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2014 All Australian, worthy defence option?


After being named as an AA back pocket, Nick Smith has appeared on my radar going into 2015.

The question is, is he fantasy relevant? Being mainly a shut down defender his scoring has never been that impressive, averaging around 68 for last 4 seasons.

However with talks of malceski possibly being else where in 2015, there is possibility his role could change slightly to see him work more as a rebounding defender. If this is the case i can see him pushing up to a 80-85 average, which could very well make him relevant in 2015.

2015 Price: $380,800
2015 Position: DEF
Games last season: 20 (+3 finals)
Average last season: 70.8
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 13
Price range last season: $304k-$401k
Missed games last season: 2
Significant history: Has only missed 7 games in the last 4 seasonsHas averaged 70.8, 66, 66.9 & 69.1 points.


No risk in him getting games but being able to score 85+ is hard to do from the back pocket.


If you are after a mid priced, reliable, consistent player then he could be your man. I would use him as a stepping stone defender or plan to keep as D7 late in season.


  • Great job security in a strong side
  • Efficiency 78% average over last 4 seasons




  • Mainly a Shut down player
  • Has never been a big scorer
  • Priced a little high for risk


If Malceski leaves then he becomes a strong maybe. If there is no change to the swans back 6 i would PASS on him for a rookie. For now I’d make him one to watch keenly over the pre-season.

What;s your call on Nick Smith in 2015?


Twitter: @Maso_78


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Well done, Big M. What are the chances Malceski jumps ship?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

The murmurs are he’s off to the GC suns. Nice one Maso. Would need a significant role change for consideration. Malcheski on the move could see that happen.


yup couldnt see him going anywhere else lions are to far of finals for that type of player


Could see the swans swooping on ryder in a 3 way deal GC get malceski , Swans rdyer and Bombers Gorringe and pick or somthing . Was reports that malceski was looking at move to queensland but with all the media speculation these days who knows.


That would be an interesting trade. Swans would be ecstatic with that.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Surely the Swans Havnt got the salary cap space for what Ryder is asking for


malceski would be on good money

Itchy Nuts Pieman

He would. But I’d say that have to get rid if someone else to accommodate ryders 600k a year price tag. Maybe Reid

General Soreness

Nice write up Maso. Will be an interesting watch preseason but I expect he will continue to be the lock down defender if Malceski goes and Rampe is more likely to be let to run more. At his expected output I’m more likely to risk a rookie over Smith.


yup AA selections does always make for good SC selection 🙂


Nice article Maso!

I didn't even have Nick Smith on my radar until this article. I'll have to watch him now.


Itchy Nuts Pieman

Likewise TG. My Watchlist has gone from A4 paper to A2.


And under 192 cm. ha ha.


This is my new favourite rule for selection 🙂


A few more for your Def watchlist Walker, Ibbotson should return to some form if inj free uninterupted pre season.


Ibbotson showed something in the finals. Looked good. Walker will be a concern coming back from knee surgery. See if he bounces back. Wasn't that his 2nd knee surgery?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I like walker throts. But he burnt me this year & he has a shocking injury history & misses too many games!


I like him too, Pieman. Did me well in 2013 as FWD/MID. Like most Blues players in 2014, didn't lift. Will be hard pressed to bring AW initially. Definitely see how he looks in NAB and where Mick has him slotted.


Sorry boys im out – appears the great man Jock doesnt want any Collingwood Supporters going by recent outbursts on Facebook he can take us or leave us. Well that goes both ways, might contribute back on all the best Throtts you can find me there if you wanna talk shop. Page removed from favourites


You mean the post regarding Eddie's comments? If so, Jock's comment seems like a blunt yet honest response to a pretty audacious statement. Think there's enough room to cheer and jeer with that statement (as with most things Eddie, right).

But don't think you should bolt because of Jock's opinion. As it was just that. And is more appropriate saying it on FB — a social site more than anything— than here where the talk is 98% fantasy football.

So don't throw the baby out with the bath water, my friend If you don't want to follow him on FB, that's your choice. But don't cast this site aside because of a FB opinion. Hope you reconsider, Salty.


Is this the same famous supercoacher Maso who has his unbeatable team, the Muppets ?
Branching out into journalism now Maso. (impressive)
Nick Smith on my maybe list, will monitor his pre season games and keep an eye on what roll he plays with or without the Eski in the same team.


Yup thats me but not sure about The Muppets being unbeatable LOL


We were in a league together this year Maso (PL) and hope we get the chance to match up again next season. Go The Muppets !
BTW – love ya work Jock Reynolds.


LOL was racking my brain to who this was 🙂


Lock down roles are just as important as creative roles in the "real stuff". Smith is too good at closing out opposition teams best small Forwards to suddenly get creative roles often enough to become SC relevant. Just my opinion.
I love the height reference! 😉


yup thats the great thing about this caper we all get to have our opinions on players,clubs and coaches 🙂 he would need to increase his possession count to warrant selection as well, his ToG is pretty good but as you said he is a dam fine defender and worthy AA but as supercoachers we need more 🙂


lol. Thought you'd like the 192cm height reference Rowsus.
You are the guru – as you continue to write the Supercoach bible, we continue to learn !


If Malceski goes, McVeigh will be my first pick.
He might reprise his role off halfback, or at least play most of games around there