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Stutter to a Strut?

ThrottlefingerOne thing you learn playing sports is that you stick with what works. In basketball, you’re taught not to shoot with your elbow out. But a young Throtts felt more comfortable tickling the twine with his sleeve out, ignoring his father, coaches and other “hoop camp experts” about the proper way to stroke the ball.

And as a couple broken high school scoring records will attest (as well as a bunch of broken car back seats), sticking with what got me the best results was the best method.

Josh J. Kennedy is routinely ridiculed for his stuttering approach to kicking the ball. Yet, while he has, at times, tried to stop doing it, he has never abandoned his stammer. Because it works. In 2014’s top 5 goal scorers, only Jay Schulz has a higher goal accuracy (61% to 59%).

That’s why I like The Stammer Hammer. He’s got balls and ain’t afraid to show ‘em.

Yet The Stammer Hammer let us coaches down this season. After a ripping 2013, when he was the darling of Supercoach going ton 4 out of his first 5 games (with two 120+ games) and averaging 90 for the year, his stammering went from his feet to his scores in 2014. Burnt-salami-on-an-old-sock scoring stenches that resulted in a sub-80 average.

What’s this mean for 2015? Whadda say we throw on our best wide collared shirt, splash on some Jovan Musk and head to the data dancefloor to do The Stammer Hammer shuffle.

2015 Price: $425,700
2015 Position: FWD
Games last season: 20 (R12, cheekbone fracture)
Average last season: 79.2
100+ games last season: 5 (High 183 vs GWS)
Sub 80 games last season: 13 (5 sub-60s!!!)
Price range last season: $369K (R8) – $485K(R1) SD: 35 (Jinkies!!!)
Missed games last season: N/A
Significant history: Pick #4 in 2005 Draft
Career high: 190 (2011, R9 vs Bulldogs)
Missed 17 games in 2012 (ankle surgery)
Rumour: allergic to toilet paper (uses spray bottles and hand fans)


Like all premium key position forwards, The Stammer Hammer seduces as he torments. This season he was far more abusive. Yes, a huge 183 game with 11 goals versus my GWS. But that’s counterbalanced with 13 sub-80 scores. 13! And the 3 lowest he barfed out were 33, 44 and 46. That’s beat-a-clown-when-he’s-down punishing.

When you compare The Stammer Hammer’s great 2013 with his lousy 2014, the issues aren’t too easy to see. This year he ranked 3rd in goals per game and 5th in total goals. In fact, his goal average actually went up a smidge 3.0 from 2.9. And his on-the-field time increased a bit as well (91.7% from 89.2%).

So what gives with The Stammer Hammer? Sagging disposals and marks for the most part. Ridding of the pill went down from 13 a game in 2013 to 11.3 — and kicks slid from 10 down to 8.8 a game. His marks fell from 6.8 to 5.7 and contested marks plunged from 1.6 a game to .8. Also, contested possies were 6.5 in 2013 and sank to 4.5 a game.


OK, he’s a key position forward. You’ll get a 6+ goal game followed by a string of 0-1 ones. That’s the case for most decent KPFs, right? In fact, they should just call key position players “risk players.”

What you learn in this caper is that you pick your key position players very, very carefully . Especially in Round 1. Once chosen — and this is very important — you…stick…with…them. Absorb the headaches. You put up with these problem children and hope the big scores are big enough to calm the underpant soilers that most certainly will come. Otherwise, you only use KPF on roll the dice, Cloke-type steal and deal trades.


Should the Stammer Hammer be considered one of your key position players? The Eagles have a more aggressive, high action style. This type of game suits a very mobile forward like The Stammer Hammer, who is not shy of going up and down the field to grab a mark or lay a tackle.

Also ponder this…each season after The Stammer Hammer knuckleplugs us coaches, he returns renewed and full of tasty scores. 2010 a 67 SC ave. Comes back in 2011 with an 87. Injury ridden 2012 goes for 57 ave, but bounces back with a 90 ave in 2013.


  • Super low price – $426K! (confirmed price $425,700)
  • Goal kicker with high accuracy
  • Guaranteed to go 130+ at least once
  • Eagles will be stronger team 2nd year under Simpson and key mids returning


  • He’s a risk player (OK, jeez, “key position forward.” Happy?)
  • Sub 50 scores will test plumular fortitude
  • Cox gone will help him or hurt him?
  • Injuries are a concern. Tends to get a knock that keeps him out of a game or two.


This is a tough one. My head says “Stay away from him.” But when writing the good vs bad, my gut took a bit of a fancy to The Stammer Hammer. Probably the penchant for huge scores is very attractive. And the slight hunch that last year was just a deviation, due to the combo of a new coach, new system and injury-riddled midfield.

Regardless, because of that crappy 2014 he has a price that’s pure ambrosia. Given how expensive his brethren Buddy, Reiwoldt, Roughy and Westoff will start ($490K min), getting The Stammer Hammer for less than $430K is a great value. And great value is, after all, are the lifeblood of winning the $50K or nabbing a league flag.

That said, will first check out some preseason to see if The Stammer Hammer comes out stuttering strong or not.

70/30 YES

Agree or think I’m full of donkey piss, community? Shoot me your thoughts on The Stammer Hammer.


Twitter: @throttlefinger



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Nah not for me, the problem is he is awkwardly priced….If he was 300k like a few years back, id jump on…but for 430k you are picking a guy expecting him to finish top6 in his position. For a guy who has only averaged 90 at best, I just can't see it happening. 0/100 for me.

General Soreness

Ripping write up again Throtts. JJK is a definite no for me too inconsistent and whilst I may envy those with him when he goes large (rarely) I will rejoice avoiding his sub 80’s (often). I see him averaging no more than 80-85, therefore not a keeper not a cow = irrelevant to me SC wise.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Ball tearer throttle. Awesome humour. I suppose your wife doesn’t let you keep the busted back seat trophies in the house lol given WC finish to the season & improvement there is some sort if case for looking at him. But I hate key forwards. Unless super value like Mitch Clarke (can’t wait for that article) it’s coming up then I just can’t go through the pain anymore! Brilliant stuff throttle. Awesome read of the stammer hammer! Every time I ever see JJK I’ll be thinking The Stammer hammer.


Some of the best sayings contained in an article this far Throtts! JJK a def, def, definite no for me! I’d rather look at someone like Barry Mitchell-son around that price point. Great work mate!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agreed Chicko. If you don’t don’t chuckle at that one your taking life way too serious! I can’t think of a key forward over ever been wrapt to have in my team! To the form guide! Anyone got any mail for the cup today? Where’s wombats he’d know!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s melbourne cup day “the race that stop a nation” we even get a public holiday for a 4 minute race. It’s huge, maybe the biggest race in the world.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s a great day throts. It’s obligations to cook BBQ, get shitfaced & gamble



Itchy Nuts Pieman

Hey trots. Thought I’d five you a reflection on the day. One brother to another I backed “the quarterback” in the fourth. He was the fave & stunk it up bad. The cup is very much an international battle now & today zee Germans won for the first time ever. I backed the horse cause they won the World Cup. Mug punter & lucky pieman am I. We have our tripple crown here, the Caulfield cup, the cox plate & the Melbourne cup. Mega riches races way beyond the Kentucky derby. Sadly pre race favorite & Japanese superstar Admire Rakti passed away following the gruelling 2 mile world championship. It wasn’t the way our great day was meant to end 🙁 admire Rakti won the Caulfield cup & was in the first 2 almost all the way until He sadly secumbed.


Absolutely heartbreaking it was Throtts.


Another bloody ripper Throtts!

I think a KPF is one you ride till peak and boot – a-la DimmaWitts-Cloke manoeuvre.
DPP players are far greater value than KPF players.

Stammer Hammer is a no for me. Tex Walker is higher on my Radar


I will admit he has a good early fixture Throtts.

But, he's priced to average 81… I can't see him making enough coin to warrant selection.
Even Tex is a risky pick… and I'm only considering Tex – he has a better upside than JJK.

Put it this way – if I had 1 place for a 430-440k fwd – and there was a MID-FWD available, I'd almost certainly go that player!


Smashing work TF.
Burnt salami on an old sock…Classic!

Was half expecting the Stutter Rap (No sleep til bedtime) rather than the Stammer Hammer shuffle.
Might need to compare both moves and see which mould JJK fits.

For me the price tag is a bit too twitchy for a fwd "risk player"