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Athletic Ruckman – Will his body hold up?

Big Ben - a man on a missionNic Naitanui is a popular figure amongst the West Coast Eagle fans and club alike. He is an athletic ruckman that has the skills available to become the premier ruckman in the league and, given a solid pre-season and good run with injuries, could be the first genuine ruckman to have a red hot crack at the Brownlow since Scotty Wynd from Footscray in 1992.



2015 Price: $488,300
2015 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 90.85
100+ games last season: 9
Sub 80 games last season: 8
Price range last season: $511k-518k
Missed games last season: Missed rounds 16 and 22 with Groin / resting
Significant history: Averaged less than 100 last two seasons
Ranked 11th total hit outs 2014Drafted at pick 2, 2008 draft


Naitanui is an extremely talented, mobile ruckman that loves to float through the forward line and slot a few goals. In 2014 he was well below par due to a continual groin injury that has plagued him for two seasons now. The Eagles took a cautious approach to Naitanui and his game time, and impact, last season and an interesting point to note is that Nic Nat has never had a full preseason under his belt without injury concerns.


Nic Nat’s groin is about as reliable as a politician these days and has caused him massive problems over the last few seasons. He has been managed for numerous different injuries in his career which is a bit of a concern, especially as Cox has retired and his workload will increase dramatically.


If you were considering bringing Nic Nat into your team you will need to keep an eye on his off season injury development. He is a proven top echelon fantasy ruckman who can go large pumping out some pretty big numbers and is worthy of the odd Captain selection. The only real time Naitanui goes missing in games is when he is carrying an injury which, in the past, has significantly impacted his scoring abilities.

Selecting Nic Nat from round one is sure to send you on a front row seat in the emotional roller coaster for the year however if he can get his body right in the pre-season he has the potential to be the number one ruck in the league


  • Has proven in the past he is a top fantasy football scorer
  • Has the ability to push forward and kick multiple goals whilst resting from ruck duties
  • With the retirement of Dean Cox, Naitanui will take the bulk of the rucking duties
  • Spending more time in the middle, he will pump out some pretty large scores in 2015


  • Injuries. It’s pretty obvious to all those who have watched him play, his scores dip a lot when he isn’t 100%
  • Will the retirement of Cox impact his workload and body in a negative way?
  • Inconsistency


It’s a bit of a conundrum to gauge NicNats impact on a consistent basis. If his body is right, and the Eagles are playing that damaging style of football he can just about win a game off his own boot. That being said I think Naitanui will average between 100-110 points in a career defining season for the big fella.

I can’t look past a former (and hopefully again soon) elite ruckman like him and with his price tag being under $500k, he is a lock from round one for mine.

What are your thoughts on Nic Nat?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC


THE 2015 SUPERCOACH OFF SEASON SERIESAFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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He appears to be a lock, however I'm not prepared to throw away the key just yet as there seems a lot of value in rucks next year and u can only pick 2. If Kruezer & Leuy are both ~300k they just about pick themselves. Bellchambers with no Ryder? I'm hoping a couple of these guys are R/F and if so I can see my forward line being very tall come Round 1 with likes of Vardy, Clark and the young chap from Melbourne all looking tasty!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Love ya work Big Ben. It’s a big call on Nic Nat. Huge call in fact. Agree with Phil as well. Will be some undervalued rucks ready for rnd 1! I had sandi & Jacobs from rnd 1. 0 trades in the ruck for the season went a long way to a top 1000 finish! Nailing your rucks is critical. Nic Nat is almost to tempting to pass up with a full pre season. Right near the pointy end of the watch list.


Agree with you, Pieman. Only way I'd bring him in is like last year…value drops about $80K-$100K then bring him in as R2 or sub. His ceiling of potential is what makes him so attractive yet the foundation has cracks so it makes the house hard to buy. Unless he comes out like a rapid dog (pun intended), he's on the watch list.

Outstanding review, Big B!

Seaford Scouse

Nailed it there TT never been sold on nicnat, always been a consideration simply on his ability and athleticism but that groin, ouch! I agree with inp also, a set and forget in your ruck can only help your overall season. But we got lucky with sandi-bollocks last season so who knows but big starting price difference here, hmm let the hair-pulling begin!


Ha. Indeed, Double S. One thing I've made up my mind is that I'm willing to spend a bit more on rucks this year. Both from a points, security and coverage standpoint. Know that isn't revolutionary. But overall last season I spent more time thinking/worrying about my rucks than I should have…and it distracted me from making strong decision in my other lines. Lesson learned.


Nice write up BB & appreciate the great work you guys are putting in, if he’s a Ruck/Fwd he’s a lock, my maths aren’t the best but Nic Nat averaged about 28 more points a game when Cox didn’t play.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Agree creep. Rck/Fwd & a decent preseason lock him away & throw away the keys. Anyone know the likelihood of DPP. Did he spend much time up forward?


Dunno Pie man, it could be a bit of wishful thinking that he gets dpp


Amazing body of work from the whole community so early in the off season!
Great work lads.

I seem to recall some murmurings from Woosha (when he was around) about Dog Dog having a persistent back complaint and that he would effectively need to be managed for the rest of his career.

Anyone confirm?

Not sure I will have the plums to name him from rnd 1, but the roller coaster will be interesting to watch.

Keep an eye on Lycett in the pre season.


Too many other cheap rucks like Berger, Kreuzer, Bellchambers and Nicholls. I won't be considering premium rucks to start with next year.


No idea Jock, i cant gauge that guy. Im not sure on my rucks for 2015 yet, maybe Goldstein? 90pt avg they bless the ground he walks on in West Coast, youd think a $5m player be looking to return the faith. If he goes up 110+ youve stolen a key trade for the year, will be on watchlist


Agree Salty. Saw something in Goldy at the end of the year. And I'm sure he'll remain a solo ruck. Although love me Mummy, don't know how well he'll do without Giles. Always a risk with injuries too. Sauce may be worth the coin.Yet new coach he's going to have lots of eyes on him preseason.

Goldstein may be the only one worth the coin. A set it and forget it ruck.


I am almost certain that if Nic Nat is fit and has a big pre-season, he will be a lock in my team. I cant help but think he has been a bit unlucky with injuries and he will get back to that damaging form.

I don't think there is anything in the pipeline regarding Bellchambers for a player preview but as a Dons man myself I might add him to my list in the coming days.


Bellchambers is an interesting one for sure he is underpriced but he has never averaged more than 85. He has however always had another ruckman to contend with though as Hirdy seemed to prefer going with 2 (and sometimes 3 in Hilles days). No doubt Thompson prefers one though.

So the question is who's the coach for 2015? If it's Bomber, and Ryder goes to Port, jump on. However if Hird is coach and a Gorringe joins, I'll steer clear I think. Looking forward to the review though.


I'd rather Giles than Gorringe, we don't need two injury prone ruckman. Plus Giles will be cheap as chips for essendon to get and in supercoach.

General Soreness

Great article Big Ben, I think the key issue as you have pointed out is his body, will it hold up especially given he will go so now the erection has retired. He is definitely on the watchlist and will consider if I can ensure that I have ruck cover if he goes down.


Good article BB and good points all. Being new to SC and hearing all the pains of running out of trades. I plan to have two lock in rucks for the season. Its early days and a lot can (and more than likely) will change, I have sauce locked and tossing between nicnat/mummy.

Any suggestions/advice on how many lock and throw away the key players I should be looking at? The balance of locks/cash cows and stepping stone to get me to full premo.

PS: I blame it on Tom/Ed for putting my swannies to sleep with their pre game entertainment.

Phat Phuc

Good call Big Ben see how he goes in the NAB and then ask Georgy Brandis if he likes him or not. If he's not in Georges team I keep away from him, now that we can finally legally deport Australian born people with brown skin as illegal arrivals.