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Deja Vu?

General SorenessYou may recall a struggling Richmond side of 2014 sitting 13th on the ladder at 3 and 8 with no light at the end of the tunnel. Enter Anthony Miles, who along with the return of Ivan Maric reinvigorated Richmond who started to piece together some better performances on the back of same. Miles was in Richmond’s best in his first game knocking out 87 SC points. He did not miss a game for the rest of the season and finished with an average of 89.7.

About now you’re probably wondering WTF does this have to do with Mark Whiley!? Well Carlton has suggested that Whiley will be the Anthony Miles of 2015 and a number of journalists, including Jon Ralph, have posed the question is Mark Whiley the 2015 version of Anthony Miles?

The idea of Anthony Miles type supercoach gold in 2015 in the form of Mark Whiley should create a little excitement. So should we get excited?

Both are prelisted boys from NSW/ACT TPP program. Both spent some of their earlier time at GWS performing tagging roles. Both can find a lot of the footy when not tagging. Both had outstanding 2013 seasons in the NEAFL for GWS, however both only polled 6 votes in the Mulrooney Medal for 2013. Both struggled to break into the GWS team on a regular basis despite NEAFL performances. Both are now rebirthed with Vic powerhouse clubs. One has been a revelation at his new home, one is expected to be just that. It is perhaps these similarities which has led to the Anthony Miles type comparisons.

Anthony Miles shades Whiley in terms of SC scoring output from his GWS games however the last two games of 80 and 84 show what Whiley is capable of when given the opportunity. If not for a hamstring he would of likely played round 23.

2015 Price: $316,100
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 2
Average last season: 84
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 0
Price range last season: $182k
Missed games last season: 1 game Round 23 hamstring
Significant history: 2013 NEAFL GWS Player of the year
Pre listed by GWS as a 17 year old as part of the NSW/ACT Talented Player Pathways
He averaged 30 possessions and 1 goal per game for GWS in the NEAFL in 2014
5th in the NEAFL MVP (Brownlow) 2014


Carlton sees Mark Whiley filling an Andrew Carrazzo type role with ability to tag, run with and inside mid able to get contested footy.


Whilst coming into his fourth year in the AFL system he is still a rookie type and generally with rookies there is the ever present risk that they don’t get game time or a vest affected. I do not see this risk with Whiley. I expect he will be played and he does not appear to fit the bill of your standard impact type vest candidate. The major risk here is that Carlton utilises him primarily as a tagger which will affect his output. His games in 2013 for GWS were primarily as a tagger and his highest score was 61.


A fourth year Rookie selection at a bargain starting price makes him tempting. He will serve the purpose like all good rookies fatten them until their plump then chop them to enable you to feast of supercoach premo’s.


  • Can find the footy and knows what to do with it (30 possie average in NEAFL)
  • Can kick a goal (bags of 3 and 4 in NEAFL to average 1 per game)
  • Coming into his fourth year on AFL list at rookie price
  • Resilient only missed 1 game with injury in 2 ½ years
  • Will get game time
  • Enjoys a cuddle which should ensure that his SC scoring doesn’t bottom out too badly.


  • Potential for him to be used as a tagger
  • Mid only status
  • Price versus potential return may affect his SC relevancy


I do not expect to feel Deja Vu in 2015 with the expectation that Whiley will reach the heights of Anthony Miles of 2014.

However, I recommend that you put him on your watchlist now. It is a must to watch pre season to see how Carlton intend to utilise him. If he is being utilised as a tagger there may l be better priced rookies who will give you more bang for your buck. If he is used as an inside mid I can see Whiley averaging in the 65-80 range. As a pure mid at this price – it puts him right in the awkward bracket, at 65-low 70’s there will be insufficient return for the outlay. At 80’s he is worth it. Again pre season research will be crucial. For mine I would have Patrick Cripps over Whiley and with few precious mid only roles this would squeeze Whiley out. His pre season form will ultimately determine his fate along with the fate of all rookies, a reluctant no from me at this stage.


What’s your call on Mark Whiley in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Hey mate, great write up. Just thought I should point out that he would be closer to 360K if they use the same pricing formula as they did for this year, which makes him a definite no for me. If for some reason he's closer to that 200K mark, I'll really consider him, as I am Cripps for that very reason.


Magnificent stuff General, definitely one for the watch list. I also prefer Cripps over Whiley but both will need to show me something in the preseason before they get a starting slot in my team. A lot depends on price and the role they play – as it does for all. Well done mate!


Love your work General!

The Blue Coyote has plenty of upside but the competition for mid spots at Carlton will be tight with a number of fringe kids showing their hand this yr. As you say, tagging role likely.

Would have to agree that his price is likely to be above $300K. Don't think i'll be entertaining any mids around that price point unless they have dpp (Jack Martin anyone?).


Thanks General – great stuff. I reckon a few will get a bit caught up in the "next Miles" thing with higher than reasonable expectation this season AKA Jack Martin as the next Jaeger last season. Nonetheless – depending on what price he comes in at he'll be one to seriously consider.

PS – just completed a 250m Bay swim, 50 burpees and 100 star jumps. Will be fit as a bloody trout by kick off lads.


Curnow is the blues main tagger, he’ll always be ahead of Whiley with that role. Therefore I dont see Whiley playing that role unless Curnow is injured. Whiley is more of an extractor and has better skills with hand and foot than Curnow…

Totally agree that price may be an issue…

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I was really hoping someone would step up to the plate & analyse This fella. When he switched to Carlton I wasn’t sure if he was really wanted or the steak knives in the deal. Hats off to you general, great research & you’ve almost certainly saved me from a probable mistake. He will look tempting to many but not to the troops of the general.


For the price he would need to be the Messiah!!! Can't see the second coming in the shape of this young man.
Excellent review General, I will watch his play but I do not see value here ATM.


Another rockin' review, General. Wondered about the effect he'll have on the Blues. Lots of questions. Watchlist for sure. At the price, though, he'll be on the lower rung. Blues' easy opening schedule might make him worth bringing in after a couple rounds.


Definitely a watchlist-er, but price-wise, if he is above 220k i think a no.
Awesome stuff again general!


Think people labelling him as the next Miles is a bit of a long shot. Miles burst onto the scene was impressive to say the least, also helped that he came into the side around the same time as Ivan, who makes the entire Tigers side preform better.
However if priced at the 200k mark, he is tempting. But it really relies on how he is played, as Jezzajay said Curnow will hold the #1 tagging role, but will they favour Cripps over him? I'd think not. Definitely watch listed, leaning more towards a no at the moment.