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Break Out Contender ?

MasoDuring the 2012 season we all jumped on this young back pocket as he provided great cover and made us all some very nice coin.

After three years in the system the signs look good, not only for Crouching Ones tigers but for us Supercoach lovers.

After moving to the midfield group for the 2013 & 2014 seasons his fantasy relevance is on an upward trend.

2015 Price: $520,700
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 96.9
100+ games last season: 11
Sub 80 games last season: 6
Price range last season: $376k-542k
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history: 2012 – 21 games – 0x 100+ Sc – 17x sub 80 – season av. 56.1
2013 – 20 games – 7x 100+ Sc – 10x sub 80 – season av. 81.6
2014 – 22 games – 11x 100+ Sc – 6x sub 80 – season av. 96.9



Going into his 4th year stats are all on the up but history shows everybody has a down year at some point.


Wont make much money so i would be picking him as a lower priced midfield PoD to look at a possible upgrade a bit like marc murphy was to many in 2014.


  • Kicks more than handballs
  • Is efficient (76% career)
  • Durable (played 63/66 plus 2 finals)


  • Needs to kick more goals
  • Is a likely to be a mid only


If he was M/D again then he would be a huge LOCK! With only 8 mid spots available however, he is on my short list of starters and budget will be the final decider.

What’s your call on Brandon Ellis in 2015?


Twitter: @Maso_78


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David Johnson

With all respect, probably not really enough analytics in that article to give any real insights.

But the main thing to be mindful of with looking at his averages is his "vest" history:

– In 2013, he averaged 82, but take out the vested scores, and his average was 99
– In 2014, he wasn't vest-affected, and he also averaged similar (97)

Yes, he had a better 2nd half to 2014 than his 1st half (77 before the BYE vs. 106 after the BYE), but his scoring is still way too erratic for a precious MID spot (6 scores below 75).

P.S. The article inferred that "… if he was a M/D again …" … he wasn't a M/D this year or last year (only a straight MID), so don't get excited about him gaining M/D eligibility.


Thanks for the feed back David, my bad i thought he started as a DPP as for the article in hindsight it probably was a little light on and hope my future ones are better.


Too right David, seems like only a few minutes was spent creating this article that gave us information we already knew.


Too tight Erich hehe

Seaford Scouse

Picked him up on his breakthrough but too many others ahead at his price range I reckon. Potential UG/DG target if he does breakout in 2015 though and if the Tiges go bang from the off then that can only help, interesting choice though Maso and will certainly offer a POD from the off for anyone willing to take that risk.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Mid/Def I'd have a good look. As a pure Mid I don't think warrants a place.

General Soreness

Thanks for the article Maso, great contribution to the community. I think he will have a slightly higher starting price around $525K where he is competing with the likes of Griffen ($530K). Even at $504K Andrew Swallow, Cyril Rioli will be similarly priced. I know I would take any of those three ahead of Ellis on their proven output without any further information such as this years preseason, fitness of Maric. It will be interesting to see how many teams he ends up in. I note in the post from DJ above that he had a poor start to the season, however all of Richmond started poorly and then all got up and about when Maric and Miles came in. I will pop him on a watchlist, closer to the exit door that the entry door but he will be on it nonetheless.


Good article mate, will be keeping my out on young ellis this off season. I reckon someone good to analyse would be allen christensen, new club, only played 8 games this year and will be heavily discounted one would think, has potential to score highly as he is consistent with tackling, goals and possession numbers.


i like your thinking Aaron, christensen could be that guy we need in our forward line in 2015 with the likes of gray and parker all big $$


Nice article Maso!

As for Christensen, I've been working on analysing the past 4 years and how the cut-price LTI returnee's cost is calculated, i'm getting pretty close to finding out how it works.

I may be able to find out the approximate value of Christensen soon.


Hahahahaha it only takes a couple of minutes to work that out! "Analysing the past 4 years", trying to make yourself sound smart? Just FYI, you don't get a discount unless you've played 7 or less games so he won't be discounted at all.

General Soreness

Erich I think by last 4 years Dex is meaning that he is trying to find the pattern over that time frame to provide a basis for the calculation and was not a veiled attempt to make himself sound smart. If he was trying to make himself sound smart he would just espouse that "it only takes a couple of minutes" and then provide nothing else in support.


Hahahaha, owned him Erich!


Tasty review, Big M. Ellis seems like a mainstay on my SC watch list. Always tempting but never tempted. Think the General nailed it. As the Tigers go, so does young Brandon. The increased average is inviting yet think he's bound to take his usual seat at the watch list table. But your article has moved his chair closer.


Great work Maso. Keen on Ellis. High on my watch list.

Phat Phuc

Hiya Maso I love your tactics Sir, ignoring the obvious ups like an ave of 115 over the last 5 of 2014 and obvious #1 midfielder spot whilst cotch still attracts the tag for 2015 is pure gold.
We both know he'll be a 110+ mid in 2015 and I applaud you throwing a bit of dirt on the tracks.