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A Meatball to Gorge On or Acid Reflux In Waiting?

ThrottlefingerWe all bow to the altar of Gazza. Yet, as coaches (and sports fans) we know there will be a time — and hopefully not soon — that the mantle of Suns Supercoach greatness will need to be passed onto one of his teammates.

Who will that be? Maybe the boy wonder O’Meara? Perhaps Handy Harley Bennell? Or maybe Jack Marrrrr…Hahaha. Sorry can’t do that with a straight face.

For me the answer is the man they call the Human Meatball, Dion Prestia. I would normally saved this info until later but it shines a bright spotlight on Prestia’s talents. He was having a career best season alongside Gazza, going 108 points a game through Rounds 1-16. When the Little Master went down against the Pies, the tag heat came on The Human Meatball.

Usually that sort of heat sucks all the juices from the meaty parts rendering it dry and bin worthy. But Prestia’s SC succulence only diminished slightly without losing his SC seasoning and flavor, as he ended up averaging 101 points on out.

Does this tasty pasta accoutrement offer us coaches any SC nutrition? Let’s grab a corner table facing the door, wave Tessio and Clemenza over and order a big plate of infogetti and Human Meatballs for the table.

2015 Price: $569,800
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 106
100+ games last season: 12 (high 146 vs. WCE R13)
Sub 80 games last season: 4 (low: 59 R20 vs Blues)
Price range last season: $481K (R21) – $592K (R16)
Missed games last season: 8
Significant history: 97 SC ave in 2013.
Narrowing losing Sun’s 2014 Best and Fairest
Rumoured to have memorized all Toby Maguire movies.


Want another delectable Human Meatball fun fact? Out of the 12 games Prestia went ton, 9 of them were for 120+. Now dats a-spicy a-meat-ta-ball!

Looking behind those scores will show someone who can distribute the ball (27 per game @ 68% efficiency), lay the tackle (4.6 a game) and strong at clearances (5.4 a game). And he’s better than most with rebounds (2 ave), inside 50s (4 ave) and contested possessions (11 a game).

Prestia also has a big engine. 82 minutes on the field last season. In fact, he won GCS first time trial of the season…overtaking Thumper in the final 200m of the 2km trial to edge out the youngster, who had led the entire way.


Always a risk with an under 24 year old player. The sub 80 scores could be less this year but thinking they would be gone completely would be assuming a lot.


You see the potential. The scores are titillating. And how the kid adjusted to Ablett being out and getting the hard tag every week, shows he’s up for a challenge. Could he continue the trend of increasing his average to 110+ or not? A classic hmmmmmm or mmmmmmm?


  • When goes ton, he mostly big (120+)
  • Rise in SC performance each year (61-79-98-106)
  • Pill magnet + tackles = SC love
  • Confidence gained from on-field leadership role during Gaz absence


  • Pricey for inexperienced mid
  • Too many sub 80s
  • Sillyass nickname. Meatballs are for plates not players.


Ablett back and O’Meara out with a knee injury you’d think Ol’ Throtts would have him slotted in for Round 1. And given my habit for falling for my review subjects, I can understand the community having that opinion.

Yet, Prestia is a definite watchlister. Could understand someone rolling the dice on him to be a 110+ but at his age can’t see that being worth the risk. A corrective POD perhaps to upgrade to after his price has dropped a bit and when it becomes clear Ablett is back and in fine form.


Thoughts community on the Human Meatball?


Twitter: @throttlefinger


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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General Soreness

Ripping read as per usual Throtts. Best thing about these reviews are they highlight players that mentally you thought were either better or worse than the stats show. In the case of the Meatball I did not realise his season was that good. Definitely agree that he is a watchlister and potential POD corrective. Still I wouldn’t begrudge anyone giving him a round 1 berth. For those that select the Meatball it is a must that you have Sauce in your Ruck.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

If we could get him upgraded to a Swedish meatball that could be too tempting to pass up!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

That continual rise in average is a spicy meatball Throts. Great article once again my man! If he was certain to keep that going he’s definitely worth a good look at. But as you have expertly pointed out the guys around him could be even tastier meatballs. I was keen on Jaeger, but the knee is a worry. I think the suns will thrive under Eade. Prestia could be a great pick. I just can’t rule him out. Stirring piece again Throts! Let the debate begin

Itchy Nuts Pieman

That 22 games is eyeballing me throttle. Does anyone have his stats after Gaz went down? If Gaz is around he won’t be getting tagged & the honey is sweet. I really like the lad. Plenty of preseasons under the belt. I’m very interstested. Quality throts. Always an amusing read with quality research to boot.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Very anxious throts. We need a Higginator countdown clock. It’s going to get a hell of a work over this time. Still averaging over 100 minus GAJ. Think he could push 115 in 2015


Brilliant Throtts!

I was one who almost started with Presti last year – but my usual over-analysis and safe plays stopped me.

He's a tantalising prospect; one I feel is an upgrade target for that M7-8 spot.

Majestic as always Mr Finger!


He's a lcck, had him all last year dont even have to think about him this year…in


Great review Throttle! I had Prestia last year in my draft league. He's only getting better and has a very high ceiling. Priced a bit highly to start for my liking, but will keep an eye on him.

FYI everyone, Taylor Walker just extended his contract with the crows for another 3 years… I'm so happy!!! 😀

General Soreness

Watch out for Barron he is probably doing cartwheels down Rundle Mall!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The Baron was seen running up & down rundle mall nuder than a nude nudist!


Very informative mate. I like the way this bloke plays and he looks a bit like a wombat. I expect a significant increase from him for 2015. Atmo he's in my pool for M5-M8, NAB form will be decider.
Your definitive No has increased the likelihood of him getting a Guernsey 🙂

I played on Gold Coast in mid-80's and I still believe that the obvious team name was Gold Coast Crabs.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Ha your a great stirrer wombats. GC Crabs ha! Might not have appealed to the ladies


A Ball tearer of a review Throtts, dare I say a meatball tearer of a review no less! Like General, whilst I knew Prestia had a good season, genuinely surprised at some of those stats – particularly his tackle average. He gets a lot of the pill, so if his DE goes up, then I suspect I may also go up a little. Well played Throtts!


Very tasty piece Throts.
Have had The Meatball high on my M4/M5 list for a while now and your review certainly confirms my thinking.
The price will scare many, but for me he's a young, durable kid on the rise that ticks all the SC boxes and has a pretty respectable ceiling.
80/20 for mine.


I'm with you Throtts, the Higginator will get an absolute belting this pre-season. I think I actually saved 43 iterations of my team last year, and they were the ones I deemed worthy, there were 967 permutations behind that!


What was his ownership % in 2014? Footy centric Victorians tend to miss out on these interstate guys, so I'll be looking at GWS and GC kids like Prestia, Greene, Treloar etc to fill one of the M5-M8 slots.

As above, he ticks a lot of the right SC boxes, high ceiling, tackles, respectable de%, and has steadily improved each year in the system. New coach, whips cracking for finals appearance this year. GC could very well come out and go BANG like they did last season.

Cracking review as always, throtts.


His ownership last year was 3.4%.
I tend to think the majority of the best mids in the comp are now found in interstate teams: Fyfe, Ablett, Rockliff, Beams, Sloane, Gray etc. So far the only Vic mids I'll be considering for my starting line up are Pendles and Selwood. Otherwise it's interstate all the way!!!

General Soreness

I will be considering Watson, Heppell, Swan, Libba et al


Hey Sarah, I like the interstate mids also – can provide decent PODS as a lot of us Victorians can have a home state bias. Having said that, like the General, I will be having a very big look at Heppell and Libba.


Great review TF
Reinforced my "Maybe " at this stage..40/60 waiting on preseason and what GAJ does but I would also be considering D. Swallow from GCS IF GAJ is up and about…
Thanks for the preview mate great job as always


Great review throttle … Neon Dion may yet find his way into my team under a 7/3 mid structure.

BUT, wait a sec!?! I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but what is the go with this idea? I have just completed my first full year of super coach and I may be missing something.

I have done some quick sums on the 7/3 mid structure and it looks something like this:

$1.3-1.4 Mid super premo x 2

$2.5-2.6 Mid premo x 5

$1.6-1.7 Def, Ruck, Fwd premo x 1each

$3.3-3.7 Others (Def x 5, Mid x 1, Ruck x 1, Fwd x 5)

$0.9-1.0 Bench x 8

I just think it may be difficult to generate cash with this structure, ie. from def and fwd rookies rather than mid rookies. And it also limits the possibility of picking up fallen mid premiums throughout the season as these spots as filled and priorities will be def and fwd upgrades.

I think I went too far last year with a 4/6 mid structure (including beams and murphy). I stocked up on 3 premo defs, including smitchell and enright who are now probably past their best SC output.

However, 7/3 seems too far the other way … I think it prob comes down to the best available cash cows and I actually think it is the 12 ‘other’ players who take up $3.5-4m of the cap who will make or break a lot of teams.

Anyway, they are just my thoughts and, as I said, I may have completely missed the boat on this one.




Hi Brook,

Last year I went the 4/6 structure in the midfield and I think it worked out ok. It really just depends on the rookies and what positions they can be picked in. At this early stage of the SC season though I'm thinking about a 5/5 structure in the midfield. Should still generate a good amount of cash and allow for midfield upgrades and to grab fallen premiums.

Good luck with your second season! 🙂

Barwick's Soilders

throttle you never disappoint, defiantly one to add to my watchlist. Price is 100% on the high side and at this stage I may start with a more proven player. Agree that he may be worth a corrective trade early in the season. This stage 35/65. Anyone know what date the prices come out?


While Prestia's average dropped a bit with Ablett out its important to point out that the more likely (or at least more significant) cause of his drop in points per game was simply that the Suns stopped winning. As Prestia (like almost all players) scored significantly better in wins than losses (113ppg in wins v 100ppg in losses), the more relevant question may be how many games the Suns will win than how many he will play with Ablett, although obviously these are related. If you think Eade will be able to significantly improve the Suns as I do this may be a good reason to pick him.

Seaford Scouse

Nice analysis TF! Great to get all the stats with so long to go till the new season still, reckon it’s saving me days if not weeks in the ol’ ‘research lab’, yourself and the boys are doing a cracking job, nice new aspect of the site, I like, I like a lot just like Mr Presti here. Was already in my thoughts and on the definitely maybe WL, but now he’s cemented himself there based on the info you’ve provided. The Suns certainly look appealing this year in the mid line what a set of talent with many on the WL. Charlie Dixon and Tom Nicholls/Zac Smith will also have the binos trained on them during pre-season, think others may even come into the equation once coach Eades structure becomes more apparent. Also agree with some of the other comments on this thread about the gold to be found outside of Melbourne especially those with new coaches.