season pumping out some great scores.

He is an All Australian big man and was a part of an Adelaide team, that by their own admission, was not up to scrap last season. With some new coaching staff and the security of holding on to Dangerfield next season, I think both the Adelaide Crows and Big Sammy Jacobs are due for a big season.



2015 Price: $620,100
2015 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 115 – you little ripper
100+ games last season: 18 – yep – 18 lads
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range last season: $460 – $611K
Missed games last season: Didn’t miss a game
Significant history: Pumped out 120+ on 10 occasions last season
Avg 115 at the Adelaide ovalDrafted at pick 1, 2007 Rookie draft


There is no denying that Sam Jacobs had a bloody brilliant 2014 in regards to Supercoach scores and I will thank Jock for his insight in the preseason for taking the chance on him. Jacobs has actually been in my team for the last three seasons for one reason, he is the number one big man down there and that is undisputed.


It’s tough to give him risks considering his 2014 season but I guess the main risk is injury. It has been known in the past that when ruckmen go down, the often go down for long periods of time. In saying that, Jacobs didn’t miss a game in 2014 an, touch wood, I hope he won’t again in 2015


If you were considering bringing Sam Jacobs into your team it would be with the intention to ‘set and forget’. He has a pretty hefty price tag attached to him but with price comes value. His averages over the last four seasons are: 92, 102, 85, 115.


  • Didn’t miss a game last season
  • Can go large, is a possible Captain choice on th occasion
  • Is the main big man down at Adelaide
  • Has the likes of Dangerfield and Sloane at his feet. Champions


  • Price…. Will cost an arm and a leg


If you were looking for a ruckman that will punch out huge numbers and be very reliable, this is your guy. But for some reason I just can’t get 2013 out of my mind and with a huge price tag I am going to struggle to find a spot on my team for Sauce. At this stage I am going to say….


What are your thoughts on Sam jacobs?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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Nice BB,
I had him from R 3/4 and I was well pleased with my pick ( he replaced McEvoy).
I had Sauce in 2013 like yourself Ben and that was a roller coaster choice (He would Ton it up and yes!!! he is back only to stink it up a week later…No!!) and it never leaves my mind.
$620 K is a lot of coin but that's the price you pay for dependability and 115 points per game
He is a definite Maybe, lets see what else is out there, like: Maric; Skinflute; Kruzer and Lobbe etc.
Going cheap in the Ruc Dept is just as bad as paying overs, remembering you have to pick 2 so coin vs scoring potential is vital, times 2, I would love to have him from the start but who would be his partner???
Upgrade target?? most likely
Great conundrum Ben ….
I love waking up on a Saturday, delve into some research and give the fridge an early morning work out…

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world Dools. Get into it


Once the sun clears the yardarm its fair go mate and as you say it has to be 5 pm somewhere in the world hahahah


No Goldie? The gold standard in ruck reliability the last two years?!?!?

C'mon Dools, get some beer in you…ain't thinking straight yet.


I did not put Goldie in as he will be just as exy as Sauce TF. Goldie is the epitome of consistency, so much to be said on him later, I agree with you and Phil.
I'm looking at a premium Ruc dept not the elite so I looking at ability, price and dependability which is why I mentioned Maric, Skinflute.. Kruzer is a stopgap not a keeper methinks and Lobbe could be anything. Dog dog is also in calculation's
3rd beer and I'm formulating a cunning plan but it is in it's infancy at the moment so more to follow later in the pre season.
More cunning planning to be done mate.
"To the fridge!!"


Ah yes, the annual Dools/Throtts ruck debate is nigh. Instead of bud tall boys, think I'm going south of the border and grabbing a case of Modelo and a handful of limes. Might keep my mind a bit sharper. Buds tend to make me want to couple it with tequila which inspires me to surf the internet for unsavory motion pictures.

More cunning planning ahead, my friend!


Hi Buddy
I will not be going over the same old ground again…
We either learn from each other or we are condemned to continue on the same path.
I'm sure we have friends here who can point to both of us how bad we are lol.


Nor will I. Got whomped last season so I'm heeding lessons learned. And yes, plenty of folks here to help guide us to greener ruck pastures. Looking forward to it.


Hiya Throttle how many snowmen have the kids built?
Goldy started at $612k l/y by round 11 he was $455k. I got him for $500k in round 14
He is a brilliant scorer when he is the sole ruckman and an average scorer if they're running a second ruck. I see massive risk in starting with Goldy this year.


Hey brother. -4c last night but fortunately escaped the snow that blanketed Buffalo.

Completely agree. My point is if you were going to consider a high-priced, set'n'forget ruck, I'd choose Goldie over Sauce. But your method is what a SC stallion would do, and that's what I'm aiming for this season, rather than being a SC pony. Would like one set'n'forget but may not be the year.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Fantastic double B. Can’t argue with anything there. You’ve nailed that one! Whack! I went with Jocks call & couldn’t ask for anything more from big sauce. At 600k it’s a very tough call. It’s a maybe for me as well. A Nic Nat & sauce combo is mighty tempting.


Concur with the Man of Pies. Spot on from first letter to last period. He's pricey for sure. Would be more up for it if this were his 2nd or 3rd time 110+. For that reason if I were to pay $600+, I'd lean more toward Goldie as R1. Not 100% if I'm gonna go that way, but your review will keep him in the conversation for sure. Rawkin' job, Big B.


As a starter, a definite no for me. As an upgrade a good chance….I going against the set and forget ruck strategy this year, I'm gonna take advantage of the value in the mid pricers. That way I can access who is going to be the Jacobs of 2015 and upgrade to him. May work, may not….

If I did have to go a premium Id pick NicNat first (cos he is underpriced) and then Goldstein (because he has gone 110+ more than once) both before Sauce.


By 110+ I mean yearly average just to clear up


I was one of those who followed the great man Jock's advice in 2014, and had him from the start.

I'm looking for value in 2015, so for 610k and a few yo-yoing years, I'll say no. Upgrade target for mine.

Ripping job BB!


Well done Big fella. No doubt that Sauce is one of two you'd expect to go 110+ every week and play every game, the question is whether or not his price represents value. Last year I started with Budget Rucks, Sandi Haymac. Although neither of them set the world on fire the cash saving allowed me an extra premo in the middle and I think the points balance was 20-50 p/week higher than had I started with a $500k ruck.
Picked up Goldy towards the end for Haymac and wombats finished well.
This year 2015 I might increase my ruck budget at the expense of a fwd premo but I don't think I'd make the mistake of starting with a premo ruck.


Hi Wombats,
I'm inclined to agree as the points differential is the key to the cost Verses points opportunity on other lines.
So whom do we look at mate?? fallen permo's like Dog dog or Skinflute or even Scotty Lycett ???
I get it's very early days and all plans no matter how cunning can turn to clagg if the preseason is not there…
What are your thoughts??
I will attend the fridge eagerly awaiting a reply


Good luck getting Wombats' picks. He'll gladly share his top 15 considerations yet anything less goes into the WombyVault, which has a time-release lock that will share specifics round 5. Granted, he does harbor gold in the vault. Many have tried to break in…only to drown in the deceptively deep moat filled with Esky-Sofa droppings.


I was trying to share but I forgot the bloody combo for a few weeks early last year.


Until prices are set and figure out where the rooks are going, it's all shots in the dark. Eager to hear your Womby wisdoms when they do and your start getting your structures in order.


Hi Dools you need to get one of my custom Esky-Sofa's before you worry about ruck selections. All that walking to and from the couch to fridge is likely to cause a long term repetitive stress injury.
I'll put together a list of 6 around february and whittle it down before the first bounce. ATMO I'm thinking at least one Blues ruck will be good value. Even wood at sub 350K has merit. Eagles and Freo seem to pop out an option every year so I might put some AvGas in the Lear and checkout some training camps.
But to be honest I haven't thought much about it except a points requirement minimum of 160+ from both rucks combined

Itchy Nuts Pieman

An esky sofa. Genius wombats. Sign me up for ones of those. If you could engineering a toilet into it you’d never have to move. It would a smash hit for footy season at least.


You can take the man out of Collingwood but you can't take Collingwood out of the man.
Only a Piesman would think it acceptable to defecate where he watches footy, as demonstrated by Eddie and the Collingwood cheer squad whom spill turds everytime they open their mouths.


Burrrup badah
Burrrup burrup badah
Burrup burrup burrup burrup burrup bah-dah-dah
We are the Nay Blues we are the old dark navy blues.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I’ve trained my children to refer to the blues as the poohs. That’s all they have delivered since the last cheated flag. Should have been stripped of that too. Flogs. Next year marks the 20 year aniversiry of total spluttering turd. Dah da da da da


Well done itchy I'd be disappointed with anything less. My daughter is currently lobbying King Tony to have the image of native Australian species protected from affiliation with business and/or organizations of sub-standard intellectual activity. Looking forward to Collingwood becoming the Zebras


On a totally different subject check out Blaine Boekhorst he seems to shaping up as Jgars replacement.

Barwick's Soilders

Big Ben you have covered all aspects nothing more to say, a preminm ruck will have a premium price tag. Not sure about him, no at this stage due to some value picks in the ruck this year.


Cheers lads, lots to think about with this big guy

General Soreness

Great article BB. Sauce is 10/90 for me, 10 for the form 90 for the price thats a lot of coin. If I can squeeze him in I may just do that. Every year I have gone premo ruck or fallen premo (Sandi). I am likely to take a little more risk on my ruck line this year to allow me to spend a few $$ more in forward / mid lines.

Seaford Scouse

Ah BB like yourself had him the last 3 seasons as well but did not go him from the start this year after being burnt in 2013. The only thing stopping me from having him locked at the moment is price. Think I will play around with structures based on number of premos at the start and I'm prepared to take some major risks in the ruck department this year so will look for value here also, particularly if there's some half decent DPP options. One other consideration is to see how Lowden goes there pre-season as well, given his goalscoring ability probably as rest relief for sauce only, and thats if he gets a game so minimal impact inreckon but the guy can play and after 1 solitary game for the hawks in 6 years then you can be rest assured he will be the most determined player turning up at training so watching that scenario closely during pre-season.