2014 Grand Final Day Podcast

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Supercoach 2014 podcast

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If you have any dramas with playing the podcast, can you email me here [email protected]

Have a sensational Grand Final day community and THANK YOU for helping us keep doing what we’re doing

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Hahaha! The bets were hysterical and priceless. On that, looking to parlay the Lake-Rohan bets for sawbuck.

Was in Atlantic City last night and was gambling in the Trump casino's Diamond Combover Room. On the sports book board, I saw a posting that read, "AFL Grand Final – 69 Buddies (87/1)". I went to the desk and asked to explain the wager. He said that it is no secret that Gibson-Buddy are very good friends. Many suspect there's more and a few feeling a latent affection has developed. So the bet is this: at some point in the game they will both jump for the ball and fall to the ground with Josh face in Buddy's junk and Franklins nose planted in Gibson penile colony. Neither will try for the ball. Or move for that matter. They just lay there inhaling each other's meat and cheeses. Those who come over to assist them up are angrily waved away by both players. And for the quarter of the game they just lay on the field, 69'ing each other as the game does it best to play around them. Bruce McAvaney openly masturbates in the booth, but this goes largely unnoticed as he is known in quiet footy circles as a serial stadium sausage squeezer.

So if anyone wants a part of that bet, I can hit AC this weekend and lay it down for you.

Great 2014 SC writeup. Higgo's 2015 is very intriguing. Eager to see how feasible this plan is when the Higginator comes out.

Well done, gents.


Hahaha. Top shelf, Jock, Higgo & Crotching One!

Bets were both hysterical and priceless. Put me down for a parlay of Lake for Grand Final garroting and Rohan going Ronald for a sawbuck.

Speaking of bets, I was in Atlantic City last night gambling in the Trump Casino's Diamond Combover Room. In the sports book I saw a bet on board that read, "AFL Grand Final Hawks v. Swans – 69 Buddies – 37/1". Went to the window and asked what the "69 Buddies" meant. Guess it wasn't asked that often so he had to call the manager over. He said that as many know, Buddy and Josh Gibson are very good friends. To some they are more than friends, so much so that there's a few whispers that deeper latent feelings have developed. So the bet is this: that Josh and Lance will both go up for the ball and both will miss and fall to the ground. When they land, Gibson's face will be in Franklin's groin and Buddy's face will be in Josh's penile colony. Neither will scramble for the ball or try to get up. Refs and physios will try to get them up only to be angrily waved away by both players. They'll just stay there, inhaling each other's meat and cheeses, while the game is played around them. Bruce McAvaney will openly masturbate to this secondary action, yet will oddly make more sense and be less annoying in-game comments.

So anyone wants to make that bet, I'll can hit AC to place it for you. My gift to the community.

Great insights on 2014. Intrigued by Higgo's 2015 midfield strategy. Look forward to testing it when the Higginator comes out.





Itchy Nuts Pieman

Majestic Throttle. I’ll have a tenner on that one!

Big Ben

Bloody ripper!