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2014 was Premature Jackulation: Will Jack Martin Tear in up in 2015!

A lot of people did. If you did you’re not alone. There was hype, no doubt, but the father of fantasy made the early call. 37 years in the game surely indicates experience. He was considered better than Jaegar & from what I saw in round 23 he probably is. But 2014 was too soon. He’s a rake. He could do with a Pieman BBQ & KFC diet for a while.

Jock said Jaegers 2013 season was freakish, & it was. Expecting better from Martin was a massive risk. And so it proved. Even expecting the same was ridiculous. And so it played out. But I think there is more to the story of the prodigious talent of Jack Martin.

2015 Price: $303,400
2015 Position: FWD
Games last season: 11
Average last season: 56.5
100+ games last season: 1
Sub 80 games last season: 7
Price range last season: $222k-$306k
Missed games last season: Round 2-13 (Shoulder)
Significant history: 2012 Mini Draft GWS to Gold Coast for Pick 2 overall. He was hyped to be a better player that Jaeger O’Meara.


If round 23 2014 vs. West Coast is a taste of things to come, then Wowee! What has my arousal curve up & about is the prospect of Jack Martin picking up DPP as a Mid/Fwd (confirmed position FWD only). His 19 possession 7 grabs& 4 sausage rolls against WCE, was classy to say the least. The lad can take a grab up forward. Watching him take pack marks in the Fwd. 50 stretched the trousers.

One thing is for sure; he will be awkwardly priced in 2015, & would only be a stepping stone type player. I am thinking of the Shaun Higgins type scenario of 2014.

All eyes will be on his frame in the preseason. You can be certain on the Gold Coast list of things to do over preseason will be bulk up Jack. If he bulks up then he will throw up a selection dilemma, & if he does pick up that DPP then that leaves us with plenty to think about. Traditionally I stay away from Midpricers. But this is one guy that has to be looked at.

Risk Factor

No shortage of risk here. He only lasted about 5 minutes into this season before the shoulder busted& as a result missed half the season. If you look through his scores this season he threw in some stinkers, but coming back from a serious injury I guess that’s to be expected.

The Good

  • Pace he is quick
  • Agility
  • Can take a grab
  • Users the ball well on both sides
  • Good decision maker
  • Goal kicker

The Downside

  • His size, he was quickly found out in 2014
  • Injury Risk
  • Can go missing

Final Verdict

I smell value here. If he is priced to average 50, that’s unders. The last 5 games he played this year he averaged 80, even with a 17 against Port. I see him as a player that could easily average 80+ next year. It’s going to be a risky pick if you do grab him, but to win in this caper you need to put your spuds on the line & often. What has me interested in Jack is the prospect of DPP. As a mid only he is almost certainly a no. But if you could slot him into your Fwd line then that’s a different prospect. I’m very interested in following Jack’s preseason. Pieman says watch with interest.



Twitter: @paulmaltman


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General Soreness

Great write up Pieman. I was fortunate enough to avoid Martin having listened to the father of fantasy who also noted that guys at $100K cheaper do not need to average as high to get the same price rise. This is why he will be a no again for me this year, although as you have pointed out, his DPP status may make things significantly more attractive. I will stick with the Rookie to average 60 so I do not need to rely on Martin to average 80+ to get my price rise. If I saw him as a potential keeper different story. I will heed your advice and watch with interest.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Pop him on the watchlist general. I see your logic with the cheapies, but there are never any guarantess there will be enough in round 1. Therefore we need contingincy

General Soreness

So true Pieman, on the watchlist he goes.

General Soreness

What are your thoughts Pieman if Martin does not retain Mid status or get DPP, that is, he is Forward only? Whilst not as lucrative as DPP may make him more of an option than if he just retained Mid status, imho.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I'd be very surprised if he was a FWD only. But I would certainly still think about it. Mid only then it's a nope. I do have in the gut he might pick up DPP. Wish we could get the heat maps, it would make life a lot easier in determining the likelyhood of DPP.


Agree Pieman! Tryinh to get a gauge of Hanley…

Def/Mid next year or MID only.

I didn't watch too many BL games last season…

Ripping read mate! a no for me though. Better options out there.

General Soreness

I'm thinking Mid only Dex.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Good point TG. Mid only would make Hanley irrelevant. Which would be a shame. He’s fun to watch & have in the backline. Hopefully he retains Def/Mid


Now that is a killer write-up, Pieman. Insightful pros/cons with strong POV on whether to take him on not. Think your DPP is the most striking and brilliant. Mids you can't take those kind of chances on unproven mid pricers. Fwd line is made for that. And like you, if he's a DPP, Jacko will be strongly considered to be on the TF fwd line. Bravo Pieman. I shall celebrate your article with a heaping helping of spare ribs and fried chicken.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thanks Throttle. If you get a chance whatch the game I talked about. Majestic. Agree as a mid onjly It's a no. Add the DPP & that chnages things. You don't mind those spare ribs do ya throttle. If I ever break any ribs ill know who to come to for spares!


Ha! I leave behind very little evidence, Pieman. Remember seeing the highlights of that game. But you're right, may be worth the full watch.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

It’s worth a look throts. If not full Jaculation are your certain for some pre jiz!


I'll wear my cumlastic pants to be sure.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

A man for all seasons & occasions!

James Sykes

why do I sense that young jack will flick in and out of my preseason lineup 1,000 times leading up to round 1?

And then kick myself when I leave him out and he goes 90 av in the first 3…..

of course, if he is picked it will be 60….

He will be one of the head scratches for me in 2015 preseason…

General Soreness

Spot on James, there is always at least one every season!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I hear you James. You will hear "he's training the house down" & whether he is or not that will further confuse the situation! If he picks up DPP & only costs 300 it will be a tough call.


Well said, Jimbo. Especially if he get DPP status.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Cheers Jock. I'll be keeping a close eye on him preseason. He's a long way from landing in Pieman's starting line up. It will be inertesting to see how he is assessed position & pricewise for 2015.

General Soreness

Premature Jackulation, funniest opening of an article to date!


The sky's the limit for this bloke. He could be the Jackson Macrae of 2015 only this time with FWD eligibility!!! In fact he would have to at least get FWD status if he has only played 11 games and kicked 4 goals in one of them.

Interesting call 20/80 on picking him, I'm assuming that's based on him only being a MID. I'd have him more like 80/20.

Boy oh boy, I'm seeing a lot of value now in the forward line too, as well as the Rucks….

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agreed Phil. There should should be some teasing value floating about. Could help loading up on premo mids early.


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Thanks Pieman,
I agree that Jack needs to consult your nutritionist and that he is an exceptionally talented footballer. He has shown patches of being the most natural mover that I've ever seen. He's so smooth he makes Cyril look unco
But $300k is a bit much for the bloke as a starter in my fwd line for $215k.

Phat Phuc

Good nose Pieman definate value in young Jack. I don't agree when Sir Tony says that its a shame that the natives don't play real football.


One to ponder:

Jack Martin or Josh Kelly in Fwd line – both great pods with big upside.
Martin is cheaper but Kelly is a DPP.

Any thoughts