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“I am not a number….”

General SorenessThe 2013 number 10 draft pick and Collingwood’s second selection overall was one of only two top ten draft picks that did not play last season. The other was Collingwood’s first selection, number six overall in Matthew Scharenberg. The main difference between the two is that Scharenberg was drafted broken, Freeman was not until he tore his hammy in the preseason game against Geelong, and continued to re-injure and rehabilitate for the rest of the 2013 season.

His stats are largely irrelevant, but for the price. In 2014 we saw the introduction of loading on top 20 draft picks resulting in them having significantly higher prices than the remainder of the talent pool that were priced at $123K or lower. Freeman’s opening price was $172K. For 2015 it is predicted that he will open around $137K or lower (confirmed price $123,900), which means bargain basement price for a top 10 pick.

2015 Price: $123,900
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: Has not played
Average last season: N/A
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 0
Price range last season: $172k
Missed games last season: All of them (Injured hamstring preseason and then kept doing it, was fine toward the end of the season but did not risk him)
Significant history: Pick 10, 2013 National Draft
Top 10 at draft combine for endurance (beep test), and #2 for sprint test.


If we have a look at those around him in the draft such as Kolodjashnij $197K starting price peaked at $397K round 12. Aish $187K starting price peaked at $374K round 9. McDonald $182K starting price and peaked at $349K round 20. I haven’t used Sheed or Salem as they did not get consistent game time or bother the supercoach scorers in terms of output.

Will Freeman be like Sheed or Salem getting adhoc game time, vest affected scores and therefore supercoach irrelevance? Possibly, that is why like most Rookies you should pop Freeman on a watchlist for the pre season to see where he is playing and what he is producing.

However I recommend you put him closer to the top of your watchlist especially with the imminent departure of Beams and the retirement of Ball. The kid is a contested ball winner averaging 10 per game with the Dragons, he not only has elite endurance finishing top 10 in the draft combine beep test but is also bloody quick, 2nd fastest in the sprint test at the combine meaning he can win the ball and break lines i.e. Juddy. He also is a goal kicking mid having 14 goals from 18 games in the TAC. At 183cm and 87kg’s he was ready to go last year but for his injury and the Pies midfield depth.

The main knock on the kid was his kicking efficiency (60% at TAC level) which I am informed is on the improve since arriving at Collingwood.


Those hamstrings are a cause for concern but given the slow risk free approach Collingwood adopted should see a solid preseason followed by a solid debut. Keep a watch on him any sign of hamstring injury preseason – put a line through him.

He is also a vest candidate, given his pace, endurance, contested ball style, goal kicking ability, he can fill a variety of roles regardless of whether required to take the field early or late in a match.


Discounted top shelf rookie. Do what you normally do with rookies, if he is playing round 1 with solid preseason, bring him and and ride the wave to nearest to its crest then BANG, upgrade to premo or trade for cash for later upgrade to premo. If not a round 1 prospect keep him on your watchlist for a downgrade target, barring injury.


  • Top 10 rookie at a discount price
  • Likely to get midfield time with the departures at Collingwood
  • Kid can play, which is why he went first round.
  • Contested ball winner at TAC level


  • Those hammy’s (see Risk Factor)
  • Poor kicking efficiency at TAC Level may not improve when the game goes up a notch or two at AFL level which may impact supercoach output
  • Collingwood midfield, even with the retirement of Ball and imminent departure of Beams, midfield still has Swan, Dependles, Sidebottom with Williams, Thomas, Adams still in the midfield mix may make it tough for the rookie to get consistent game time
  • Vest candidate with his pace, endurance and contested ball ways make him a perfect vest candidate.


I like what I see here with Freeman and his potential, however I suspect by the end of the preseason there will be others that will be just as impressive without the downside list. The key here is to put him on your watchlist and do just that, watch. If he gets injured preseason put a line through him, if Collingwood don’t rotate him through the midfield preseason put a line through him. Otherwise if those boxes are ticked it will come down to his vest risk and the amount of games he is expected to play and price will remain a consideration.

50/50 erring on NO

What’s your call on Nathan Freeman in 2015?

General Soreness

Twitter: @GenSorenessSC


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Itchy Nuts Pieman

He was recruited for his speed. But that has resulted in Cyril like hammys. Which is a concern! Love rookie/cash cow potential articles. Fair to say I’ll be nursing a significant mongrel for the next few hours. Quality work General. He’s at the pointy end of the watch list!


More quality from you General.
Definate watch list, Keyboard and Next G device smell value and potential here.
Thanks for the heads up I forgot about him but not now


Magnificent General, I had almost forgotten about Morgan Freeman! Great write up and definitely on the watch list. The pre-season will reveal all. Will he become bonafide or will he go Copperfield style in 2015 and disappear?


Excellen Write up General. Being a pie man (not THE Pieman), I hope his hammy's are fine and dandy, and he puts up some elite scores and game impact.

Definitely on my watchlist


Thanks General, good to see some rookie analysis.

No doubt this kid has the goods, other than his body holding up, JS will be a concern.
Some significant changes in the midfield landscape yesterday for the Pies and not all of it is as dour as seems.

Exit Beams and Ball. Enter Greenwood, Varcoe, Crisp and Pick 5!

All three of these recruits are midfield candidates. Greenwood – straight in the guts, Varcoe – flagged for outside/wing, Crisp – showed enough late in the yr to prove his worth through the middle.

Add these to Pendles, Swan, Sidey, Macaf, Thomas, Young and Williams (maybe), and the queue for a young Freeman gets pretty long.

For me, Freeman, Crisp and Scharen will all be fighting to share the Riddler suit throughout the season.
All that aside, at that price, Freeman would be high on my list if named for rnd 1.

Will be interesting to see who they grab with pick 5.
I suspect they will try and trade pick 5 today for a "Get out of Jail free" card for Marley (Carl) Williams to use during 2015.


Love the Riddler suit comment.




Value for sure 🙂 was there talk of the AFL pulling the pin on the SUB rule with the interchange cap being a better option ?


Beyond valuable write-up General. In fact going to bookmark and put in watch list folder. Having a strong watch list is crucial to fueling your team. Freeman has a lot of obstacles to make time in the Pies mid yet a stellar preseason and an injury or two could find him time. Be surprised if he makes R1 yet could be an excellent downgrade option. Giving his talents you so expertly detailed, Freeman could earn himself a secure spot. We shall see.


Good write-up.

Would be interesting to see a write-up on which players will likely see more playing time as a result of being drafted in the past 2 weeks.

I like Lowden's chances of having a big 2015, and hope for the Bulldogs sake that Boyd has a big 2015 (considering what they spent on him, both $, picks & griffen).


Well done General
Researching that bloke must have been very challenging, particularly if you had the option of pulling out your fingernails with pliers.


Hey Jock if you're listening, can you get your disciples and minions to research some of the GWS boys that are moving on?
Are they all going to be Anthony Miles type revelations?
What was their NEAFL form like?
Why weren't they getting a game/who was keeping them out?


No such thing as Minion in this join Wombats. Disciples.. yes. Maybe disciples is more fitting to a man of my ilks. My gut tells me that people get so carried away with things like the "Miles" factor. X happened last year so Y will happen this year just doesnt work in this game. Like Jack Martin last year… shit.. someone while scratching their arse walking off a footy field reckoned he was better than Jaeger.. so that means he'll score more Supercoach points this season than Jaeger who went nuts last year! Always ends in tears thinking that way – and my gut says NONE of em will be revalations in 2015


Bugga I'm a Blues supporter.


Hi Jock, I was busy with "Research" and then I read your latest post
Not getting carried away by it but neither is Wombats just pointing out a Potential / Watch alert


Gday there Dools – didn't mean to let on that I thought Wombats was getting carried away old mate, he was just asking the question of the lads, thought I'd give my take on things. And absolutely there could be some real potential/Watch alert factor about the GWS lads

Seaford Scouse

Where’s Crouching Jock? Bloody lock for sure if picked rd1