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Elephantiasis Aggots: Will yours be sizable enough to pick Tom Mitchell in 2015?

The interview with Johnny Bruyn in last year’s preseason was fantastic. I took 2 crucial decisions that needed to be made very seriously. He said you must pick Abblett, which I was 90% on but most likely that was the reassurance I needed. And I guess when he does go forward; he will win the Coleman & average 124. If you didn’t have him you were done in round 1.

The second important point was the decision between Tom Mitchell & Luke Parker. Big Johnny when asked the question said “I think Luke Parker is the one”. I didn’t listen & got punished. Effectively that decision ended my chances. Always listen to big Johnny.

Will Tom Mitchell become the SC beast we expect in 2015?

Given Sydney was exempt from trading in players until the COLA is scrapped Tom Mitchell will be seen as a new recruit. He lit a cigarette lighter between my cheeks in 2014 just as I hit the accelerator a little too hard & what a painful mess, but I’m not writing this fella off just yet.

2015 Price: $405,600
2015 Position: MID/FWD
Games last season: 6
Average last season: N/A
100+ games last season: 1
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range last season: $395K-$464K
Missed games last season: Round 5-21 Injury & no spot
Significant history: Barry Mitchellson’s son. Son of a gun father son selections pick 21 overall 2011.


Speaking with a Die hard Sydney fan & Blood brother post Grand Final I asked him the question of whether Tom Mitchell is a best 22 player. The response was emphatic. He had injuries & some poor form throughout the season, coupled with a balanced side playing well & the cards just didn’t fall right for him. ”Absolutely he’s best 22”. It’s hard to argue with that. Tom has chosen to stay with Sydney so it would be silly not to think he can get a game with a decent preseason under the belt.

There is no doubting this guy can seriously play. He’s a ball magnet & knows what to do with it. The particular interest comes from whether he retains the Mid/Fwd eligibility. Only 2 goals last season in 6 games have me worried he might not.

A significant slap across the face, like you would a red headed step child could spark this beast into action! But will it happen in 2015. Now with an upcoming fourth preseason under the belt Tom is about to enter his prime.

Risk Factor

Jesus, where do you start? Tom started last season with respectable 93-97 scores. From there it was downhill& then a complete disaster. 2 scores in the 50’s & a long term injury caused heartache for many including myself. Whilst that happened Luke Parker marched on to Elite status. So injury & form slump risk pose a selection nightmare to potential owners in 2015.

Selection Purpose

If your leaning towards stacking your midfield in 2015 then something has to give & value across other lines is paramount. Therefore saving 150K+ on Parker is something you will have to consider.

The Good

  • Where do you start!
  • Knows how to find the footy
  • Knows what to do with it
  • Elite potential
  • Can kick goals

The Bad

  • Where do you start!
  • Injury Risk
  • Form Risk

The Verdict

It’s a hung jury here. There are so many compelling reasons for & against. If you’re looking at a7-3 Midfield like Higgo is then something has to give. You will have to search for value elsewhere &Tom will present you with both arousal& nightmares! I think at some point & probably sooner rather than later this man will reach SC elite scoring power.

The challenge will be getting on at just the right time. If he retains the Mid/Fwd swinger status & retains a low price you must keep this fella on your potential bargain list. I used to love watching his old man play & I rate Tom’s talent more than his old man. If the cards fall into place this could be worth the gamble.

The Pieman loves a risk burger with the lot. At this stage I’ll be chowing down on this one if the Mid/fwd is retained, purely so I can stack my midfield! But it’s the pre-preseason so anything can happen!


Twitter: @paulmaltman


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Hilarious yet penetrating as always, Pieman. He would be a worthwhile risk in the Fwd line. In the midfield, that would require a bigger set of cajones.

All the promise is there. He's teased us yet never like holding hands for the whole walk. See how he comes out of the gate. Right now 75/25 if he's a fwd and 25/75 if he's a mid only.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agree with that assessment throts. Frustrating player to have on your list. Could be anything & could spud it up! Semi aroused. Looking forward to your next piece throts.


Thanks buddy. Should be in a couple days.

Agree. Mitchell is kind of player that wakes us up in the middle of the night…don't want to miss out on him yet don't want to get burned.


Great piece pie!Great piece pie!

If Titchell is a FWD – i'm very much considering him.
If MID only – NO NO NO!!!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Cheers TG. Mid only selection would be a very dangerous move.


Yeah same i had him this year ditched him early for Pav which was a pass not a win.
If keeps dpp will be value

General Soreness

Great write up INP. If he is picked to play round 1 he is a lock fwd for me at that price and DPP. As a mid only he is a "combination lock" i.e. if he fits within the midfield strategy at that price he is a lock. At a minimum he will maintain his value and the upside is mega, a dice I am prepared to roll, even after the scalding I got from him in 2014.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The scalding begs the question. So many calls to make & this will be right up there General! Loving the early call




If he is in the side round 1 and has mid/fwd then i will be getting on for another shot at him, Great work Pieman

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Did you have him rnd 1 this year Maso? Like my mates at nightclubs “go ugly early”. The next day you think twice!


yea i went the tich over parker 🙁


I had them both one win, one loss there. The thing was, if i waited 2 weeks i coulda got Harvey for $480k or whatever he was or R.Gray but i instead went Titch > Pav


Last year I was "Lucky" In the design to either get Tichell or go with Parker. Keyboard and next G device wanted Parker $468 K I thought I wanted Tichell $464 K He lasted 3 games glad my computer told me! Both were a punt on SC with no intention to keep for the season Parker accumulated approx. 100K for the year but his AVG was 108 plus he played every game.
So once again I will examine Tichell could this be his turn?
"To the Fridge!!" for me

Dustbin Feltchers

great write mitch and parker for round one last year….got mitchell back in for a final and he tonned it up for me..will be very keen if he is only 400k and a fwd…on the watch list


Pieman, you've given me a Mitch only Tommy will scratch! Completely agree, if he is a FWD and priced nicely, he will be welcomed to the Chumps 2015 with open arms. I started 2014 with Parker and Mitchell-son, and obviously burnt a trade rectifying one of them. Thanks for the article mate!


With Malceski gone I can see Mitchell getting serious midfield time this year as Mcveigh goes back to take Malceski’s role. Sydney really lacked a strong ball winner other than Kennedy in the gf. Mitch and Heeney in, and one of the outside runners Jetta or Lloyd out I reckon. Should be a great year for the Swans, better look at membership as its premiership time!