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 One and Dunn?

“By seeking and blundering we learn.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

ThrottlefingerI put Lynden Dunn on my team last season. Not, mind you, before his value skyrocketed and he was the highest priced defender in Supercoach ($559K Round 16!). I had Lynden Dunn on my team…from…the…beginning…of…the…season.

(Will pause and let the mocking laughter die down)

Why did I put someone whose best Supercoach average was 82.. only averaged a putrid two tons per season.. and played on a team so bad that it seemed like a real-life version of the movie Multiplicity with a team of Josh Bootsma clones?

Preseason 2014 was the reason. Roos had the boys energized and playing more aggressive, disposal-heavy footy. 445 disposals v the Tigers. 444 v the Cats. Dunn had 20 and 25 of them each game.

Sure it was preseason but Dunn had an emerging look about him. Given this and sexy $444K price tag, Dunn seemed like a good risk.

And the first 6 rounds he made me look like Jock at champion-level arousal. Dunn averaged 92 a game with a high of 133 round 6. Then Roos moved him to the forward line. And that’s when the pant soiling began. 3 sub 80s in a row. In fact, around the house when my youngest daughter had an accident in her pants, I call it having a “Dunn-Dunn.”

So I offloaded. Immediately after Roos moved him back to the backline and Dunn went on a rampage. 116, 145, 149 (career high) and 97. It was almost like the SC gods were smiting me for dookie-fying the name of a loyal subject.

Well enough of my sad sack story. Let’s pop a squat on the data toilet and give the arse of Dunn a good Supercoach wet wiping.

2015 Price: $458,100
2015 Position: DEF
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 85.2
100+ games last season: 5
Sub 80 games last season: 12
Price range last season: $560K (R16) Lo: $338K (R22) Standard Deevy 29
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: Ranked 3rd in Total Rebound 50s 2014 (100)
Ranked 9th in time on field 2014 (96.3%)
Ranked 1st amongst rising stars in Goals 2006
Rumoured to line skivvies with discarded onions



Last season Dunn had his best year in the AFL. He raised his average from 82 to 85. His marks total went significantly up from 67 to 125, and went ton a career-high 5 times.

On the more blood curdling side, he laid Dunn-Dunns all over the field by going sub-80 a sack-punching 12 times. Equally alarming, his tackles average went from 5 to 1. Those type of Dunn-Dunns are hard to wash out!


As we all know, non-mid eligible defenders are always a risk. Ol’ Throtts thought he was taking a calculated one with young Lynden. Turned out a bad mistake.

Does having a career-best SC average, another year under the magical Paul Roos and getting new support from newbies Sam Frost and Prince Heritier make him worth considering?


Lumumba is the kind of quicksilver, strong-minded half back that you would love to have in your back line corp. For someone who prefers kicking to handballs like Dunn, it may give him a better playmate in starting the chain down the field. Looking at Dunn’s worst game where his TOG was 95% and only got 10 disposals and 5 marks, he could use the help.


  • Prefers to kick the pill (12 vs 5 handballs a game)
  • Field rat. Rarely leaves the game
  • Forward play may lead to being the rare Def/Fwd DPP (confirmed position DEF only)


  • Sucky suck sub 80 scores. Top 3 lowest: 45, 47, 56!
  • Other than rebound 50s, doesn’t do much in other SC-relevant categories
  • Forward line fiasco. If he moves up, you SC scores goes down


To put it simply, Dunn-Dunn me once, shame on you. Dunn-Dunn me twice, shame on Throtts.

Even if he gets DEF/FWD eligibility and his price was $100K less, it wouldn’t be enough to erase the memories of last season and give Dunn another go. Or put on my watchlist. Dunn would need to capture our attention in the first two rounds with 110+ scores to warrant even that consideration.

In the glass half full take, I can see Dunn upping his average to 90-95. But it will be a PAINFUL 90. The odd 120+ ton that will be offset by a batch of sub 60s. In other words, pure Supercoach hemorrhoids. And like those bum bumps, Dunn’s results will make the season hard on the backside…in more ways than one.


Community, what’s your take on Lynden Dunn?


Twitter: @throttlefinger


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
This article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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You always make me smile, TF. Super write up. Admittingly I never looked twice at Dunn in 2014. Having a player from the Dees in my line up was something I couldn't stomach…

Are his forward forays a thing of the past? Not sure on how the demons will line-up up front in 2015. Will Lumumumumba take some of the rebound 50's off him? (Which, as you pointed out, was his main SC scoring avenue)

IMO a defender under 500k should at the very least be watch listed, even at the bottom of said list. If he gains DPP eligibility then he might move up a few rungs. Maybe….

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Love it throts. The Dunn Dunn, majestic! It was hard not to notice some of those big scores he put up. Still it’s a no. And if your not sure tell yourself you’d need to watch melbourne games. That makes it an emphatic NO! The scarcely opinionated Prince Hertier could effect his output & his time spent in the shower. Quality throts. Thoroughly enjoyable read


Throttle you are bloody belter old mate – great write up. Need to ask mate. You must carry around the old spuds in a wheelbarrow starting with Dunn Dunn last year? Sensational get. A Hell to the No from me as well

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The Dunn Dunn has a great likeness to the Dung Beetle. Carrying the [email protected] around him!


Great write up, only though might be he could be used as a good stepping stone mid season if he is moved to the forward line for a number of games in a row and his price does drop 100k+ then could be picked up as soon as they list him in the back line and hopefully pick up some of that 200k difference between lowest and highest he had this year along with a number of tons before off loading him for a more reliable back line player. Certainly a non-starter for me

General Soreness

TF you masterful wordsmith another great write up from the foreign correspondent. This man would never have even entered my consciousness but for this write up which is what makes them great. I concur on the Hell to the No, I have seen Melbourne play which is not good, and he is not one of their best which is worse. 12 @ sub 80 is enough to make a grown man cry into his bourbon. Clearly you are madder than Mick to have picked him this year.


Magnificent work again Throtts!

Dunn-Dunn in the SC team, too bloody right! Not on my watchlist, not even considering his crapiness.

I eagerly await your next article.


As the fine man him self says – There is no off-season!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Right now is more important than season proper. Throttle have a look at picks 18-40 in last years draft. That's where most of the rookies came from this year. Apparantly this draft bats deep. So research picks 18-55 this draft. The value section. The word is down to pick 55 are good. I am almost certain this is the range our rookies will come from in 2015. The Pieman has been doing his research!


Ahh, I love the smell of toilet humour in the morning…

Best player review yet!
Anyone who can blend this level of satire with in depth analysis, gets a tick in my book.

As for Dunn-Dunn, its a big brown X.

Will keep a sneaky eye on the fresh prince tho (he looks to be taking nothing but blue pills).

James Sykes

nice write up throtts! top shelf stuff.

definitely hell no!


I have been itchin' to reply since I read the article this morning TF.
But words still fail me, Computer and Next G device are baffled by the selection to kick off the season but it worked and I liked it.
Good oil mate, Keep it coming


Certainly Not Prince The chosen one NO WAy !!!! Small y used deliberately …. 28 years old (Next Month), New Team, I mean it's the Demons for Jocks Sake!!!!
Year in review: AVG 78 Hmmm less then inspiring Games played 21. most of those late after R5 I think were abysmal scores 57, 40 s, and a magnificent 37 low low point!!! also I'm sure he had a good start to the season 3/ tons until round 6 when he peeked at $487K a 10 Grand increase from purchase price round 1 and then went down faster then a $2.00 Hooker.
2013 he AVG 88 Improved the tons (got 2) but the lows are still there…
So I am full of optimism for 2015. I mean he cut his hair, changed his name hell he has even changed teams from a powerhouse V8 to a Prius. He may be the "choosen one" but NOT in my Team.
He is a self licking icecream, The more he makes headlines other then football the bigger the icecream factor, everyone who does not have it wish they did. NOT Me. Until he plays footy like a born again rebounding defender….. he is Dunish in fact I'm dunne I would pick Lynden over him and he ain't on the RADAR!!!! Just so you know Dools passed out a long time ago!
Keyboard and Next G


Hey next G and Keyboard here
"we remember" Good times