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Father Son Prospect: Darcy Moore

Straight up I will say that Darcy Moore is a key position junior. But before you give up on reading this article I want you to do something. Have a look at the 2013 draft order. Specifically picks 18-71. That’s how you made a guns & rookies team. Then look at the same picks from 2012. You will be horrified!

If you’re not in the bottom of the shower trying to scrub the dirt off – you’re stark raving mad. We got away with it in 2014. With the price changes for rookies, understanding the top end of the draft is critical now. They are most likely to play.

Pieman was planning to write this article on junior gun & top 10 pick Matt Scharenberg – who Mark Williams rated as the best junior footballer he’d seen since Wayne Carey. A glowing assessment from Choco. An injury plagued 2014 with Navicular Bone removal was further compounded by an ACL in just his fourth game back. He won’t play in 2015. Truly shattering, I couldn’t wait for him to get out there. He would have been rookie priced due to injury instead of $200k in 2014.

A beast is coming but can he warrant SC selection in 2015?

Let’s look forward to a big addition to the Magpie stable. Pieman has been tracking this young man for 3 years. He is father son recruit & man mountain Darcy Moore.

Darcy is the son of Dual Browlow Medallist & former Magpie captain Peter Moore who played 177 games for the Pies & 77 for Melbourne. Not enough for him to qualify to Melbourne father son. And make no mistake Darcy isn’t just a son of a gun, he’s a gun of a son.

Earlier in the year 6 of the top recruiters had Darcy as the number 1 pick. And with good reason, he’s a monster who plays as either a key forward or key defender. Already standing at a whopping 199 centimetres he’s a big unit who takes towering grabs & kicks long. Very long.

And if you’d like to see his Arial prowess look no further than his grab in the TAC cup prelim. It’s well worth a look. It was a massive hanger, a majestic grab. It was not something you would expect to see from such a big bloke.

The Pies have had to part way with pick 8 (pick 9 now) in the draft. When the Bulldogs threw down pick 5 there was no hesitation to grab the big fella with a first round pick.



Height: 199 cms

Position: Swingman Key FWD/DEF

DPP Likely: Yes FWD/DEF

2015 Price: $182,300

Likely to play in 2015: Absolutely at some point.

Sub Prospect: No chance.

Likely Points Av: 40-80 PPG

Risk Factor

Make no mistake this fella is no midfielder racking up numbers. He is a KPP & not likely to post large numbers consistently. Having said that, he takes towering grabs, & is spoken in the same breath as Joe Daniher. Big grabs can total good points. But will he take enough to warrant selection. That is the question. Also worthy consideration needs to be factored in to the tall timber the Pies have. Nathan Brown will return. So with Lachlan Keefe, Jack Frost & Nathan Brown in Defence, And Cloke, Ben Reid & Jesse White up forward is there an immediate place for the strapping lad. There could be too much tall timber to play him.

Selection Purpose

The fact that he is likely to be a rookie with DPP adds significance to his selection. Parked on your FWD or DEF bench could be handy especially if another DEF/FWD hits the radar. He would certainly only be a cash cow. But how fat can he get remains to be seen.

The Good

  • Very likely for DPP
  • Takes huge grabs
  • Enormous Kick
  • Goal kicker
  • Fantastic Athlete
  • Could get the 4th best FWD or DEF
  • Pies will want to get him on the park

The Bad

  • Not likely to post high possessions or points
  • A lot of Tall timber in front of him.

The Verdict

As Mad Mick said at the pub (add Irish accent): “your team depends on the rookies”. He’s absolutely right. One day or season we will be forced to go left field, the cheap rookies won’t be there round 1. If a lack of the young fellas come through like 2013 then you have to look at Darcy. He’s a gun & his Dad won 2 Brownlow’s. Add him to your preseason watch list, he’s got great pedigree & will be a star.

It’s a NO at this stage. But a lack of rookies into round 1 could seriously change that.

Anyone beg to differ?


Twitter: @paulmaltman


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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As an anti-KPP supercoacher, it's unlikely that I'll start with him. His price puts him in that onfield rookie position, once he is on the bubble and his scoring range can be judged he could be a downgrade option to cover an injury/under performing mid pricer.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Couldn’t agree more big Kev. I was praying he slip to round 2 but it didn’t happen. Would have made him a Moore attractive proposition. But in the 170’s it’s a corrective at best.!


If DPP and around 170K seriously will look at but I will reserve judjement until a game is played.

Rookies are Make or Break for 2015 as they where in 2012 when GWS came on the market. We were spoilt for choice back then but not anymore. The top 10 draft picks are expensive with the top pick going for 200k plus but do not beleive the hype “Ready Made”

We pick the lads as they reach the bubble only to see them rested for a few making your investment redundant!! Stop gap players at best!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I think we wll be spoilt for rookies next year making Darcy irrelevant. This draft bats very deep.

General Soreness

Great write again INP, very exciting prospect for Pies supporters, much less exciting for supercoachers and I along with yourself will be a No even with DPP. I am with the comments above that at best he is a corrective. If he lives up to expectations his supercoach relevance is a little further into the future.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

When he fills out he could be anything. Half as good as his Dad would mean a brownlow!


Gee whiz, i'm excited – big kev style!
DM's SC prospects are meh, but for my beloved Pies, i'm tenting!

Excellend, detailed write-up Itchy. bloody sensational.

Agree. Corrective, if anyting.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Cheers TG. Let's hope Derek makes the most of pick 5 & pulls out another Pendles. That pick 5 was a cracker! I've had a tent for 3 years folling DM. Natural tallent to the MAX! Will be inetresting to see where he plays. He's good either end.


Bloody Oath!
I'm liking Laverde and or Durdin as our pick. height in the midfield seems to be our achilles.
Don't know enough about to Crisp to know if he's good or not.
Petracca is a monty for 1, but if we can get him… I may pass out from lack of bloodflow to the brain…
"Dekka" Hine is a genius…

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Petrecca wont be there. Laverde is the word, sounds like he could be very handy. Dekka is a quality recruiter, up there with the best. Langdon in the 60's last year, thank you. I rembember the Sidebum Beams draft. He agonised over who to pick at 10. The 10 goals sidebum kicked in the TAC GF won him over. I watched that game & couldnt beive Sidebum was still there. When he got to pick 29 & Beams was still there he couldn't spit his name out fast enough! Hopefully he pulls out some more beauty's!

General Soreness

I have also heard Laverde at 5 for the Pies. Tom Langdons brother Ed is in the draft this year, also tipped to go to the pies.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Also TG, Durdin is a Key position player. We have a surplus so it's going to best Mid avaiable for sure.


I didn't realise he could play both ends…..that changes a few t


A few things. As a KPF even if he got a go somehow (with Cloke, White & Reid) I see a 50 average at best. As a defender however, with a booming kick on him, I could see a much better average, quite possibly 70, with less competition for spots. So Collingwood supporters and other supporters alike, where is he more likely to play?

General Soreness

I see him more as a key forward, contested mark, crashes packs and burst speed, therefore can lead, pack mark and is a big unit one on one. Unlike Cloke he is not a spud when kicking for goal either. He may even pinch hit ruck I would imagine. He got a far bit less of the pill as a defender playing mainly as a lock down body on body type.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The spot I can see him most likely taking is Jesse White’s. And he can swing with Reid if need be. I don’t think you can play all of Cloke White Reid Grundy Witts Brown Frost O’Keefe & Moore. Would not be enough runners in the team.

General Soreness

Great question Phil, provided my 2c keen to see others thoughts.


Great write up mate, will definitely keep an eye on him


The whispers I'm hearing tell me that the draft won't bat very deep this year. If that's the case, $170k and a DPP status (if true) give me half a bar. With La la la la la Lamumba gone in 2015, I see a hole opening up down back for a mobile man-child like Moore to fill.

Will keep him on my scouting list for the pre-season to see what they do with him.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

G’day slabsy. I’ve heard from quite a few there a more than 50 players that could make AFL standard. History says no way but Port is certain they will still get a good player with there first pick in the late 50’s. It’s very risky to have your first pick that late. So due diligence must be quality lingering late. Getting Ryder is not worth missing an entire draft year.


Pure magic, Pieman. And loved the way you teased it yesterday in your Dunn comments.

Our season rides on how well we select and utilize our rooks. Your golden insight about picks 18-70 tend to be your value picks is what I'm going to focus on this season.

Love the thoroughness of your Moore review, especially since TAC games don't make it on YankTV. From what you say, think Jessie White's leash just got significantly shorter. See Moore coming in pre byes and not leaving. Agree with the esteemed commenters above he is a corrective, wait'n'see trade after his 3rd game. Bang up job, Lord of Pies!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Cheers throts. I’ve got my conch & Jesse White will be looking over his shoulder. Might wake him up. But I’m certain he will get a run at some point. How about an Anzac Day debut when Essendon is playing 8 short HA


HAHA. Can only imagine how tented you'd be! (did I use "tented" correctly?)


2014 draft first round KPP sc averages – Boyd = 44.6 , McCarthy = 49, Apeness = 44
2013 draft first round KPP sc averages – Plowman = 42.2, Daniher = 50.6, Jaksch = 33
2012 draft first round KPP sc averages – Patton = 45.3, Tomlinson = 48.2
2011 draft first round KPP sc averages – Day = 34.3, Lynch = 52.7, Darling 69.5
Given the above is anyone actually contemplating Moore now? At least a few of those guys had more talent and better job prospects than Moore and most came with a much friendlier price. Only Darling was a worthwhile pick.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Quality research Tom. It’s very easy to think Darcy will fall into that category. I think general consensus is corrective if anything. It would take sizeable spuds to pick him straight up!


Agree but even that can be a trap, I remember picking up Daniher after his 98 against GC last year only for him to be a suprise omission against West Coast the following week. We didnt see him again for 4 more weeks and he only ended up playing 5 games for the season. Moral of the story is tread very carefully with KPP rookies. Good write up by the way