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Flesh for Fantasy – Grand Final

Published by Jock on

flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

It is the weekend where champions are born and legends are immortalized. Ultimate bragging rights are on offer this weekend, a summer of your mates buying you beers within touching distance.

To those who have made the grand final or in contention for the overall prize, congratulations and good luck. To who missed out, again, congratulations on making it this far – one more step next year and you’ll be dealing with the stress of grand final week.

This week is all about match ups. Not only getting in those who play well against their opposition, but those against weaker sides could go big and win you a premiership.

Let’s begin.


Shane Mumford (GWS) MID – $534,000 SC

  • Last Game: WBD (A)
  • Recent Scores: 99, 87, 112, 165

With Todd Goldstein OUT for the grand final, many coaches will be in search for a replacement. Priced nearly $100k less, Mumford has had a stellar couple of weeks, including a massive 46 hitouts and 165 SC points against Collingwood on the weekend. This weekend he faces the prospect of Will Minson and the Western Bulldogs, which could see him go big again. Definitely the ruck choice to think about if you do need to move Goldstein on.

Drew Petrie (NM) FWD – $491,000 SC

  • Last Game: MELB (H)
  • Recent Scores: 149, 98, 112

As a forward option, reason I throw up Drew Petrie’s name is due to his opposition. North is up against Melbourne this week, and last time they met – Petrie kicked 1.5 and clunked 11 marks for 101 SC points. This time, he meets a much weaker Melbourne side, desperate for the season to end so the possibility for him to go big his quite high. Petrie’s most notable game of his recent form run was against GWS 3 weeks ago, where he kicked 5.3 and took 9 marks. He likes to go big on the weak, so if he can straighten himself up this week, he’ll win you a grand final.

Brad Crouch (ADEL) MID – $524,900 SC

  • Last Game: STK (H)
  • Recent Scores: 121, 117, 91, 109

Come Sunday, a position in the top 8 may come down to percentage. For Adelaide, a home game against St Kilda could be the recipe for finals footy. Adelaide will need a big win to make up the % if West Coast defeats the Suns. The Adelaide boys will be lining up to get the footy and a cheapish midfield option worth looking at is Brad Crouch. An outside the box selection, his recent form has been very good – has become a tackling machine collecting 20+ disposals, and if Adelaide are to make up the ground on West Coast, they’ll need to be hard at it against the worst team in the competition. A strategic selection in good form and one worth some thought.


Todd Goldstein (NM) DEF/MID – $472,400 SC

  •  Last Game: Out
  •  Recent Scores: –

Out this week, so MUST be traded.

Jimmy Bartel (GEE) MID/DEF – $451,300 SC

  • Last Game: BRIS (H)
  • Recent Scores: 76, 101, 89, 68

Feels so wrong suggesting you dump Jimmy Bartel for a grand final, but his form of late has been disappointing. Last week was his worst game in some time stat wise, collecting 21 touches and scoring 68 from just 97% game time. His last big score was 123 back in round 15 and last time he played the Brisbane Lions, only managed the 83. You’d be silly to trade out Bartel without having a think, but given Geelong’s date with destiny is already locked in, the foot may be eased from the peddle somewhat. Consider.


Unfortunately, I’ve had to close the Pub for this week. However, tweet me at @Mr_Crimmins and I will try address any questions you may have.

Good luck this weekend community

Mr Crimmins.


The Grand Final Is Here. Who Will Win? Who Will Reign Supreme?

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This article may have been more useful before the round began…


Finished the year with 2123 – much better than last week! Hopefully will be enough to scrape into top 10,000 overall. Feel like I'll do leagues again next year – maybe one team for outright and one for leagues if I can manage it! How did everyone go in their GF's? Hope everyone in the community is holding their individual trophies up skywards – we have the best clan in SC land folks! Happy post season to you all, and well done!!!

Gold Rush

My team ended up looking like a crumpet.


Lol Crimmo thanks for the heads up on Jimmy Bart mate. I managed to trade him out and pull a mid-for swing to get buddy.


A GF score of 1895 from a team with more holes than a Hockey budget lost every GF I was in and is probably gonna kick my fat arse out of the top 100 and back to the 300+ class.
Damn good thing I celebrated last week.


2468 for me with 2 Doughnuts is a pretty good score. Hoping to move up in the ranks a bit, currently ranked 430. I won all 3 of my GF to.


That's a bloody great score this week BC considering the carnage – did you have Jelwood as capt?


Yer and I had Pendles as VC


Great score BC I had 6 donuts and my lowest score for the season except 1 bye round


Thanks WombatsFC I feel for you.


Bad luck Wombats feel for ya mate, I was like that last week! 300th is still a cracking effort mate, I could only wish for that sort of ranking – and I played solely for outright this year, no leagues! Looking forward to your words of wisdom next season champ!


Thanks Michael luck played a part but my opponent started with the same salary and had the same number of trades and he also had bad luck.

TaylorWoof is a obviously a genius of the game and I hereby publicy request that he no longer be known as the 'SilentAchievers' and change his team name to 'RowdyAchievers' thus obligating him to share his wisdom with us all.


Jock, we need a podcast to help us all with the new SuperCoach Finals comp. Should be exciting!


Finished the season with a rank of 224!


Ouch dropped from 79th to 261st overall – from 7th to 23rd in the Jock Reynolds Qualifiers and from 2nd to 3rd in the Jock Reynolds donor group qualifier.

Hey Jock, which league does this finish get me into next year?

The Filth

I hear ya Wombat – same for me.
Some spud teams won GFs in my leagues because of the withdrawal of several quality players.
27th overall – musn't grumble…(mutter mutter)


Is anyone else having troubles seeing other peoples teams. When I try to see someone else's team it takes me to my league.

Luck of the Irish

Yeah I am as well, I reckon it's just a glitch that will be sorted out soon, I hope anyway.


Good to know it's not just me should be fine soon.


Finished the season with a rank of 198! Can't thank the community enough for all their advice and wisdom along the way. My worst trade of the season was definitely Shannon Hurn who spudded it up most weeks but my best was no doubt Tom Rockliff. Picked him at the start of the year as a POD and cheapish midfielder who would avg around 115 but turned out he would blow the roof off the joint. My biggest regret was not picking up Stefan Martin who I thought would end his good scoring with Leuy returning but ended up only getting better and averaging 110. Next season I hope to deploy my wisdom more often to the community. Anyway that's it from me, bring on 2015. Oh and by the way I am 14 years old.


Anyone out there that still needs their SC fix for the next 4 weeks?
Nice little challenge if you're up for it, only $3.7K to fill a 3/4/1/3 set up, no bench, unlimited trades.
Here's my first go:

DEF: Langford, Atley, SMitch
MID: Jelwood, Wingard, ASwallow, Turner
RUC: Ceglar
FWD: Gray, Rohan, Caddy



I finished the year with 2503. Used my last trade to turn boomer into Malceski, but then was out saturday night and didn't see Rockliff and Zorko out. Thank god I had bartel on the bench!!
Ranked this week 850 and climbed into the top 1,000! Feeling so good even though i missed out qualifying for the JR division leagues by 300 points.

Feeling confident that next year will be the big one 🙂

The Filth

Not a good final week…
Lost all my GF's, dropped to 29th overall in Supercoach and second in the JR Community Qualifiers group.
Worst score for the season, 2117pts.
Thanks Rockliff, Zorko, Kennedy, Fyffe, Beams, Gaz etc for great seasons but unfortunately you were not there for me at seasons end. Even Hodge pulled out to compound my misery.

Still happy overall with my season. Had two trades left going into the finals, but not able to cover the decimation of my team.
Disgusted to lose a GF to a team that contained Jack Watts! What a spud.