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Quadzilla set to destroy the Supercoach arena?

Big Ben - a man on a missionOliver Wines is a young midfielder down at the Port Adelaide Football club. A popular player with his mob at the Power, he is equally popular with the fantasy football world. Seen as a future big game player with a high scoring potential it is safe to say many a keen eye will be cast on this young man in for the coming season.

You would be kicking yourself in the arse if you were the one responsible for overlooking him in the draft with the likes of Jimmy Toumpas and Lachlan Plowman taken before him. The Power have found a real gem in this lad and as a big bodied midfielder he will become an important cog in the mechanical midfield brigade at Port in the years to come.

2015 Price: $539,200
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 100.32
100+ games last season: 10
Sub 80 games last season: 2
Price range last season: $399k – $466k
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: Ranked 4th in total handballs
Ranked 11th in contested possession
Drafted at pick 7, 2012 draft


It seems there are two things the Oliver Wines doesn’t believe in, missing games through injury and the so called ‘second year blues’. Port Adelaide are doing great things down there at the moment it its safe to say this lad continues with that trend. Averaging 75 in his rookie season, Wines then went on to have a stellar second year pushing his average over 100. That’s pretty legit.


Gee it’s tough to think of a risk with him…. Maybe he is young and his body could break down? I would say his average at AAMI is only 75 but they have moved down the road to Adelaide oval and he averages 103 there. Given how young their list is and the games they will win, there isn’t risk on him forgetting the Port Power song either. Post in the comments if you can think of any risks with him!


If you were considering bringing Oliver Wines into your team it would be with the hope that he continues his incredible trend upwards and starts averaging over 110 points per game. With a hefty price tag on a third year player there is always the worry that he will not perform like you hoped and or get injured however this young man has proven he can put some solid numbers out at the elite level.

As said by his club, Wines is a tough archetypical inside midfielder described as a prolific ball hunter with a reputation of being a clean user by hand and foot. Watching him play in 2014 indicated to me that he was going to be a player to watch for in the 2015 fantasy football season.


  • Has had a steep rise in fantasy output scoring in the two years in the AFL
  • Has a bigger frame and loves to throw his body around on the inside to get the pill
  • With the addition of Ryder to the Port ruck stocks, the port midfielders are sure to get their hands on the ball more
  • A young team that will continue to grow together and support each other.


  • There is always the possibility of injuries, especially to players heading into their second or third season
  • Can he live up to the hype? The pressure will be decent, albeit spread amongst the port players as a whole
  • Doesn’t score large at Pattersons so keep an eye on those games


If you haven’t already picked up on it yet, Oliver Wines will be a definite yes for me. With his steady rise in Supercoach points output continuing, I see Wines taking up a M4-6 position in my midfield. With the likes of Ken Hinkley supporting him and the young age of the Port Adelaide football player roster, the Power are going to have a huge couple of years.


What are your thoughts on Oliver Wines?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Had him from R1 last year & probably go with him again. He is a younger version of Selwood and I would expect him to average 120+ this year. M1-M5 Ablett, Selwood, Fyfe, Pendlebury & Wines. A third of the cap but pretty much a certain 700-800 every week.


Comparisons to Selwood reveal something a little interesting……Selwoods 1st year average was 77.3, Wines 74. Selwood 2nd year average was 98.2, Wines was 100.3. Selwoods 3rd year was a very respectable 110.8 before heading to an elite 117 in his 4th.
If Wines average continues to mirror Selwoods, would we be happy with a 110 odd average from a player who costs 540k?


Killer review, Big B! Wombats had him last year and usually Ollie's score gave his score that extra kick each week. Concerned about the price hike and ability to jump to 110+ average. Given their tough opening schedule, may wait until his price. Then again, his standard D is 21 so may just be worth jumping in now. Shit Double B, think you may have put him in heavy consideration to slot in R1. Again, excellent write-up.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Quality BB. I’m bullish on quadzilla. So durable. Has he missed a game yet? I think your right about Ryder & the mids getting more of the ball. I Havnt quite locked him away just yet but I’m mighty close.


Last two years 24 games. No sign of breakdown. Will always be under the radar as Boak captures most of the attention. With you INP…not a lock but I hear him knocking on the door and may answer it soon.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s 75/25 for mine at this stage Throttle. I’m certain he will be in my side at some point next season.


That opening draw is a bit of a concern. Might not start with him but could see him coming in pre-byes at the earliest, Pieman.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

That’s what I was thinking as well. Get though the early part then look to pick off the Port boys post byes


High on the watchlist. Olly is a beast. Will be going with some youth next season, a changing of the guard for Supercoach. Wines, Prestia, Greene. Can't see too much downside to these guys.


Nice one BB!
As a Port fan, I was super-pumped about Ollie's 2nd yr.
Certainly appears to be on a Selwood-like trajectory.
Gotta love his durability. Majestic!

Risk for me is: 1. the Power opening draw (as mentioned by TF) and 2. Ollie's propensity for the handball.
This guy has one of the lowest kick:HB ratios going round (even lower than Priddis!).
For me, if Wines continues on his handball harvest then he would need to improve his: total possessions, contested possessions or tackles (pref all 3) to make him a viable pick (considering the talent on offer around this price range).
That said, if Gray continues to play cameos up fwd then Wines has strong potential to lift his numbers further.
The performance of Ebert will also play a part, as he tailed off in the second half of this yr while Gray and Boak took the SC spoils.

Still on the fence here, but wouldn't take much to sway me to the affirmative.


Yeah, great write-up.

Having Wines in the starting squad will largely depend on the number of midfield rookies playing round1.

Wines will be a great upgrade option from a rookie after 5-6 rounds, when hopefully the rookie price has jumped-up, and possibly Wine's price has dropped a little after the tough early Port draw.

Agree that this may be the case with a few of the Port boys.


Having said that I am more bullish with Polec (from a lower base).


Cheers lads,

I love the kid. I gotta have faith in him and am going to give him a run early I think.

The only worry is the early draw but I will keep an eye on it and see what happens


Love the kid but probably won't be running with him to start in 2015. Bit on the pricey side to select as a breakout player, and at that price, depending on structure, he falls in that M4-5 range. Looking at a more seasoned player for that position.

Upgrade target? Port have round 13 bye and have games against Giants, Suns, Dogs, Saints, Bombers, Crows, Pies following that.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Gee wizz big Kev that’s a juicy post bye run if I’ve ever seen one for a top 4 side. I will certainly be planning towards grabbing the likes of Gray wines perhaps Polec post bye. Given the review on Boak & his drop offs against lower teams he’s off the list for now as an upgrade target!


Love the kid, don't think he'd make my starting team next year. Rough start for the Power and don't think he'll crack the Elite bracket just yet and he won't be much off a POD either with all the excitement around the kids similarities to Selwood and what not.
Will become a SuperCoach giant alongside the likes of Prestia, Parker, Heppell, etc in the years to come.


He didn’t seem to struggle at Patterson’s in the semi final when he was best on ground with 26 touches, 5 tackles, 3 goals and 123 points! So to say he doesn’t score large there isn’t completely correct.


I was looking at his Pattersons average as a whole, individual games are somewhat of an anomaly