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Get into your first home sooner with Homebuyers Centre

Published by Jock on

As elite fantasy footballers we’d think nothing of coughing up an extra $30K for a quality prospect.

But if you’re a first home owner and need to cough up over $30K for a deposit to get into your own home itโ€™s a different kettle of fish. That’s where the Homebuyers Centre can kick in. They help first home buyers get into their brand new home for a low deposit, with home loans sorted using Resolve Finance.

They specialise in the first home buyer market – helping hard working Australians into their first home. They’ve helped more than 30,000 home buyers make the โ€˜great Australian dreamโ€™ come true.

They have complete packages from $259,900 and they build ripping new homes as close as 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. You could have your own joint with repayments as low as $319 a week. Not too shabby.

So click hereย and get the ball rolling!


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Chris M

Jock, Jock, Jock…..what a shocking cop out man, this kind of promo is bang out of order, credibility shot to bits, we and you deserve better. Not happy man, not happy at all.


Chris, seriously. I like Jock's site so now I am going to go BANG and go out and buy a home and finance it through a source advertised on this site (perhaps maybe yes). How do you feel about footy players being paid in the hundreds of thousands? Get over it mate, your club is an institution, you, through your support, are a customer. For sure there must be costs associated with running this site. Are you begrudging Jock and co the opportunity to finance it and perhaps make some coin because of some puritan dream? Don't click on the link if you are not interested, the rest of the site is still there to enjoy. By the way, maybe if you were in the market place what is being advertised is competitive. If not, forget it, MOVE ON and enjoy.


well said champ


Go the CATS!

Chris M

@Medaddson, I understand you sticking up for Jock & the boys but you are missing the point. Revenue through advertising is one thing, but its not an advert per se its an endorsement. I may be wrong but I suspect Jock is no more a financial adviser than I am a rocket scientist. Stick to what you know and don’t go putting your name to any old cash cow that wanders into the meadow. World of difference between advertising and endorsing.


I built my house through homebuyers. Was a great experience while dealing with the sales agent. terrible experience once building commenced. Was rushed into paying for stage completions with the threat of being fined interest while they waited for me to signoff etc. Be very wary,


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