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PODCAST: The wrath of the Fantasy Gods

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014

It will be long remembered as the weekend that the Fantasy Gods unleashed their fury.

Hiroshima. Pearl Habour. Twin Towers. The 1997 Grand Final. Round 21 2014. Moments where lives were forever changed.

And as we are reminded in the introduction to this casting of the pod – it was fortold in the scriptures that a weekend such as this would arrive. Would arrive to cleanse the fantasy landscape of those who would exhaust themselves of trades. Those that would bite from the forbidden apple of the tree of fantasy sin.

Whether you live to fight another day – or whether you pack up your kit bag and learn from your season – enjoy the show community.

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Although many may have passed away this weekend to the wrath of the Supercoach gods, we all still love you and your work Jock. You are our leader in dark times and we will continue to follow you into the future.


Aye Aye, my humble genius


All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.
"Forward, the Light Brigade!
"Charge for the guns!" he said:
Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.

There is carnage all about, stand fast and cool heads need to prevail.
Only the brave will survive and make victory this year so much sweeter.

Good luck community.

General Soreness

I usually revert to:

"You put your left foot, in you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in, and you shake it all about you do the hokey pokey then you turnaround, that's what its all about"

Then I am left to wonder if "that is what its all about"


k den


1 trade left
Potentially Pendles
No coverage
Game over


I feel your pain – I have the same 3 but add JPK to that list as well 🙁 1 trade as well. Hoping my opponent next week has exhausted trades!

dean billman

Ditto Cozza.


Double Ditto, and i traded Ward in last week 🙁
Had Pendles captain and JPK vc, thankfully i had a week of in my leagues but dreading this week
Have 2 trades left, have to use them wisely


Oh yeah and i have Fyfe who got handed 2 weeks holiday today 🙁
Train Wreck doesn't even begin to describe it


Oh buga…add Fyfe and Boomer Harvey to my list above. Big big trouble this week!!

PkMn Trainer Jimmy

If we thought Captain choices before was difficult, how are we going to fair for the remaining two rounds? Pendles, Beams, Fyfe, Ward, JPK all could miss! Time for someone to announce themselves as a supercoach Hero and save our teams (well not my opponents) and deliver some heroic scores for the final 2 rounds!

Also it's incredibly tight in the Donor's league, incredibly tight.


jobe watson is the way to go!!

General Soreness

If you dont have Rocky, then Rocky, outside of that Sloane and Priddis are the best two options outside of that given their run home, form and past records against the teams they are playing. I also tend to favour those with something to play for. If you need to open up swing sets then Harvey is a good option.

Joey Jo Jo

Rockcliff is the last man standing… with Sauce for VC

Luck of the Irish

I traded Callan Ward in for Johnson at the start of the round, I think I may be in need of some therapy…. But I say here, I will rise again.

What the?

You were obviously living under a rock for the week. I don't think there was a news source Stevie wasn't on lol.

Luck of the Irish

I think you misinterpreted what I said, or I didn't say it clearly enough. I traded Stevie J out as he was missing this week for Callan Ward, I had it on good advice he was going to miss more than one game and that looks to be true as there is a chance he may not play again this season (he's still on crutches in fact). I didn't trade SJ in this week if that's what you thought.


I think it was pretty obvious he said Johnson OUT Ward IN, I doubt he would of missed the news on Steven Johnson if he had him lol, you missed the key word IN mate…

The Vampire

Forgive me father for I have sinned- i picked flogs in my team along the journey- have mercy. NDS, a floggard named brendan and was punished with mysterious cruel blows- JPK- pendles- Beams- SJ- Bartel…. suckling? that is filth- Ling is ugly.

I curl up now to listen to thee, in a foetal position and a painful whince- ohhh why oh why did i ….. did i… did i… ohhh why? The question cannot be answered.

I will roll over and curl up into a ball facing the other direction and in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit- i hope to get kissed on the tip and bluff my way through the rest of the finals… amen.

big aggots

Cheer up Vamp. I paid over $600K for skin flute Minson & $630K for Montagna thinking I was getting a couple of Porsche 911's – instead ended up with a Datsun 180B with cracked vinyl roof & a Lada Niva. Never again basket you both go.

The Vampire

Indeed you were mistaken picking up the skin flute. But I started with Minson- yet it seems that playing on the meat trumpet was more important to him than scoring SC points. If he had put as much time into SC scoring as he did practising the tube harmonica I would be ecstatic. However it seems his interest is more in smoking the man pipe than it is in getting taps. Hence you Minson are blocked from my future teams you stick-smoking son of a betrayer!

Big Ben

Boys….captain on JPK… Pendles out, donut in the mid…..beams injured……Fyfe injured/reported…. 2352 and moved up 1K places…..

What the bloody hell boys…. Roughly 3500th! I can't believe it


tis the only week you can have that happen and still go up… take it with graciousness…
you still in the hunt for finals win I presume…

who are your trades then – if any?


Easy trade this week, being Beams>Sloane leaving me with 1 left for the season but coverage on all lines except ruck

Never like to wish injuries on players, but I wouldn't be complaining if Ward, Pendles and JPK missed a week 😉

Luck of the Irish

Pendles should be fine (I bloody hope so), but I think Ward and JPK look like they are going to miss more than a week at this stage, in fact there is the very real possibility that we may not see either again this season. Although this is speculation, so its best taken with a grain of salt.

The Garbo

JPK – confirmed no tear in the hammy but will most likely miss this week as a precaution vs the doggies


Hi Jock i have a Prelim but i have to look past that now and prepare for next season.
My team looks sore and down on moral. No trades left, we rolled the dice and rode the bumps but i think its as far a my team will go now.


and hoping like hell SJ and Bartel were just 1 week.
1 trade left….Beams to either Jordan Lewis or Priddis – which one?


Priddis. Thats who im going for unless Fyfe is named. Clearly the pick of the bunch with his run home as well.


Jordan Lewis. Although, Priddis is a great option but Jordan Lewis is pulling one great score after another.


Can't decide, but I am leaning towards Priddis only because of his next to 2 opponents


Weekend from hell- Rise on friday morning and go to tennis coaching and drive past a bloke pulled over trying to change a flat tyre. Had no idea what he was doing, so I drove past and laughed my arse off at the poor bastard. 5 mins down the road i run over a chain and burst a tyre… You fking kidding me i say. Find out that Bartel is out! Whatever Jimmy, soft as butter= donut in backline. Saturday arrives and another cold but beautiful day, that is until i wake from my nap on the couch. My sleep eyes open to see my VC JPK on the bench resting his legs. I begin to realise there is a little more red in his guernsey, shit Sub vest. Tears begin to well. I then venture to the mighty MCG to watch my beloved Magpies only to find out Pendles demise, Reidy's pathetic hammy, Clokes shiet ankle, Jellyiot's hammy and then our warrior, Beamer's knee snapped in half. And then the bloody Lions take a massive dump on every one of our 12 players left on the ground. I sat and sobbed until I realised Tommy Bloody Rockliff did it again for me. Saved my supercoach life but NO BLOODY TRADES left. My heart goes out to all gutted coaches- AMEN

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I share your pain Pete. Our team getting demolished by a team that stll dont have pubes was shattering. Buckley was a great player. But that doesn't mean you will be a great coach. Whatever he's selling the team isn't buying it! He needs to be led out to the paddock & a bullet to the temple, & then several more to be certain! Then to be abasolutely certain give him both barrels of the shot gun! We are going to get beaten by GWS this week.


Putting my hard earned on the $2.60 on GWS thats for sure


Good stuff Jock and the boys


Thanks Jock, you're wise beyond your years youngfella. Another great weekend for Wombats thanks to the wisdom of the flapping tarp.
Now ranked 179 overall, 3rd in the Donor Qualifiers and on a juggernaut towards the Kraken and RBT.
Bring on the late outs, early injuries, subs and suspensions lets see who's left standing when the dust clears and we wipe the blood from our eyes.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I was having a look through the rankings & saw the Wombats had charged ino the top 200. 2470 Huge Wombats. Your knocking on Mrs Crouchings Bedroom door! INP's team Maltiebets has moved to 6th in the donors. Might see you in Divvy 3 next year!


Thanks INP i'll be very surprised if the wombats pull on a jumper next year. I'm planning a solar powered boat trip along the murray and up the darling and don't think I'll be back before the season starts.


Wow. Definitely want to hear more about the trip.


Well done, Wombats. You've been a cunning, diligent and exact player from the get, so your success is hardly a surprise. Will be rooting for it to continue, my man.


Thanks Throttle but all I've been is lucky. My luck has been the equal and opposite reaction to the bad luck of others. I think Dannyboy and the Addicts might play off for the silverware in the throttledome


True, Lady Luck has been spending a fair amount of time dancing with you. But also true is that your decisions. Have made it easy for her to find you. There are two big hurdles in front of you for sure. Excited to see how it plays out in the T-dome.


Hope im wrong Wombat but I cannot see the leader in C-MONEY getting beat this year.
Knowing that Fyfe & Beams are out of SC contention, which most people have.
Depending on who gets called up this week and if there isn't many surprises. I'm willing to but both my plums on the line and start singing that its over for anyone other then the leader in C-MONEY to win this years $50,000 he may as well get the cash now, not only because he has a 533 point lead from his nearest opponent.

Granted he has FYFE & BEAMS but he also has Goddard as his M9 and has Honeychurch in his midfield who has DPP along with D Martin as his F7 so even if he has no trades left he has Fyfe & Beams covered.

Very smartly played.


Great podcast there guys. Bloody Wayno the sneaky buggar. I had a week off this week so just put Bartel and Stevie J on the bench, swung Shenton forward and played McGovern who scored me 100 odd. Pav finally came through with a 140. I had the C on Pendles so ended up with a Donut there but had the VC on Selwood who scored 110 so could of been worse. I hope JPK, Stevie J and Pendles get up for next week. I have Langford and McGovern covering def and mid/fwd with Shenton swing so should be fine. Ben Brown covering rucks. Bring it on


Azmataz Good luck with your league mate, I don't have any confirmation of this but I cannot imagine JPK will be playing next week against the Bulldogs, I'm quite certain they will rest him.

However hope Pendels and Bartel are back.


Cheers Dean. Yeah I have put JPK on the bench for now as can't trade him out. I am hoping to make through the prelims and then JPK back on for the final. My opponents have more carnage than me such as Fyfe and Boomer so I think I can at least field a full team (if Pendles, Bartel and SJ start).

One trade left and going Beams to Priddis.


It is time for Mad Monday for me.
Out of SCoach finals in straight sets. Lost by 8pts.
Had McGovern sitting on the bench with 115 pts, but could not get him onto the field.


Know the feeling, a couple of weeks ago had Robert Murphy on the bench and he scored 137 and the next week Brodie Martin pulled 113 on the bench. Such is life, aye?


Jock – You’ve gotta get serious on Wayno’s betrayal or risk ending up in the same shambolic position the AFL, ASADA & Essendon find themselves in. A league demotion for the 2015 season should be the minimum to help bring Wayno back into line or you could risk losing him to the darkside.


Jock, I, too cannot believe the calamity of last weekend. However, after finishing 7th in the home & away season, somehow I managed to pull 2,132 and find myself in a preliminary final. Talking about pulling one out of the bag aye? So glad that I brought in Priddis instead of Pendles or Fyfe.


2,422 with only Beams to worry about. 2 trades left. I know I'm in the minority but this week is a blessing for me!


Happy with 2,280 considering the drama of the weekend. With 3 trades left, looks like i'll be using 2 up this week.

Hoping to win the prelim final and move closer/into the top 2000 ranking

Be interesting to see the injury list come Thursday/Friday.

General Soreness

As I bow out of all leagues after the weekend from hell, Pendles, Cloke, Beams, Ward, Suckling!!!

Thank you to Jock and the community for the season. All the best to the survivors may well you finish triumphantly.

The planning for 2015 which started a few weeks ago, now in full swing 🙂


Hi General, re 2015 I reckon young Paddy Cripps could be a low priced/wookie mid option

General Soreness

Thanks Wombats will add to the list. Congrats on your season to date, all the best for the remainder.


Great talking and competing with you this season, General. Look forward to chewing the SC fat for 2015 planning.

General Soreness

Ditto, throttle! Thanks for all your contributions very helpful, especially the Throttle cakes!

General Soreness

Ditto, throttle! Thanks for all your contributions very helpful, especially the Throttle cakes!


How did those Tcakes turn out?

Wayno's cousin

Need to replace Beams but are a few $ short of Rockliffe who is next best option please??


Obviously Priddis mate… All depends who you have already…


Gotta be Priddis

General Soreness

Would help to know who else you have otherwise shooting in the dark. I will presume you already have Pendles, Jelwood, and Teen Wolf.

Outside of those Rory Sloane, has Saints and Roos in last two rounds went 127 against both earlier in the year.

Priddis has Melbourne then Gold Coast, last time only 94 v Melb when West Coast was stinking it up. Has only gone under 100 once since round 8 and that was a 91.

Both of the above can go large. 172 and 155 this year respectively.

Watson is also worth considering with Carlton and Gold Coast finish.

If you need to open up swing sets Harvey had 124 and 131 against his final two opponents earlier this year.


I had 4 trades left before the round, so could only fix two of the problems that came up with the teams on Thursday.

4 premiums OUT through injury/suspension
4 premiums injured during the round (a last minute rush to captain Beams to avoid taking JPK's VC didn't save me).

Even if I still had 4 trades it wouldn't be possible to fix my team now. Hopefully i can still limp to at least one grand final….

Krazee-Eyez Killaz

Somehow scraped my way to 2336 for the round after being smashed with injuries like everybody else. No pendles, sore Beams and JPK, no Stevie J or Bartel, also no bench cover for any of those blokes. was in 2 top 8 finals for the week, and won both. it's a miracle! Went up 700 odd places and ranked 2649 overall.

am now in top 8 prelim finals for all 5 leagues this week, but only have the one trade, and also have fyfe expected to miss. in short, i'm rooted. hoping everybody i'm facing is in a similar situation, which I'm thining they will be.

anybody got any tips on who i should bring into the midfield? currently got Pendles, Rockliff, Fyfe, Stevie J, Selwood, Beams, JPK and Sloane. Have a free shot at pretty much anybody if I trade out JPK.

cheers guys

The Vampire

Youre best to trade out Fyfe- he's suspended for the rest of the year and has great $$.

Stevie J will prob miss with hot spot in his foot.

JPK also done.

Beams is gone.

Pendles may get a rest too.

How many trades you got? Like most you'll probably need 4 🙁

At least you'll have Sloane, Rocky and Jelwood playing.

Krazee-Eyez Killaz

1 trade. i'm screwed.

depending on what happens at the tribunal, will probably go with dumping fyfe to get the most value. then i'm just unsrue who i'll bring in. holding JPK.

Have boomer in my forward line too, so that also doesn't help.

what's with everyone being turds and either getting injured or slapping people around at this time of year???

will hopefully scrape through some prelims this week and get some players back for next week.

The Vampire


General Soreness

On the upside removes the discussion around him not winning the brownlow due to his round 2 indiscretion.


Can't argue with that logic, GS!


Yeah the hits keep on coming. Any more outs this Thursday and some sides may have as many as 3 or 4 unavoidable donuts.

The Garbo

so far I have 7 players already out or in doubt. 5 of which are in the mid…
My last two trades can only help so much.

so 3 or 4 donuts could be right on the money


Wow. What have we done to anger the SC Gods so? Particularly pricky this season.


Now I am glad I couldn't afford Fyfe for so long. And I didn't get around to getting Boomer in my team.

Chaos Overlord

Hi Jock and the team, you forgot Krakatoa, Pompeii and Vesuvius. Holy Snappin duck shit.
Survived round 21 by one single miracle. Buddy as captain meant all those with JPK got a lesson from the Chaosmen.
Now to decide WTF to do with the following pieces of lightly burnt, square shaped, blends of flour and water.
Pendles, Beams, JPK, and now I hear Fyfe with two and Harvey straight to tribunal.
If there is any resting of players next week or week after 1450 might just win you a league.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Buddy as C. Well played! Chaos is the word. What a tragic way to end the season. I'm guttered CO.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

And now Fyfe out for the SC season. This is absolutely ridiculous! I need a very strong drink, maybe lots of them. I guess this proves why it's so important to keep trades up your sleeve. Lekdog let's go on a bender!

General Soreness

Even if I had 4 trades left I would be Fubar! Although almost everyone should be in a similar boat, if I was still any chance in any of my leagues my strategy at this time would be to check how my opponents team is affected by the carnage. If I felt my team was superior despite the carnage i would look to trade in premo's that would negate any advantage they may have on the obverse I would be considering POD's with big upside and risk.


MIDS – Pendles, Beams, Stevie J, Fyfe, JPK, Bartell, Harvey, M Crouch. 1 trade left what do I do?

General Soreness


Itchy Nuts Pieman

Ohhhh Davo. That's a world of pain. I second the General's notion, straight to a bar. I'll see you there. Before you go trade in Rocky, stick the C on him & pray he scores 612.


Have a nice long cry to get it out of your system then start planning with a purpose for 2015!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Well said SCA. I'm on that train. You forgot to add get Sh*tfaced.


Will say that prescription has worked right nicely for yours truly, Dr Addict.


Out Beams, in Priddis. Welcome donuts.


Have Fyfe, JPK, Beams and Pendles. 2 trades left. Who do I trade out?! And who for?!
Cheers, and good luck to everyone else 🙂

General Soreness

Beams and Fyfe go out as they definitely have a holiday! Priddis, Watson, Sloane or from very left field, Toby Greene extremely high risk though.


Andrew Swallow for an even more left field pick


For me to avoid a donut either Pendles or JPK will have to play, and Morabito will have to be selected. Will be copping anywhere from 0 to 2 donuts this week, and it could cost me a Grand Final berth. This game we love can be oh so cruel sometimes….

Gold Rush

Time to visit 'Master Bates'.


Agreed with the General – JPK is only one week and Pendles will probably play. If you don't have Rockliff, he would be my first pick.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Feel for Oh Kill Ems's team 3rd overall in SC. He's got Pendles, Beams, JPK, Ward, Fyfe & SJ. If you don't mind, that's a please spread your cheeks! His 50K dreams are done. Wish I was playing him in league this week.

jack power

and all without a reachout Pieman!!!


I couldn't stop laughing after reading your post and I quote "That's a please spread your cheeks! His 50K dreams are done. Thats a Pi$$er…

I cannot see anyone apart from the leader in C-MONEYS team winning the $50K anyway, he has a 533 point lead and even though he has BEAMS & FYFE in his side, he has GODDARD as his M9 and also has Honeychurch in his midfield who has DPP and has D Martin as his F7 so he has both Fyfe & Beams covered even if he has no more trades.

I got a long way to learn this caper and this is my best year where i might finish around 5000…

jack power


Itchy Nuts Pieman

That would be some consolation!


After a horror week out of all finals, although finished ninth in a league do I bother with minor finals or throw in the towel?


keep going – never throw in the towel

jack power

Can't be blamed for my mistake on previous comment to INP as the Fantasy Gods double-bricked my plums this past weekend and I haven't recovered! Pendlebury, Fyfe, JPK, Beams, Ward, B Harvey and Suckling all out .. and the only cover I have is in the ruck!!! Even if I had trades left how do you replace 7 players with 2 trades.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Hope your not in money leagues & in the Prelim. That's carnage. I think Pendles is a good chance to play.


feeling the pain, Jack
perhaps your opposition has as many out as you??

The Garbo

WRATH OF THE FANTASY GODS is an understatement…..

Thought I was trucking along nicely for first season in SC.
even after a brutal week I am ranked 3,334.

Now my season is most likely over….. have two trades left.

have LeCras (ribs?), Bartel (thigh), Ward (calf), Pendlebury (quad), JPKennedy (hammy), Beams (knee) and Fyfe (suspended)

The Garbo

oh and opposition can field a good full team if he has two trades….

The Garbo

and was right on the edge of bringing in Boomer Harvey to the team on the weekend.


Harvey sent to tribunal is a joke, what about Crowley's/Dockers treatment on S. Johnson no action thoughts …


Yes true, but remember the Lake choke. It appears that Harvey has pushed his forearm into the neck region which the tribunal will not like. Not a good look despite Boomer being a fair player. I do not have him in my side but I hope he gets off.

The Garbo

boomer is cooked. an easy three weeks.


The whole afl tribunal is a joke. Who knows what will happen there this wk, it's just so inconsistent.
Best we can hope for is the 1 wk off and will have him in the GF if I sneak thru this wk.

Also Can't even believe this negligent contact with an umpire bullshit, for a first offence it's $1200. Crazy


Mids: Fyfe, JPK, Pendles, Beams, Harvey, Ward, Johnson, Thomas (Morabito, Hartung)
One trade left.
Holy sh*%


YIKES bl00dy hell mate you got hit with every branch when you fell down the SC gloom tree.

That hurts, I am lucky as I won last week & was thanking ALL I went straight through to the preliminary final.
I obviously have Beams, Fyfe andPendles with 2 trades left so im hoping pendles will play in round 23.

However im not to perturbed as I think 90% of the people have at least Fyfe & Beams, I know my opponent does thank God.


Whoa! Ouch! You must be feeling raw!


Don't think I've ever seen a week like this before – my best case scenario is if Zac O'Brien from the Lions get a run this week, meaning only two donuts. No trades left and have the following potential outs:

DEF: Bartel, Zac Jones – leaves me with McVeigh, Simpson, Hanley, Enright, SMitch, Bews
MID: Pendles, JPK, Fyfe, Beams, O'Brien – leaves me with Jelwood, Murph, Cotch, Swallow, Zorko
RUC: Derickx, King – leaves me with Sauce & Sandy
FWD: Boomer, HChurch – leaves me with Parker, Danger, Dusty, Pav, Ambrose, Cameron

I'm almost getting to where I was in R1!


I may be in an unique situation of only one donut compared to others' 3 to 4 for this week. Holding onto Swan, Kane Cornes, Robert Murphy and picking up some decent POD's (like Maric, Priddis, Brodie Martin) so, things may be looking up (hopefully…).


I am in luck this week. Won my final and now due to all the donuts have a good chance in a prelim that I was probably sure to lose without all the carnage. The supercoach gods taketh and giveth to some!

Bird of Rain

And now Barlow out for 2 weeks with a broken thumb. That"s 6 of my best out with one trade left. Last week I was very confident to win my league. Now I have no chance to get to the grand final. POS.


I feel your pain! Have Fyfe, Barlow, JPK, Beams, Pendlebury, Baretl (who both hopefully play) and Boomer. What a disaster 🙁 Might go dig myself a hole and lie there for a few days.


Add Ward to that list as well….might be adding a few more days in my hole after remembering that

jack power

I hear ya!!!


Yes the Barlow injury is another swift kick in the kahunas. Even the most conservative of traders has unprecedented carnage on their hands this week.

So I reckon whoever wins their league this season should get a Steven Bradbury award or lucky last man standing.

We are but mere play things for the Supercoach gods!






Gooooornnnn!!!!! All out for me

On the bright side I have 4 trade left , any ideas ?


Well Beams and Barlow are gone for the Supercoach season so I'd be trading those guys out even if Boomer is suspended 2 weeks as both those guys are worth about $100K more.

Rocky, Sloanedog, Priddis and HeppD are among the hot players to jump on right now.

You could also look at either Cotch or Lids although Rd 23 could be risky at ANZ depending on whether the Swans go full tilt or rest some of their stars.


Is Pendles gone?


Someone may know the latest but last I heard he was a decent chance for this week and an even better chance for next week, where as the Boomer, Barlow and Beams are all gone for the Supercoach finals.

So Pendles would be the last I trade out of those 4. He's also priced less than either Barlow or Beams too.


Hey Community,

Who to bring in for Beams?
Priddis, Sloane, Watson or Jones?





COMMUNITY! Need some advice! Please rank the following players in order of who you think will score higher over the last two rounds! Will be much appreciated!

Need 2 and have $1,262,800 to play with.



I don't think Freo will give Rockliff and Hanley the liberty they seem to enjoy week in and week out from other sides. The others are all good options but I would go Priddis. He hasn't put a foot wrong the past ten weeks or so and he has Melbourne and Gold Coast in final two games. In fact he is about the only midfielder I have left!!


Yeah I agree with med – Priddis then Sloane. I would usually go Rocky but Freo will probably tag him – or they could go to Hanley. No one seems to be able to stop Rocky scoring monster scores this season so could till be a goer! Greene could be a good shout too but Macaffer will probably go to him but who knows. I just can't ring myself to trade in Lewis and Hanley is too expensive now.

Vic City

With all the carnage this week I feel things could have been worse here. It looks like my opponents this week got kicked in the stones as well.

Looks like I might be able to escape with just one doughnut by using my last trade for Beams -> Priddis.

DEF: McVeigh, Swallow, Hanley, Enright, SMitchell, Laidler (Bartel, Tippett)
MID: Selwood, Priddis, Rockliff, Parker, Murphy, Goddard, AMiles, 0 (JPK, Pendles, O'Brien)
RUC: Sandilands, Naitanui (Brown, King)
FWD: Gray, Dangerfield, DMartin, Zorko, Roughead, SMartin (Cameron, Honeychurch)


Yep it all depends on who you have obviously. Nearly all coaches worth their salt have Pendles and Beams and assuming Pendles plays and you can deal with the Beams injury then that's the first obstacle overcome.

Problem is that most coaches have at least 1 or 2 out of Fyfe, Barlow, JPK, Stevie J, Ward or Boomer.

Remember we haven't even got to selection Thursday or the actual games so there's likely to be further key outs, late withdrawals or injuries to come, before it's all said and done!


I'd been having a great season until the last 5 or 6 days,

I have Pendles, Beams, Fyfe, Barlow, JPK, Ward and Boomer, also Bartel. Last week I traded Steve J for JPK…

Anyone else thinking 3 trades a round for finals?

Saving trades has ended up worth very little with this unprecedented carnage.


2 trades left with Beams, Fyfe, Kennedy and possibly Pendlebury out. I have Sheed and O’Rourke on the bench as cover but neither have scored over 60 lately so they are bit exactly the best cover. Should I use both trades and get rid of Fyfe and Beams for Priddis and Sloan/lewis (undecided on which one is better) or should I just make the one trade and leave the other trade for next week. I have bench cover on all lines.

Krazee-Eyez Killaz

No point leaving trades for next week when there may not be a next week. take a punt and trade both. I'd be getting in Priddis and Sloane. Can't help but think that Lewis may drop off a little sometime soon…