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Mid-Price Defence option?

MasoPaul is going into his 4th season at the pies, he is a running halfback type of player with speed and precision kicking skills. He played 11 games in his debut season (2012) with an average of 44.7 and then stepped it up in 2013 playing 16 games averaging 78.9. Many had him ready to start in their 2014 teams but after an injury riddled 2014 campaign with a return of only 9 games at 67.6 some may have forgotten about this classy speedster.

We see that in his short career of 37 games he has only scored 100+ on 3 occasions (all in his 2nd year 119,126 & 145). These were also the only games where he had 25+ disposals. Now you may be thinking what the hell are you smoking Maso but stick with me – I’m sure I can convince you to at least consider him for your 2015 backlines.

2015 Price: $363,100
2015 Position: DEF
Games last season: 9
Average last season: 67.6
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 4
Price range last season: $375k – $425k
Missed games last season: 13 (1-10 Hip injury, 19-22 Adductor)
Significant history: Only going into his 4th season so not a lot of history but what I do like from my defenders is efficiency and Paul’s has only gone up since debut.
2012 – 70%
2013 – 76.7%
2014 – 79.5%


Risk Factor

Always a risk picking players in the mid-price bracket, but with only 10 mil salary cap sometimes you just have to take a risk or two.

Selection Purpose

Picking Seedsman in my team I would be hoping for a 80 pt. average and looking at having him in my side for at least ¾’s of the season then upgrade to a superstar later or even playing him at D6 for the entire season if he can hold that 80+ average.

The Good

● Will get more opportunities in 2015 if injury free
● Efficient with his Disposals (75% career Avg.)
● Loves to run and carry (ranked 3rd for bounces in 2014)

The Downside

Besides the fact he has missed a lot of footy over last 12 months I don’t really see a lot of downside to him. I mean yes his a mid-pricer but then again he is also a defender and you can’t trust to many of them to consistently hold 100 point averages, at 350k (confirmed price $363,100) at worst he might cost you a correction trade to a missed rookie in the early rounds.


A lot of changes happening at Collingwood but Lumumba leaving means the pies will be looking for somebody else to give that dash on the outside to run and carry out of defence, this is why I believe Seedsman will be given more opportunity to use his speed and efficiency which will result him being able to get his average disposals from 16 closer to 22 per game making him a key link between defence and attack giving him more likely hood of scoring 80+.

So providing he gets through a full pre-season and is ready to go round 1, Paul Seedsman is LOCKED AND LOADED in Maso’s Muppets for 2015

What’s your thoughts on Paul Seedsman in 2015?


Twitter: @Maso_78


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Itchy Nuts Pieman

Very interesting Maso. Lamumba leaves a void Seedsman is well placed to fill. You certainly have made a case. Picking those mid pricers due to break out is a tough business. But this one has method to the madness. Quality Maso. Certainly one to think about

General Soreness

Great write up Maso, adding him to the watchlist now. Wasnt even in my mind until now, loving these articles for that. Very interesting indeed the great thing about run and carry players is they tend gain metres and tend to send the ball inside 50 meaning the maximise their points for fewer possessions. Will be interested to see if they will go with him over say Varcoe, Williams and a fit Toovey and Fasolo.


Yep on the money General.
Throw in Langdon for good measure and u have the makings of a lottery with some pretty sour odds.

Fwiw this is a sterling write up Maso for as much as it gets the curve ascending on those handful of mid pricers that we might entertain but also continues to stir the pot on strategy.


I was wondering how you were going to spin some gold with Seedman, but you have, Big M.

$350K is still a bit high for R1 inclusion given his knack for knocks. Potential is there for sure. Mr. Cripps, could you please step aside and let Mr. Seedman in. Best case he teases with a couple 90+ in R1-2 and slot him in as a corrective.


Excellent piece Maso!
I, however, don't see him as a lock… A lot of water needs to flow under the bridge for that!
I see Varcoe, Toovey and Williams having higher JS.

Seeds would need to come out cracking to sway me – Still, its a bloody cracker piece!

James Sykes

interesting proposal Maso, very interesting.

I just keep thinking of Shaun Atley and the troubles he provides.

The hardest thing in fantasy in predicting the 70 average defender who is going to break out in the next year.

Almost better waiting for form guides to start to appear….but even then it changes from start to end of the year….Jaensch anyone?

Defenders are just pot luck. Best sticking with those with mid swing options……..

General Soreness

OMG Shaun Atley……….promised plenty delivered squat. Very true re picking break out players and comments re maintaining the form. Imho the best Defenders SC wise are midfielders.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agree General. It's simply Pot Luck. 200-400K is awkward. Be ultra cautios of anyone in that space.


Too work Maso. I’m in the camp that the General in that it’s a bloody tough price bracket in the $200-$400k, rather than pick two mid pricers, I suspect you get better results by picking one premium and a decent rookie. Had got me thinking though Maso!


Sorry and Pieman – The great pieman! I’m in heated agreement!


Thanks Maso Good read and good sell,
But I think the price is difficult if that is his true value but I will keep an eye out for him Pre-season at this stage he is not a walk up starter, Just like GAJ….. need to see more for 2015..


Good write-up. Seedsman wont make my team in 2015, as I agree with the rookie & gun theory, particularly in the backline.


Top read Maso. I always try and find some value in the backline.
Depending on pre seasons, either Seedsman or Docherty penciled in.


Was quite keen on Seedsman last season, will definitely come into considerations for my SC Draft team but will be avoiding the mid pricers in the backline for regular SC. Picking a couple proven premos at the start and working the top 6-10 defenders in will be the way to go again.


Thanks everyone im glad ya's liked it , been of the grid for a couple days enjoying some R&R in the bush 🙂
As always price and salary cap always plays a huge part in how much risk we take, also since i wrote the article the pies did pick a few handy players .