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Hard as a Cats head is Joel Selwood.

One of my favourite movie quotes; “sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still good”. The same could be said for Joel Selwoods Supercoach scoring. He played all 22 games in 2014 with a low of 82 & a high of 176. When his arousal curve is up & about this man goes large. More importantly he’s the man you can rely on.

I thought my starting midfield in 2014 was pretty good. I had GAJ, Watson, Beams, Murphy, Cotchin, Tyson, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan & Lemmens. But there was a huge problem. Come the end of the season not 1 of those guys was scoring me any points. I traded 8 of them. I got sick of Cotchin early & sacrificed him. GAJ – well that hurt everyone – and don’t think for a second even as a die hard Pies fan I wasn’t one of the first to light a bag of poo & leave it on Mccaffers doorstep. Watson fell over to long term injury and by the time trades were almost gone Beams & Murphy went down. All of the other fellas served their purpose as cash cows.

So the lesson is simple, I made way too way trades in the midfield and by the end of the season I was fielding 18 players as a result. Don’t think for a second I haven’t learnt from that. As good as it looked on paper, I was wrong. My top 500 status ballooned out to a disappointing 952. But cracking the top 1000 is hardly embarrassing.

Having looked at where it all went pear shaped I have made a decision that I will be focusing on durable midfielders for 2015. And Joel Selwood is one of those. Having had an almost non-existent preseason many including myself wrote him off as a starting selection. What a mistake that was. He returned 157, 140, 138 & 126 in the first 4 rounds! Crickey. And he went on to score over 125 11 times during the season!

Joel Selwood was the number 7 pick in the 2006 draft. He should have been number 1. The names ahead of him…Gibbs, Gumbleton, Hansen, Leunberger, Boak, Thorpe….. Boak & Gibbs are good players but neither are Joel Selwoods arsehole. The triple premiership superstar scared off some recruiters with an injury history & the Cats pounced & nailed the pick good & proper.

Did you know He was the state hurdling champion from under-10s through to the under-15s, and in one year held every running and jumping record at the Bendigo Sports Centre, except the 100 metres sprint. It’s also worth noting he is the equal highest draft pick Geelong has ever had.

WHAT! Gee they know how to make the most of them.

2015 Price: $649,900
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: N/A
Average last season: N/A
100+ games last season: 16
Sub 80 games last season: 0 that’s right folks 22 games & none under 80!
Price range last season: $554k – $665k
Missed games last season: N/A
Significant history: He’s just bloody awesome!


Risk Factor

When he played the Hawks last season he returned scores of 83 & 90, still good but not what you would want from a 650k+ player. Another top 4 team Port he only scored 82 against (his worst score of the season).

The Good

  • He is a contested beast & wins many a free kick for being hard at it.
  • He doesn’t miss many games.
  • Lock him away & throw away the keys.
  • Kicks goals.

The Bad

  • Most of the lower scores came against top sides.
  • Toughest draw in the comp for 2015

Selection Purpose

If you want to use the captains loophole, he’s the perfect guy to use between the likes of GAJ & Pendles, either as a first look at or back up if they somehow spud it up. Durability, it’s unlikely you will need to trade him. And what the absolute elite Mids of the competition can do is kick crucial goals, & Selwood averaged a goal game last season, which significantly increases scoring.

Final Verdict

Well “you always get what you want” a cracker from the Stones. Fitting GAJ, Pendles & Selwood into your starting line-up would be a mighty task. Nonetheless I will be moving heaven & earth to make that happen. The lesson on durability was a tough one, but somehow I just have to have Joel Selwood in my team come round 1. He has nothing to prove to anyone & he’s an out & out champion. The only concern is Geelong’s draw & surely one day they will slip back to the pack.

Regardless of that it’s a: Yes


Twitter: @paulmaltman


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Well done Pieman , great piece
He is the 1st pick in the mids for my team.
I think he will be extremely popular this season and with good reason.


Funny that only 43% of teams picked him up last season. Like you said Dools, that will surely change this season.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Cheers Dools. What he did last season with no preseason is mind boggling. I hope GAJ does the same.


Lock for Team Throtts. As you expertly pointed out, Jelwood is an SC beast and is good even when he's bad. This may be the year he joins Pendles and Gaz in the super elite. Rockin review as always, Pieman.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thank you Throts. Jelwood for 2015, barring some sort of preseason disaster is a certainty for my team. I really
Want to have GAJ Pendles & Jelwood from rnd 1 so I don’t need to find a way & burn trades to get them later. Significant investment but worthwhile I think.


I agree. Yet I'm kinda leaning on bringing in Pendles later so I can bulk up the midfield with one more quality prem. Not sure but thinking that may be the way to go.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Plenty of time to continue this debate my friend. I am certain to change my mind & structure 86,387 times before round 1. And if you don’t make mistake you’ll never learn anything 🙂


HAHA. Very true. Looking to continuing the debate for sure.

Think after the Higginator came out I had over 100 screen grabs of various teams. All that pre-season work for so many boneheaded in-game mistakes. Learn and move on, as you say my wise friend.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Last year was the first time I used the higginator. What an awesome tool it is. Can’t wait for it to be deployed. We need a countdown on the site somewhere!


Me too Throtts,

or if you really want to get excited


HAHAHA! Man, I forgot to post it. LOVE the Daniel Bryan. Think that may top it.

Well played, Barron!


Hi Itchy and TF,
I 'm leaning heavily towards Jelwood and Pendles as M1 and 2,
GAJ shoulder is vey concerning, It's his 1st major injury and required to 2 stabilising pins? not the usual one, I think, he will receive a lot more bumps in the mids if played there. Players hoping to impede him for the last 10 years will go for weak spot…I think GAJ is the ultimate player ever to grace a footy field maybe he can overcome, but I think he will be a later upgrade target if he plays well enough and I have the coin.
Then again maybe I will start with all 3 ….Damn I do not know
Maybe the prophecy of the fridge INP ???
"to the fridge!!" It's got to be 12 o clock somewhere

Itchy Nuts Pieman

When I’m drinking beer at the golf club in the morning I tell myself it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world & pretend I’m having a quiet one with throttle. It’s an alarming point you raise about GAJ. It hasn’t heeled well at all. Damn you Macaffer. We will be keeping a close eye on him for the next few months. Even though he’s played 268 games I feel like he’s mid career. He could play till he’s 40! And when he goes forward he will win the Coleman


Haha. Anytime you guys need a time to hit a beer, I'm with ya. I'll do the same when the morning becomes sudsy for me.

Very interesting point about Gazza. Is it true he's not recouping quickly or well? Next to an ankle or foot injury, shoulders have to be the next ones that you need 100% recovery before regaining full form.

Selwood is a lock for mine. Gaz and Pendles not as sure. Preseason form will help sort that out for sure…as well as fridge talks with Dools and Pieman.


Hey TF
GAJ deserves very careful scrutiny before picking. I'm in the mindset that if he plays it will not be 100% Gary but to me even 80% Gary is better then most others.
TF there is always a chair at my table and a stubby cooler for your hand whenever you and the family comedown! I have plenty of spare rooms if the fridge ever gets the better of us in the camaraderie between me and thee? Same, same for you Pieman!


Very good point bout Gaz. But what if he's 75%? Or a touch less? Think if he plays both preseason games he should be at least 80%. If he doesn't, that's when the warning lights should be on for picking him R1.

Warms my heart that me and the fam have a place at Chez Dools. Actually thinking of making the trip next year. May spare you the burden of having two young kids knocking about yet will definitely take you up on some fridge time with the Pieman. The potential gloriousness of that talk just sends my mind reeling, Dools.


Don't get a hotel you clown, Mi casa es tu casa. Mi nevera es suya, la casa necesita la vida y los niños son la vida!


Tu nevera va a ser una de las muchas maravillas que mi familia y yo verá en su hermoso país. Gracias, amigo.


La casa está abierta, teclado Siguiente G y yo esperan su llegada con anticipación. Usted y los suyos tiene una casa aquí y en mi corazón
Silent Slipper also has partnered up with the fridge!!! They are great friends…now.


Child safety is always a concern so hearing that Double S and the Fridge have made nice is a great relief. Y ahora las festividades pueden comenzar!


It is true, but like is like. .. I think the fridge is a vampire for alcohol and Slipper is full of it and this is after steam clean ……
Como mi nevera menudo dice "ok mi amigo le baile!" So we dance


Generosidad de la nevera coincide con generosidad de su amo. Looking forward.


Ahhh you have the wisdom of The Slipper…Usted fuerte ….

Barwick's Soilders

Great write up Pieman, I also used too many trades last year in the midfield, probably cost me top 100 finish. Durable midfielders will be the key, Selwood is a lock at this stage.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Only player I’m certain on at this stage as well Barwick.


Agree 100% first player picked in my side….Couldn't possibly think of a reason why u wouldn't start with him given he played 22 games off a interrupted pre season with that average. Played like a warrior in Geelongs 2 losing finals, luckily for us those 2 scores won't affect his pricing next year. Lock it in, throw away the key!!!


I think for consistency you gotta take Selwood. Definite M4 for me

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Fair call jock. If we all had the same strategy we’d have nothing to talk about. The great this about this place.


I thought the same Jock. If I'm not mistaken, he's done that in the last 2 years, dropped off a little, and at around 700k I think he is a better option as a mid season upgrade.
I think I'm going to target those 3-4 year midfielders that are the next crop of "legends".


Makes me really sad to hear the bombers took gumbelton over selwood !!! will be locked in the captain posistion for me as i wont be starting Gazz in 2015
Great work .

Itchy Nuts Pieman

There were a few spuds ahead of him most notably gumby. Most injury ravaged career in the history of the game probably!

Canny the Manny

Great work Pieman, providing the community with quality wisdom and information as always. My original plan was to actually only start with 4 premium mids next season (Rockliff,Pendles,Selwood and Fyfe) and then have 4 rookies on the playing field. This is simply because I believe midfield rookies generate cash faster than the backs and forwards, which effectively will save me trades in the long run. I am interested in the theory behind you lot wanting to stack your mids with ‘guns’ rather than ‘rookies’ in the next season. I’m not sure I understand that logic… And if last year taught us anything it was that the “guns and rookies” strategy could still work. The approximate 700k price tag on Jelwood does startle me a little and might even make me reconsidder his selection… Something I don’t want to be doing… Once again, great job Pieman! keep it up!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

G’day Canny. Thanks for your kind words. It will all come down to the rookies. Personally I’d like 4 in the mids & hope there are plenty over the other lines. Time will tell. There are a lot of key position players in this draft. And I’m predicting a few DPP as well which could be very handy. After the draft I’ll be analysing the potential rookies for next season. Should get a better idea of what’s possible after that.


Great wrire up Pieman. Has been in my starting team every year for the last 5. Won’t change that for next year. I have an unhealthy amount of man love for this bloke

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Your only human rainman, I hope he bursts out of the blocks like this year.


Can't stand the flog, but can't deny that he is a SuperCoach star. Won't be starting with him unless Gaz or Pendles aren't making an appearance round 1. But he will be one of the first upgrade targets along with Rocky. I haven't checked the numbers but over the last 2-3 years, if memory serves me correctly, Selwood has tended to fall a bit flat (for his standards) just before his bye round then comes back like a man possessed after the week off and for the remainder of the season.

Hats off to Pieman, another great analysis!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks Relton. Speaking of a man who didn’t mind a pie or 2. I won’t be starting with Rocky either. Too much uncertainty around how the Brissy midfield will work.


Ahh Ducky, I never seem to start with him but he generally ends up in my team come the pointy end.
Probably smacks of me not learning from my errors.
Has got me thinking about Ducks price fluctuation across the season/s and wether he is better value as a set and forget or as an upgrade. As u point out, 2014 was definitely a set and forget.

Great work Pieman, certainly has us thinking long and hard on our mid structures.


Think I've done the same, Losty. Started without him then brought him in after the byes. 2015 'm pretty sure I'm going to go in with him. Think in the Gaz and Pendles discussion he gets left out. This years results I think he belongs with those uber SC elites, especially unlike Fyfe and Rocky he doesn't miss games.


Bloody ripping read Pie!

I'm going Gaz as no-1, and structure dictates who else I go..

Very tempting to go Selwood, may still yet do so.

General Soreness

Ripping write up Pieman. Compelling evidence, especially durability factor. Likely starter in the Soreness in 2015.