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Raging Bull. Rodney. The People’s Captain.

General SorenessJust some of the names bestowed upon this gun from Victoria who may end up being one of the greatest Adelaide players of all time.

Those close to the man himself refer to him as the Danger Mouse.

Image 1

He’s the greatest..
He’s fantastic..
Wherever there’s danger he’ll be there
He’s the ace..
He’s amazing..
He’s the strongest he’s the quickest he’s the best
Danger Mouse..
Danger Mouse….

And so on.

For those of you old enough to recall – these are the lyrics to the theme song of the prophetic animated series Danger Mouse from the early 80’s. Those not old enough I am sure you have already started googling before completing this sentence.

However, regardless of your age and understanding of the origins of Danger Mouse the cartoon series, Danger Mouse the man is an out and out jet, queue Danger Zone music………… the highway to the Danger Zone looks much like this…..

2015 Price: $567,600
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 105.6
100+ games last season: 10
Sub 80 games last season: 4 (all 73 or less)
Price range last season: $478K – $626K
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: Averaged 118.9 in 2012, 112.9 in 2013
Missed only 2 games since the start of 2011 and a total of 8 games since the start of 2009
2 x All Australian (2012, 2013)
3 x Grand Final Sprint Winner


With his 2013 DPP status Danger Mouse was one of the first picked and locked into many teams early. 2015 may present a little differently though with it being highly likely that Danger will lose his DPP status and be a MID only option (confirmed). If this is the case he will be competing with 23 “pure” mids who had a higher supercoach average than Danger in 2014.

His drop in scoring from his previous two years is interesting, a cautionary reminder but is not yet alarming. Clearly the crows have had their issues in 2014 with their team performances which ultimately resulted in the sacking of their coach. Some pundits have suggested that Danger was part of this. Some have suggested he carried an injury during the season and in Round 18 against the Pies he looked to be gone with a knee but the bastard is as tough as old boots and pumped out 117 in that game and still had a 96 the following week.

Image 2

His drop in scoring this year appears to be a predominately a function of an increased use of handball over kicking with a slight drop in his DE%. This can be ascribed to being tagged more, which would explain lift in contested footy, carrying a leg injury as per rumour or game plan affecting his run and carry. Regardless what is clear is that his 2014 are not that diverse from his 2012 stats and a 118.9 supercoach average.

Whatever the reason for his 2014 drop, I expect that Danger will be back in 110+ mode in 2015 with the Crows soft”ish” draw and change in coach resulting in supercoach joy. In that draw against the teams he plays twice since 2012 he averages, 104, 125.5, 109.33, 125.25 and 112 with highs of 141, 169, 134, 138, 133, this will account for 36.36 percent of all crows games in 2015 which if he maintains his average provides some lovely numbers.


Based on his history the only risk with Danger is not picking him perhaps because the supercoacher waited for the price to drop to pick him up. That worked this year, it won’t happen again. His first four games are against teams he goes at averages of 103.2, 106, 113.66 and 102.75 over the past three seasons with only one sub 80 score and 11 + 100 scores including four over 120 (one 152) from 16 starts, that is 100+ 68.75% of the time.

Plays Essendon in week 1 of the supercoach finals, he averages just 87 since 2012 against them with a high of 127 and a low of 63(2013), had a 71(2014).

Really struggling to find any other risks, history says he is tough and resilient missing so few games which is remarkable for a person who plays his style of game.


Indomitable as an M6-M8, could produce the goods like in 2012, 2013 where you would be happy having him in the M3-M5 range.


  • Proven jet
  • Can go extremely large 192, 187, 174, 173, 169 etc
  • Contested beast
  • Priced on 2014 which is below anticipated 2015 output
  • Other than week 1 of supercoach finals averages since 2012 of 109.33 (week2), 125.5(week 3) and 112(grand final) with highs of 134, 138 and 133 respectively.


  • May lose DPP (Confirmed – MID only)
  • Will stink it up 2-3 games a season at sub 80
  • Plays Essendon week 1 of supercoach finals (SC Average of 87 – his worst, high score of 127)


I originally wanted to do this article because my gut told me as a Mid only Danger may not be that relevant. Having reviewed Danger doing this article I have become certain that DPP or no DPP, he is a solid “round 1 and set and forget”.


What’s your call on Patrick “Danger Mouse” Dangerfield in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Danger Mouse! Was more of an Underdog and Scooby Doo guy myself, General. But like Dangermouse as well.

My o' my you've given A LOT to chew on. A proven badass who had a bad year vs the other 23 110+ scorers who seem more allergic to sub 80s. The Crows draw might be something that makes me slot him in to my 6/4 structure (or Higgo's 7/3 if possible).

Given his limp by his standards performance last season and possible mid only status, seems like he could become a POD. And a mighty tasty one at that, especially if the new coach can light a fire under the team.

Question for me is: would you put both Sloane and Danger mouse on your team from the get? As the Barron pointed out last season, Danger Mouse is a notoriously slow starter. But his price probably still won't get too much lower. So is it worth the risk?

Much to ponder. As the inimitable Dools says…to the fridge!


General, when it comes to uncut wisdom, you be the man. Think you're right. At that price and the proven SC power, Danger should be a lock. Pieman makes another excellent point about contract year and we all know that it is a powerful incentive.

Again, wildly killer and important review. Well done, my friend.


G'day TF
You should start with him mate and save a trade
I also think the Sloneranger is worth a bet on a slight downturn in return but at may 600K to much? Durability Yes. Performance Yes. Age Group Yes. Team Draw Yes.Yes Yes !!!
and 19 Tons in 22 games is real hard to argue with give their losing stats as in win loss ratio…Player
"To the fridge!!"


My man, Dools! Off a rare bender with an Aussie at a Nets game, so it was a pleasure to read your Fridge-soaked response. Much to consider. I like the potential of Sloane. Consistent (20 standard divy). Leaning towards Sloane first and Danger second…yet seems nothing wrong having both in.

Oh Dools…is the fridge big enough for the both of us?


There is always room for friends TF. Always


LOCK for R1


Love it Blue – lay em right on the line

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Awesome General. As a DPP he is no POD. As a mid only & I think that changes. And I couldn’t agree more on his worth. Some other things to consider are it’s a contract year & free agency. He is at his prime & with all those factors looming it’s hard to go past him. The next contact he signs is the big one so he’s going to want to have a blinder of a year. If he gets through a solid preseason it’s an almost certain yes for mine. I’m looking for durable mids & he certainly is. Love ya work with the Danger Mouse!


G'day INP, Myself, Keyboard, Next G device and Silent Slipper held a Wake in honour of your fridge last night!!!! Good times
I think you have recovered from your loss. Excellent read on the Dangermouse re contracts etc
I think he is 80 / 20 for me for the reasons given by the General and a full pre-season. He is also in that age bracket where he can go Whoooskah!!!!! If picked he is a Keeper not a stepping stone even if he devalues at the start of the season.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

True tragedy Dools. The only good news is it's under warranty. But I have to wait a week for a repair man. To the esky! Agree with the 80/20 assesment, exactly where I am at with Danger. I'll take him over Sloane, but maybe both.I'm working on a crazy theory of GAJ, Pendles, Selwood, Danger, Sloane & Wines. Probably wont happen but dreams are free!


I like Slone man he won me 2 cash leagues last season but I project a small down turn in output this year. But he is durable and reliable
I like the mids you posted but maybe I will wait for Silent Slipper to do something ( I steam cleaned him) maybe he is just hibernating I wish Keyboard and Next G would hibernate but them liking every one at the moment!
I hate to say this but I'm "To the fridge!!"
PS dreams are free until you act on them…Then it usually turns to clagg!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I’ve never had Sloan but he’s convinced me now he worth serious consideration. Is your slipper any relation to Crouching one’s? next G & a keyboard I’m assuming your rural somewhere?


Slone hit 19 tons in 22 games AVG 114 That is the worth of this man! my friend
For a run down on Silent Slipper Purchase go to Jocks last podcast full history there! I still have the plastic bag here some where. It was a yellow and black thing I think


G'day General,
NVB was a part, Not the part before 2014 his prev AVGs 87, 77, 67 Age is 28 a year of football missed, I think the good oil will come from Barron Von Crow regarding him
Slones figures for last 4 year do not point to flash in the pan stuff 88, 106, 107 (VB Playing) & 114 .
Slones 1 st 8 games in '12 resulted in 7 tons AVG 111 (VB Playing) 21 games
Slones 1 st 8 games in '13 resulted in 5 tons AVG 104 (VB Playing) 21 games
Slones 1 st 8 games in '14 resulted in 8 tons AVG 112 (No VB) 22 games
I think he has found a place to start a season 'n' hold value! but he is/will be expensive (Bummer)
"To the fridge!!"


Sloane is very likely to grace the midfield of my mob in 2015. Ticks every box


Same same Jock but how about Dangermouse?


Unlikely at this stage. He's had a habit of opening the season in a fashion not befitting the price tag – likely to leave him alone with an eye to being one of my first trade in targets.


Then again, Jock, that price isn't gonna get much lower. So even if he goes 90s, it's still worth a go. Plus, Crows have a very tasty opening 5. (3 of 5 at the Oval).



I believe there was a certain bald headed man who wrote about one R Sloane earlier this season. Who was that bloke? Absolute lock for mine ol Jock!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

If you ignore the 19 from 22 that’s a self imposed turkey slap. And casting my eye over Adelaide’s draw makes the Sloane & Danger combo tough to pass up. It’s a shame sauce Jacobs will be priced to the max!


Bloody Sensational article General!
That stat usage has the loins stirring – and I'm with Pieman on the durable Midfield lookout.

Definitely a high probability that he'll be in my team next year.


Great work General, I like it!


Absolute balltearer General! If Danger retains his DPP then he is a FWD lock for me, but if he is pure MID only, then I am in the Sloane camp – for the man he is, and the man I think he can be. As INP has suggested, you could make the argument for both in your team. I would gladly have both – but one as a MID and one a FWD. Top write up mate.


I will say that I am anxious as to see how Dangerfield can perform with a coach like Phil Walsh who has been preaching teamwork and the removal of the "individual" so much. The contested ball winning stats were good under Sando, but watching the midfield brigade play, they all played as individuals, like he'd told everyone in the group "just win the ball" and they were all diving in trying to do it. No one sheparded, blocked or anything. Sando just continued to use Danger as a battering ram in the middle, something that obviously wore on him as the season progressed as there were times he looked like he could barely walk after games. Sando just persisted though, wouldn't play him up forward or back, didn't give him a game off, "You try telling him he's not playing" is such a copout response from a head coach to use. It took someone with the smarts of Malcolm Blight to change Ricciuto's game because he realized that if he kept going the way he was he'd be out of the league in 5 years because of injuries and I think Walsh will do the same.

Tags as well. I remember Round 1 against Geelong and Dangerfield was getting mauled by the taggers and they ask Sando about it and he basically shrugs his shoulders and goes "Patrick just needs to learn to deal with that". No help, no instructions to the other midfielders to protect your star player, nothing but a "deal with it" response. Then I remember watching Richmond VS Collingwood a few weeks later and Cotchin is getting held like crazy by Macaffer. It happens a few times and the next bounce up the coach has Daniel Jackson in there cutting off Macaffer and blocking him when he tries to go near Cotchin. That's the type of response you want to see from a coach.

Now, even with all that i'm still iffy on selecting him. If he was a FWD then he's in 100%, but as a midfielder i'm leaning towards Sloane slightly more due to his all around game and better disposal %. Still, he's still got upgrade potential on him, so there's a huge chance he'll end up in my side at somepoint. I will say that I do think he's got 2012, 115-120 point potential in him if he stays healthy. One of his biggest positives as a midfielder has been his speed, he can win the ball in the middle and whooska, he's off. Watch him do that last year like he did in 2012? Not as much, he had knee and ankle issues and the explosive first step just wasn't there.


Missed you in the comments, but when you talk Crow I will listen Slone tick Dangermouse Upgrade!
Now it's " to the fridge!!" as I m feeling for INP and it's hot here in Point Cook looking at Defenders ATM


Beauty of a write up mate, on my watch list for sure

Phat Phuc

This man has always been wrong choice at start of year. In 2014 he was also wrong choice at middle and end of year.
In 2015 he will not be as good.


No go on the Risky Paddock for me. Burnman

bao cao su

Then I remember watching Richmond VS Collingwood a few weeks later and Cotchin is getting held like crazy by Macaffer. It happens a few times and the next bounce up the coach has Daniel Jackson in there cutting off Macaffer and blocking him when he tries to go near Cotchin. That's the type of response you want to see from a coach.