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Slum dog Millionaire: The Brilliant Acquisition of Thomas Boyd

Mark my words. Every club in the country was circling but thinking next year was the time to offer Tom Boyd & Jeremy Cameron the contract of a lifetime. But one team broke rank.

The Western Bulldogs were in turmoil. The captain said trade me to GWS or I am retiring. Brownlow medalist Adam Cooney said trade me, I’m out. And the coach was forced to pull the pin or get sacked. That’s an unfathomable crisis. If that happened at one of the big Melbourne clubs it would have been half the Herald Sun paper for 6 months! But the Doggies held an ace up the sleeve that no one saw coming!

Next year they will smash their membership record & there will be bums on seats like never before. Enter junior prodigy Thomas Boyd.

GWS was probably quietly chuffed Bulldogs Captain Ryan Griffen had agreed to join then. Little did the Giants realise that the Doggies had hatched a plot against them. And it was to deliver them the most savage reach around in the history of the game. Steal Tom Boyd after he just walked in the door.

How the doggies’ hierarchy & Liam Pickering went about this was nothing short of genius. Plan A: Clear massive salary cap room ie: Griffen, Cooney, Higgins, Gia & Jones, Plan B: offer Tom Body a contract so unbelievably ludicrous it’s impossible to say no. Plan C: Trap GWS, so they have no choice but to let him go. The execution was a master class lesson on how to get your man!

When Ryan Griffen came out & stated he wanted a trade to GWS the Bulldogs could hardly have believed their luck. Putting on the persona of being hard done by was just a charade. What they had was significant trade bait for the man they so desperately needed!

The genius of what the Doggies & Pickering did was waiting till the very end of the trade period to make the Tom Boyd offer public. If this name & offer had come on day one can you imagine the frenzy & names & picks thrown onto the table? Surely given time St Kilda would have thrown Pick 1 & first born children into the deal & Reiwoldt would have instantly forgotten. Melbourne would have offered pick 2 & 3 & anyone you want on the list. Derek & Eddie wanted Tom Boyd & were caught asleep at the wheel trying to get the best they could for Beams. The other club seriously tracking his movements was Carlton (his childhood club he supported), but they were busy raiding GWS for other players. They wouldn’t have had the salary cap space to get near the Bulldogs offer. But they thought like the rest of the AFL he was next year’s target! Nobody had any time to react & join the race. And that was part of the Doggies plan no doubt.

The heist of Tom Boyd was not a spur of the moment decision between Peter Gordon & Liam Pickering over Chinese one night in trade week. Plenty of planning & Pickering would have had the offer well in advance. He had Buddy’s contract a year before it went public. The plan was announce the bombshell offer to the end of trade week & then corner GWS into only being able to deal only with them.

With barely any time left in the trade period news became public of the incredible offer that Tom Boyd had in front of him. Straight away GWS got on the front foot & declared Tom Boyd “untradeable”. With maybe a day left in trade period Pickering applied the checkmate move. He publicly declared to the country that Tom Boyd would not sign another contract with GWS under any circumstances. He’s going home.

Suddenly the Giants realised they faced 2 catastrophic problems. The first was Pickering could put him in the preseason draft next year & GWS would get nothing! Given the Doggies had rid lots of senior talent they would be a low finisher. And a very early preseason draft pick which most likely no one could match. The second was there was no time left to open discussions with the rest of the teams! They had no choice but to take Griffen, pick 6 & part of Griffins salary. It’s still a pretty good deal for GWS with an unproven player. But losing last year’s top talent 11 months later must have an element of pain. But it was absolute genius by the Doggies & Pickering to get him to the Kennel.

The Western Bulldogs had “an exciting young list”. Now they have possibly “the most exciting young list”. Cooney & Griffen were probably not going to be around when they had a shot at the title, so ta da & thanks fellas.

2015 Price: $239,500
2015 Position: FWD
Games last season: 9
Average last season: 44.6
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 9
Price range last season: $217k – $241k
Missed games last season: N/A
Significant history: Number 1 Draft pick 2013. As a junior he was seen as a once in a generation Power Forward. Time will tell if he is. His pay check indicates the Dogs think so.



Risk Factor

He is a developing key forward & not likely to score well in SC. And the attention he is going to get from the Melbourne media means he might shit himself.

The Good

  • Absolute Elite Junior.
  • Can kick goals.

The Bad

  • KPP
  • Won’t get much of the pill.

Selection Purpose

I just can’t make any case for selection in 2015.

Final Verdict

If you went to a drawing board & mapped out the perfect power forward, it’s Tom Boyd. He has it all. Great hands, great kick & reads the play. And he’s a big bastard already. I think the most comparable player to him is Tom Hawkins, but more talented. If Boyd stays healthy he will be a nightmare for opposition coaches eventually. I can foresee at the peak of his powers opposition teams will have to put their best 2 defenders on him. And even then that might not be enough.

Quite seriously every club was going to throw the kitchen sink to get Tom Boyd at the end of next season. The bulldogs went a year early & hoodwinked everyone. Given his rights to go to the preseason draft with whatever price tag on his head he wanted GWS had to take what they could get now. It took a lot of 0’s in the checkbook to get him, & a contract the likes that for a 1st year player may never be seen again. But well played Doggies!

But for heaven’s sake don’t get caught up in the hype & put him in your team. First of all he is a Key position forward who we all know do not provide consistent output. And of course he’s still a kid, barely 19 & he will be carrying the hopes of the West firmly on his significant shoulders. Will he exceed his 240k odd price tag, probably. Will he appreciate enough to make some coin, unlikely.

As excited as I am for the Doggies for pulling of this coup it’s a firm NO for Tom Boyd & Supercoach 2015 relevance. Beyond that who knows.
With Jeremy Cameron putting talks on hold till 2015 (when his contract expires) one can only imagine the offers he’s going to get! Buddy’s contract might look like chump change! Someone will put 10 years & 15 Million on the table mark my words.

Whats your call on Tom Boyd in 2015?


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Love that title, Pieman. And apt. I'm not as sold on him. See him having the tools but not the X factor. Know I'm in the minority, but was happier GWS got Cam McCarthy than I was Boyd. Cam has that big play ability. Saw it in the TAC final and the Giants' last game.

But Boyd will help the Bulldogs. For us coaches, he's much like Cameron. More relevant as a fan than a coach. Although that line about Cameron leaving my Giants sent a shiver. Rawkin' review, my friend.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks Throts. It's not the end of the world losing Boyd. And Cam McCarthy could be anything. If Cameron doesn't sign soon it will become a circus.


Agree. Major unrest if they don't re-sign Cameron. He IS their future.

And Treloar rumors are true, that will start to take blocks from their talent foundation.

Again, loved the deep dive into Boyd. Interested to see how well he responds to the pressure. Sure he'll start like Buddy and crumble a bit. See how he reacts when facing the abyss.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Think it will come down to wins & progress next year. This is the defining year for GWS, it's make or break make no mistake. Significant improvement & plenty of wins will have the boys resigning by the truck load. But less than 7-8 wins & I can see a mass exodus. I'm sure the AFL heirarchy are quietly sh*ting themselves!


Agree. If they don't improve by 2-3 games this season, players will be start rethinking the long term plans.

And as a member, I will be shatting massively if they can't jump 2 spots or more on the ladder. Feel they have enough tools to make the finals. Hell, if Tiges can, Giants should stand a chance.


Significant piece Pie!Significant piece Pie!
Bloody sensational read – and you hit the nail on the head. Definite NO for 2015!

Imagine Jeremy Cameron at the pies in 2016….

Excuse me while I relieve myself…

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Gee wizz TG that would send the arousel curve off the charts. Don't think for a second Eddie hasn't got the chequebook out. But I can assure you he won't be the only one. Boyd is a no for 2015 that's for sure.


How much of the salary cap will we have vacant by then? I'm not too knowledgeable on that side of things…


I need to re-read my comments before I submit!

That's what I get for commenting at work -_-


Just to play devils advocate, he wouldn't be the worst F5-F6 to start with. Cheap forwards where a nightmare to pick this year (caddy/rohan). No secret that the dogs will line up around him in 2015, contested marking machine, and will stay on the ground (82%TOG in 2014). You'd think (hope) he'd slot at least 2-3 goals a game. Quick and dirty 100-150k price rise and jump off around the byes (dogs have round 11)

In the same boat as Waters for mine. These type of 'maybe' blokes who allow you to stack your mids

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I suppose for 1 million a year you’d want a few goals a game. Interesting point Kev. But I think Mitch Clarke is a better option at the moment. But things can & will change as the preseason continues.


Wait till Sunday, when my Mitch Clark article drops…


Itchy Nuts Pieman

Eagerly anticipating 🙂

General Soreness

move aside Tolstoy the Pieman is here and he is oozing Supercoach brilliance. Ripping piece, POD’s are also who you don’t pick, avoiding Boyd could be a significant anti POD! Again ripping Pieman!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks General. It’s just a no. Make no mistake there will be hype like never seen before when it comes to doggy style.


Great read Pieman ! Have no doubt that Boyd will be a gun down the track, but very doubtful for me next season.
Interesting stat for you.
22nd August 1995. Victoria held a state funeral for the Bulldog legend Ted Whitten.
22nd August 1995. Tom Boyd was born.
One former Bulldog great laid to rest, the same day there new boom recruit was born.

General Soreness

Great work, significant omen!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Wow creeker. That’s huge! Will that be the dogs banner in rnd 1 or is it too much for the young fella.


Cheers guys, yep, a spooky stat that one !
Awesome site you have here Master Jock, I'm enjoying all the player previews.
You have a brilliant team here. Well researched, with some wonderful journalism skills.
Bloody great stuff.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

To say they have way the farm jock is an understatement. They should have thrown that a Cameron. But I doubt GWS would have taken Griffen & pick 6 for him. Would have had to bought up Libba & Mcrae as well. Time
Will tell on this one. They needed a big fish but they paid overs that’s for sure.


Outstanding Pieman, eloquent, articulate and a definite no! What else could you ask for!


Great read Pieman.
Almost felt like I was there in Pickering's pocket…feeling the tension, seeing the $ signs in Boydy's eyes, choking on lint balls.

Will be interesting to see how GWS work on locking the flood gates.


Pure Genius!
I read the whole article on a player I have zero interest in and I nearly wet myself a few times.

Keep it up pieman