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Can you bank on Sloane?

Chicko - elite fantasy analyst

Rory Sloane had a stand out 2014 and elevated himself to elite status.

Ranked 4th in total supercoach points in the competition (ranked only behind Pendles, Selwood and Big Sauce Jacobs) which is testimony to his durability and scoring ability. Sloan is 24; hence he is in his supercoach prime. The Sloane Ranger made his debut in 2009 with a solitary game before going on to play 14 games in his second year in 2010 where he averaged 75 (that is pretty good in essentially his debut year). In 2011 the kid played 18 games and averaged 88. In his last three years he has played 21, 21 and 22 games for averages of 106, 107 and this year, averaged a career high 115. Do I need to say any more than that people? 

To answer my own question, I think you can take Sloane to the bank – he’s missed only two games in the last 3 years and has averaged 109 over the this period – consistency personified. I’m not sure about you, but that gets me swollen in the nether regions.

2015 Price: $616,900
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 114.8
100+ games last season: 18
Sub 80 games last season: 1
Price range last season: $549K – $600K
Missed games last season: Zero, donut, nada, niente
Significant history:

Pick 44 in 2008 draft

In 2014, 9 of his 100+ games were 120+ (50% of the time)….a high ceiling folks

In 2013 was ranked 22 in total points scored (ranked 26 in 2012) – again underscoring his consistency and durability

Ranked 6th in total tackles (5.5 per game) and ranked 7th for Inside 50s for 2014

Crows B&F in 2013 (runner up in 2014)

19th Man MVP in 2013 & 2014 (voted by the club members)


Sloane made the step up to ultra-premium this year – ranked 7th by average, however his durability elevated him to 4th on total points scored. I sometimes think a coach can be swayed by a high average (I have fallen victim to this weakness many a time) and overlook durability when looking at players. There is something special about a player who gives you 21-22 games a year with a decent average vs. a high averaging player who plays 18 games a year – I’m talking to you Teenwolf and Rock Lobster (don’t worry Teenwolf, I still have man love for you).


I think you can take some comfort from the past 3 years from Sloane, my only question mark is over the coaching change at Adelaide. Will a new coach have a different role for Sloane? Will it reduce his midfield time? I reckon both of these will be okay, as Sloane is a hard nut, and hard nuts belong in the middle. Importantly, with Scotty Thompson coming to the end of his career as the Crows’ chief hard nut, Sloane is ready to assume the mantle and continue on his cracking way.


Simple, you can rely on Rory (I’d like to hear Crouching say that). If you decide to select Sloane from the start of your 2015 team, then he is a keeper. Set and forget – how many of those would you like in your team? Less headaches, less donuts to cover and importantly less trades – bloody critical. Sloane is a gun, and if he delivers on his 3 year average of 21-22 games around 110pts, then you have done well. You hear me? Well do ya?


  • In a word consistency. Okay, in two words, consistency and durability.
  • Sloane has been part of the leadership group since 2012 – and he has performed at elite level ever since – thus, he lifts with greater responsibility. In the absence of Van Berlo this year, Sloane shared Captain duties with Dangerfield – underlining my aforementioned thesis that the boy relishes responsibility.
  • When he goes 100+ (which is often), he can go very big – a high ceiling of 172 in 2014
  • A reasonable POD, owned by 13% of teams in 2014


  • He has an off year – the Ranger eats responsibility for breakfast and he loves hardwork (proven by his 147 tackles in 2014) – in my opinion that protects you on the downside. These are lessons for life – responsibility and hard work always win out.
  • A new coach could mean a new position for Rory which stuffs his supercoach scoring ability
  • Ricciuto acts on his statements and trades Dangerfield for some young muppet which leads to Sloane copping a hard tag every week – can’t see this happening.


I haven’t owned Sloane in any of my years of being a supercoach, but the more I look at this kid, the more I like what I see. The more I research for disconfirming evidence, the more I find which says he is a must “buy” for 2015. What do you want from a MID in your team – to play most of the games, to score consistently and to go big more often than not – is that not Sloane personified? It is to me. Winner, winner, Chicko’s dinner – R Sloane welcome to the Chumps for 2015.

What’s your take on Sloane in 2015?


Twitter: @Chicko_LCS


THE 2015 SUPERCOACH OFF SEASON SERIESAFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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General Soreness

Nice write up Chicko. He is definitely a player that deserves Midfield lock status. Very salient point regarding his durability.


Why thank you General. I have watched him closely this year, and thought "how the bloody hell am I not on this kid"?

General Soreness

Did exactly the same thing! Probably explains why I went out in straight sets in my finals campaign, with Sloane at least I would have avoided a little bit of carnage!


Yep – Definitely in my "Initial" team. Depending on structures though.

Bloody ripping article Chicko!


Thanks Dex! Was one of the easier ones to write. Currently drafting one on Cotchin which might polarise a few!


Good write up Chicko! I definitely agree with you that Sloane is a possible buy in 2015.
I had sloane myself for the second half of 2014 and he was probably the best buy in terms of a POD. I think that next year however more people will get on him because at the end of last year, he was quite popular.

I will not slot him in to my team just yet because i'm a bit iffy about the new coaching role at Adelaide. A new coach may change his role a little. Also in the bleak chance that Scotty Thompson retires or moves his position due to his age (fwd or a sub), added with the possible dangerfield trade, I feel that Sloane may get the hard tag sometimes. He did get the tag a few times this year and he didn't do too well. He only scored 72 against Crowley in round 18 which caused me a loss and a drop out of the top 1000 in rankings.

I will wait and see who the coach is for next year and thenkeep a close eye out for Sloane in the preseason next year and how the team sets up. If their team structure is similar to this year's, then I will lock him away!

Again good write up and congrats on being part of the Jock Reynolds offseason! Hope you get to write a few more articles over the coming weeks 🙂

General Soreness

New coach of Adelaide is Phil Walsh!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Compelling Chicko. When all the premo mids fell over late in the year the Sloane dog kept pumping. High on my radar. For 600k you want 22 games with a 110+ average. He’s more than capable of that! Great read


Cracking review Chicko!

Brought Sloane Ranger in after the byes and wish I had the plums to do it from the start. Coach switch is a concern yet a minor one. He's a supersonic hedgehog on the field and can't see that changing no matter who is sitting in the big chair.

Right now I'd say he's a fav to make the starting lineup. Kid could be in for a bigger year. Preseason will determine lock or early trade in. Again, rawkin read, Big C!


Another must read review…….I cant get into the cricket yet (playing half a world away, in the middle of the night)….so lets keep the footy season going (even if it is the footy off-season).

Think Sloan will continue to score well, and he is as hard as nails, so it would take a massive knock to keep him from playing 20+ games in 2015. New Coach, and potentially new team mates doesnt worry me. Sloan gets his own ball, and when he has got it tackles whoever has. In regard to receiving the hard tag, he will handle it, Crowley may be the exception, but thats 1-2 games in the season only.

Trick will be fitting Sloan into the SC budget, love to have him in, but will need the calculator to confirm if along with others I would love to start with, the budget stretches far enough.


Ha! So true, Donovan. We're all shopping with our eyes and forgetting our SC credit card has a limit.

But Sloane's a fav because he could make the jump to something extraordinary. May be a good super prem POD from the start…can see some jumping on him but the coaching change scaring most off.