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Is it time we drop the “teen” and simply call him The Wolf?

Chicko - elite fantasy analystLadies and gentlemen, I need to start with a confession, and I don’t want you to stop me. I have had man love for Nathan Fyfe for a good three years now and I am not ashamed to admit it. It may be my love of Hirdy as a champion Bomber that gets me swollen about Nat Fyfe but I’m a massive fan of this kid. Why? Fyfe has a lot of playing similarities to Hirdy – the flowing locks, the way they attack the game, the time and space they create and just the way they move – Fyfe is simply a gun.

In 2014, admittedly a contract renewal year for the Wolf, he took his game to a whole new elite level. Across the board his numbers exploded, particularly in the premium supercoach categories of contested possession and clearances. Two massive ticks. In his fifth year of football, his average went from an excellent 106 in 2013 to a “get outta my way I mean business” 122 in 2014 – that’s a 15% rise folks – I’m feeling a slight rise myself.

Has Nat Fyfe gone full Wolf?

Has Teenwolf now gone full Wolf mode?

In short I am here to say that it will take a lot for me not to start with Fyfe in 2015. And by a lot, I mean price. So why do I think the teen has become a man? Stick with me dear community.

2015 Price: $657,600
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 18
Average last season: 122.33
100+ games last season: 17
Sub 80 games last season: 1 (that is right, just one!)
Price range last season: $549k to $650k
Missed games last season: 4 – all due to suspension
Significant history: AFLPA MVP in 2014
All Australian in 2014
Club B&F in 2013 (runner up in 2011)
Has averaged over 100 over the past 2 years (106, 122)
Ranked 3rd in the comp for Contested Possessions per game (4th in total)
Ranked 7th in the comp for Clearances
Career high average of 27 disposals in 2014


It is difficult to find disconfirming evidence on Fyfe, particularly when you look at his exceptional 2014, hell even his 2013 and 2011 years were very solid. In 2014, the Wolf cracked the ton in 17 out of his 18 games, a remarkable 95% of the time he scored over 100. IF that is not enough, his ceiling is high, like 171 high – how do you like them apples? Here is the killer stat – 50% of the time, that is in 9 out of 18 games, he scored 122 plus. That will do me. Anytime, anywhere, the Wolfman, he delivers.


Two factors as I see it with the Wolf, firstly, his propensity to get suspended (all four games he missed in 2014 were due to suspension – admittedly the first two games were for a head clash which was harsh). Secondly, his shoulders, they caused him to miss a significant amount of games in 2012. At least you can take comfort that in 2013 and 2014, he played 19 and 18 games respectively.


If you don’t start with Fyfe, then you must finish with Fyfe – pure and simple. I see the Wolf as very much a keeper from the outset or an upgrade target. Either way you need him in your team, you want him in your team, either way I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to. Apologies I was channelling Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men.


  • In 2014, 95% of the time he played, he scored over 100.
  • In 2014, 50% of the time he played, he actually scored higher than 122
  • Vaulted high ceiling – a high score of 171
  • Contested ball beat and clearance machine equates to supreme supercoach point scoring


  • You can pretty much guarantee Fyfe will get suspended and miss at least two games
  • The chance the Wolf’s shoulder will go pop


I saw a Wolf with a footy fixture in his hand
Walkin through the streets of Freo in the rain
He was lookin for the place called Subi-aco
Gonna get a big wad of supercoach points
Aaahoooo! The Wolfman of Freo
Aaahoooo, the Wolfman of Freo


Set and forget, watch the points pile in, sit back and relax, crack open a beer and watch the Wolf dominate.

Wolf, welcome to Chicko’s Chumps 2015.


What’s your view on The Wolf Fyfe in 2015?



Twitter: @Chicko_LCS


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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LOCK. Nuff said.


Hard to disagree with that Bluey!


Ablett, Rockliff, Pendles, Fyfe & Selwood- Could you start with them all?


Would be some midfield Ronny, but an expensive one which may make it difficult to have enough cash to complete the rest of your team. But what a rockin minefield that would be!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Having those names in your starting line up will raise the height of your PC. Bargain rucks could make that happen. Thinking 6 gun mids with 600k av & 4 rookies a target for me! 40% spend in midfield straight up!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s a debate that will go on for months with neither backing down! I’m all for the loaded midfield as well. Just how how can I go & Higgo!


7/3 is the dream. 6/4 is ballsy yet doable. Onboard with your thinking, INP.




Lock ands rock Creep. Well done my man.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The whole suspension thing has me apprehensive. I’m going against the grain & thinking more of an upgrade target. He torched me at the end of last season with the late suspension. And I won’t forget that Wolfy. But a must at some stage! Love ya work Chicko. Quality sell job

General Soreness

I'm there with ya INP, upgrade target.


Thanks INP and General, the Wolfman, he is an angry feline who despite his gentlemen genteel looks will undoubtedly get suspended. He torched me also in the last few rounds which cost me but I'm a loyal lover!


Hey Chicko – have heard of "The Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce?

Yeah, your write up made me think of that!
If you DON'T pick Fyfe; at the very least as an upgrade target, your balls are bigger than the heads between their legs..

Majestic mate!


Too kind TG, thanks mate, my work here is done, if I can get you thinking supercoach and music in the one go, then I am a happy man!

General Soreness

Chicko magnificent work again. I too get the Hirdy esque arousal watching the Wolfman go about his business. I concur re Lock status Im just not sure when I will lock him. I'm more with INP that he may be more of an upgrade target than a starting lock. Too much too consider 🙂


I know General, if only we had Hirdy or Wolfman running around for the Bombers, I suspect the missus would be getting a sore shoulder from my incessant tapping such would be my constant heightened state of arousal.


Pre-season pending of course, but close as close can be as a lock for me (unintentional rhyming)

If the bloke is gonna strut around belting out 120-odd half the time, he ain't gonna drop a lot a coin. May as well start with, save the trade, and if he spuds it or finds himself in MRP trouble, you'll be able to grab pretty much anyone in the comp


That's the way I'm leaning Kev, it's a rare beast that is an elite 120plus midfielder that plays all 22 games, and sometimes you need to put your hurries on the line in the pursuit of glory. Kev, will you put your aggots on the line? I want a commitment from you good man.


Chicko, congrats on a brilliant piece of work mate.
Fyfe is a Solid Pick for any SC Squad to start the season with, However it has to come down to personal choice and for me that choice is weigted with Age and Proven performance …For me Dependles and Selwood.
Dependles and Selwood shade him by age and previous consistency.
Fyfe has made a massive jump granted but I can't start him. He will be an upgrade target like last year Hannaberry Out Fyfe in round 14 last season but I do not see him dropping below $540K unless he has a Barry Crocker early in the season, that's what I'm hoping for and he can steer clear of the AFL judiciary.
I left GAJ out as he is in a SC world all of his own, but like Crouching One I am for the 1st time considering, leaning towards not starting him!!!! but that's another post.
Now off "To the fridge!!" for contemplation and research


Dools, are you back from the fridge? There are so many questions, pontifications and wisdoms weaved into your post. It's very hard to argue against any of your thoughts, why not start with Pendles, Selwood and Wolfman? That on top of leaving out GAJ would equal a large POD!


Great write-up Chicko.

I will have Wolfman in my team round 1.

I will also be leaving GAJ out of my team for round 1, but will have a huge target on his back during the bye rounds (or ealier if he drops in price). Just want to see what role Rodney Eade gives GAJ in the early season.


Cheers Donavan old mate, I started without GAJ in 2014 but I had Pendles, I reckon you need one of them for their sheer consistency and high ceilings. But I am thinking of the Wolfman as my M2 in 2015. May also be a slight POD at the start of the year methinks.


Brilliance Chicko! Stunning in prose and potent with insights. Love me some Wolf yet not sure I'll have in at the start. He will be in the team at some point…as you say you MUST finish with him. Want to see how the pricing shakes out. He's a heavy R1 consideration right now. Again, ripper of a review. Probably my fav.


Coming from a man of your standing Throtts, I take that as a compliment of the highest order my friend. Thanks very much mate! I love the Wolf, I love the role he can play in your team – the absolute x-factor.


You are very welcome. Although it is I who bow to all of my player review brethren.

Like the Wolf too. Majestic player. Just waiting to see how structures play out to see if he makes sense to slot in at the jump. Article bookmarked for later.


You are a good man Jock, more than a father figure, you are a confidant, a mentor, a shining beacon on a foggy night, your light guides this bloody magnificent community and I know I have benefitted greatly from your advice. Thank you mate. There does seem to be a lot of support for the Wolf, can you squeeze him in as an M3? I don't know, but I'm going to do my best to get him in – will take 700 iterations on Higgo's optimiser to possibly get it to work!


G'day Chicko,
Challenge accepted, Beer in hand and derry hanging from my mouth.
Fyfe is a valid pick on form from last year but I will argue with the ammo given Jelwood and Pendles on the basis of Age and Past Performance.
I intend to show over 6 years of SC for all three and I will trow in a random fact here and there regarding breakout let downs
So lets Start.
Jelwood age 26 (will be 27 in May '15) AVG from last 6 years : 110 (Premier), 117 (Runner up), 111(Premier), 117, 118 and 120. Nice age ,score and as you see when premier winner scores drop off.
Pendles age 26 (approx. 5 month older then Jelwood) AVG from last 6 years: 106, 110 (Premier), 129(Runner up), 124, 126 and 124. oh and during this time Dependles missed 7/8games I think (not 100% on that)
Fyfe age 23 (will be 24 for '15) last 4 years : 108, 93, 106 (Runner up), 122 missed games in 4 years :18
This is just a tip of the iceberg now lets look at Players who I thought were developed B4 their age'
Delids ( will be 28 next year): 103, 101, 104, 116, 103, 102
Cotchin (will be 25 next year): 78, 100, 116, 106, 101
D.Beams (Will Be 25 net season) 75, 84 , 100, 122, 102, 115 (Yes he only played 7 games for the 102)
My point is this after a burst out year, these guys are hit hard with a tag or the disposal creator is shut down to these players. Fyfe WILL be shut down where as my 2 elder statesmen can not be shut down "Extractors of the Pill" I have left out GAJ as his stats are just….. Well bloody better then Jelwoods and Dependles . So I hope I have answered the call to arms and me smoke and beer did not win the debate. Look at the stats long term. Jeez I'm not even like ST. PETER I hate stats! I'm off to my fridge to counter act my argument and seek advise from Keyboard, Next "G" and Slipper (Oh I own a Kung Fu Slipper, Silent type but…). I hope this entertained you buddy?
"To the fridge!!"


Dools you legend! Better than entertaining it was edutertaining (trademark pending). Outstanding work! I'm definitely not arguing against Selwood or Pendles, I started with both of them in 2014 and were possibly two out of three of my best decisions for the year (along with Luke Parker), I am going to see if I can squeeze in the Wolfman as a M3 in 2015 along side those two. Deep down though, I think you love stats my good man, and it's okay to admit, there is a bit of Higgo in all of us. Higgo would be proud.


Dear Chicko,
This Is Keyboard, Next "G" Device and a Silent "Kung Fu Slipper"
Deep down Dools is a sucker for a redhead girl, We have watched moments that are ..well UnSupercoach like ….. On behalf of the Dools "possie" Thank You
When he scribes to you he dose not beat us! and we are not subjected to the beer overspill and ciggy ash, nit to mention ……Thanks. Please free us we live in Australia! PS he is going with Pendles and Jelwood No Gary! He needs Help…..Got to go he is back from the fridge! False alarm he went to the toilet .
Im.. shit he is back


Deep Down I want to be a Pirate Merman so I can drown all the bloody stats and choose players for their ability to hold their breath I mean choose players cause they are solid..See(Sea) LOL


Hmmm Just read mutinous post… Not Happy ! That's it !….Dane Swan is in the Team …suck on that Keyboard


Dear Keyboard, Next G and Silent Slipper, I once fell in love with a red hell girl, but I went to see someone to cure me of my ginger disease – it worked wonders, it cured me of any disposition towards a ranga. So much so, I have never selected anyone that has a touch of orange in any profession, whether it be my local Doc, for investments, and never ever in the world of supercoach. I wish you will good folks to be freed from your capture!


Hahahaha Chicko no "hairstylists or redheads" in your team . I like that but the mumblings from a mutinous crew have been rewarded – We are going to the opening match at the 'G for the 2015 season!


Awesome write up. Will start for the Rainmen in 2015. As Ian Turpie would have said “The Fyfe is Right”


Gold Rainman! Didn't Turpie have one of the better cookie dusters going around on TV, it was a magnificent hair piece for his top lip, one could say he had a bit of mini wolf going on there!


Nice work Chicko.
Looks like a hung jury on the Wolf.

Potential for missed games makes him too risky to have him as a rnd 1 starter for mine.

And the debate re: to Gaz or not to Gaz will provide many a sleepless night.
Looking forward to that preview.


G'day Lost,
I was going to write something up and submit it but GAJ article/Post is such a tough one to submit.
I want the man to be brilliant I want GAJ to outshine 10 shiney , shiney things. Like the warm and cosy feeling I get when the rain is lashing down that hard the tiles sound like a tin roof, but I'm at home and dry!
Garry's greatness (in the present tense) was the header, but like so many greats before him am I expecting too much from his Greatness????? Or is it time I recognised others in his place (SC wise only) Or would an article on Rocket Eade be more appropriate? Ponderings and contemplations Hmmm
I'm "Off to the fridge!!" Let some one else do it, I want to get drunk and remember a champion!


Great work mate ,
LOCKED in and will win the the 2015 charlie mark my words 🙂


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