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Mandusa & the He-Man Brownlow Haters Club

Throttlefinger, our Fantasy Footy New York Correspondent OK community, ol’ Throtts is gonna let off a little steam. And I’m sure it’s gonna ruffle many a boxer brief. So here it goes…I don’t like the Brownlow.

Well, I don’t like awards and award shows in general. The worst of the bunch is easily the Academy Awards. I mean, Dances with Wolves over Good Fellas? That’s like saying you prefer eating tofu in a diaper-infested dumpster over drinking piña coladas on an empty beach with Rose Byrne.

The Charlie is in the same league as the Oscars. OK, maybe not as bad. But the Brownlow is faulty right at its foundation. Having the umps as the judges? You mean putting the decision in the hands of the same guys who can’t make a consistent smothering call? This group’s performance is brilliant in its inconsistency and reliable only in its mediocrity. To have them play judge makes little sense. Plus, the Brownlow has become more about the event’s pageantry and gowns than a celebration of the great sport.

That spewing done (whoooosh), let’s talk about the surprise winner of this year’s Brownlow, Matthew “Mandusa” Priddis. (Get it? “Man” + “Medusa” = tasty nicky)

In a nutshell, Mandusa deserves high praise for this season. It was stellar. Was it better than Fyfe, Selwood or Ablett? Well, that’s debatable — and one which I’d love to have with the community (minus the Brownlow backdrop).

Interesting though, his efforts were not that much greater than what he’s done in the past. So let’s grab a can of Jeri curl activator and go through Mandusa’s footy locks…

2015 Price: $606,200
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 112.7
100+ games last season: 16
Sub 80 games last season: 2 (R4 v Cats: 61, R22 v. Dees: 77)
Price range last season: $507K – $632
Missed games last season: 0
Significant history:

109 SC average over last 5 years

Missed 2 games in 2012 with quad injury

Highest SC average (114) in 2011

10 goals in 2014 is his 2nd highest (11 in 2007)


Priddis put up some rock solid SuperCoach numbers this season. Went 130+ 5 times with a season high of 155 against the Pies. Was 3rd in tackles and contested possessions as well as 5th in both clearances and total disposals. One of the knocks is Mandusa’s love of the handball. And this year he didn’t try to shake that rep, ranking 2nd in the league in the hand disposal.

All yummy, right? But get this, while his SC average went from 101 to 112, there weren’t any noticeable upticks in Mandusa’s career numbers. The biggest were disposals going from 26.9 to 28.5 a game, tackles 6.1 to 7.3 and inside 50s up to 3.2 from 2.7. No spikes south. Just put together more big games and less craptacular ones.


Priddis will be 30 years old in March. I admit, I’m not the best at figuring out when a player is too long in the tooth to be effective on the grounds. But Mandusa’s hard nose, high activity style mixed with marathon on-field time (85% average TOG over the last 5 years), it’s not to hard to imagine that his aging body is probably going to go “No Más!” soon.


Mandusa definitely benefitted with new coach Adam Simpson’s more attack oriented style. A more skeptical person would counter that the scores went higher as he had to shoulder more of the load given the Eagles’ injury-prone midfield and Selwood taking more of a tagging role.

Regardless, the guy is a ball magnet and a flat out badass premium. And while his locks flail wildly like a 70s porn star getting his first reach around on a speedboat, Mandusa plays with a calm fierceness that makes him pure silk when handling the pill. But is he worth slotting in?


  • Pretty damn steady SC scores. 22.4 SDeevie proves that.

  • Unlike most notable mids, SC numbers don’t start off hot then cool down. Bulk of big scores were racked up post round 17.

  • A reliable sight each round. Only 3 times not on field in the last 4 years.


  • As mentioned, getting older.

  • If Rosa, Shuey and Wellingham stay healthy, Gaff’s game (finally) picks up and Selwood does less tagging, Priddis won’t have to carry as much of the load. This could be a good or bad thing. Something to watch for.

  • Rarely starts hot so his initial price may be difficult to justify.


Priddis is a no brainer…to NOT slot in. At least at the start. He will begin with a bloated price and for the first 5 rounds will put up premium but not elite scores. And that will drive his price down to tastier levels.

I’d say when his price tag sinks around $60-$80K, time to bring in. In fact, Mandusa could be that perfect post bye pick-up, his strong end-year play giving you a nice spat of tons to help your team dance to the finals.


Spot on or off the mark on Mandusa, community? Shoot me your take!


Twitter: @throttlefinger



THE 2015 SUPERCOACH OFF SEASON SERIESAFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Itchy Nuts Pieman

Spot on throttle. Not a starting player. But one to look at if the price is right. He seems to hit a tasty price at some point of the season. Quality article


I had to laugh reading this article Throtts! Bloody Gold!

I agree 100% on "Mandusa"… Wait-and-see.

Top shelf product mate!

General Soreness

Nice work again throtts. A little rascals fan I take it from the heading? Spot on regarding bye round upgrade, his consistency cannot be ignored. I will be very interested to see how he goes at the feet of Nic Nat 100% of the time without the Big Cox.


People were telling me not to start with him this year and I did a little article proving he is a 110 player but……

Good read my man


Great work Throtts, if you want a guy to be in your side and not have to worry about his your man for sure. deserved his brownlow as he played more games then Ablett, more consistent games then Selwood and was fairer then Fyfe 🙂 yes Ablett would have won it had he not got injured but that's the run of green i guess, its judged on 23 rounds and not 15 😉


Great article Throttle.

I picked Priddis up around round 10 this year, at around the $550k mark. I also picked up NicNat around the same time.

From that point Priddis, Nic Nat and the WCE team all picked-up.

I think that Priddis & NicNat are higher scoring players when the entire team is up and about, or perhaps their influence on the WCE performance is that great. Anyhow I will be looking at the Eagles draw very closely to see when they are likely to gain momentum, and reckon these 2 guys will be a certainty to play a big role.


Goof article Throttlefinger. Love to see you writing your own articles for this great community 😀 I nearly shed a tear myself when hearing that podcast where Jock offered you the job. Can't wait to read the rest of the articles throughout the year and i'll be behind every single one!!

Great thoughts on Priddis, i don't think i'll be starting with him next year just because he is getting older and the WCE midfield should be bolstered up, meaning that he will most likely get less of the ball. I'll take your word and not start with him next year


I'll tell you one thing Mozz – the old chinos are getting a frontal testing of the highest order reading this mothers milk. Hope all's well mate


good to hear from you both. All is going well on my front! Have spent a few weeks away from supercoach to gather my thoughts and now back and ready to go!


Fair dinkum spilled my morning cuppa over the old Tai Chi outfit this morning Throtts – Mandusa. That's a belter. Agree with you on the no brainer as a not slotter-in-errer early mate, but I tend to think there will be some who lock him in as a conservative consistent option. I won't be into his at this stage.

Outstanding contribution Throttlefinger. It's an absolute pleasure to have you


Priddis is an amazing contested ball player. His work at stoppages is probably the best in the league, he is a freak at getting his hands on the pill. Historically (twice i think 2012 and 2013 he got inj early in games) like a 4sc and 30sc i think putting his avg above 110 if taken out. When you consider he has also been handball happy those results are extroidinary. He is a great distributor in the WCE midfield, you just wish he kicked it more often. Tackling, clearance, cont poss is where he gets his points from every year as regularly in the top 5-10 players but as mentioned he is top 5 for handball as well. I think youre either paying overs or paying for consistency. He doesnt have a lot of pace to lose so age wont weary him. He will be around 110-115 again im sure. I think def wait and see ive had him in 2yrs of sc after bottoming out and he has been great value. His scores were low hundys most often than not. 130 is a big score for Priddis. I think in 2013 i felt i coulda got a mid with higher ceilings, he is a great bye rnd trade target but come last few rounds your really thinking i could get a higher ceiling M8, one that kicks the ball more than handpass


Crackin stuff Throtts!

Expect main points competition to come from Shuey, Masten and ….Scooter!

Call me crazy but I get the feeling that Scooter will hand over the "perennial tagger" mantle to someone else next yr.
Hutchings is my bet to pick up this job. That said, even as a tagger, Scooter was a 100+ player. Given the opportunity (and staying fit), the forgotten Selwood has the makings of Elite-dom.

The role and amount of game time they put into Sheed will also be something to watch.

Gaff still treading water and appears to have had kiddy floaties surgically implanted into his biceps to facilitate his mediocrity.