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Young Midfielder – Too giant of a risk?

Big Ben - a man on a missionDylan Shiel is an up-and-coming young midfielder with the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

The man once likened to Chris Judd for his speed and polish is looming as a potential leader at the club in the coming years.

He struggled with an injury in the first part of the 2014 season however returned to great form managing to up his point’s average as the year progressed.

2015 Price: $509,400
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 17
Average last season: 94.76
100+ games last season: 7
Sub 80 games last season: 5
Price range last season: $407K – $487K
Missed games last season: Rounds 2 & 6 with Quad Injury
Significant history: Scored 100+ last three games of the season
Ability to score 130+ early in his career

Underage recruit 2011


As one of the most physically mature young midfielders at the Giants, he provides not only a strong body around the contest but also a powerful burst away from congestion. Like most third-fourth year players, the ex-Dandenong Stingray excels on the track and should have a big pre-season under his belt which will increase his workload efficiency and tank.


Shiel is only in the early stages of his career and as we have seen in the past, younger players often pump out inconsistent scores. In 2014 he did push out a couple of 60’s and 70’s as his scoring output fluctuated significantly.


Let’s keep this simple: If you were going to pick Shiel you would do so predicting he is going to have a break out year and tear it up. His price will likely be around the $500K mark (confirmed price $509,400) which is quite a bit of moolah for someone you aren’t sure can pump out 100+ each week.


  • Has a mature sized body for a young midfielder with the best part of his career in front of him
  • He is a tough nut around the contest and doesn’t mind throwing his body around to win the pill
  • Has explosive speed out of the midfield
  • Is in an up-and-coming young GWS side thirsty for success


  • Inconsistent score output
  • Young and has the odd injury, missed a chunk of 2014
  • Can the Giants get hold of the ball more next season and play some good footy?


I can see Shiel becoming one of the premier midfielders in the competition in the coming years and most AFL teams would love to have him. His 2014 campaign was derailed early on due to injury however he came back with good success finishing the season off with some pretty decent scores. The jury is still out for Big Ben FC as to whether or not Shiel will make the final cut but I will still keep an eye on him.

What are your thoughts on Dylan Shiel?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC


THE 2015 SUPERCOACH OFF SEASON SERIESAFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Itchy Nuts Pieman

Nice one Big Ben. With so much uncertainty in the GWS camp at the moment I think it will be hard to pick them. Some of them might have there heads back in Victoria already. Tom Boyd paved the path back home. As much as I thought 2015 was the year to start looking at your Treloar's Shiels etc….I'm cautious now.

Seaford Scouse

Ah Jock me old stubby-pasher, couldn’t agree with you more on the ‘real-shiel’, unfortunately my watch-list is so far extended thanks to these fantastic player write-ups, (cheers BB), that he’s fallen off it!


Shiels is an interesting case. I think I'd be more interested in him if Griffen wasn't in the mid corp. Agree with Pieman that there is a lot of uncertainty. The only person who would be a lock, especially given the Griffen acquisition, is Ward. He's going from #1 marked man to probably the 2nd most on GWS. That could free him up to go bigger.

As for Shiels, he's a wait and see along with Greene. Firm no to slot him in from the get. But a watch list prince for sure.

As always top notch analysis, Double B!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agree with you about Ward throttle. You would think the main tag would go to Griffen & he could get off the chain. But he’s going to have a big price tag!


GWS midfield is getting crowded. Those preseason games are really going to be telling to show the dynamic. And who looks to be the best pick of the lot. Still leaning towards Treloar. Still, the pan has just gone on the stove and hasn't been heated enough to crack an egg over yet. (crossing fingers hoping metaphor worked…knowing it well did not).


Great write up BB!

I'm in the camp of 2016 for Shiel. Treloar is a 80-20 NO.
Ward is the only real GWS MID i'm considering..

Too inconsistent for Mine.


Was going the other way on Treloar, Dex…then I read this.



Excellent BB,
The GWS Club are stacked with talent across the lines and your write on Shiel's has made me once again flee to the fridge
Trelors AVG 107 played 20, SC High : Game 3- 174 SC points so can go big but most interesting of all is 14 hungies in 20 games!!!
Ward AVG 112 played 20, SC High : Game 7 – 145 SC point , 40 possi game against Port! and 15 Hungies.
Devon Smith AVG 90 ish played 21, SC High : Game 9 – 139 SC points, V Hawks 10 tackles and 29 possis and 8 tons
The difference is their age Smith is just 21, Ward is 24 and Trelor is or will be 22 in 2015, On this alone I would go with Ward he is in the right age bracket but these other two scream at me Players! Just got pick the ones that will break out again.
This is GWS 4 th Year in the AFL and only 9 victories in 3 years…. Things need to pick up and I think Trelor has to continue on wards and upwards esp if rumors circulating that he wants back to Melborne, to get the best possible deal for himself…Maybe 1 M a year deal is the new bench mark for GWS players


Shiel was a certainty for the Mayhem in 2015 until Ryan Griffen went to the club. I still see him bringing his average up to 100-105 mark in 2015 but with Griffen and Ward along side him in the midfield, along with the core of Treloar, Green et al I don't see him pushing on to the 110 player that would justify a section in your midfield group.

Griffen will be cheaper and with a more proven track record is a far safer pick from the GWS group. Sorry Dylan you've been replaced by Griffen in the Mayhems starting 2015 plans


Cheers lads, I will be keeping an eye on him for sure

General Soreness

Great write up BB. The mass of talent at GWS is huge. Not all can go massive each week, and I have Ward, Greene and Treloar ahead of Shiel, but he will stay on my watch list as often it comes down to a $$ per SC point scenario.

Phat Phuc

Good analysis Big Ben. This kid looked ready to go in his first year but sadly his mind seems weak