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Young Gun. Can he take the next step?

Big Ben - a man on a missionJaeger O’meara is a beast of a man and one of the fittest young draftees I have seen in a long time. Coming off one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory, he had a big role in the midfield engine room at the Gold Coast Suns in 2014, especially when the great Gary Ablett Jr went down.

The Jaeger Bomb is a tough, hard hitting midfielder that is as good with the ball on the inside as he is running on the outside. He has strong hands and has great overhead marking ability that makes him a respectable target when he runs through the midfield and into the forward line.

2015 Price: $525,000
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 97.68
100+ games last season: 11
Sub 80 games last season: 5
Price range last season: $456K – $486K
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: Ranked 8th for total tackles, 4th for total inside 50’s
Solid run injury free
Drafted 1st in 2011 incentive AFL Mini Draft


Since his rookie season Jaeger O’meara has impressed many with his professional attitude to his footy. This is evidenced through his growth on and off the field and his respectable rise in point output in the fantasy realm. Although he is only heading into his third year at AFL level, it is of the general opinion that this young man will be a future superstar of the game


Any team that has a midfield comprising of so much young talent has the potential to steal points away from each other. With so many rising superstars of years to come pushing through the GCS roster, it may impact slightly on the scoring output of the individual.

That being said GCS also have a man by the name of Gary Ablett Jr AKA the Supercoach Messiah. Arguably the best player in the game, he often demands the pill and does the hard work himself.


If you were considering bringing O’meara into your team it would be based on him being able to take his game to the next level. His rookie season he averaged a very solid 90 followed by a rise to 97 in 2014. Although we do not have a ton of data to work with, it’s relatively safe to assume that he will push his average up over 100 points per game in 2015.


  • A solid midfield beast that has the fitness level of a fanatic
  • Has proven he can go large scoring well at Metricon with a 143 there.
  • He has a lot of young midfield support with the likes of Martin, Swallow etc
  • With the return of Ablett, he won’t cop the tag so is likely to push out some larger scores in 2015
  • Injury free consistency, plays a lot of football so by sheer weight in games would be worthy of a thought.


  • His midfield brigade taking some of his fantasy points
  • His price. At over $500K (confirmed price $525,000) you will be expecting consistent 100+ scores each week
  • Doesn’t like the MCG. He has some pretty sub-par scores at the MCG and averaged 79.33 in three visits in 2014.


Jaeger O’meara could easily be the next big thing in the Supercoach realms and there is no doubting his ability or his dedication to his profession. A lot of the time people that watch him often forget that he is only heading into his third season at the elite level and judge him on some of his inconsistent scores.

In 2015 I expect him to score larger and on a more consistent basis and see him averaging 100-110 for the season. Generally this is where I would say to ‘keep an eye on his pre-season’ however we all know he is going to train the house down and be ready come round one.

So without further ado and as the Black Eyed Peas would say: “I gotta Feeling”. He will have a huge year and make it into the ranks of Big Ben FC.


What are your thoughts on Jaeger for season 2015?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Nice write up BB. A definite third year breakout player for mine. He showed improvement in most key areas of his game this year (d.e%, marks, tackles, sc points) Would like to see him add a few more goals though. His estimated price is right on the edge for me. You hit the nail on the head when you say he needs a touch more consistency in pushing out those 100+ scores. I went with a 6 premo midfield at the start of last year and it worked well for me, could do a lot worse than having this bloke at M5

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Hard to make a case against that rip snorter Big Benny. Is this the year we get a bit Sun happy. Adding Malcheski whilst Thumper develops was exactly what they needed. Surely it's finals for the Suns this year. So we have to look at these blokes. Jaeger will be right in calculations. 22 games last season is important, that caused a thumper in itself. I didn't get that from even 1 of my starting mids in 2014, & that caused plenty of mid trades. Durable mids are oh so important. Superb analysis mate.


Right on, Double B! Think most felt he would get the 2nd year blues but didn't seem to affect him too much. Think the 5 sub 80s throw a bit of a red flag, yet if he can cut that in half and up his average another 10 points, it could be a splitting hairs.

O'Meara will be a gut call for many. Not a sure thing given what we know. Do think your point about getting Malceski in and Ablett back makes things much easier to do his thing. From the Suns game I watched, you can see a force in the making. Is his third year where we see it in larger quantities? Sure it will be a last minute gut call for Throtts if he makes it in. Rock solid review, Big Ben!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

He one of those guys Throts that you pic then he spuds it up first 2 games, then you ditch him before a big price drop & then he goes on a rampage! It's going to a tough call, but if any thrid year player deserves selection it's the Jaeger Bomb & or Ollie Wines. Interestingly Ollie Wines has played 24 games in each of his first 2 seasons, that's ridiculous!


Would love to see a comparison between the two in a future JR publication!


Ollie will probably be too expensive as well, Pieman. Wombats made the right move this season and bringing him in. Missed the boat.

Of the GCS mids, who is the most attractive this year? Bennell, Prestia or Swallow? Like the potential of the first two yet Swallow ended up delivering more consistently (22 SD vs 30HB & 25DP). We shall see, my friend the pieman.


Nice post Ben and enjoyable read.
I will not be considering young O'Meara for a few reasons…
520K Is a lot of coin for a 22 Year old who has undergone surgery to repair the patella tendons in both knees.
He will miss a chunk of preseason and I suspect be on a highly modified program when he does return.
That said he completed as Ben said all 22 games last year with the injury and he was on a very modified program for much of the year to nurse him through (The surgery would be season ending) which indicates to me a good 15 to 20 weeks for full recovery. Talented most definitely, played on manfully through the season, missed GAJ in the centre after his injury. If he were uninjured a possible pick.
D. Swallow is a more value pick from GCS – AVG 103 will be around 555K mark played all 22 games in 2014. He is the same age an Thumper. Most telling he had 9 tons up to R 15 (GAJ injury) with out GAJ he stepped up with tired legs surrounded by a tired team to score a further 3 tons 136 SC high in the loss to the Bombers R 22. By the way he won GCS best and fairest. He is the clubs second winner of the B&F the other 3 titles went to GAJ he is also a vice Captain of the club. – But more research required by me so "To the Fridge!!"


Enjoyable read and Jaeger was on my list to pick for next year's SuperCoach… until I learned that he will miss the greater part of the pre-season with his knee operation. I would place him on your watchlist for next year. I think he will be 'cherry-ripe' come the second half of 2015.


Yeah that injury/surgery is a bit of a deal breaker.

Even without the injury, I would be wary, considering the wealth of emerging mid talent.
The likes of Bennell, Prestia, Swallow and Martin will all be pushing heavily to steal points off each other.
Not to mention that other bit-part guy coming back from a shoulder.

My money is on the Meatball to step it up further but will keep an eye on the Bomb as he returns.

thanks BB


Nice writeup, BB.

Very interested in the Jaegerbomb for 2015. He could find his way into my starting lineup at this stage.

Seaford Scouse

Cheers BB! The Suns certainly merit close attention this year but too risky for me to start with at that coinage and in recovery mode. One to track as the season develops and if the Suns go bang next year then he’s one of many to consider from them. One things for certain when they do click into elite status that’s going good to be one scaryarse midfield!