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The name rhymes with “score” & “galore”

ThrottlefingerGreetings from County of Kings, Brooklyn, NYC!

As a board-certified Yank and lover of all things footy, I’m often asked since I didn’t grow up in the land of the centre bounce, what team do I barrack for?

Well, good ol’ Throtts has been watching since 2010 Grand Final (Sorry Jock. <insert sad fiddle>). And I liked a lot of teams. But as a lifelong fan of Cleveland sports teams, I didn’t feel right jumping on any team’s bandwagon. Those type of fans are the curry fart of sports…a bad stench that takes a shampoo or two to get out of your hair.

Only logical choice? The new team coming in…GWS. And I have been a member of the club every since. (No shitting ya. Have the guernsey and membership card to prove it.)

This coming-of-footy-age blather dovetails nicely into discussing the play of young Adam Treloar. As a fan of the club since inception, I’ve watched many GWS games. Most of the early year games were like watching a bunch of tequila-fueled Marines stomp on school crossing guards. Yet, the bright spot has been witnessing a team of immensely talented youngsters come into their own.

Especially the one I call The Babyface Assassin. As Barron Von Crow said of Treloar in his 2014 review of the Giants: “…don’t let the fact that he looks like a 12-year-old schoolboy fool you, this kid can play.”


And play his ass off he did. Whaddayasay we put on our SuperCoach swim trunks and take a quick dip into the info pool…

2015 Price: $577,800
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 107.5
100+ games last season: 14
Sub 80 games last season: 2
Price range last season: $470k-$560k
Missed games last season: 2 games rounds 8 (ankle) and 17 (groin)
Significant history: Averaged 87 in 2013, 83 in 2012
2013 averaged a team-high 24 possessions across his 20 games
Interviewed his hero The Rock for the Australian premiere of Hercules. (Did OK. Would’ve asked at least one Undertaker question)

There’s alotta tasty Supercoach meat on that bone, my friends. That his game improved wasn’t a surprise. That Treloar would turn into Dr. Hot Nuts with the pill and boost his SC average by 20 points was a delicious surprise.

What did he do differently in 2014? Most noticeably, Treloar upped his tackling. Had 68 in 2013 that ballooned to 111 takedowns. Shows the kid has the potential to be a wrap star (Get it? Off rap? Holler if you hear me! Anyone? Mommy?)

Disposal-wise, Treloar favors the hand over the foot (15/game vs 12.6/game). Us coaches prefer our mids to be more kick-happy, yet when the disposal average jumps from 24 to 27, that becomes less of a sticking point. And to add some caramel to his 3rd year sundae, The Babyface Assassin also pumped up those valuable clearances from 2.9 to 5.8 and inside 50s from 2.5 to 4.1 a game.


  • The concerns for Treloar are pretty straightforward. Due to the physically demanding centre position and still growing body, he can be counted on to miss a game or two with an injury. Back-to-back 20 game seasons is the proof in that puddin’. Also he’s been known to get hurt in the preseason. The hope is that his body will grow stronger and be able to take a full season.
  • Other risk is playing for a (perceived) bottom dweller. GWS has shown improvement but are still a couple years away from reaching the finals. On the brighter side Treloar only went sub 80 twice this season and they weren’t in blowout losses (72 & 74 in a win and a competitive loss).


  • There are plenty o’ premium mids to choose from for the same price that carry more experience and SC credibility. Here’s what to mull over when considering The Babyface Assassin.


  • With Callan Ward being the #1 midfielder on GWS, rarely will Treloar get the Crowley treatment. That gets one HUGE Throttlehellyeah! Plus at 21, his game hasn’t nearly hit its potential.
  • With the talented mix of old and young talent on the Giants, Treloar could have the ingredients to bake ton cake for his coaches every round.


  • Tends to go big early…when prices are the most bloated. His two highest scores (176 & 154) were in his first and third games. Steady 100s in-between.
  • Again, injuries to ankle and groin took him out two games, so may expect to throw him on the bench at some point.


Treloar can now be considered a premium mid. Given his age and team, his price may cause a bit of agita. But his talent is unmistakable. And potential for phat daddy SC scores undeniable. In fact, I feel he could push his average to 110 this season.

Whether you play it safe and bring him after the byes or throw a saddle and ride him the whole 22, I think The Babyface Assassin could well be the POD premium selection of the year.


So community, what say you?

Twitter: @throttlefinger



THE 2015 SUPERCOACH OFF SEASON SERIESAFL Supercoach Legend Jock Reynolds
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Itchy Nuts Pieman

Magnificent Throttle. That’s all that needs to be said!


That change in clearance and inside 50 rate is huge – coupled with the rise in tackle count and he looks a good thing. Not sure about that price through gentleman. He hasn't worked his way through the wet blanket tag week in week out yet and that will come. No for me at this stage – overs.. but this write up has made the case for him more arousing/tempting


Had the kid early on this year until the bye rounds can play and could be the next 120 average player, is on the radar for the Muppets in 2015


Considered him last year, this is food for thought

General Soreness

Great write up Throttle (US Correspondent). I knew he went well but when you lay the stats out like that with 14 tons the kid had a massive year. Personally I reckon the kid will stay in the 100-108 scoring range, his two big scores were against Sydney Round 1 which was a debacle by an undermanned Swans who just expected a result and his 154 was against Melbourne. On the plus side the kid is ultra durable 18 games, 20 games and 20 games and rarely puts in a shocker which is great as a set and forget player. Also plays for GWS so will have a softer draw. I will be watching with interest and will sit on my maybe list for now, I have a teammate ahead of him at a similar price whom has already learnt to deal with a tag. If he maintains a 108 his price is about right, but at 100's he is overs, might be a great upgrade option around the byes.


Ah my Friend TF,
Nice article from across the waters and delivered in a nice style. I think AFL has gained a man of letters and coupled with dedication to this great game, I feel you are “Made Man” – Keep delivering the good oil. Missed you guys but I have been in the Hurt Locker since March but I’m back and loving this.
Once again TF great work and keep the good stuff comin’


Magnificent Throttle – you have larger plums than I!


Jock what do you think about Mitch Clark next year? Surely has to be rookie priced or a very cheap midpricer. Has fair scoring history and will slot in nicely beside Tom Hawkins at the cats.


Bean! Nice to see you in here mate and that is an interesting thought. If it gets done and he's up fwd at the chattery he would have to high in calculations – probably with a view to upgrade him around the byes. What do you reckon mate?


Nice work Throtts! I had him in his first year and was a fave rookie that showed sc score potential ahead. I think the decision for 2015 is based on whether he gets a start in your premium selections. Structure is important, with more mid rookies than other lines having a higher scoring avg, its important to have room in your mids not taking up valuable space as thats your fastest cash generation line. In 2014 limited fwd rookies meant your fwd structure was better off with more prems/guaranteed starters. Because your mids are highest scorers then you want the best you can get from outset (high scores, vc loop options, save a trade getting them in later) ive decided 5 prems is too much, 3 not enough (having tried both) and 4 prems the best balance. So you have to ask is Treloar going to be a top 8 mid by years end? If you think he will avg 120ppg then the decision to get on at that price is a strong motivator and will give you a significant advantage. For me personally I dont rate him to outscore my first 4 proven (elite) mids nor do I see him as top 8 mids by years end, if he is looking that way i will trade him in later.


This is just risk minimisation. Until he can show consistency at elite level (Beams 2012, Rockliff & Fyfe 2014) then I cant consider him to be elite, even if he has the potential. Last year was his breakout 3rd year +20ppg and was the year to get on him from the start. I think you are far better going for a Fallen Premium returning from inj that is offering value and even then the decision still needs to be based on whether you think they will finish top 8 or close enough to. Statistically when looking for candidates outside top to finish top of their lines next season then midfield is the least likely. Other lines have more new roles (more midfield time, used as rebounder on way out of defence, key fwd used in ruck, rucking solo) so the likelyhood of improved sc putting them from outside top to top is greater.


Well dont worry i learnt a lesson from Daisy, funny you mention, I actually mentioned that very point but had to delete as text limit. The mistake I made with Daisy was that he wasnt going to be a top 8 player (or close too) but i thought he would return to 100+ avg player, which at that price was good value. I was giving him till bye rounds and if he didnt show anything i would trade him on and still make some money or upgrade to prem. The prob with that is by comparison to a rookie is the rate $$ goes up after a few price rises. With rookies you want around $200k of "mooing" if you can get it. If avg say 80ppg (as based on decent mid rookie as pass rate for that position) the first $150k goes up pretty quickly but the next $50k takes longer. Far better to have run a rookie for faster cash generation than Daisy and upgraded to a prem sooner. If you look at Suckling who was a similiar popular pick the same applies


Since you barrack for GWS though it does make sense to have players from your side in your team. It just makes things more enjoyable, even if not sound logic, trying to pick a side without one is bloody tough to do. Your 2 choices in Ward and Treloar are your best bets. If anything I would give the nod to Ward, he is at the right age, experience. I was gutted i didnt get him cheap after his inj as could of grabbed him rnd 7 or 8? he would of worked with my bye structure and went on to avg 130 over the next month (but again was he going to be a top 8 mid? no, so youve got to try remember this in your trades so doesnt cost you another trade) I instead upgraded to SJ and Selwood who had dropped heaps and was eyeing off Swan waiting for return to form/fitness which never came

Garglesnarf FC

Great write up Throttle! and enjoying the discussion with Salty. Fellow GWS member here.

The other big consideration is how much GWS improve on 6 wins. If they win another 4-6 games which is entirely possible then you would expect Treloar and Ward to rise in terms of points earned due to the fact that winning teams get a bigger slice of the SC points pie.

The GWS player however who really interests me in terms of increasing his output is Shiel. His season was interuppted in round 1, missing 5 weeks through injury which meant his first half of the season was of little interest averaging only 78.6 at the end of rnd 11. The way he finished off the year however was superb with 6 scores over the ton, and average of 101.5. Season average of 95.

If he can get another solid pre-season under his belt, I am looking to him to become a breakout player in 2015, and go to a 110 average. He will likely be my M5/6 next year.


5 prem mid structure will of course depend on rookie availibility in your lines. If again it looks like most will be mid and other lines struggle hard to come by then id go 4 or even 3 (if plenty mid rookies + real bad like fwd line options in 2014). Youve got to generate that cash as quickly as possible to upgrade your team as quickly as possible. I thought 2014 had great rookie mids especially early. I held onto Polec Tysonn too long!! I lost about 100k of each as result. I started 2014 with bad structure 3-0-5 defene line, Daisy taking a rookies place and Swan over Pendles as well as a few rookies who never played again i had to correct early and was very aggressive in my trades. I turned a poor start outside 30,000 overall to be 1500th by end of bye rounds. I upgraded my Def as quick as possible which i could do with Polec/Tyson playing so well but then the SC Gods got angry my def prems went avg and Polec/Tyson had form slump which meant i lost about $200k from their peak value.


The positive to Treloar or Ward would be Mummy if fit/inj free as it makes a difference having a ruckman who can give first hands on ball. I use 2013 Minson/Griffen/Libber as reference, they all had their best seasons from their understanding at stoppages. As for Rucks I think its pretty conclusive solo rucks is way to go (provided theyre fit) Jacobs is prime example of working harder over pre season (dropped 5kg) to increase aerobic capacity to get to more contests which he struggled with in 2013 the first year of quicker ball up/throw in changes to game. Goldy i think is best example of variation between rucking solo and sharing duties over last 3-4 yrs. The times he shared with HMAC, Majak and Currie all prove this beyond doubt. I was lucky with rucks as Derricks featured during byes, and the moment Cox got injured i had option to trade to S.Martin but was real concern all year Sandi might breakdown get rested but thankfully never eventuated. When a midprice ruck goes down it can screw ya especially early as you have no $$ to upgrade and can only go sideways down which means your choices are limited.


Tyson, Polec, Dunstan, Ellis, were good in that they played and scored well early M4-M8. Aish slow burn but he played alot. By time to offload Dunstan you had Crouch till byes after that you could upgrade in 2nd half of year Miles was the standout. With McDonald, KK and Langdon in defence all getting regular games and scoring well you had 7 rookies avg 80-100pts in the early season which is crucial to cash generation. I dunno you might have thought differently. Considering the extra cost for higher draft picks meant you didnt make as much coin but benefitted from theiir good starts but thankfully most downgrade rookies coming in later were cheaper. Would have been nasty in reverse ($115k player gets to $250k but youre next downgrade target was say $180k)


Yeah the new prices for high draft rookies makes things harder, so was really important to get the right keepers from start. I found being aggressive with trades like early corrections, settling for $150k instead of $200k from rookies helped me move up the overalls to get me in good position quickly but the moment i got there i had terrible run with injuries that i was really limited and limped home. Didnt help 4 of my last trades were useless as the got injuredj/missed games. By finals used last trades and unable to stop 2 donuts. Normally have 4 trades for GF.


T.Mitchell, S.Mitchell, Watson, Ablett, Cox, Stevie J, Swan, Hibberd, Beams, Fyfe, Barlow all got injuured from my side

PkMn Trainer Jimmy

Great write up TF.
The GWS boys are an interesting bunch. You'd expect one of them to join the 115+ ave next year, but which one??

As a GWS fan, I would love to get your thoughts on Toby Greene. He had an amazing finish to the season, which tempts me to select him next year, however I'm worried that his good form was influenced by Greene needing to prove himself after the mid year indiscretions. It's an interesting one though because he looked amazing 2 years ago and if he continues, he could attracted more attention than the other mids in Ward or Trealor. I'll be watching the GWS mids closely over the pre seasons

Phat Phuc

Well done Mr Finger I think this report is more relevant than reviews of players like Selwood, Watson, Sloane, Priddis etc.
Heaps of upside to this bloke from an SC perspective as most 'weekend dabblers' wont have him.
I agree he could easily ave 110 for the season maybe even more.