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“The Extractor”!

General SorenessPatrick who, that was my first reaction when starting to think 2015 (around week two of SC finals) when his name popped up thanks to Wombat:

Hi General, re 2015 I reckon young Paddy Cripps could be a low priced/wookie mid option

That is more than enough to have piqued my interest so I began my research. At 190cm and 88kg he is the pinup of the modern day midfielder, tall and strong. Nicknamed at Carlton “the Extractor” which I presume relates to his ability to get the footy at stoppages and not his ability to allow exhaust gases to flow more easily, but who knows, it is a footy club after all.

Carlton has likened him to Diesel Williams for his lack of pace and endurance which he counters with smarts and great disposal. Massive call to compare the kid to one of the best extractors to have played.

Debut in round 4 against Melbourne after a 34 possession game in the VFL the prior week. His debut produced a supercoach score of 74 from 17 disposals (12 by hand) and 5 tackles. His second match against the Doggies was forgettable (21 points from 7 possies) when he was subbed out replaced by Juddy who reinjured his hamstring.

The Extractor was not seen again in the AFL until round 23 when he started in the vest and came on in the fourth quarter against Essendon producing 23 supercoach points from 3 touches and 3 tackles.

Between rounds 5 and 23, the extractor missed 7 VFL games with a broken leg from round 8-15, in the games he did play he had 3 games with 25 touches or more, kicked multiple goals on two occasions.

2015 Price: $211,400
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 3
Average last season: 39.3
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range last season: $157k
Missed games last season: 7 games of VFL with Broken leg rounds 8-15
Significant history: Pick 13, Carlton’s first selection 2013 National Draft
He averaged 30 possessions a game for the WAFL Colts
Averaged 19 disposals and 6.2 clearances per game in the U18 competitions.
Under 18 All Australian 2013


Carlton sees the extractor as the Juddy replacement with the ability to get the ball and dish it off to the likes of Murphy and co. I expect that he will see a lot more game time in 2015 especially given that Carlton have conceded they are not in “the window”.


Like with all Rookies there is the risk that they don’t get game time or a vest affected. In his second year with a solid first year behind him, 2nd preseason etc I expect that there will be less sub affected games and the extractor will find himself in the thick of things a great deal more.

No significant injury history to cause concern on picking him in your side. Lack of tank may see him miss games or pump out some shockers from fatigue.


Second year Rookie selection at less than his first year starting price makes him tempting. Look to bring him in ride the price rise and then ditch the extractor and upgrade to a turbo.


  • Solid disposal and clearances = supercoach scoring
  • 2nd year rookie and discounted price
  • Wombats likes him
  • Likely to be a POD with people sticking to first year rookies at similar or less price


  • Rookie of unknown quantity
  • Goes by hand over foot affecting supercoach scoring
  • Potential vest candidate


If Carlton have managed to install a half way decent tank in this kid to enable him to maintain AFL pace and endurance he could be an absolute star. It worries me that he goes by hand significantly more than foot but appears to counter that in other game areas such as clearances. The extractor is a must for your watchlist to see how his second preseason has gone into providing him with a tank and potentially how Carlton intends to utilise him. If he is playing significant midfield minutes preseason with good output and is picked to play round 1 I would put him in your side. If not, leave him on your watchlist as a potential downgrade target later in the season. A better than 50/50 prospect at these early stages given he is a second year player.


What’s your call on Patrick Cripps in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Geez, after delisting Robinson, McLean and Lucas you'd think this kid would be a fair chance to get a game come Round 1.


Leave it to Wombats to inspire a review. And, as always, the General delivers. He's intriguing, especially given the points Barron makes above. He'll see time. Whether he's vest or not will probably depend solely on how well the Extractor does preseason.

Off topic, Jock suggested that the AFL may do away with the vest. I hope he wasn't joking…


Crap. Was seriously hoping for some extra love this season. Like most joys, will have to wait.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Well that's an eye opnener general! 2nd season & bargain price & as mentioned by the Baron the delsting of the 3 other lads has that man high on my watchlist. Super stuff General.


Majestic piece General! Kudos to Wombats for the suggestion.

Didn't even think of Cripps until now.
Definitely a watch-list candidate.


That's a balltearer General! Just two days ago I read an article on Cripps and paid scant regard to it, but your article has me thinking he is a no brainer. On the short watchlist he goes and firmly into consideration. Thank you my good man. I'm interested to see how he goes vs. the new recruit from GWS in Weird-hairdo Whiley.


I like Crippsy – high on the watchlist. The endurance will have come on this season and while speed is a negative, I think even the floggiest AFL list manager now realises that FOOTBALL BRAIN and EXTRACTION is a valuable commodity. I'd agree – around 60/40 for me at this stage. Goes without saying General – beautiful arrangement of words.


Same, definite watch list material, great write up mate


Thanks GS great heads up on another forgotten debutant from last year.
Football Brain in a 19 YO speaks volumes. He has identified a perceived weakness(Speed) and turned it into a positive (time and spatial awareness). This oozes class and the upside is value given the departures from Carlton.
He is on the Watch list.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

What really works to advantage is Carlton is 1st up. We will know if he’s playing & if he’s sub with time to react. Marvellous. Makes him all the more relevant!


At $140k he would be a tremendous bargain, however, Supercoach tends to be a lot less generous with the injury discounts for guys who have a low average to begin with. Best points of comparison are:
Jared Polec, 2013 average of 32 (from 1 game) given a 2014 starting price of $172k (no injury reduction),
Xavier Ellis, 2013 average of 21.5 (from 2 games) given a 2014 starting price of $159k (predicted starting price is $116k, I believe the actual starting price was based on a 50% discount from his 2012 average of 59)
Dom Tyson, 2013 average of 44.7 (from 3 games), given a 2014 starting price of $216k (10% injury reduction)
I think Tyson is the most comparable player given the number of games and average. Hence I would predict a starting price more like $190k (10% injury discount).
He would be a certainty for me at $140k but at $190k I will need to see substantial midfield time in the preseason and good job security as he will be up around the most expensive of this year's draftees


great analysis Tom. Hell – that would be interesting if he came out around the 200K mark. Makes it a huge decision


Ball magnet……Check
Rookie priced (we hope)……,Check
Mature body………Check
Opportunity due to players leaving…..Check
Coach has history of playing kids……Check
Where do I sign up?


agree. He looks a real option.

Rayza Ray

Lock Gentlemen Lock!


Estas apps dejan crear páginas con botones de selección.

Phat Phuc

Brilliant find General!
The bloke breaks his bloody leg and still gets back to play AFL the same year!
If footy fans needed an actual example of how we have cleaned up labours mess this is it.


Thanks for the wrap General. I gotta stop thinking out loud at this place, I just lost my low priced season starting POD