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If Haney doesn’t retain DPP – is he worth the spot?

TG Footy Tracgic - DexterPearce Hanley’s latest nickname is reportedly “pirate”. Will he hijack your Supercoach side in 2015? Is he related to Da Mad Irishman? Might have to follow that one up Jock!

Hanley, according to some, is the best Irish AFL player since Jim Stynes. He certainly has the ability to find the ball, but also has the “ability” to completely disappear when you need him (Rd14, 17, 22).

In 2014, Hanley was a DEF/MID Supercoach player. At his starting price, and DPP status – He found his way into 22% of teams. As a defender – he was one of the premium “locks” in our sides. But looking over his actual game time, he seemed to play a hell of a lot in the guts. On the team-sheets, he was named in the guts 9 times, the wing 4 times, half back 6 times and the back pocket once.

This is a 65-35 mid/def split. Now obviously, players named on team-sheets don’t always play where they’re named. I’m no Lions supporter, and I only watched a few Lions games, but the ones I did watch – he was in the guts. Combine this information and the fact he averaged only 2.3 rebound 50’s compared to 4.6 Inside 50’s in 2014. It’s a compelling argument to say he’ll be Mid only in 2015.

2015 Price: $557,700
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 103.8
100+ games last season: 10
Sub 80 games last season: 7 (2 injury affected & 3 from Tags)
Price range last season: $420K – $599K
Missed games last season: 2 games – 1 in RD 5 (Hamstring). 1 in RD 7 (Back Tightness)
Significant history: Averaged 95.7 in 2013, 90.68 in 2012
Never been suspended.
Drafted at pick 38 in the 2008 Rookie draft, Promoted with pick 95 in the 2009 National draft


There are no ifs, buts or maybes – Hanley is an outside player. Put a hard tag on him, and expect little output from him (50 – RD 14 FREO, 62 – RD 17 WCE, 77 – RD 22 FREO). Crowley made mince meat of him in his games against Fremantle, whereas Mark Hutchings tagged him in the RD 17 Eagles match.

A significant stat to look at: Pearce Hanley dominates in wins – averaging a staggering 128.86, compared to 90.2 in losses. That’s an almost 40 point gap. Now return Redden & Rich; add in Beams & Christensen; and another year into the kids… The Brisbane Lions are on the rise. Does this mean more points for Hanley? Who do opposition teams Tag? Pick from: Rockliff, Hanley, Dayne Beams, Zorko, Redden, Rich… Don’t tag Hanley – He goes LARGE more often than not.

Take out Hanley’s two injury affected games from rounds 4 & 6 (both sub 80) – and he averaged 109.67. Take out Hanley’s Tag affected scores (all 3 sub 80 scores) – he averaged 110.94. Take out all of his Injury affected and tag affected scores – he averaged an elite 119 from 10 tons, 3 90 scores and a 72. Not bad I say!

Of the stats that matter; Hanley kicked more often than he handballs, he averaged 4.8 marks, 3 clearances & 4.1 Tackles a game. He’s not the biggest goal-kicker, averaging 0.3 a game. He’s also no stranger to a clanger, averaging 2.7 a game.


Can get tagged out of a game. RDs 14, 17 & 22.
Soft tissue injuries are known to hit – Albeit minor.


If you were considering starting Hanley, keep him as a premium lock.
He could also be one to keep an eye on for the usual bye round upgrades, or picking him off after a dip in form or injury.
If he is a DEF/MID – LOCK HIM IN EDDIE! (confirmed position MID only)


  • 62 out of a possible 66 games in 3 years is a good sign he’ll be on the park more often than not.
  • Can rack up the pill. 7 30+ games in 2014 is a good thing.
  • Efficient. Dropped below 67% 5 times, with his lowest at 33%. Averaged 71% for the season.
  • If he is Dual position, will be in the top 6 defenders of 2015.


  • Can get tagged out of a game – see above.
  • Missed a few games in 2014 due to soft tissue injuries.
  • Most likely MID only.


If Hanley is Def/Mid – Lock. Most likely though – he’ll be Mid only, so I’m more on the fence. As stated before, Hanley dominated in wins in 2014. Add the class that comes back and the quality that has been traded in and Lions are sure to win more games in 2015. The more class injected into the Lions’ midfield should warrant less spotlight on Hanley, which is good for his scoring potential. With everything that has been stated above – I’m excited by his 2015 scoring potential, but as a mid only – I’ll prefer the safety and consistency of Selwood, Ablett, Pendles etc.
But I tell you – if Hanley does retain DPP next year. Trouser tenting 1st pick in defence LOCK!




Twitter: @TG_Footy_Tragic


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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With ya Dex, a mid-only at that price is a no. Plenty of others will offer a better value. You touched on the return of Redden and Rich, the arrival of Beams and Christensen, along with a another year into the kids (Aish, Lewy Taylor), will that mean less time in the guts for Pearce?

Could be an awesome POD though…

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Awesome research & analysis Dex. And I have to agree with you. In the guts only is a no. Retaining mid/def is more appealing. I am mindful of the arrival of the new boys. Could decrease his mid time & effect his scoring. I’d see him more as an upgrade target with the way things have changed at the lions. Top work Dex.


Agreed mate, with the swing set open he is a possibility, if not then a def no for mine


100% agree, if DEF he'll be the first premium I pick. If MID only, it's a NO. For what it's worth I reckon he will play a similar role to last year with Rich playing off halfback. The inclusion of Beams shouldn't negatively affect him too much (different type of player) I wouldn't have thought, and may even take the tagger away from him.


Excellent review Dex,
I started Pearce last year and I rode the roller coaster from 35 to 160 SC points. The difference in my opinion from previous years was the Tackles laid by him up around 40 from 50 (2013) to 81 for the year and the other key point indicators did not drop alarmingly to accommodate the game plan. Disposals Up, Marks Simular, Hit outs well up, Hand ball to Kick ratio is down but mitigated by the amount of time in the mids.
I started P.Hanley in 2013 also for a good return but this is 2015 ….
I will risk the ire of the SCGods if named a Def only he is in my team if he is named a Mid Def he is in. I will lay me testies on the line with this one if named a mid He is in…. Why? He is the Dangermouse of SC (And who did not wish they had him for a simular return last season) he (Hanley) is still learning the game , he has a big tank he can beast opposition and I think he is a genuine pick for 2015 even if named a Mid only.
Look forward to replies for or against his inclusion to your team. I will leave you with this he will be 26 (Perfect age bracket) next season. His AVG for 2012, 13 and 14 are 90 , 95 and 103 .
More research required "To the fridge!!"


I like it Dools, not sure I have the cajones to do it, but I like it!!! One things for sure if he is MID only (which is highly likely after seeing his I/50 and R/50 stats) he will be a massive POD….Supercoach is never one by those who play it too safe.


G'day Phil,
It is a massive risk, calculated, but risky but ATM I feel a bird in the hand is worth more then a what if from Bundy and Beams.


Hey Dools, nice use of the plum pump!
That will be some serious POD midfield.
Will be hard to look past some of the other Lions mid talent so suspecting ur starting midfield will look something like this: Hanley, Rocky, Beams, Redden, Beams, Rich, Beams, Bundy, Beams (is that too many Beams?).

Tbh the injury to Redden left a hole that the Pirate jumped into within minutes and plundered his way to SC folklore. Honourable mention to Zorko the Magnificent during this period too for his monster clearance work.
Both these lads proved themselves more than worthy mid-machines with Redden and Rich out of the picture.

There is some method to ur madness Dools as there is a reasonable chance that Hanley or Zorko may start the season in the thick of it, but as Redden returns I reckon that will be short lived. Beyond that I'm suspecting the Rocky and Beams show will take centre stage in any arena next year.

Whichever way you look at it, this Brisbane outfit will have so much talent in the engine room that opposition teams will be looking to invest in advanced stem cell research to perfect that cutting edge technology, loosely termed: Crowley Cloning.


G'day Lost
Madness and Method go hand in hand with this caper LOL I must be on a winner.
I get it that it has a very good midfield on paper : Why the amount of Bundies and Beams it could well be the name of a Brisvagas $5.00 Spirit happy hour lounge bar…..
Daniel Rich did his ACL Right Knee against GCS in Apr 2014 That is an entire year without footy if anyone thinks he will pick up where he left off and be a force Pick Him Avg 80 odd in / up to R3 in 2013 he missed 6/7 games from R6 to R12.
Jack Redden had 8 tons up to round 15 when it was discovered he has stress Fracture in his Left Ankle… Hmm Stress Fractures are a bio meachanic thing ie learn to walk again.
"The most important treatment is rest. Individuals need to rest from the activity that caused the stress fracture, and engage in a pain-free activity during the six to eight weeks it takes most stress fractures to heal.
If the activity that caused the stress fracture is resumed too quickly, larger, harder-to-heal stress fractures can develop. Re-injury also could lead to chronic problems where the stress fracture might never heal properly .In addition to rest, shoe inserts or braces may be used to help these injuries heal." American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons… So I see Vest stuff here
Allen "Bundy" Christensen played 9 games in 2014 from round 14 to 22 Avg around 90 mark but he is not a pill extractor he is an outside mid – forward with a back injury – Hmmm
I mention these 3 only as I do not see them pushing Hanley out of his role
So that's the method to the quirkiness for now
"To the fridge!!"


That's some pretty compelling diagnosis Doc.
That research lab must be the size of a small cool room to accommodate those medical texts as well as the Dancing Juice. 😛

Yeah I hear ya about Rich and Bundy, not really a fan of either of em, and yeah outside players at best.
Rich will be nursed, Bundy…who knows (did he pass a medical before they let him thro the gates?)

Gotta say that I'm in conflict with the American Academy and their bony babblings. I'm willing to wager my Honourary Doctorate in Oriental Footwear that Redden will rock the pre season and be cherry ripe for rnd 1. Word is that he's had a complete foot transplant courtesy of Bruce Reid.

Ps u got perfect blend of method and madness there Dools


The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons hand out Honorary Doctorates in Oriental Footwear. On line course in Cantonese just done it! Longest 20 mins online in my life. (Just bought a "Kung Fu Slipper" on the weekend )
Bruce Reid The retired left arm fast bowler test cricketer? or Dr Bruce Reid Essendon's Doctor??? Both would be funny as mate. As one was rarely fit and the other played VFL 3 games for Hawthorne and VFA for Preston, mind you Preston were Premiers back in 68 /69. remembered for the drug saga Sad really.


nah twas a cricketing reference to the great "Gaffer tape Man"


That my friend is AWESOME…Send for "Gaffa Tape Man' I see many a player held together with tie wire and said tape. Love the imagery mate
As Dr Peter Larkins once said " looks bad!!!" LOL


He's definitely a POD wild card if only a mid. Need to see the dynamic with the new, more robust Lions midfield. Think lot of those scores are "Lacking Lions" numbers. With the meatier SC team, will those same points be there?

To the fridge, indeed.


A Risk at this stage but I do not see him being pushed out for the reasons mentioned above.
PS Slipper and Keyboard are getting along quite well but still no "Talky talk" to Me or NextG device
PPS Kung Foo Slipper is quite small with an indiscernible pattern and smells like a toilet (maybe I should wash it )
PPPS I see Caddys' stocks going higher and higher at the Cattery
PPPPS "To the Fridge!!" more research and conversing with the Gods required


NIce work, mate.

Before the Beams and Christensen additions I would have likely taken him even if he was a MID only option, i'm that big of a fan of Hanley. Now, I might reconsider it. If he's a DEF, he's a L-O-C-K.


Cheers Fellas! Thanks for your insights. Bloody majestic community

I feel that if he is Mid only and with the incumbent players – he won't have as huge a gulf between good and bad games, but won't average high enough to warrant a place.

but as a defender – LOCK!


Killer job, Dex. Agree with you and the rest. Easy decision either way. How many of those will we have, right?

General Soreness

Great job as always Dex. Agree with everybody here Defensive Lock. Mid only, no! The odd spud game is very annoying when he is in your side so I am kind of hoping he is Mid only.


Outstanding Dex! Particularly enjoyed the game time positional stats. In heated agreement that if he is a MID only option then I think there are more consistent options elsewhere. If he is a DPP, then it's almost a no brainer. Great work Dex!


As a lions supporter I saw pretty much every game he played, that is I saw Hanley play midfield every single game. Absolutely no chance he will retain defensive eligibility this year unfortunately