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PODCAST: Finals Week 2 – playing to win

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014

What a weekend of fantasy footy finals!

EVERY move we make from here on is a season maker or breaker and glory is absolutely there for the taking.

If you have been bundled out in finals week 1 we are thinking of you. It’s a difficult time in every fantasy footballers life – but it is CRUCIAL that you play this season out with full application. Start planning for 2015 as well and take the time to reflect on what went wrong.

Otherwise – still in the hunt with a sniff of blood in the old nostrils? Well done.

Now join Peter “Higgo” Higginbotham, The Crouching One and I as we turn our analytic blow torch onto the second week of the finals.


  • Adam from UnitedAs1 spoke to us Thursday night. He’s leading the Qualifiers group – had a belter of a weekend with 2610 and has now moved to 11th in Supercoach overall
  • Andrew from Random Breath Test is winning the donors league (and is also in divvy 2) scored a MONSTER 2639 and has moved into 10th overall – well done lads!!

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Stevie J for? Boomer or Nate Jones


Assuming Stevie J is rubbed out then between those two I'd go Boomer given North's remaining draw. A little more coin would get you an in form POD in McGlynn who's averaged 129 over the last 3 and the Swans have a couple of easy kills to come over the next fortnight. Or perhaps a Jarrad Waite as the boys mentioned on the podcast. You would need to swing a DPP forward into your middle to make that happen.

But if SJ survives the wrath of the MRP/Tribunal this week I'd hang on to him as he's probably overdue for a ball tearing performance after a couple of shockers.

He's not quite in that Pav/Wingard category of "have to get rid of him at all costs" just yet unless he's suspended of course.


Go the dees


Have a feeling fyfe might be rested this week


I think next week is more likely if it happens….avoid the road trip to Brisbane


If he's fit to play then reckon he will line up as Freo are really scrapping to make top 4 and it's a huge game against the Hawks at Subi. Will come down to how sore that shoulder really is by the weekend.


G'day community, which would be a better trade? Can't decide
Scott Thompson (Nth) out for Burgoyne
or Cotchin out for Ward/ Sloane


Thanks Jock ripper podcast too mate. Love your work


I reckon no Thompson impacts Sloane's score this week.


Yeah defensive options are too unreliable to justify precious trades. The Sloane Dog with the Crows remaining draw should be a nice points upgrade over Cotch who too often has missing quarters and halves.


Completely agree, SCaddict. And think that also goes for forwards. You have to live with your choices. Few are that consistent at front and back positions. It's something to remind yourself early in the season as well as later.

big aggots

Rissole Thompson. 78 his highest return for the past 6 matches. Is playing sore with his ribs.
Cotchin is moving like my grandmother at present but he's still managing 100 most weeks.


should I trade wingard out? it will be my last trade before I run out so Im a little cautious, but he has been absolutely shocking. I will have just under 500k to play with so I won't be able to get the likes of Boomer. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


I would look either Roughead or Dustin Martin who are both under 500k.
Depends on ur team structure though, Freo players will be rested in the GF, Stevie J could be rubbed out, etc.

Luck of the Irish

A very weird week for me Jock. I'm somewhat in the hunt for the top 6 in the qualifiers league but have made the biggest blunder of the season. I intended to loophole Robbie Gray, Dayne Zorko, and Stevie J together by utilising Honeychurch's mid/fwd link, however the end result was terrible. As I tried to grab Grays score in the fwd line I put Charlie Cameron on in the fwd line over Honeychurch, with the C on him in an attempt to grab Selwood's VC score. However, as we all know Cameron played forcing me to take a cruel realisation that I was about to miss out on 138 points, I had accidentally read last weeks team sheet somehow thinking Honeychurch was playing and Cameron not. I scored 2557 and luckily won all my league matches but what could have been, what could have been… A lesson I will never forget.

Luck of the Irish

Cheers Jock, considering the score it was a small price to pay for a great lesson, in fact I'm happy with this mistake, will make me a better Supercoacher in the future.


who do I trade in for wingard? Only have $383,600


Jamie Elliot or Luke Bruest

big aggots

Breust is kicking his 3 yet only scoring 60's & 70's.


What are the community thoughts on these options, please.
Trying to win league, $186k and 3 trades remain. I lost in week1, so must-win from here or it is Mad Monday for me.

Option 1 is just 1 trade as a choice of
McGovern out / R Gray in OR Prestia out / Sloane in

Option 2 will be 2 trades
Lycett out / Gray in (Thurlow to Ruck and no Emergency cover in Ruck)
Prestia out / Sloane in


definitely Option 2. Having 2 new premos is much better than 1 new premo. Will then have 1 trade left for the final 2 weeks. All good!

roger explosion

who cares


There's always next year mate, no need to sook.


Option 2 definitely


Green (gws) and Ellis (rich) both have been in great form and would look good as my M8 for the rest of the finals
what are your thoughts plz?


that would really depend on the rest of your midfield. One thing that I have learnt this year is that you don't want too many POD's in the one line, because they all could have bad games. I have NDS, N.Jones and Sloane all in my mid, and one of them doesn't score well every week, it's very annoying!

I think that if the rest of your mids are full premos ie. JPK, Pendles, Fyfe, Rockliff, Beams etc. Then bring them in!


my other mids are Pendles, Jelwood, JPK, Priddis, Sloane, Beams and Libba


id go ellis mate


Week off so downgrade time. Sheenhan in for Taylor. $330K to spend with 3 trades.


great move

Itchy Nuts Pieman

5 Qualifying finals. 5 Wins. 5 Prelims. Gimme 5! Couldn't of done it without you Jock old mate!


I have a little dilemma community. I have 3 trades left and 100k in the bank and in a semi final this week, so looking to make 1 upgrade somewhere, but i don't know which option is better:

Option 1: Trade OUT Nick Dal Santo and bring in either JPK or Ward. Both are in my opponents team and I personally think that JPK will go large against the saints this week.

Option 2: Trade OUT Sandilands, swing Stefan Martin into the Ruck and bring in Gray/Mcglynn/Waite.

I don't know whether to go with bringing someone different in, or bring someone that my opponent has. Which option has the greater scoring potential!?

Thanks community, love your work

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Gday Mozz. Not really sold on effectively a Sandi to one of those forwards. Waite worries me, he's had more injuries than I've had hot dinners. He could also spud up anytime. NDS to JPK for a captaincy option sounds a lot better to me. Potentially a lot more points can be made from that trade. Post your team, I'm sure some good advice will follow.


both bad ideas do u have anyothers


Need to make 2 trades i think.


Thanks Pieman. Here is my team: 5 trades left and $106,400 in the bank

DEF: Hanley, Bartel, McVeigh, Simpson, Smith, Enright (Jones, Gregoriou)

MID: Pendles, Rockliff, Beams, Sloane, Selwood, Liberatore, N.Jones, NDS (Taylor, Acres)

RUC: Jacobs, Sandilands

FWD: Dangerfield, Parker, Harvey, D.Martin, Zorko, S.Martin (Lloyd, Fantasia)

I'm pretty happy with everything so far, except for NDS after last week's 49. I'm also worried about Leuenberger coming back into the Brisbane team, which will alter Martin's output. SO what should I do?


Mozz i'd be looking at upgrading zorko to mcglynn and NDS to JPK/Pridis. Though you will need a downgrade to make both happen and lose some bench cover.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

5 trades is a luxury. You could grab the cash from Taylor & do the trades Tman has suggested. I like the NDS to JPK for loophole


Danger and Zorko both under performing. get Gray


Who would you trade out jock Del santo zorko or the Hoff have heaps of money


Why do so many of us want to trade out NDS ?
Is he in a slump or is he getting extra attention from the opposition ?

A few weeks back we were talking about loading up on Nth Melb players for SCoach finals because of their run home (Bulldogs, Crows, Demons)


There's an obvious knee jerk reaction whenever a star has a shocker. The urge to rage trade can be hard to resist particularly if he cost you a prelim for instance. Stevie J is another case in point.

But considering North's remaining draw I'd be definitely keeping NDS, unless you are bringing in Rocky for him, as surely most coaches have bigger fish to fry with their few remaining trades.

If you take out last round's score he's averaged 110 over the previous 5 which is pretty decent output for an M7/M8 in my view.


i have hit the strapps with score of 2617 and 2507


It's the perfect time to peak mate.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Awesome scores well done Benny


Roughie has been offered a week by the MRP which will affect nearly a quarter of all Supercoaches especially those who have critical semi finals to play this weekend.

From a Hawthorn perspective, though not ideal, at least they can spare him a trip to Perth and he can freshen up for September action. So I'd be surprised if they take the risk and challenge the sanction but you never know I guess.

On the flip side Stevie J can count himself a little lucky though.

world record

let's see how many thumbs up a comment can get …


Attention seeking behaviour?


where is the thumbs down button


very poor champ


Peaking at the right end of the season with my best score for the year
Got 2633 and pretty happy getting ranked 284 for the round

Team is
Mcveigh Swallow Simpson Bartel Jaensch Mitchell / Georgiou Tippett
Pendles Selwood Kennedy Beams Murphy Rockliff Fyfe Libba / Hartung Acres
Sandilands Goldstein / Currie Thurlow
Parker Dangerfield Zorko D.martin S.martin R.gray / Honeychurch Rohan

3 trades left and 35k in the bank
Where to go now? Should I sideways trade someone or hold my team
Need to keep 1-2 trades atleast leading into grand final



Perfect team, wait for the teams to come out


Mate, with a team like that I would sit tight. Plenty carnage to come. Imagine if you had Johnson – almost rubbed out, roughie out and fyfe very sore. Save the trades.


Also forgot Dangerfield very proppy


Nice team there Mitch. The only real weakness in my opinion is Jaensch. You have a luxury trade up your sleeve so maybe there is something you can do there. Otherwise hold for injuries / suspensions.


Currently my team is pretty set.

the only player I am thinking about trading at the moment is Nic Nait..

I have three trades left and $250K spare..

Would you recommend I trade him for Goldstein OR Jacobs?

dean billman

Jacobs, he's been great for me all year.


Can't really go wrong with either mate. I have both of them, and they have both been awesome lately. Toss of a coin really. Maybe the cheaper of the two…


Hey guys not sure whether I should use a trade to go from Docherty to H.Shaw. I will have 2 trades left if I do this and have about $70000 in the bank. What should I do?


If you don't have any other problems on field I'd say go for it!


0 trades


Who to get rid of for Sloane Cotchin or Griffen. Please I need the wisdom thx!


Hi Youngy… I'd be keeping Sloane with his run home… for sure.
For mine, Frigg hasn't done enough to warrant keeping him – so if you had to trade 1, it would be him IMO


Griff I mean… not frigg


I think he means he wants to bring Sloane in for either Cotch or Griffen.

It's a tough call as Griffen has been hampered with injury niggles for much of the season so isn't quite the player he was in 2013. But Cotch has been pretty disappointing too just scraping in tonnes in recent weeks.

I reckon either would be worth the upgrade if you have a few spare trades lying around considering the Crows remaining draw.


Just reckon Cotch has better shot at going large than Griffen does…


Who's the better pick: Jordan Lewis or Travis Boak?


I like Lewis of those 2


Best forward to get in for Roughy?
I have 430K


what is your whole fwd line, Remy?


Any reason you haven't got Roughie's full $498K to spend? Petrie is probably the best forward around the $430K mark with North's run home though KPPs can and will have their ups and downs.

Frankly there is not much else around $430K really worth jumping on. The forwards you can rely on the most are all unfortunately above the $500K threshold unfortunately except maybe Dusty at $491K.


Devon Smith from the Giants maybe?


Hey community, i have hibberd on my bench in defence and have been playing brodie martin on the field for the past few weeks. Should i hold hibberd or trade him out for a midfielder? i would have 610k to spend. Also, is having tex walker and pav as my f6 and f7 good, or should i trade pav out for a forward player? I have swingsets in most positions and only one trade left.


Hey community, I won my QF so week off for me, wondering if there are any ways to improve my team:
3 trades and $58k left
DEF: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Enright, Docherty, Mitchell (Bews, Jones)
MID: Pendlebury, Selwood, Kennedy, Beams, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Murphy, Sidebottom (Acres, Morabito)
RUC: Jacobs, Sandilands (Derickx, Currie)
FWD: Parker, Gray, Martin, Roughead, Martin, Walker (Taylor, Lloyd)
Cheers 🙂


You could upgrade Docherty or Walker but otherwise team looking pretty good there mate. There is also room for another midfielder if you shift Danger back to your forward line.

Swallow could also be an option to change to Malceski or McVeigh.


Congrats to United as One and Random Breath Test.
From the community we wish you luck..
and stay away from the crouching one's lady
she like man who big and strong in super coach


Week off for me this week as won both my league matches. Took a risk in having Petrie as my VC which paid off big time as my opponents took Fyfe's modest VC score (who I don't have).

Got $154k in the kitty and 1 trade left. Have Pav on-field (who might find himself on the bench this week for McGovern), and also Andrew Swallow and Stevie J. Swallow hasn't been the revelation I was hoping he would be when I brought him in a month or so ago (bar his 132), so he may be the one to go next week or the week after for someone better.
Stuck with Pav now as he is worth bugger all so am more likely to upgrade McGovern to someone better and keep Pav on the bench as cover.


2 trades left and elimination semis in both of my leagues.
I'm tossing up between the two options below.
1. Suckling & Shenton out/ McVeigh & a102k cheapie in (McGovern on field.)
2. L. Taylor & Shenton out/ R. Gary & a102k cheapie in.( leaves me McGovern as Fwd bench cover)

Team is currently:
Def: Swallow, Bartel, Hanley, Suckling, Enright, Mitchell. (Georgiou & Bews)
Mid: pendlebury, Selwood, JPK, Fyfe, Rockcliff, Beams, Libba, Cotchin (L. Taylor & A. Woodward)
Rucks: Sandi, Lobbe (Thurlow & King)
Feds: Parker, Dangerfield, D. Martin, S. Martin, Dahlhaus, McGovern (Shenton & J. Paine)