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Will His Star Ever Shine in the SuperCoach Sky?

ThrottlefingerSince I’ve started watching footy, one team that I’ve tried my best to avoid was the Melbourne Demons. Meek offense. Defensive pressure seemed optional. Every quarter bathed with eye-pinching blunders and Norm-Smith-grave-spinning miscues.

In general, a Dees game was like being stuck in 45°C closet watching a Gwyneth Paltrow romantic comedy next to a bucket of horse piss. The only ray of sunshine was witnessing the unceasing tenacity of Nathan Jones. With the bald head, stocky frame and covered in lightly menacing tattoos, he looked like a lowbrow version of Gary Ablett.

And like the Little Master, Jones did it all for the Dees. He led them in disposals, clearances, contested possessions and disposal efficiency, just name a few categories. Yet unlike Gazza, Jones’ SC averages were rather, well, unAblett-like (89-97-90 for 2011-2013). So same I started calling him “Bogan Ablett.”

Watching Jones you saw a hungry warrior on a lame duck team. It didn’t take stealing The Crouching One’s slipper to figure out with a stronger coach and supporting cast, Jones’ SC average would be heading head north for the season.

Enter Paul Roos and a bangle of midfielders (the other position group classifications: a shart of defenders, a manatee of rucks and a flan of forwards). Roos’ disposal heavy system was tailored made for Jones. And with newbies Bernie Vince, Daniel Cross and Dom Tyson aboard, he’d have a talented posse to help boost his game.

And man, did his’ game take an upswing. How about we belly up to the stats bar and do some Nathan Jones shots…

2015 Price: $581,200
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 108.1
100+ games last season:  13
Sub 80 games last season:  2
Price range last season: $486k-$550k
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: Ranked 4th in total effective disposals in 2014
Dee’s B&F for 3rd straight year (ties Jim Stynes)
Has only missed 3 games in 5 seasons 


Going from a 90 SuperCoach average to 108 is pretty Bon Scott rawkin’ (Hi Wombats!). Looking at some of the numbers that matter to coaches, his disposal output increased by a whopping 100! (509 to 610) His tackling jumped from 76 to 115. And because being in the guts is Jones’ candy and nuts, his clearance numbers were as stout as always (6.3/game, ranked 6th for total clearances).

These are premium mid numbers put up by someone whose only gear is balls-out. The question is: can Jones’ play rise to touch the hem of SC eliteness in 2015? Or will he put his 108 average under cinder blocks in the front yard and stay the Bogan Ablett?


Although Jones doesn’t go sub 80 too often, when he does the numbers can sink pretty low (60 and 71. And in 2013 he shat a 46…with a 92% time on ground). Surprisingly his lowest 2014 score was against GWS. And like a lot of premium mids, Jones’ highest scores come early when his SC price is wearing tails and a top hat.


Jones’ battle-tested body and increased SC numbers are impressive. But is it enough to slot in our side?


  • Plays through injuries so you don’t have to worry about a last-minute out.
  • And effort never wanes. Puts it all on the field.
  • With another year under Roos and his supporting cast growing in confidence, Jones’ numbers shouldn’t regress.
  • A reliable tonner is always a good addition.


  • Not a goal scorer. Weakest area by far. 7 goals this year. 8 goals in 2013. Maybe because his goal accuracy is 43%.
  • When he goes big, it’s not HUGE. That’s not technically bad, I know. But 142 was his 2014 tops. And his highest career SC score is 156…notched back in 2007! So for the price, Jones isn’t gonna deliver that whopper score you expect your premium mids to deliver.


Slotting Jones from the start would probably qualify you for anti-psychotic medication. In the 2014 Prospectus’ review of the Demon it stated that it’s not a good sign for your team if Nathan Jones is your #1 midfielder. And I agree.

While his determination and dogs-of-war approach are traits I admire, there’s rarely anything he does that’s transcendent. And his SC numbers reflect that. Solid and impressive, yes. But rarely inspiring peak arousal levels.


Heyo Community! Spot on or I’m out to lunch? Let’s rumble!


Twitter: @throttlefinger


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Itchy Nuts Pieman

Solid assesment Throts regarding watching Melbourne & a Gweneth Paltrow romantic comedy. Both painful. Nath Jones lifted his average, but he doesn't have the ceiling, lack of goalsasf you pointed out. Great work Throts, very enjoyable read

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Suspect Gweneth doesn't get the arousal curve up & about! Nor me

Itchy Nuts Pieman

You wouldn’t stir Brad Pitts porridge

General Soreness

Is that a question or statement?

General Soreness

Great work again Throtts! I am with you on the NO for many a reason not the least of which there are more consistent proven SC performers with higher ceilings at the same price. The way you described watching the Dees play made me squirm so much it was like I was actually at the game!


HAHA! Love to read your articles Throtts!

Always good for a laugh, and a great write-up to boot.

Agree on Nathan Jones. Unless he gets subbed out with -4 points and misses a game from concussion and shows no ill effect from the KO – in the process dropping 150k or so – would I consider him as an M7-8…

In other words… not for my team.


Great article yet again, but no for me too. Ceilings the big one for me. 140-150 is the ceiling I look for in a Fwd/Def , not a Mid. Id rather a more inconsistent younger player with a larger ceiling as consistency usually improves with age.

Garglesnarf FC

Great review Throttle. Even if you were going for 6 x Permo mids I couldnt find a spot him. If he chucks in a 43 around upgrade time I may find a spot him, but unlikely.


Great review Throtts, as a fellow bald eagle to Nat Jones, I have a large amount of empathy for the bald headed warrior, but there is no room for compassion in this game! A no for mine!


Great write-up Throts,

Jones will find himself on my watch-list, but not likely to make my midfield either.

Gweneth Paltrow wont be making my team either, nor my watch-list, as there are others that I would rather having warming my bench positions.


Champagne comedy Throtts!
Great analysis to boot.

Yeah I share the same sentiments, in that we have probably seen Jones at his peak.
If anything, I predict a slight decline in 2015.
Tbh I would prefer to ride the Libba roller coaster (at a potentially similar price point) than entertain Jones.

Loving the work community, looking fwd to some analysis on the likes of Prestia, Cunnington and Duncan who are primed to take advantage of more TOG next yr.


Nice TF, more quality again.

I have not discounted Jonesy just yet. If he played for any team other then the Dees he would be a rollikin great player with more exposure in front of the goals. He is a bright light in the Demons team so maybe it will make him, dare I say it “Ablettesque” if the promised improvement comes from the team.

However, his projected price for 2015 is $580K …Thats daunting.

I will look very closely at the dees preseason before I make the call on him. But I think you are right…more “Research” required LOL