It’s here! Donors podcast episode 2

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Supercoach 2014 podcastWe’re rapt to present this second podcast exclusively for the donors that keep us doing what we do

Click hereΒ for this month’s episode – and to sign up if you’re not yet onboard.

This month our recent trip to the Chelsea Longbeach drinking establishment features heavily;

  • What did we learn from the mistakes we made with our teams in 2014
  • What are we thinking re our team structures moving towards 2015
  • Who are the early hot player selection options in 2015
  • How do we think the game of Supercoach is going? Do the rules need to change?

Genuine thanks to everyone who is able to chip in and we hope you enjoy our second monthly donors podcast


Learn A Few New Tricks To Beat The Odds This Week:

PODCAST: HUGE Scoring Round

Round 19 Supercoach Prices And Breakevens

The Community Pub Sessions – Donors Episode 2


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Big Ben


Big Ben

In like Flynn and excited boys!


Who's 'In like Flynn' ?


Errol Flynn, he's put away more birds than you've had hot dinners mate


Donor podcast yes. With every cent.
Thanks Jock and co.


Hi Community,
Need help with a decision this week please:
Have Bartel, McVeigh, Swallow, Burgoyne, Jaensch, Langford (H Shaw, Laidler) down back.
Thinking of trading Langford to either Mitchell or Simpson and sending Jaensch to bench for cover (assuming Shaw returns before SC finals).
Can't decide which one – worried about Mitchell's scoring being affected by his obvious concern for his hammy.
Mitchell is owned by most of my biggest threats in SC, so Simpson would be a POD.
Simpson may also have the better finals run.
Who to choose and why?
3 trades left but saving cash for last 2 upgrades so Hanley is likely out of the question now.
Thanks in advance


Of the two i'd say Mitchell, has a massive high scoring history and will negate other teams that have him.

Having said that, if you have balls of steel (and knowing you have jaensch as cover) i would look at Sam Fisher. 103 and 105, he took 11 marks last week and is playing for his future in footy. Big POD and big potential.


Thanks Lekdog,
If I had a non-playing def I'd consider Fisher and loophole his better scores in but given Laidler looks like staying for the year I think I'll have to look for consistency rather than potential.

big aggots

I have Simpson and when tagged his output drops significantly. Mitchell scored low but still had 32 touches against the flag favourites. Mitchell for mine.


My no one have him no one say him pick is Ben McGlynn, not terribly original but only in 4000 odd teams.

Trades- if they have the 3 round split round and 3 trades in each of those I'd say 25 or 27. 25 for a single triple trade (if you're smart) and 27 for an extra trade in each of those rounds.

Rolling lockout- I miss the days of old where the best selections won but having said that in the days of smartphone technology and late withdrawals in almost every game, i think the rolling lockout is here to stay and I personally enjoy it.

Captain Loophole- I think allows for risky left field captain choices and I'm all for that, we only really need to worry about it if Gary Ablett ever becomes fantasy footy irrelevant though


Have a look at Sam Fisher too boys for the know one have him segment…

Itchy Nuts Pieman

He could be a nice swap for Hibberd. I like it Lek


Thanks Essendon.
Even though they played in the first half of the split round, let's not worry about disclosing Hibberds Injury out of the Bulldogs Game until today.
So here's me performing my final upgrade of Suckling to Mitchell last week, only to now have to use another trade on Hibberd.
Holding on to him cost me a game and possibly top 4.
Whinge Whinge I know, but you can never have enough trades in this game.
Lesson for next season…………………..Don't make too many Rookie Corrective trades!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Rocksta. Agree there. Wasn't on the injury list earlier this week. Seems odd.


Thanks for the shoutout Higgo and Jock! Am trying to figure out a trip to your beautiful. Maybe next summer…meet up at the next drinking outing.

Outstanding podcast. Both the brain and laughers got a workout. In same boat as the Madman, doing more thinking about next season. Great stuff to store in the noggin' until the next Higginator comes out.

Regarding SC: back to 24 trades and no rolling lock outs (so I can get a decent night's damn sleep on the weekend!) Also great point by Mick about Cox and NicNat. No team should have two starting rucks, one should be a DPP.

And agree, Gaz, Pendles and Rocky are the cream this season. Although you could make the case for Selwood as #3.

That's all.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Throttle it would be awesome to have you for the next session. If we go back to 24 trades only the best can make full premium. With 30 trades any spud can do it. I'm not a fan of the rolling lockout it interferes with the weekend. There used to be nearly 400,000 SC teams, now it's down to 250,000. Big drop off


No shit?!? 150K is a huge drop off.

Not as versed in both SC and AFL footy as you demigods but it seems to me both are trying too hard to fuss with a good thing. More trades. Last minute changes. Split rounds. Sunday night games. The simplicity and beauty are at the core of both. Tweaks are good. Things that make it easier or more accessible, seems to me, is pandering to the 1% rather than the faithful. Oh well. Sometimes the brain is a better slave than master.

For sure would like to join you gents. Will buy a round or two for sure. Your input this season has been gold…both in hilarity and wisdom. Look forward to the day I hit Oz and down a few pints over a game, Pieman.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

A few pints over a game would be magnificent Throttle. The massive drop off seems to have coincided with the major tweaks to the game. Hopefully someone will take notice. Have loved your input this season & hope it continues for many moons to come!


It shall. And thanks. Hope to be a better contributor next season.

big aggots

3 years ago we needed 4 comps at work to accommodate everyone.
This year we couldn't fill one comp. The main reason I'm hearing was rolling lockout was too demanding, loopholes, late withdrawals. It's almost a year 12 VCE subject now!!
Full lockout from the first Saturday game. Start comps round 1 and have a break during the 3 bye rounds.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Hibberd out for 3. Bugger. Left field pick Josh Gibson. 1.5% of teams


Probably because Swans game was first game back after being out 10. Great scores for sure this season. In the midfield a good amount. But the injury bells could toll again.

Be careful, ItchyP.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I don't mind putting the Itchy Nuts on the line every now & then. It's going to be Gibson or Fisher. No one has either. Ballsy but that's what it's all about. Cheers Throttle


I like it! Left field pick for sure.


Jesus bloody Christ that was a bloody awesome podcast. Honoured to be a donor.


hey boys, i need to pick a POD for hibbered. Who do we recommend?
the obvious trade is hibberd>mitchell but i want someone who is a bit left field to get me up in the rankings. I only have 20k left over as well !!


if you want a real POD, then you will hve to stay away from: Mitchell, Simpson, Hanley, Bartel, Enright

I would consider (and i'm in the same boat as you):
Sam FIsher, $430,300, StK
Rhys Stanley $360, 500, StK
Brodie Smith, $457,200, Adel
Lauchie Henderson, $397,900, Carl
John Gibson, $492,700, Haw
Ryan Harwood, $450,700, Bris

You basically want someone that's in less than 5% of teams. I will be choosing one of these players above, and that will be based on their averages against opponents & venues in the final 4 weeks

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Sam Fisher could be your man Pat. I’m seriously considering it


cheers to both of you, i will seriously consider sam fisher, andyone have the stones to go with carlile?



Matthew Stokes. Little bastard.

Owned by half a percent of teams.


Well just when I thought I was through the worst and ready to make an assault to the finals….

Essendon kindly tell me old mother Hibberd has gone down for 2-3 weeks. So I got a few choices to make.

Carry the useless prick for 3 weeks and play Gardiner, which takes us up to prelim final week


Trade the useless prick thus reducing my trades to 1. Will give me $498200 to spend on someone like SMitch, SFisher, KSimpson, BSmith. This leaves me with more money for the final injury trade which hopefully doesn't need to be used till GF week!!



That would solely depend on who you are playing in your finals. If it is certain that you can make prelim final week, then yeah i would hold off the trades and play Gardiner.
However just saying that you'll get through to prelim week is a big call. I personally will sit 4th at the end of next week, and have hibberd in my team. I myself will trade Hibberd out, but that's only because i have 6 trades left.

Hold the trade button for now


hey must win match for me this week who do u think will win these are the unique players from both team i am number 2 honest opinion plz
1. N. Malceski 2. M. McVeigh
M. Johnson L. Hodge
K. Simpson P. Hanley
J. Harbrow M. Jeansh
T. Rockcliff S. Pendulbury
S. Johnson N. Fyfe
S. Mitchell M.Murphy
W. Minson N.Naitanui
A. Sandilands S.Martin
M.Pavlich L. Dauhaus
Z. Merret C. Wingard



Itchy Nuts Pieman

I’d prefer team 2 to be honest


Thanks for the podcast everyone. Great insight by Mick.

Personally I'm swimming against the tide a bit here, but I'm actually quite OK with the 30 trades. I'm aware that my team's not the worst in terms of a history with injuries, but nonetheless I've made nine trades this year from either long-term injury [or alleged long term injury (e.g. Matthew Jaench's supposed broken ribs)].

The thing that bugs me about the game is how the Substitute Vest penalises scores. Often it's better for your player not be selected at all and hold their price, rather than be the 22nd Man and usually have their price drop.


Having lots of problems with password and not being able to gain access to podcast. Have tried resetting and still no good. Getting frustrated don't mind paying but access has to be simpler. Can you help!


G'day community. Who's the best forward line bargain under $430k?
I'm finally getting rid of McLovin.
I currently have Dangermouse, R Gray, D Martin, Bruest and Buddy.


Thanks Jock and co. very entertaining and sometimes a little too much information! Special thanks for the removal of the sports betting material from the website. I would have paid for the podcast anyway, but now I'm even more happy to. Keep up the good work gents. PS. I like 30 trades but would be happy to see the end of rolling lockouts. I think we have emergencies for a reason.


Another cracking Podcast fellas. Really enjoyed the banter at the pub and some of the wisdom from Mick around next year's locks was great. Looking forward to seeing what score Danger throws out this week to see if Wayno's trip in the Delorian was worthwhile or not.
Also very impressed with your stance on the betting advertising revenue being discontinued. They are parasites who are ruining the game for our kids who don't know anything other than equating the AFL with gambling. Can't wait for the merchandise to hit.
Thanks again gents.


From all the positive comments I imagine that its probably a good podcast.
But the disabled monkey that operates tinnypass wont allow me to reset my password.

The Crackman

Jock you guys are awesome. I'm very happy with the loss of the betting add. I hate how the footy show give out the odds and the promotional offers as part of their game analysis. anyway off my high horse. 24 trades for me and keep the rolling lockout


Absolutely brilliant podcast. So entertaining and informative.

My nobody talk about is WCE Sam Butler.


great podcast guys love idea of some merchandise πŸ™‚ and i need about 40 trades ! but i agree 24 should be the limit


would love a stubbie hold with sound like the gong and 'silence' for mates are talking shit πŸ˜‰

PkMn Trainer Jimmy

Lovely content as per usual. Gotta love mick's insight.
My NobodySayHimYouPickHimButNotReallyOrWhatever is Toby Greene. I rkn could average 110+ til end of seson

half of me hates rolling lockout because I'm screwed on saturday when I play footy… but I love being able to do a risky VC option.

As for trades, I think they should change it to 26… but I think it will stay at 30. Advertising and more attractive to a wider audience… I think it'll stay.

I think taking of the betting add is a fantastic idea. Just screams leadership Jock. To much advertising of gambles in footy.

And as for the Merch… some training tops (like tank tops) or even hats with some of our most memorable quotes would over excite the arousal curve.

The Kraken

Loved the chat about next year, never too early to be talking about 2015!

Hope Deledio is a D/M next year. I wonder if the recent positional changes (adding DPP) in AFL Fantasy are an early look at changes for 2015? Presume Champion Data's heat maps are behind Supercoach as well as RealDT and AFLF positional classifications.. This would mean K.Jack, Bennell, Zaharakis and M.Duncan as M/Fs, Dal Santo and J.Kelly as D/Ms and DogDog and Ryder as R/Fs… Mmmmmm tasty.

Kreuzer and Leuey will be a popular R1/R2 combo next year – both should be priced <$300k based on Kruze not playing a game and Leuey a maximum it would seem now of 6-7 with a low 2014 average. Vardy could be a popular bench if he can get his body right. Walters and Staker will be cheap in the forward line, Beau Waters in the backline if he doesnt retire. Getting excited already.

24 trades for me, will (hopefully) stop me trading in spuds like Jackson Merrett and Fasolo.

And love the rolling lockout system. As a Supercoach addict I am continually checking teams and scores throughout the weekend, so if I can get a leg up over non-addicts due to a late OUT, or use the VC loophole to potentially increase my score, I am all for this


Out: suckling
In: Hanley / Mitchell / Fisher

And why please

Mangrove Jack

Had my first chance to hear the podcast, luv the wisdom expressed.

Rolling lockout okay. Trades -who cares, I'll still be playing. Split rounds is crapolla…

Just sneaked into top 1 percent this round, so having a stellar year.