RUCK POLL – and timely warning…

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Gday Community. CRITICAL that we learn from our past. And as such I want each and every one of you TODAY to login to your Supercoach team and save the details of your 2014 campaign;

  • Copy your trade history. This is a wonderful tool – you’ll be able to see what you did well and where you buggered things up. 
  • Copy your end team. What were you happy with? Which blokes were still stinking up the joint? How does this reflect your trade strategy?
  • Copy your leagues. If you won one – print the bastard out and pin it on the wall. Important that we celebrate success.
  • Copy your rank. Even if you don’t give a stuff about rank – copy it. You’ll regret it one season when you begin your quest for rank glory.
  • Spend some time with your team. Crack a beer. Say farewell. A new season and a new journey begins now


We’ve been discussing rucks in the bungalow this morning and we’re interested in how you fared with the big blokes in 2014. While you’re in your 2014 team could you check your ruck trades and respond to the below if you don’t mind please, then let us know in the comments how you finished up in the season rank wise;

How many trades did you use in the rucks in 2014?

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Leuenberger > Mumford
Derickx > Smith

Mumford trade looked good but turned to shit pretty quickly when he was a late out and missed the next 6 or so weeks. Derickx was cashed in the week of his bye, and he was dropped for his next game anyway.


Just the 1 Leuy > Nic Nat.
Season intention was to go Sandi to Nic Nat after the byes, but when Luey went down I thought I'd go Nic Nat a bit earlier to save an eventual trade. Didn't work out well at all.

Strategy for next year is to select 1 set and forget ruck, 2 Value picks and a rookie to loophole (ideally DPP but who knows).


Just the one – Currie to Wood in Round 18. Jacobs and Sandiballs got it done.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

None. I had sandi & Jacobs for the season. Surely that won’t ever happen again


Yep had Sauce on the Beach from the start too.
Did Derickx to King in finals to make some coin


Excellent. That's how the game is played, kids.


That is was an excellent bit of work INP, May I ask who you considered and why you went with the choice you made?
Brilliant decisions buddy!!!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Gday Boys. Sandi was obvious but I never expected to keep him for the season. Only 1 donut I think. Jacobs was a much harder pick, in the end i saw his ability & what he owed the team, & he delivered in spades. Went a long way to a top 1000 finish. I will have to credit Jock for that call, he talked me into it in the end. He also talked me into Darlhaus. I won out on that one. Jock traded him early & I kept him for the season. He did a good job. Not one of my initial Mid picks survived the season, I had to trade them all for mostly injuries. I am well aware of that & I will be focusing on improving that in 2015. Apart from the midfield & Tom Mitchell I nailed the rest.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

So the lesson is simple. Pick a durable midfield. Which makes the Ollie Wines actircle more important. He doesn't miss.


My admiration for you just grows, my friend. Must've felt like drinking a cold beer in a hammock.


Nailed (fluked) the Sauce / Sandi starting ruck combo this year along with Thurlow R/F at R4. Stef Martin was traded into my forward line for handy ruck cover.
Finished 57th overall this season, mainly due to not having to use up trades in the rucks.
Have no idea who to start in the rucks next year. There will be some value there with Berger and Kreuzer, both injury prone so they would have to both stay on the park for 8 or 9 weeks to make some quick coin.
Will be following there pre seasons closely.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Great effort Creeker. Like you the Sandi Jacobs combo was a huge difference. The right strategy next year is anyones guess. I can't see us avoiding Ruck trades next year.


Cheers Pieman. You're spot on about next years rucks. Will cause some sleepless nights.
Nic Nat could go big without Cox.
Also thinking of starting Tom (Hot Missus) Bellchambers in the forward line if R/F. Over his injury, No Ryder and should improve his scores.
Possibly to risky to go with both Berger and Kreuzer. Will both make us money but there bones are made of chalk.
Early days yet but thinking Nic Nat, Berger, the cheapest R/F at R4, then Bellchambers in the forwards.
Will have to pay close attention and monitor all the rucks pre seasons.


Oh – BTW. Re Tom (Hot Missus) Bellchambers – google – Renae Ayris.


Wow! Well played Tom, well played.

Phat Phuc

Thanks for the HeadsUp on Bellends' Missus. She rocks the bikini cameltoe like a true champ.

It's a damn shame that this comment didn't develop further into a comprehensive list


Needed 3 trades in the ruck this year.

Sandi was there all year, but went in with McEvoy, until late withdrawal on a Friday night match, traded to Mumford, who then went down with a knee, then traded for NicNat.

Also traded Derickx who I had from the beginning to Lycett for coverage late in the season when NicNat was rested, after Derickx had been dropped.

4th ruck was the cheapest bloke available, and wasn't traded.

In 2015, I intend to pick 2 good rucks, NicNat & probably Goldstein or Sandilands, 1 cheaper ruck that will likely get game time, hoping Lowden, and the cheapest 4th ruck option ( or the cheapest DPP ruck, if it is not much more coin).

M-Town Ballers

Hey mate just wanted to let you all know if you usually download the SC app you can keep all the previous years of apps on your PCI so you can check all your teams and trade history, I also find it useful for researching how players went a year or more ago


Mike bloody Pike……… Enough said, I thought the sole ruck in a premiership contending side would be serviceable but he was awful

M-Town Ballers

carried McAvoy on my bench half the year (sucked) but jumped on Martin for currie at the right time

Canny The Manny

Started with Sandilands and McEvoy, then McEvoy went down so I decided to pick up Mumford who was in blinding form before he went down the week I got him before I finally went with Jock's advice and picked up Jacobs. I then traded Sandi for Goldstein late in the year. There you are folks, the three trades that stuffed my year.


Started out with McEvoy he went down traded him at the start of R3 for Mummy Got Mummys 164 score and then he was confirmed broken so by R 5 he became Sauce (Mummy ended up AVG 114 for 17 games) Sauce was by far the best, played all games and returned an AVG of 115.
Sandilands (Sandi AVG 108) did not play in R 18 so he became Paddy Ryder where I picked up 140 SC points for that round and netted 648 points in 6 rounds from him.
Rucs are the hardest position to fill in SC I think. (and I was very pleased to escape with 3 for the year).
Your advice Jock on screen snapping the trades and Ending players is very IMPORTANT –
Any who "Off to the fridge!!" for more research and contemplation


I went the same way with Mcevoy, sandi starting and brought in mummyat same time. However I stuck with him and used Derrickx until mummy came back. Cost me points during those weeks but paid off with his good late season form and pod as most had jumped off.
could be a valuable lesson in patience and not trading if you don't have to.


G'day Glorin,
Nice work mate, I was in the mix for a while so trading was important but I like the Patience track , I lost that last year


Can lightning strike twice with Sandi? Only second season in the past 6 that he's returned 20+ games. Hasn't done that in consecutive seasons since 2008/2009.


Started with sauce, Sandi ; Derickx and Archie Smith.
2 trades. Derickx to brown for $
Sandi to Goldy when sandi went down.

Finished 52nd overall

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Awesome TG. Finishing so high you have to make pretty much every post a winner. Loving your articles as all the other boys. Let's just hope pick 5 is another Pendles.


Magic stuff Dex.
My one trade saved me SFA in the end with a final ranking with so many digits that it coulda resembled Throts phone number


Started with Sandi and Mummy, had Currie and Thurlow on the bench. Took the 0 from Mummy for however many weeks he was out as I couldn't bring myself to bring in Jacobs after he burnt me the year before.
Traded in Martin into my fwd line like everyone else to complete the swing set and covered Sandi for the only game he missed.
Still managed to finish 453rd overall.


Sandi (1st lock) Jock got me onto the Sauce after he mentioned preseason. I did some research and reading how he had big aerobic preseason dropped 5kg so could get to more contests, was sold, but i changed mind 1week before launch after readihg article about Sauce being in bottom % for Rucks in tackles, cont footy, cont marks. Had a bloody brain explosion about who to get, and so went with Cox just for consistency & durability as needed the peace of mind in case Sandi got inj/rested. Derrickx and Currie (bench) traded Cox to S.Martin. Pass coulda been lot better but coulda been much worse too


First time ever I actually got it right. Sauce and Sandi from round 1.


Awesome Super Freak…..Now I hate you lol Just kidding. How did you go for the season mate?


Well done, sir.


McEvoy – Mumford
Sandilands – Wood ($$$)


Two….Started Sandi, Hickey, Currie & Holmes. Had a hard-on when Hickey was 100 at halftime, it quickly went down after he did his foot though. He became NicNat and Currie became Brown to set up link with Martin.
I'm going risky again next year, I reckon Kreuzer and Luey with Griffen (if cheap) and a bargain R/F rookie. Bellchambers (if R/F) in the forward line for cover.


Donut. Started with Sauce and Sandi, and had Currie and King on the bench. Was very happy not to have to pull the trigger. Brought in S.Martin as FWD and had planned to trade Currie to Big Bad Ben Brown to open up the link, but had to save the trade!


Ryder and Sandi (Currie and M. King). R3: Ryder hurt for Mummy. Rd7: Currie for bottom-outed NicNat. R14: S. Martin for Sandi.

Not great. Not horrible. Like most of my 2014, inspiringly ineffective.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

You learn your lesson with Ryder. I went through that the year before & placed him in the never again trash bin. Nic Nat 2015 is an interesting proposition with Cox gone.


I think so too about NicNat. And I think if the Eagles can prevent injuries to key players, he and the Eagles should do very well this year. NicNat is not a lock for R1 but will be in after seeing how everything is rolling. One thing I did last season that I won't do this season is make sure I have ruck coverage. 3 playing rucks always. Can't be an idiot two years straight, Pieman.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

There is arousal for Nic Nat. I never had a 3rd ruck & agree you really need one. Hopefully we get a ruck cow this year. Keep your eye on Liam Mcbean. May get ruck status. Think he will play next year & be cheap


Tiges have been teasing him out the last two season. Hope this year be the year. Or Holmes the Yank for the Saints. Maybe he gets a go.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

They sure have. Much has been spoken & written about a young fella who hasn't seen senior footy yet. Peter Wright will cost 200K but could be a possible backup. And he should have Ruck/Fwd. Likely to land with your boys at the Giants if draft predictions are anything to go by. Might be why they let Giles go.


They need a backup for Mummy, so I hope they can nab the kid. Wish I had a better understanding of the draft picks. Why I enjoyed your review of Darcy Moore. Have no idea if these kids are flash or badasses.


Hi TF & INP,
TF, are we going over the same ground again, Rucs are the big boys and maturity comes late compared to other line players. I need you to stop going cheap. build a solid Ruc Dept , Yes its expensive mate


Oh Dools. We're talking about backups. Hit Fridge and read a couple posts before. My ruck dept won't be cheap as I plan on having coverage this season, hell or high water.


Lobbe to Mumford when Mummy got injured was a costly blue, as was Thurlow to Currie which took away the DPP and caused some concern later in the season.
I was lucky enough to win 5 out of 5 Leagues and finished my best season so far with an overall rank of 612.
I'll probably need a whole lot of luck to improve on that next year……….BUT BRING IT ON!!!
(The gap between footy seasons is way too long, isn't it?)


Went Jacobs/Sandilands/Derrickx/Thurlow from Rd 1 and the one trade was bringing Martin into the Fwds for cover using Thurlow

the crackman

for years I went with a set and forget strategy with my rucks to good results with Cox and Sandilands. But with more trades I left that strategy with mixed results. last year I went for Minson and Luey and traded Luey out for Cruzer when he was cheep, that went well. this year I had a shocker. I started with Mummy and Sandilands, Currie and King on the bench. Mummy looked awesome at the start but got injured and I had no cover so in Rd 5 I went Mummy to Hickey trying to make money, looked good at the start Hickey got a 100 and then a 80 but got Injured, still no cover. so Rd 7 went Hickey for a cheep Ryder that one worked for me as Ryder made me as I made 96000 in the 3 weeks I had him. Rd 10 went Ryder back to Mumford, looking back that was a wasted sideways trade but I didn't trust Ryder and really wanted Mummy back. the last Trade was a bust in Rd 18 I went Sandi to Harvey (who went backwards and then suspended as soon as I brought him in) via the swing with Martin (who I picked in Rd 12 before he played a game). so in summery 4 trades


I was ball tearin it close to JR Brumby FC most year however fell away at the end mate and finished ~5500th or so

Cant wait for next year


I went with Jacobs and Sandiballs from the beginning, was stocked


Traded both reserve rucks only throughout the year, both cash grabs which was ok. My mistake was picking big Wilbur Minson over Sauce. Wasn’t horrible until he was rested for the GF… Not good. But running into opponents cashing in on Jacobs mega scores each week was bloody annoying. Shoulda listened to the father of fantasy……

James C

Started with Ryder / Sandi, then burned 4 trades over the first 10 rounds: Ryder –> Mumford (form) –> Hickey (inj) –> Mumford (form & inj). Round 5 still haunts me – Mumford to Hickey, Shiels to Riewoldt just in time for his form and price to plummet. Knee-jerk trades are bad, m'kay?


2 I got off Goldy to Mumford after round 2 and downgraded derrick to Curry later on. wanted to get Mummy back to Goldy as the ships passed in the night, but didn't have the trades left.


Currie > Brown
Derickx > Ceglar > King
Cox > Ryder


Started the season with Goldy and Sandilands. Traded Goldy out for Sauce before the first price change Round 3.

Kept them for pretty much the whole season until Round 18 when Sandi was named out – so brought Goldy back in.

Worked well and glad I didn't fall into the Mummy trap Round 3 as it was a toss up between Mummy and Sauce and the wise Jock Reynolds advised Sauce – Cheers Jock!


Hey lads,

Been awhile since i've posted, but always active on the twitter.

Here's my ruck story from 2014.

Started with a little more unorthodox ruck setup of a three man weave of Sandilands, McIntosh, Hickey and big Max King as the loophole.

1st Trade Rnd 8 : Hickey $376,800 out, J.Holmes $102, 400 in (cash made enabled me to go Crouch > Rocky).
2nd Trade Rnd 13 : McIntosh $398,100 out, Stefan Martin $242,700 in (banked cash).
3rd Trade Rnd 14 – Higgins $415,900 out, Naitanui $474,900 in (via Fwd/Ruck swing of Stefan Martin).
4th Trade Rnd 18 : Sandilands $502,300 out, Dahlhaus $480,600 in (via Fwd/Ruck swing of Stefan Martin).

Was always going to use 2-3 trades with the three man weave, but in the end when i look at it, used at least one too many. The Trade Poll at the top of this page definitely confirms it with myself being in the minority (18%) of players having used 4 or more trades.

Note to self for 2015: Nic Naitanui, NEVER again! That late season donut hurt me bad in a cash league. His body isn't reliable. Will be interesting to see how it holds up with the rigors of number 1 ruck duties now that Cox is retired.

Thinking, durability needs to be high on the agenda when selecting 2015 ruck spots.

Finished 1,817 in 2014.


Hi T'wolf'
Excellent cash conversion and very good finishing spot
I miss you on the pages but now your back a quick catch up is in order
TF is looking at a 6/4 prem mid to start the season!
Chicko will go with bald men in the mids ( too many preening hairstyles out there) and came up with the Anthem for the community 2015!!!!
INP lost his fridge (Under warranty) Sad that, make sure you pass on your condolences.
Lost is a PT Adelaide supporter and likes the Cut of Ollie Wines Jib!
Dex is a Pie supporter who has great excitement in the pants for returning injured players
I'm looking at not starting GAJ and I upset some people by comparing Fyfe to Cotchin (Sorry 'bout that)
Jock is a Beau Waters fan
Just kidding I'm sure your up to speed on the twitter thingy.



How are you my friend?

Preening hairstyles (this one cracked me up #trendyhaircuts), team structures, injured players, broken down fridges, anthems, it's been busy on here i see! Appreciate the recap mate, it gave me a good laugh. This early pre season passion is impressive. It's looking as though the community is very eager to take the 2015 fantasy season by the scruff of the neck!


G'day T'woof,
Well what a great year you had another Premiership in the locker and looking at 3 in a row.
2014 was trench's stuff for me Both at home and Over Seas…. Post Traumatic Super-Coach Stress Syndrome (PTScSS) .
Man it's hard… November and so much water to flow under the bridge until April, (Thank the Gods for Cricket mate)
The community have invented "Community Karaoke" SC wisdoms to a well know tune. It's great fun. Billy Joels Piano man morphed from Dr. Hook "Walk right in " a 70's hit for an old old blues song back in the day.
Nice to hear from ya mate and the SC neck is firmly grasped by the scruff of the neck.
I'm outa beer, so mundane thing like going to bottle shop call,
"To the Fridge!!"


Grand Final day was amazing mate, couldn't believe it. Would of been ecstatic with a 1 pt victory, let alone a total domination of the bloods. Unreal, they went to a whole new level on the biggest stage.

Cricket….for your insanity mate, let's hope the Aussies find something. The two tests in Dubai….absolutely putrid. No structure in that batting lineup, bowling attack isn't stable either….but let's save put the faith in Boof and leave that discussion for post summer. Keep that fridge stocked mate, and the beers cold!


Glad you were there mate .It was an awesome spectacle and a wounderful game to watch. My son is a huge fan of the Hawks so he was extremely happy
Cricket is just one of many sports mate but when we lose I still watch it's invigorating …
Beer always in fridge and you will always be an honoured guest


I wasn't there, was able to watch from comfort of my room though.

Your son would of been rapt!

Side note, any idea if there is a list or spreadsheet floating around of rough prices for 2015?


Nothing out yet mate,


Started with Sandi & Haymac. Traded Haymac to Goldy after round 13 finished with sandi and Goldy.
Haymacs low ave cost me heavily but the cash I saved up front got me Ollie and swallow instead of a couple of lesser performed cheaper players.
If you're chasing rank 2 gun rucks from the start is a definite must IM(humble)O.

Phat Phuc

So will Kruezer be the Stephan Martin of 2015?