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Walts right in, sit right down..

Chicko - elite fantasy analystIf we had a $14m salary cap, this bloody beautiful game we call Supercoach would be easy, but we don’t and the reality is it takes a mix of picks – some bonafide rolled gold, some astute rookie picks and then some value plays. In this latter category, coaches tend to go looking at players coming back from long term injures or potential breakout players. I think the probability of making a good call is enhanced by looking at those players coming back from injury, or who came back from injury late in the year and thus their averages are down, which should lead to a cheaper price in the new season. Trying to pick a breakout player is a lot more difficult. So with that long winded intro, for me, this is where Mickey Walters steps right in and sits right down.

In his first three years of football, young Mickey did sweet fanny alright, literally played a total of 9 games in those first three years for an average of 56 points – by any measure they are putrid numbers. Then Ross Lyon ambled into town, had a word into the tattooed ear of Walters and told him to bugger off until he took the game seriously and the boy listened and heeded the warning. Walters responded by playing the last 8 games of 2012 and his average went up nearly 35% to a very tidy 75 points per game (for a career total of 17 games in 4 years).

In 2013, with a full pre-season and the horse-whisperer in his ear again, he had something of a breakout year, playing 18 games (more than his first 4 years combined) and his average grew another 18% to 89 points per game – a stellar season for the inked up Mickey playing as a forward pocket or half forward where he finished as the clubs leading goal kicker and featured in the 40 man initial squad for All Australian. Word on the street was that he would see more midfield time in 2014 to compliment his obvious goal nous but alas that was undone when his ankle / Achilles went snap midway through Round 3.

So the question is; can he get back to his form of 2013?

2015 Price: $383,000
2015 Position: FWD
Games last season: 6
Average last season: 79.17
100+ games last season: 2
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range last season: $387k to $479k
Missed games last season: 16
Significant history: Club leading goal kicker in 2013
Debut in 2009
Member of All Australian squad of 40


It’s a tricky one, Walters finished the year strongly, in Round 22 and 23, and he scored 109 and 112 respectively averaging 16 disposals but importantly with 5 tackles and 3 goals in each of those last two games. It is that sort of impact which has piqued my interest in Walters. If he can replicate that sort of form in 2015, then he might prove an absolute bargain buy.


Mickey goes missing or again get hurts and misses games. He has never played more than 18 games in a season, in fact, in his last three years; he has averaged only 11 games – that’s a very big risk. Can he stay on the park – it is the central issue for me folks.


Depending on price, Walters could be used as a stepping stone to an ultra-premium FWD or MID / FWD DPP (confirmed position FWD only) to add flexibility into your team as you move closer to finals. You never know, he could also be 2015’s version of Luke Parker and you select him for his value and he just keeps on delivering.


  • Mickey likes to kick goals and loves to chase and tackle – both excellent for supercoach scoring
  • Can make a big impact from a limited number of disposals
  • Has a good tank so potential upside from more midfield time and increased number of disposals


  • Durability – has to Mickey’s Achilles heel, pardon the pun
  • Does not average big disposal numbers – so if he isn’t tackling or kicking goals, then he won’t produce decent supercoach scores


Not sure, I’m a 40/60 at this stage. I’m attracted to his value, and if Walters comes in priced at $400k (confirmed price $383,000), it might be too hard to resist. But if his price comes in at a small discount to what I think he is ultimately worth (ca $450 to $475k – if everything goes right), then there may be better buys elsewhere.

Verdict – sit and watch for me. I like what he might be able to do for Chicko’s Chumps in 2015, but I will need to see some evidence in the pre-season. So Mickey can Walts in but he isn’t sitting down in my team just yet.

40 / 60

What’s your view on Mickey Walters in 2015?



Twitter: @Chicko_LCS


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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I watched Ross Lyon's interview after they were eliminated this year- He spoke of giving Walters more midfield time. If we can slot him in the forward line for 400k, he'll be my first picked.


Davey, I like your commitment and your willingness to get your plums on the line – traits I admire!

General Soreness

Agreed love the commitment Davey. The only problem is sometimes when you stick your plums out, there is someone waiting with a hammer. I know my plums seen the wrath of the supercoach gods hammer on more than one occasion. Ross Lyon wields the plum crushing hammer better and more often than most.


Tricky one indeed, my man. Think you're measured, wait and see approach is gold for anxious folks for myself who tend to leap before looking.

His tackling has always been superb. In fact your line "Can make a big impact from a limited number of disposals" really seems up why he should be high on everyone's watch list.

Superb (as always) review, Chicko!


Thanks Thotts, you are too kind mate. It is always that balance of making a call with some insight to looking like an absolute bumbling booby – that is what this beautiful game does to a man – you can be seen as the king maker or the court jester at the one time!


Unfortunately I've been playing more clown in disguise than sitting high on SC Mt. Olympus. What I love about it…can never get too cocky or think you have it all figured out. Too many lightening bolts from above from the Gods to keep you feel infallible.


Those same Gods unleashed fury in the last 5 or so rounds of last year, we must treat them with respect and humility!


Indeed we do, Chicko!


Good oil Chicko,

I was woundering when this young fella would show up on the Lists

I had him at the start of 2013/2 as a Cheap POD player . He was good, sometimes very good but as you say Mate “He can go missing”

Did you guys know he grew up on the same street as Dog dog and Chris Yarren in Perth? When he played Jnr footy U 16s till draft selection he was a Mid who could play forward So Ross wanting to give him more Mid time has aroused the marquee pole.

As a word of caution to all potential buyers – You have to take anything that “Ross the Boss” says with a healthy dose of salt

Great article mate ….He is on the watch list 30/70 at the moment


Very good point, Dools. Should not be understated the havoc Ross unleashes on coaches every season. I stay away from Freo defenders for that very reason. Walters could be another that one should approach with cautious.

30/70 sounds about right. See how he comes out. Good part about him is that he does more than one thing better than average: goals and tackling. Shall see, doolser.


Thanks Dools and Throtts. Now that you mention it, I do recall the number of TV snippets which had Nic Nat, Yarran and Walters, but completely forgot till you mentioned it – haven't those three names torched us at different times in the world of Supercoach.

I think we will have to watch Mickey in the pre-season and see how he goes.

I'm with you on Ross, never trust a man whose has more clichés than a player and whose glance has more darts than the Darts Premier League.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Very interesting proposition Chicko. More midfield time would certainly make a him tastily priced. Will certainly be watch this space. Killer review Chicko


Thanks Pieman, I've got a feeling players like Walters will have to be seriously considered – depending on what structures you run with. We shall see my dear friend with the incessant need to scratch his plums.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Picking any player under Ross that might have a role change does require some serious scratching of of the noodle & aggots. I really hate that man. But to get a loaded midfield then something has to give & cash saved elsewhere so players like Walters are valid. Lova ya work

General Soreness

Superb write up again Chicko and definitely provides some food for thought. I generally love players who are always involved in play i.e. tackling, when they don't have the pill as it means that even on poor days they don't bottom out too much ala Libba. However he is a definite no from me, his inability to stay on the park means he will be forever warming the bench alongside Cyril as tantalizing as they may be their injuries just hurt especially when trades are so precious.


Bang on, General. Mickey ain't nothing but a poor mans Cyril for mine. Freo aren't exactly lacking in the engine room so this promise of more midfield time may only be a fleeting run through the guts. No for me, if he can put together a season on the park, I'll look at him in 2016.

Brilliant stuff, Chicko.


Thanks General and Big Kev, the mere mentioning of the name Cyril has introduced the shhhakkkes to my dumpy digit hands. Talk about being torched – Cyril is definitely in the never again camp for mine, you have me thinking on likening inked up Mickey to Cyril.


Great write-up Chicko!
Alas, I agree with General – for that price, Titchell or Tex are a more auspicious option.
Miickey Waltz has some spark, but his inj history and absent days on the field make me a little anxious.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agree TG. Imagine looking at your team with titchell tex Mitch Clarke & Walters. Now that would cause many sleepless nights & as our good mate Dools does many trips to the fridge!


haha yep! iim going to be running a very expensive midfield at the moment, so these sort of guys need to be considered.
I just hope there are more reliable options out there!


Legend, thanks TG, much appreciated mate. Structures will definitely dictate as to whether the likes of Mickey Walters, Mitchell-son, Texan or Clarke get a look in. I have paid my ticket and ready to ride the roller coaster or should that be the ghost train?!


Sweet piece Chicko.
I'm a big fan of Walters and I reckon he can easily become an 85 – 95 point forward, provided he can stay on the park.
He certainly didn't show any ill effects on his return this yr, averaging 89 over his last 5 games (incl finals).
Not sold on the midfield hype as there is plenty of depth there plus Morabito and Sheridan teasing in the wings.
Don't think that matters from my perspective.

Personally feel they still need him up fwd, doing what he does best, with Balla and Crozier as good foil.

I'm leaning 60/40 at this stage.

Time to break into song…everybody's talking bout the new improved Walters, dya want him in ur forward liiiiiine?


Cheers LL, a bit of Billy Joel, I like it! it's still rock and roll to me.

I'm with you LL, I think Walters can get there on his average also, but want to see a good pre-season to believe his durability will be ok in 2015.

What's the matter with the inked up arms?
"Can't you tell that your biceps aren't that wide?"
Maybe I should bring the spirit of the old Freo Dockers?
"Welcome back to Lyon's jibber and jibes.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

“Here say, nay say, arousel curve, the kid can play, but he’s still not locked & loaded for me”


lol, You got the wrong Sinatra!
I was playing on ur opening title Chicko, which I knew from the glory days of Dr Hook.

Like the new verse, the Piano Man would be proud.

How about a pair of Fluoro yellow blinders
and a bright purple pair of pants.
You could really be Jake King's love child
if you just inked ur downstairs lance.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I’m pretty sure I could come up with a nice rendition of “we didn’t start the carnage” with what happened in the midfid this year!


And INP steps up to the mic…


Pure gold boys! We are mixing songs all over the place, but I like where we are going!

How about You May Be Right by BJ?

Friday night, Wayno crashed your party,
Saturday Uncle Jock said I'm sorry,
Sunday came and Higgo travelled with Mother again,
He was only having fun,
Wasn't hurting anyone
And we all enjoyed a weekend victory for a change

We've been stranded in the no trade zone
Walked through Etihad alone
Even rode our luck with a ruck man Captain in the rain,
And you told me not to trade
But I buggered it on another day
So you said that only proves Mick the MAd Irishman is insane

You may be right, Crouching One is crazy
But it may just be a super coach freak you're looking for,
Turn out the lights,
Don't try and save me
You may be wrong for all I know
Jock may be right


Cha Ching !
That's a hit Chicko, make haste to the bungalow and put down a demo.



HAHAHA. Nailed it on first take, Chicko!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Quality Chickol let’s get the band back together!


Community Karaoke!!!!
"To the fridge!!"


Let us know what you come back with Dools!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Dools my little bloke left the fridge door open the other night & burnt out the motor. My divorce was tragic but this takes the cake. I’ll be needing your assistance!


Deep breath, INP. Sure Dools will tell you that one always should have a solar-powered reserve fridge for these instances.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

If you can sort me out with a new motor I’d appreciate it no end! Kids! When I cast my eye towards the fridge it’s nothing but tears & memories


INP I feel your pain, the Celt in me also likes to reflect on lost loves and dead things
Take this a sign (The loss of the Fridge) ….
Your son left the door open , The Motor died , Regrets …..
Take heart my good man… Your son left the door open (A player comes in from the SC cold a SUN perhaps????)
The Motor died . .. (SC wise there is only one Motor a reliable Captains choice week in week out in 2014……. Rockcliiff !!!!)
Regrets Why did GAJ go North – To the Heat
If the fridge is unrepairable remove motor, take out shelving, Lay on its back , Add handles and wheels, Add Full Strength Beer and lastly dump in ice (This setback is easily overcome with lateral thinking just like SC)
Your fridge has become an Esky to the SC Gods. Rejoice!! It is the best BBQ, pre-season, SC alter
Everer !!! From adversity Triumph! Hope this eases your pain. If not Harvey Norman will do you a good deal or the Good Guys ….."To the Fridge!!"

The Soothsayer

Dools I see your vision…., a young Sun coming out of the fridgid shadows at the the edge of the burning hot hawthorn fridge motor….. It’s Hallahan, he has come to offer a price increase but will stay as a 90+ deliverer with tons in the mix. So it was envisioned, so it will be….

bao cao su

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