Split round podcast bye

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Jock, Couching and Higgo are having a spell for this middle Sunday of the split round.

We had a significant afternoon/evening at the local public bar with Higgo, Crouch, Mick The Mad, Wayno, Barron Von Crow all the way from Adelaide, Pieman and a few others Saturday. I cannot confirm or deny that this split round podcast bye could be due in some part to the enthusiasm with which we approached the afternoon/evening, and/or any hangovers that may have have ensued.

Tell you what though – we recorded some of the finest fantasy wisdoms caught on tape at the pub Saturday and we look forward to getting that out over the coming week in the next monthly donors podcast due to be deployed early the week beginning Monday July 18th.

We’ll have the Thursday night community podcast and Sunday night podcast back in action next week as the split round comes to a close community




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Jake Carlisle on the bench, how do you get his score?

big aggots

Assuming you have him as your only emerg, bring a non starter onto the ground to get his score.


He's my Emergency, which player to trade IN with def/Mid


sam mitchell


Was he an emergency on your bench?


Garglesnarf FC having it's best week of the season! Carlisle 188, Nroo 179, Tyson 159, Selwood 147, Gray 134 and Ward 127. Rocky with the C on board, and hoping to go 2600+. Jake has seriously tented the trousers tonight, watch out Mrs Snarf!

PS hope you enjoyed the Saints win yesterday Jock!


Wow good score. I am having a shocker on 828 7 with Selwood C. Goddard Mundy Bartel and Libba all providing terrible scores.


Been there a few times this season BC, but 1569 off 13 with the captain to come is looking fairly promising.

big aggots

Great scoring GFC, might have to slide by and collect me in the Altima.


You're tracking towards a top 100 score for the round for sure.

Have you kept the faith with NRoo all along or picked him up from the bargain bin recently?

Garglesnarf FC

He was a round 6 $570k horror story. My worst trade of the year. Nice of him to come good for a round, just when everyone else is. Hopefully Rocky cranks out a 150 & I might give the car a shot, but most likely will end up around 2600-2700.

big aggots

Suns haven't tagged all year so Rocky could go big. Good luck mate

Garglesnarf FC



Hi GarglesFC
good luck on the 2600… arousal curve out of control there huh…

Question – I put the VC onto Stevie J. Am playing the first place in my league and thought I had no shot of winning at start of the round. He's had a couple shockers, and I managed some surprises with the likes of Tyson + Gray going above and beyond
I'm still concerned I won't have enough in the tank to get him… I got lewy taylor and sam Lloyd still to come (hopefully). So do I put the marbles on the line and risk it with Rocky as my C. I got good score with Stevie J in the bank… how well does Rocky do on avg vs GCS?

appreciate the opinion.


Wes defiantly take Stevie J's 141 mate. I had the VC on Selwood and the C on Rocky but as soon as I seen Selwood's 147 it was a no brainer for me to take his 147 so I put the C on Thurlow who obviously is a non player.
Like Jock has said many times once it was confirmed that the great GAJ was out for the season.
If your VC has scored 115+ TAKE IT and run as we no longer have the luxury of having Ablett who's average was around 130.

I understand that Rocky could score huge but it isn't worth the risk.
Rocky did score 155 in round 2 against Gold Cost with GAJ playing so he may score 160+ but he might score 120 also, that is why I would take the 141 from Stevie J just as I have taken the 147 from Selwood.

Good luck and hope you beat your opponent which ever way you decide to go mate.


Hi Wes, I agree with Dean take the 141. Sure Rocky got suspended the week before they played GC in Rnd 3 and smashed out a 155, and there's every reason to think he COULD do it again. I had the VC on Fyfe for 104, so I will roll the dice but if I had it on Selwood I would take it and whack the C on a non playing mid. Taking the risk for an at best small gain of 10-20 pts just isn't worth the gamble IMO.

Big Ben

Boys, I called it last week and I bloody stuck by my guns. I kept king jakey Carlisle on the field and hibberd on the bench. Your welcome gents, listen to the great father of fantasy and he will get you through.

King jakey with a cool 188 points, I can't be the only one to need jocks advice several weeks ago….surely?

Big Ben

To heed jocks advice*.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Wish I had Big Ben. 2 monsters in a row & in the form he’s in who’s going to stop him! Wish I’d caught that train. Good work mate


nice one…
I seriously thought about NRoo this rd… but thought he had no chance of going big vs freo.
kicking my own ass on that one.


846 with 13 players left (my captain plays next week).


*to play I mean. Not the greatest round but hey, what can you do…

big aggots

Still have Ablett on the bench as Miles is getting it done in my league comp at M8.
Trade this week to JPK with BE141 or Rocky BE 119 but $640K? Or hold for another week to see if they drop in value? Will win this match.


Who are you currently using as your C? Without knowing that I'd just say you need Rocky as a good C option.
Cannot see Rocky's price dropping… JPKs might vs Hawks.


JPK good for a 120s or bigger. Any drop would be insignificant I think.



8 trades and 112k in bank

Backs – Swallow, McVeigh, Bartel, Burgoyne, Langdon, Langford (Gardiner, Tippet)

Mids – Pendles, Kennedy, Selwood, Libber, Beams, Fyfe, Parker, Johnson (Hartung, Michie)

Rucks – Jacobs, Sandy (Ceglar, Currie)

Forwards – Dangers, Gray, Martin, Impey, Ambrose, Walker (Shenton, Cameron)



Gonna leave this one for Jock. At least u have enough trades left.

john snow

Daniel, you are in trouble… 5 or so rookies still on field. By now you should have all premiums starting on the ground. You will have to take some risks. You have some cash in Ceglar on the bench and hasn't played so you can still trade him. At the start of the round you could have had Cameron Wood or Brown….

I'd be culling him first and upgrading Langdon. His value is dropping and really needed to be culled weeks ago.


ceglar to who?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Daniel. Langford isnt playing so Langford to Sam Mitchell is within your budget. You need to keep Ceglar this week to cover Sandi. But next week slaughter him for the cheapest bloke you can & upgrade Langdon & one of your forwards. I think for your second trade this week you should look for a cheap MPP to kill off Hartung. Id suggest Spina from Adelaide as you get 85K & an MPP link to your FWD line.

Jokers Wild

Daniel you could do something like this:

Round 18 trades: Langford to Mitchell & Hartung to J Hunt leaves a balance of 110k
Round 19 trades: Shenton to Spina & Impey to Zorko or N Riewoldt leaves a balance of about 105k or 130k
Round 20 trades Ceglar to Wood & Ambrose to Harvey leaves a balance of about 100k or 125k & 2 trades

This strategy will at least give you more premiums on field & cover across most lines by having swing sets in place.

Jokers Wild

I just realised it was pretty much the same as what Itchy Nuts Pieman advised so it must be sound advice.


Hmm… tough one.
I'd say go Langdon or Langford (depending on who plays) to maybe Grant Birchall from the Hawks.
He had an absolute shocker two weeks ago, although he rebounded strongly against the crows with 26 disposals off half-back. He has been pretty solid all year, and is probably the best option for the $$$ you have.


Was looking good until Bulldogs game. With Jelwood, Johnson,SImpson, Barlow and mummy having played.Then Griffen and Libba did their best to change that.

Nervous about the C on Pendles, surely he wont have two sub 100s in a row.


Add Dal santo to the list that had me thinking BIG.


G'day All
Question – is Jake Carlisle the next Stef Martin?

Anyone who jumped on him early made a good call. For those who didn't, is he now going to be a 100+ scorer for the rest of the season.
If he is, not matter if he jumps up another 40k this rd, he is probably still under-priced and worth it for those needing a FWD fix.

Most were saying that Stef was not going to remain as consistent as he has been these last 6 rds, but he's been awesome. And most are possibly going to say similar about Carlisle. But is that really the case??

cheers all

john snow

He looks to really have turned the corner but his last two weeks have come against weak backlines.

I hope he keeps going because I like watching big key forwards but I would say he will be right up and down for the rest of the year. He is going to get a lot more attention from here on too.

I'm glad Martin has kept his great form as I grabbed him early!!!


Pavlich ugh…
Goddard didn't help either


Would anyone consider Sam Fisher at this stage? 2 from 2 scores over 100 @ $430k.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Glorin. Interesting POD. Could be genius, could be a flop. I’d only consider that if you enough trades to get rid of him if he stinks it up


Hi Glorin
He is a similar option to Carlisle… but for mine in the same boat.
Unproven (really), and a bit risky.
I'd say take a look at the run of Saints opponents and see how you reckon they will do, but I used that in freo vs saints to not pick up NRoo this rd and it bombed totally).
Itchy has good option – do it if you have enough trades left to swap him back out later on


Have 3 trades and $178k left. I would say he is a proven scorer, just not so the last 2 seasons.

Need to bring in final mid and was considering switching Mitchell to mid and bringing Fisher in back. This would be a big balls move as I have Hibbard stinking it up and while consistent, others in the 500k+ mids should be able to pump out bigger scores than mitch.
Am thinking may just bring in Steven Johnson if he doesn't go up in price to much.
Will be upgrading Lewis Taylor either way.


I got to upgrade Lewis Taylor too… that was my NRoo for rd 19… so I was 1 week late.
WIth number of options in MID vs DEF, I'd leave Mitchell in DEF. There aren't going to be as many DEF options as MID for your $$$. MItchell will pick up there for the rest of the season IMO.
Stevie should keep going ok for rest of the season – and he can go big too – which some cannot do. So he has that advantage too…
my 2 cents I guess… good luck with it.


argh… that is the second time I;ve tried replying to a respondant of a comment I made and it has put it down as a new comment.
something not right there…


I got to upgrade Lewis Taylor too… that was my NRoo for rd 19… so I was 1 week late.
WIth number of options in MID vs DEF, I'd leave Mitchell in DEF. There aren't going to be as many DEF options as MID for your $$$. MItchell will pick up there for the rest of the season IMO.
Stevie should keep going ok for rest of the season – and he can go big too – which some cannot do. So he has that advantage too…
my 2 cents I guess… good luck with it.


Bartel, Goddard, Pavlich and Hibberd. Tough First Week

Rayza Ray

What's the news on Blake Acres, I recon I'm not the only one with him still sitting on the pine. Looks like he didn't make the ressies side last week? Anyone got any news on him….

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I share your pain Razor. He hasn’t even been a good loophole option. That position would be nice for MPP if you have the trades

john snow

Yeh I've got Acres, I can't see him on any injury list. Not sure what's happening with him.

Flaccid Jaff

Last upgrade: Lloyd up to Boomer or M.Thomas up to Rockliff?


rockliff !!!


Bartel Melceki Swallow McVeigh carlisle hanley (Cutler Gourgiou)
Fyfe Beams Johnstone Selwood Cotchin Murphy Pendles Miles (Honeychurh Acres)
Sandilands Mumford (Brown Thurlow)
Parker S.Marin D.Martin Gray Roughead Dangerfield (Walker Rohan)

380K 4 trades
Trade 1
Carlisle to Mitchell
Trade two
Roughead to Boomer
Trade three
Miles to Rodcliff
thoughts ?


Two or three.
Boomer trade would give best increase for money.
Rockliff will give higher consistent scores.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I'd hang onto Miles. He's been great. And a consistent good scorer. Roughy can give you some stinkers. So I don't mind the boomer trade.


why do you want to get rid of Carlisle?
Mitchell is a good in, and all that, but why get rid of a better performing player now?
Roughy to Boomer or Miles to Rockliff for mine…


Carlisle is playing well for the last two games but only because he is kicking bags of goals he won't be able to keep that up… and his average games only produce 60 -80 points where as Mitchell is more of a ball magnet and will average 100 – 110 on the run home more consistency


Hi Community,

Need some help with captains loop hole. I have Selwood as VC and want to take his score as Captain. I have Charlie Cameron(Fwd) on the field named as Captain- Don’t think he will be picked this week. On Fwd bench I’ve named Shenton as Emergency. Will this work?? Or will Shentons score double as Captain to cover Camerons donut??


As long as Cameron does not play, that will work.
You will get Jelwood's VC score doubled.
You will get Shenton's score included in your total, but not doubled as a Capt.


Question to all – I made a panic trade 5 mins before the Saints game last week. Shenton out (not named but then brought in late), to Sam Mitchell. Problem is I've got a fullish midfield. No probs, I can trade out Litherland from my backline, put Mitchell back there, but I need a mid with about 380k to play with. 4 trades left at the moment.

1. Leave as is? Least desirable option as Litherland's BE is 70 odd, so he'll most likely go down. Got Mitchell M9 too, need to move him back at some stage.
2. Trade out Litherland, move Mitchell back to D6. Look at a 380k mid (not much on offer), or go cheap as possible bench cover and bank 250K for last upgrades in the next few weeks if needed. 2 cheapies on offer look to be Towers from Syd, or Woodward from the Hawks. Who has the best JS?

Leaning def towards no.2. but not sure how to play it. Any suggestions?


As a hawks supporter I can say there is room for a player like Woodward in the side, so would wait and see how he goes, otherwise not much left at this stage.
Do you have any fwd you can switch into mids as you may have better luck finding cheaper fwd.
Good luck.