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Supercoach 2014 podcastOFF SEASON? No such thing for the Community, especially the exceptional humans who donate to the cause. Click here for this month’s episode donors – or to sign up if you’re not yet onboard.


It would be the understatement of the century to say that there had been plenty happening in the way of Supercoach relavent player developments. Discussed in the month’s podcast;

  • Mitch Clarke
  • Tom Boyd
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Callan Ward
  • Adam Treloar
  • Christian Salem
  • Nick Malceski
  • Shaun Higgins
  • Adam Cooney
  • Jarrod Waite
  • Heritier Lumumbia. The Prince. The One Who Will Have The Last Laugh. And Is Gifted.
  • The Happy Little Elf
  • Hastings Caravan Park
  • Jock’s traditional Cox Plate day party trick involving a bone white china plate and doily

Genuine thanks to everyone who is able to donate and keep us doing what we’re doing. We’ll be deploying podcasts right through the off season so chip in now and reap the benefits!



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Thanks for the e-mail Jock,
Got on to the web thingy and had a good belly laugh at the antics of "The 3 Amigos"
However I feel a bit duded not by the podcast web thingy but an item I picked up off a man who purchased a slipper on E-bay. In a garage sale in Point Cook This weekend!
I bought a slipper for 2 bucks under the premise from the vendor that "This is Kung Fu Slipper" There is only one Kung Fu slipper I thought so I reached into me skyrocket and gave this very nice Asian man $2.00 in 20 cent pieces, he gave me a bag for another 50 cents. He said he need the money to go on retreat
The slipper had pride of place on the mantle – Until I heard Crouching One mention it in Podcast web thingy – Now the Slipper is or is not the real McCoy!!! I think there is a flood of 'Kung Fu Slippers" out there, for sale. Just wanted to warn the community…. Great show enjoyed it immensely going to listen to it again!


Hahaha. Think there's a wonderful spin off in the making…Slipper Meets Keyboard.


Great Pod cast men , no better way to get me through a Monday morning of work .


I'm in the man cave and have it on now, I'm firm down below and what I am about to hear!


Just finished 39 minutes of outstanding entertainment! Thank you for the mention Jock. Some incredibly sage advice, none more so than "grab Dick with both hands". GOLD!


Hi jock just wondering if we are going to get any free podcasts this preseason? I would love to listen to these ones but I can't afford to and my parents won't pay for me as they think that it is a waste of money.


Thanks mate will do love your work!!!

General Soreness

Ripping Podcast as always gents. Thanks for the shoutout. Further to the discussion re Dick, he appears to be a natural inside mid but doesnt have the size to go through there with any regularity and without size he will have a tendency to go sideways and therefore will lack any real forward penetration. This will resign him to a pinch hitting role down back.

General Soreness

On Harry O, its funny how when he changed his name he said that his first name meant "the heir" and his second name "was very famous in Congo" to now meaning "The Prince, the one who will have the last laugh and is gifted". When I look up Shane on baby names, I better start calling myself God's Gift, Jock you should be referring to yourself as "The Grace of God", and Peter you should call yourself "The Rock"………………….these are the names we could refer to ourselves as if we were flogs and judged ourselves by baby name meaning websites instead of as people….